The Professor’s Women Ch. 05

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This is the fifth installment of my story about a family with an interesting dynamic. In this chapter, we follow the father and daughter as they consummate their love.


The Professor’s Women

Chapter Five: She Becomes a Woman.

The happy couple walked across the sidewalk and under a canopy that had ‘Jim’s Steak House’ printed in script on it. The doorman opened the massive bronze door and they walked into the lobby and across to the elevator.

Traci had a puzzled look on her face and when her daddy pressed the down button, he said “The restaurant is downstairs sweetheart”. Just then the elevator doors opened and they stepped inside. The elevator doors closed and soon after that, opened and they walked into the most decadent scene she had ever seen in her life.

She looked at her father and said quietly “This looks like what I imagined Babylon must have looked like from all the books I’ve read.”

“Honey, this place is much more decadent than Babylon, this is Peoria, the Las Vegas of Illinois. What happens here, stays here!” her father whispered into her ear. After hearing that, she broke out into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.

Just then the maître d walked up to them and the professor said “Reservation for two under Powel.”

“Very good Professor Powel, follow me please” said the man in the white tie and tails.

“Daddy, how do they know who you are?” Traci whispered in her daddy’s ear as they walked through the restaurant.

“Sweetheart, we have our department board meetings in the back room here. Don’t worry, this is Peoria and nobody cares what happens here.”

They were led to a secluded booth in the rear of the restaurant and were seated next to each other so that no one else could see them. Their waitress, a busty redhead whose name was Roxy filled their water glasses and gave them their menus and disappeared.

“Daddy, how did you know about this table?” Traci asked.

“Do you know Doctor Johnson in the Physical Chemistry department?” her daddy said.

“Do you mean the really tall black man with all those kids?” She asked.

“Yes that’s the one,” he said, “he has a girlfriend who lives here in Peoria and when he visits her about once a month they have dinner here. He told me about this table last year when we had our board meeting. I just never had a reason to use my knowledge of it until now.”

Tracy looked at him with a worried look on her face and said “They must think that I am some kind of whore or something daddy, I’m so embarrassed.”

“Oh my sweet little princess,” he said, “these people do not judge or question anyone. There are no whores or prostitutes here. The professional women that are in this room tonight make more money than I do; hell, they probably make more than the president of the university does. That is why I chose this place, for the total anonymity that it provides.”

‘There he goes calling me princess again. Does he know what that word does to me?’ she thought as she snapped out of her funk.

Just then Roxy, their waitress, showed up and asked if they were ready to order. The professor said “Princess would you like me to order for you.”

“Yes darling, you know what I like” she said as sophisticatedly as she could muster.

The professor then said to Roxy “The young lady would like the house salad with your house dressing, a prime ribeye, medium, and a baked potato with butter and sour cream. I would like the same salad, a prime T-bone medium and baked potato, butter and sour cream also. We would also like a bottle of your house reserve red and two glasses.”

Roxy answered “Very good sir”, took their menus and left.

The rest of the evening went quietly as they leisurely ate and drank their fill for the next two hours. Traci completely relaxed and forgot all about her surroundings. She felt like the only people in the room were her and her daddy. When Roxy came to clear there dinner plates she asked them if they wanted to see the desert menu.

Traci whispered in her daddy’s ear “Do they have any cheesecake? And could we take it to go back to the room?”

He smiled at his daughter, and asked Roxy, “Could we please have the check and two pieces of cheesecake to go.”

Roxy said, “Very good sir, I will be right back with that,” and left. About five minutes later she returned with the folder with the check.

The professor gave her his green card and she said “I’ll be right back with your receipt.

Roxy came right back with his card and the cheesecakes in a to-go box with a little wire carry handle, and the professor signed the receipt, leaving her a generous tip. Roxy thanked him profusely and the happy couple left the restaurant. They rode the elevator to the street level and the doorman opened the door for them saying “Good evening folks.”

