The Rave

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Formerly 37, of The Gathering

9:10 PM

Kathy Thorenson was talking to her closest friend Peggy Stinson on the phone. No one else was home. Rosa and Dutch were at the Ruark’s participating in one of their orgies, but neither of the eighteen-year-olds knew or suspected as much.

Kathy: You know exams have been so crappy.

Peggy: Yeah, today’s math was pathetic. Yuck, I could barely understand the questions.

Kathy: So right, and I got a history paper due tomorrow.

Peggy: Me too. Hmmm, we better start reading those outlines soon.

Kathy: Wanna come over so we can read them together?

Peggy: Sure! You know we better get good grades on it.

Kathy: Why? Are ya worried about not getting to graduate?

Peggy: Naw, I’m worried about not getting into the right college. So what are ya doing right now?

Kathy: My toenails and listening to some hip-hop.

Peggy: Not studying, eh?”

Kathy: Well exams are next week, so . . .

Peggy: It’s insane what’s expected of us. All work and no play make a girl awful dull.

Kathy: Maybe we can play some.

Peggy: Ya think?

Kathy: No one home but little ole me.

Peggy: I think my mother would love for me to leave.

Kathy: Is your dippy brother running around with his hardon hanging out?

Peggy: Not quite, but I think both he and Mom are hurtin’ to get it on again.

Kathy: Has he been bothering you?

Peggy: Not lately. But he’s tried the bathroom door while I was in the shower more than once. I make damn sure it’s locked ever since he popped in on me.

Kathy: I remember. It was a good thing your mother was home.

Peggy: Still and all I had to scream and she didn’t really do anything about it.

Kathy: That sucks!

Peggy: Tell me about it; and all this fucking rain. I’m tempted to sleep right through it until the sun wakes me up.

Kathy: Yeah, but it could be weeks, and with all the tests and all…..

Peggy: It does suck doesn’t it? Well at least school’s gonna be over with soon.

Kathy: Yeah, but still I’m bored. I mean when’s the last time a guy asked us out?

Peggy: Right, it’s amazing, I mean we’re decent looking; with nice tits….

Kathy: You have gorgeous tits, Peggy.

Peggy: Thanks, you’re so sweet. And yours aren’t bad either. I heard Doris Delaney saying she wished she had your tits the other day.

Kathy: Did she? What else did she say?

Peggy: Nothing, she saw me and stopped talking until I passed them by.

Kathy: Hold on, another calls coming in. Don’t hang up now.

Peggy: I won’t.

Kathy: Hello?”

Elliott: Hi Kathy? Elliott. Hey girl, wanna go to a rave tonight?

Kathy: Um, Elliott? Where do I . . .

Elliott: We met at the skating rink about three weeks ago. I’m the guy with red hair.

Kathy: Oh, yeah, I remember now. You wanna go where?

Elliott: To a rave. We got a mini-van too!

Kathy: Hold on a sec, I’m on another line.

Kathy: Peggy?

Peggy: Yeah?

Kathy: I’ve got this guy named Elliott on the other line and . . .

Peggy: Who is he?

Kathy: The skating rink a while ago, the guy with red hair.

Peggy: Oh, yeah, he was nice looking. Tall, no pimples, could skate too.

Kathy: That’s the one. He just asked if I wanted to go to a rave tonight.

Peggy: A rave! Wow! We’ve talked about going to one, but never….

Kathy: Hold on, let me see who else is in on this and what’s involved.

Elliott: Hello?

Kathy: Sorry, I’ve got Peggy Stinson on the other line. She wants to know who else is going that we might know.

Elliott: Shannon Fullbright, Stevie Delasandro and Gerry Mayer and Marlene Bain.

Kathy: So you’re really looking for one girl, huh?

Elliott: No, no! As many as possible. Hey who ya got?

Kathy: Just Peggy.

Elliott: Great, she’s almost as pretty as you. So is it a go?”

Kathy: When are you leaving?

Elliott: As soon as… we’re just chillin’ for now. Should we swing by and pick you two up?

Kathy: Wait a sec.

Peggy: Kathy?

Kathy: Yeah, it sounds like a good group. I think you know Gerry Mayer and Marlene Bain.

Peggy: Oh I know Marlene. She’s become an easy mark for all the guys at school. And I think Gerry is her sometimes BF.

Kathy: So I hear, but there’s also a girl named Shannon Fullbright and a guy named Stevie Delasandro. I don’t know them.

Peggy: I’ve met Stevie, he seemed okay. Wanna do it? Christ, we’ve been so bored, it’s perfect.

Kathy: What about our curfews?

Peggy: Your Mom’s out right? Mine won’t miss me as long as Davy can keep it up.

