The Relaxation of Kismet

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There’s something to be said about a whirlpool tub, a glass of champagne and the sound of jazz on the radio. That was all Kismet could think about as she turned the water on as hot as she could stand it, staring at the flow cascading into the tub for a moment before starting to get ready. It had been a very long week, not one she wanted to repeat anytime soon. A business trip gone terribly wrong and a serious reprimand from her boss had left her overstressed in a very underpaid career and she knew if she didn’t do something for herself, she’d probably lose her mind very soon.

Steam was rising from the tub now and she moved to pour in some scented oil, taking a deep breath and smiling. A hot bath would do wonders for the tenseness in her muscles, not to mention her spirit. After that, she had plenty of ideas of what she could do to make sure she felt better. Everything had been laid out on the bed in great detail. It was all just waiting for her to return.

She pulled her hair back into a quick bun, not intending to do anything more than soak at this point. The bathtub was nearly full now and she turned off the faucet, stepping carefully into the hot water, hissing at the first contact. As her body got used to the heat she sank casino şirketleri down until her head rested against the little spa pillow she had on the back of the tub, closing her eyes and letting her mind wander somewhere pleasant.

Kismet’s fingers started to wander along with her thoughts, her hands slowly massaging along the skin of her calves, squeezing the tight muscles in an effort to ease the aching. She imagined it was someone else touching her, someone who wanted to make her feel good and her hands traveled up, over her knees and to her thighs, staying innocent for now, kneading the muscles there. A gasp escaped her lips, one that she wasn’t even aware was hers as the hands kept moving up, now circling her breasts, giving them a squeeze.

“Mmmm,” she purred, her thumb and index finger finding each nipple, giving them a slight tug. It felt so good she did it again, this time harder, more insistent. Another gasp and her legs parted, inviting her fingers to continue their exploration elsewhere.

Her lips were dry so she ran her tongue over them, one hand staying at her breast as the other dipped down, fingers running lightly over the sensitive skin between her legs. She didn’t part her folds at first, content just to stroke casino firmaları that skin for a few moments. It didn’t take long before she couldn’t resist any longer and she parted herself with two fingers, her middle one slowly brushing against her clit, causing her hips to rock up in a mixture of surprise and relief. She grazed it again and her eyes flew open, the hand that was on her breast moving to the edge of the tub to hold on as her breathing quickened.

Kismet’s finger slowly circled and rubbed her clit, feeling it harden and protrude even more than it already was. She dipped her finger down and inside of her and then brought it back up, over and over again until she was whimpering, practically begging herself to give her what she so desperately wanted. Blindly, she reached for the sensor to turn on the jets, knowing that was going to be the quickest way to reach her peak.

She needed it, and she needed it now.

“Oh God.” That was all she managed to get out as she felt the jets come on, bubbles forming on the surface of the water. She turned them up as high as they would go and then shifted, one leg going over the side of the tub so she could align herself just right with the invading stream of water. She moaned as the güvenilir casino jet finally found its destination, her hand now free to push three fingers inside, finger fucking herself as the steady sensation on her clit made her start to feel lightheaded.

Her hips rocked on their own accord, pushing against her fingers and forcing the water from the jet to hit her clit just a little harder. She felt the blood rush down between her legs and she knew what was coming. “Yes, please,” she moaned, her fingers curving inside of herself to hit her G-spot. “Now, please, yes.”

She nearly went underwater when her orgasm hit, her firm grip on the lip of the tub the only thing that saved her. She rocked back and forth, water splashing onto the bathroom floor as wave upon wave of bliss coursed through her body. She kept up the assault on her body until she couldn’t take it anymore, hitting the sensor again to turn the jets off.

Gasping and still moaning softly, Kismet rested her head back against the spa pillow once more, trying to get her breathing back to some semblance of normal. After a few minutes she sat up, popping the drain on the bathtub and climbing out, wrapping herself in a lavender robe and heading to the bedroom.

Sitting at the vanity and brushing her hair, her eyes fell on something in the mirror. She turned to look at the variety of items spread out on the bed waiting for her and smiled to herself.

It was going to be a long night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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