As they stepped into the cool night Traci looked up at the pitch black moonless sky and said “Where are we going now daddy?”

“We are going konyaaltı escort to our hotel my darling. It’s only a block away, I’ll show you.” They walked about fifty feet to the corner of Jefferson and Main and, as the light changed, they crossed Jefferson Street, and started walking up Main Street. When they reached the middle of the block, Traci looked up ahead and saw the neon sign that read ‘Hotel Pere Marquette’ on the corner of the next block. Traci was so excited that her heart almost jumped out of her chest.

When they walked into the elegant lobby a few minutes later and she just stood in the middle of the room taking the whole place in while her father went to the front desk to collect the room key. This was like no hotel she had ever seen. It was an eclectic mix of old historic and new modern features. When he came back with a real room key (not a computer card) she said “Oh daddy, I love this place.”

As they were stepping into the elevator, her father said, “I knew you would princess.”

That was all she could take. She jumped up grabbing him around the neck and wrapping her legs around his waist as soon as the elevator doors closed, kissing him passionately and saying “Do you realize how wet it makes me when you call me princess?”

“No, I had no Idea.” He said and held on to her as she attacked him as the rode all the way to the tenth floor.

When the elevator doors opened, she let go and they walked, hand in hand to their room at the end of the hall, him with the key and the cheesecake. He put the key in the door of 1018 and swung it open. She walked into the large corner room suite with a huge king bed and had the same look on her face as a child the first time they see Disneyland. “Oh daddy, this is perfect, but I have to pee so bad, excuse me” she said as she turned and ran into the bathroom.

What greeted her when she opened the door was as opulent as the rest of the room. There was a spa tub that was big enough for two next to a huge glass enclosed shower. Against the opposite wall there were two toilets next to his and hers sinks. She recognized that one toilet was a bidet, from her extensive research of all things sexy. She quickly took off her dress hanging it on the towel rack and removed the soaking wet thong and sat down on the French toilet. After emptying her bladder, she touched the lever on the side of the device. The warm spray that was directed at her virginal vagina caused her to squeal joyfully. She stood up on slightly unstable legs and patted her freshly washed nether region with toilet paper, picked up her damp fragrant thong and walked out of the bathroom.

She entered the main room of the suite, wearing her white lacy bra, garter belt, stockings and the white heels, while holding the tiny wet thong between her right thumb and forefinger, and it had the desired effect on her father. He had already taken off his jacket and loosened his bowtie and was standing at the foot of the king bed. When he saw her, he exhaled loudly and sat on the foot of the bed, unable to speak.

“Do you like what you see daddy?” she said as she walked toward him, swinging her hips with every step. When he didn’t answer she said “I want to show you what calling me ‘Princess’ does to me” as she stood between his legs and dangled the soiled wet thong in front of his nose.

He snatched the thong from her from her fingers and held it to his nose, inhaling deeply. “Heaven, I think I have died and gone to heaven” he said as he was exhaling. She took the thong from his hand and shoved it into his mouth. As he started sucking on the soiled garment, she started undressing him, starting with his tie and suspenders and then his shirt. She then undid his trousers, pulling them down to his ankles as he lifted his ass from the bed. She pushed him down on the bed and crawled upon his chest.

She reached into his mouth and retrieved the thong saying “Why not eat it from the source!” and as she flung the thong across the room, she squatted on his face.

Immediately, his animal nature took over and he started devouring her honey pot the way he did the previous night when they were in the shower at home. She started riding his tongue like a cowgirl riding a wild stallion. Time seemed to stand still for both lovers and their passionate dance continued until she let loose with a scream and flooded his face with more love juice than he had experienced since his beloved Elizabeth. He kept slurping and swallowing as fast as he could, but could not keep up with the deluge.

He thought that he was going to drown and thought ‘What a way to die!’ The sexy flood finally subsided and he could finally breathe as she collapsed face first, semiconscious onto his chest and stomach.