Kathy: I think she and Dutch are staying over at the Rourk’s.

Peggy: I don’t know them.

Kathy: Friends of Dutch. Um, they’re a black couple. I haven’t met them either, but they sound nice.

Peggy: Let’s do it!

Kathy: Okay, let me tell Elliott.

Elliott: So? Are we set?

Kathy: Yup, come by my place. Peggy will be here in 15 – 20 minutes. When will you be here? şerifali escort Oh, do you know where I live?

Elliott: Yeah, I know. Should be there in 30 – 35 minutes, then we have a 40 minute ride.

Kathy: Cool, see ya then. Oh, got any booze?

Elliott: Some Jack Daniels and a bottle of Absolute.

Kathy: that should do us.

Elliott: See ya in a few.

Kathy: Yeah, bye.

Peggy: Hello?

Kathy: get your ass over here. We leave in 30 minutes.

Peggy: On my way!


11:43 PM

They arrived at the site without a hitch. Kathy was wearing a frothy black outfit and her blonde hair was kind of curled and almost frizzy. Peggy had a skimpy white outfit on that was almost too short to wear in public; but both girls had agreed they didn’t get out that much and this was, after all, a rave where anything went, or so they had heard. The trip itself had been uneventful, the guys behaved themselves and the girls, Marlene and Shannon had been very pleasant and upbeat.

There was a pretty decent sized line outside the club, but none of the teens minded waiting to get inside except Shannon who complained the rain was ruining her hairdo. Twenty minutes later they were all inside and looking around. It was a huge warehouse, with the main floor, or house room packed from wall to wall with well over a thousand grooving ravers. A series of porta potties formed a natural divider from what was called the hardcore or main room where even more dancers cavorted to different music. They quickly learned that upstairs afforded the dancers a respite from the heat in what was known as the “Chill Rooms,” which were actually a series of smaller rooms that allowed the overheated dancers to “cool down;” and they also set the tone for drug use and sexual activites of all kinds.

Kathy was almost immediately separated from Peggy and the others and swept out onto the dance floor which was body to body with writhing, shaking dancers. She was amazed at the number of good looking guys on the dance floor. At the typical high school dance only about 20% of the guys actually danced; the others stood around and watched, or made snide comments about the girls as they moved within earshot. Here it was closer to 80 or 90 percent of guys actually dancing.

She was into her second dance when she began to take stock of her surroundings. The flashing lights were mesmerizing at times, and she tried not to stare at them, but couldn’t help herself, the multicolored moving lights were just so pretty. And the sound!

“Oh, my God” she thought, “it rocks my world!”

She could actually feel the bass rattling her insides. Kathy was stunned to discover she had a new partner, and he was handsomer than the first guy. She asked his name and he told her it was Ron.

“Ron,” she shouted back, “I’m Kathy.”

“Where from?”

“LA. And you?”

“San Diego, well north of it really,” and with casual aplomb, he touched her left breast.

She swatted the hand away, furious at him for being so piggish. He laughed.

“Have you been to the chill rooms?” He asked.

Kathy glanced around, looking for one of her friends, but saw no one she knew. Then she answered him.

“No, I only got here a few minutes ago.”

He laughed again. “Wanna get high?”

“No!” She shouted to make certain he heard her.

Hey, it’s fun. Look over there.” He pointed behind her and she turned her head to look.

There were three girls standing less than 15 feet from her. The one in the middle, a long haired blonde had her dress top pushed down exposing both breasts. Kathy’s first thought was that the girl had had surgery to enhance them, but that thought vanished when she realized the other girls had begun to tongue her nipples. The girl spotted Kathy looking at her and stuck her tongue out and wiggled it provocatively.

Then it occurred to Kathy that perhaps she wasn’t looking at her but at her partner Ron. She turned back to him and saw that he had exposed himself and was waving his cock at the girls.

Enraged, Kathy spun away from him and headed to the opposite side of the large room.

Within seconds another guy had her dancing again. He seemed nice too and she let herself lean into his hard, lean body at every opportunity, for she had discovered that the crowd and their antics along with the flashing lights and throbbing music had made her hot and not from dancing. The prospect of having sex with a guy for the first time loomed large in her mind.

As she slowly turned around her eyes focused on some of the graffiti covering the walls and was startled to hear her dance partner say, “Like it?”

“Like what?”

“I’m Johnny, the graffiti . . . I did it.”

Kathy was impressed. “You did it?’

He smiled at her. “Yeah, I’m an art major at Cal.”

“A college boy, I’m impressed.”

“Hey, just how old are you?” He asked with a sudden concern in his eyes.

“I’m old enough,” she said, and followed with, “Actually I’ll be 19 next week, so don’t worry about me being jailbait.”