When she finally revived and opened her eyes, she was looking at her father’s ‘Monster Cock’ protruding from his boxer shorts. As she grasped with both hands, and lunged forward to swallow it as far as she could. To her surprise, she was able to get it kültür escort down past her tonsils and into her throat without choking. Soon she realized that she was getting light headed because she could not breathe due to this ‘Monster’ blocking her windpipe. She moved back off of the giant phallus and started sucking on the head while frantically stroking it with both of her small hands. And just as she was getting started she felt a large pair of hands, her father’s hands, grasp her around her waist and lift her off of him and gently place her on her side next to him.

Then she heard his deep gentle voice say to her “Not yet my beautiful little princess, Daddy has something much better for you right now.”

She lay there transfixed looking into his beautiful amber brown eyes and thought, ‘He’s calling me Princess again, and I know there is nothing for me to do but submit to him’.

He looked into her beautiful blue eyes and said “Now it is time for me to put my ‘Monster Cock’ inside your virginal vagina and make you a woman, My Woman.”

With that he got up from the bed, finished undressing and walked calmly into the bathroom. When he returned, he had two large fluffy towels that he laid in the middle of the huge bed. Then he picked her beautiful form and gently placed her in the middle of the towels. He crawled on top of her and started kissing her all over her face and down her jawline to her neck. Then he kissed his way down her body until he reached her vulva. He kissed and caressed all over and inside until she started to moaned lowly.

He looked into her eyes again and asked her “Are you ready my beautiful little Princess?” She nodded, smiling sweetly. He grabbed his rock hard phallus, pulling back the foreskin and leaned forward, moving it back and forth along her now wet labia. He moved the tip gently until her outer and then her inner lips opened up for him to enter. He kept wiggling and pressing into her until he felt her hymen.

He stopped pressing forward and waited for her to become accustomed to his girth. As he held perfectly still, she started to move under him, squirming and trying to impale herself in him. As her efforts became more frantic, finally she succeeded in breaking her barrier. When she did this, she let out a blood curdling scream. When he heard her yell, it startled him and he lost his balance, driving him deep inside her and making both of them groan.

When he realized what he had done he tried to pull back out, but she yelled “NOO,” and stopped him by wrapping her legs around him and pulling him completely into her until he was wedged up against her cervix.

They stayed connected like that, not moving, for what seemed like an eternity. He finally spoke saying “Oh my God baby, I didn’t mean to hurt you like that.”

She just smiled and said “Daddy, it only hurt for a little bit, but now it feels amazing. I feel so full and complete. Please finish what you started, I want to go to Heaven. Make love to me daddy please. It feels so good right now.” And that is what they did. He started slowly stroking in and out of her and she started to meet each one of his thrusts until they were completely in sync, as if they had been lovers for years.

As they continued to increase their pace, she finally yelled “Daddy I think I’m gonna cum!”

He said “Go ahead, I’m close too!”

As she started climbing her orgasmic hill, her vaginal muscles started to spasm. When he felt her starting to milk his cock, he lost it and started filling her with his seed. When she felt him painting her insides, she went over the top as well. The two lovers, father and daughter were sharing a mutual orgasm on their first time together.

When they came down, he rolled over with her on top and still connected, father to daughter, penis to vagina, and heart to heart. They fell asleep in each other’s arms.

When they awoke, they were still connected. They both looked at each other and at the mess on the towel next to them, a mixture of blood and both of their bodily fluids. It was an otherworldly pink color and they both started to giggle at the sight of it. “How do you feel, do you hurt?” he finally asked.

“I don’t think so. Oh my God. You are still inside me. It really feels so good daddy, I didn’t think it would. All my friends told me their horror stories about their first times.” she replied.

“Sweetheart, when you are in love, all things are better. It does feel like I might slip out if we move though.” he said. Just then she used her vaginal muscles to squeeze him, and he said “Holy shit you’re tight!”