“Thanks suadiye escort for the info,” he said and touched her for the first time, grabbing her arm and pulling her closer. “You’re a very pretty girl.”

“Thank you, you’re not so bad yourself,” she said and giggled. “I’m Kathy.”

“Pleased to meet you Kathy,” he said.

“Johnny,” she said, informing him that she had remembered his name, “Where can I get something to drink? I’m awfully thirsty.”

“Come on,” He said, and taking her hand, escorted her upstairs to an almost vacant chill room.

Kathy purchased a bottle of water for $4.00 and was surprised at how fast she consumed it. At these prices it’s no wonder he didn’t buy me one, she thought, and noted that Johnny also had one, and as he held the bottle up to his mouth, Kathy had an opportunity to check him out. She was impressed with his body. He was tall, about six feet, lean and fairly good looking. Added to that was the fact that he was an older, college guy and his status soared to the top of Kathy’s boy chart. Then they returned to the dance floor downstairs.

Kathy was a good dancer, but had to concede that Johnny could out dance her any day. But she was also impressed that he didn’t show her up, in fact, he kept showing her new moves and waited for her to pick up on them before going all out. At this rate she was able to keep up with him and saw that they were both getting approving nods from the other dancers.

We’re really groovin'” she told herself, and at that moment caught a glance of Marlene Bain dancing with Stevie Delasandro.

Whoa, I guess the crew is still here; she thought and put even more frenetic energy into her moves. A few minutes later, still dancing with Johnny, she spotted Elliott Grady’s red hair and found him dancing awkwardly with Shannon Fullbright.

So where’s Peggy? she wondered, glanced at her watch and saw that it was already 11:30.

The DJ’s were really in top form this night, working their tables relentlessly, interchanging on each other’s music constantly and somehow making the music sound even better.

“They’re unfuckinbelievable, aren’t they?” Johnny shouted, seeming to have read her mind.

She looked into his eyes and smiled. “Yeah, they are. They’re the best of the best,” she managed to say, and found herself lost in his eyes.

Johnny pulled her close and Kathy allowed herself to lean into him, and felt his hardness pressing against her. She didn’t mind in the slightest, in fact, she thrust her groin out to ensure the contract remained in place.

Am I gonna let this guy fuck me? she asked herself. Then thought about the promises she’d made to her mother. And surprisingly, she thought about Dutch and how much she wanted him to be the first.

As a new number began with an even faster beat, Kathy noticed several couples nearby who where dancing while clenching what she took for baby pacifier’s pacifiers in their mouths.

“Look Johnny!” She called out, “Is that what I think it is?”

He looked in the direction she had indicated and grinned at her. “Yup, pacifier’s.”

“But . . .”

“Just like we’re drinking lots of water to prevent dehydration, the pacifiers prevent involuntary teeth clenching.”

“Oh, wow!”

“Is this your first rave?”

She cast her eyes down and responded, “Yes.”

“Hey,” he said, chucking her under the chin. “Don’t get down on me, everyone has their first time. Let me fill you in on a couple things.”

“Okay,” Kathy managed and then smiled at him. Fill me in.”

“Oh, I’d love to fill you,” he said, grinning devilishly at her.

“Don’t go getting obscene on me,” she said warning him off.

To his credit, he absorbed the warning and got back to his instruction. “See those guys over there?” He pointed to the opposite side of the dance floor.

She nodded.

“They’re holding signs up, see? The letters “E” and “X”?

“Is that?”

“Ecstasy, that’s right!” He said with emphasis. “And that one, see it? It says “Rollin”? That’s if you wanna get high with MDMA.”

“I’d heard there was a lot of drug use at raves, but . . .”

“But? There’s no but about it, everyone’s using, everyone.”

“I’m not.” She said with some reluctance.

“Want some “E?”

“I don’t know,” she murmured, but any resistance she had was fading fast.

“Come on, let’s chill out for a minute,” he said and holding her hand led her up a flight of stairs. As she was climbing the stairs, Kathy looked ahead of her and saw Peggy ahead of her.

Kathy’s eyes widened in shock, Peggy wore nothing under her white skirt. Her pussy was clearly visible to anyone behind her.

“Peggy!” She called and Peggy looked back.

“Hi, Kathy!” she grinned and waved a hand. “Where have you been?”

“Dancing, but what’s with . . .” and she motioned with her hand indicating Peggy’s nudity.

“Oh, that, well lot’s of people are doing it ’cause it makes it easier for the gropers on the floor, ya know?”

“Jesus, Peggy . . . have you taken ‘E’?”

Peggy ümraniye escort smiled as Kathy joined her on the stairs. “Ummm, yeah…it’s like… wow!”

Johnny stopped on the step below and casually let his hand slide up Peggy’s thigh, past the tops of her black hose and on upward until it cupped her pussy.

“You’re very moist,” he told her in a matter-of-fact tone.

Peggy giggled. “See Kathy, everyone’s doing it. Why don’t you lose yours too?”

She grasped Peggy’s hand and pulled her up the remaining steps until they were all in the chill room. Johnny’s hand was no longer under Peggy’s skirt; it was now holding a sample of Ecstasy out to Kathy.

“Go on try it,” he said. To Kathy it seemed that his voice dripped with seductiveness.

Peggy joined him, “Go on, Kathy. Try it. You’ll see, it won’t hurt you and you’ll feel… God, you’ll feel sensational!”

Kathy accepted the Ecstasy and swallowed it with some bottled water. In just a short time she felt her heart beating faster and found she wanted to hug those around her. Peggy sensed this and as she felt pretty much the same, grabbed Kathy and kissed her on the lips. Johnny’s hand went back under Peggy’s skirt and his fingers rolled over her outer labia.

Peggy sighed into Kathy’s mouth and tongued her friend. Kathy returned the favor, sending her tongue back into Peggy’s mouth and over her teeth and gums as soon as it was possible to do so. The three of them slowly sank to the floor oblivious to everyone around them. Johnny kept his fingers busy, thrusting two into Peggy’s very wet pussy as the girls grew feverish with their prolonged kiss.

Kathy reluctantly ended the kiss, but felt an overwhelming desire to touch Johnny too. As her hand moved along his leg, she saw that he was jilling Peggy, but was surprised that she didn’t seem to mind this at all; and on reaching up to grasp his hardon through his slacks, she encountered the zipper and with a sly, knowing grin on her face, pulled it down, reached in and extracted Johnny’s six inch cock.

Johnny’s hand left Peggy’s cunt and he rose to his feet, very much aware of what was to come as Kathy knelt in front of him and began to suck him off. Several feet away, other dancers looked on, seeming to think nothing unusual was going on.

This left an aroused Peggy with nothing to do and after looking over the situation, she went behind the kneeling Kathy and lifted her into a slight crouch, then deftly lay down on the floor and slid under Kathy’s crotch, much as a mechanic slides under a car.

As Peggy finalized her positioning she reached up and squeezed Kathy’s nipples as Kathy busied herself trying to swallow Johnny’s stiff cock. After hearing Kathy moan with delight, Peggy pulled Kathy’s panties to one side and kissed her friend’s swollen labia finding it wet and slick.

As the strobe lights flickered on and off, Peggy also noted that Kathy’s clit was standing up like a sentinel. Her tongue immediately sought the tiny bud out, gliding over the glistening nub.

Kathy moaned appreciatively, cupping Johnny’s balls with one hand and holding his cock scant inches from her wanton lips.

“Oh, yeah, Peggy, that’s it. That’s the place!”

Peggy heard her and felt a sudden warmth rush through her body. Her nostrils flared and the sexy, musky smell of Kathy’s arousal was sniffed through Peggy’s nose and raced directly to her brain, filling her with a hunger that increased her arousal by a factor of ten.

At this point Peggy would gladly have taken on her high school football team along with all the cheerleaders.

In addition to Peggy’s mouth making Kathy squirm, Johnny’s hands were running all over her body and she couldn’t believe they were doing this in the open. The very thought of it quickened her pulse, reminding her of her secret make-out sessions with Mrs. Bain and several times with Peggy when they were almost caught in the act. While all these thoughts were running through Kathy’s head, Johnny’s cock slipped from her mouth. Quickly, almost frantically she reached for it again and started licking, then pouting her lips she began sucking on the head.

She knew that was the most sensitive part of his tool and wanted to show him that she had an innate ability to felicitate. Kathy’s skilled tongue rimmed his cockhead until it changed from red to purple as it engorged with Johnny’s red hot blood.

He moaned and his cock jerked in her mouth; and Kathy noted her rising excitement. Not only has Peggy’s tongue got me going, she told herself, but I love the feel and taste of his cock.

I think I could come just from blowing him. I’ve got to try this again… maybe Dutch will let me…. “

Her body began to tremble at the very thought of having Dutch’s cock in her mouth and her thighs closed on Peggy’s head. Peggy had no choice but to send a finger up Kathy’s ass to free herself from the intense pressure of Kathy’s youthful thighs on her head. Kathy halted her sucking as she felt the finger entering her rectum.

The blood rushed to her face as Peggy’s finger touched her prostrate even as Peggy continued her non-stop attack on her clit. Kathy felt dizzy, yet so near her orgasm that she couldn’t believe it. She commenced rocking her groin into Peggy’s face while her hand was a blur as it masturbated Johnny as she continued sucking him.

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