She started giggling and said “Gotta go pee, Daddy.”

“Me too.” He said. She got up giggling at the sucking sound their bodies made when they uncoupled, kicked off the heels she still wore, grabbed her crotch with both hands and waddled into the bathroom. As he climbed out of bed, he mused, ‘My god, we even make the same sound uncoupling as her mother and I did,’ as he walked casually into markantalya escort the bathroom.

When he walked in, she was sitting on the bidet and he could hear glops of his seed dripping out of her and into the bowl. He walked up to the toilet next to her, lifted the seat and started to pee. She stared, fascinated, looking at the fat stream of yellow liquid squirting out of his now flaccid penis. ‘Even soft that thing is amazing!’ she thought. She watched as he walked over to the sink to wash his hands and said “Let’s take a bath together.”

She didn’t answer him. She just hit the lever and relaxed while the warm stream flushed the remnants of their lovemaking from her. She then said, “Daddy, we really need to get one of these at home.” Then, she walked over to the spa tub and turned on both of the taps on full blast.

She found the bubble bath and added it to the mixture. She checked the temperature and made the proper adjustments. When the tub was full, she turned on the jets, took of her bra, hose and garter belt and climbed in saying “what are you waiting for daddy?”

He climbed in next to her and asked “How are you, really.”

“Actually, I think I’m a little sore, but I don’t want to stop tonight. I get my period Wednesday, so I will have plenty of time to rest up and recover when we get home.” she said.

“Why don’t you stand up and let me see if I did any permanent damage to you baby.” he said. She stood up and spread her legs as wide as she could, given the confines of the tub. He looked closely at her beautiful vulva, gently spreading her lips and inspecting her like an amateur gynecologist thinking, ‘My God she looks exactly like her mother, even there’.

When he slipped his middle finger into her vagina, she giggled and said “that tickles daddy.”

She sat back down, this time on his lap and he said “Well it looks just fine to me, I see no reason to stop tonight.”

She reached between his legs and grabbed the ‘Monster’. She started playing with it and, as soon as it was hard enough, she kissed him hard as she fed him back inside her. She slid completely down on him until she bottomed out. He just sat there and let her ride him slowly and sensually while it got harder and larger until he was at full mast again. He decided to let her set her own pace and do all of the work this time.

She was having no problem taking charge and was really enjoying herself. ‘She is a natural, and a potential nymphomaniac. I hope I can keep up with her. Her mother was a real handful, but I was always able to keep her satisfied. I may have created a monster here. Oh well, there worse ways to die than being fucked to death’ He pondered.

She started to shift gears and started to really ride him hard, shaking her head and flailing her arms while yelling “Yes yes yes yes yes”. He started to feel her clamping down on him and he knew he wouldn’t be able to hold out much longer. He gritted his teeth and held on for as long as he could. For what felt like an hour, although he knew it was probably ten minutes, he managed to delay his eruption. When she started to convulse and clamp her vagina on him again, he lost control, and they both shared their second mutual orgasm. Just before she collapsed on him and lost consciousness, he thought ‘we are so in tune, this has only ever happened to me with her mother, they are more alike than I realized’, before they both passed out again.

He awoke with a start because he felt the water getting cold. He reached for the controls and turned the jets of the spa off. He pushed on the plunger to drain the tub and realized that his soft penis was still inside his sleeping daughter who was dozing peacefully on top of him with her head on his shoulder.

As the water drained, she started to stir and opened her eyes. “The water got cold.” was the first thing she said, and then “Daddy, your cock is still inside me.” and started giggling. He slipped out during her fit of laughter. “Oops!” she exclaimed.

He picked her up and carried her into the adjacent glass shower stall and turned on the hot water, adjusting the temperature for their comfort. When they were sufficiently rinsed off and warmed up, he turned off the water and grabbed more towels thinking, ‘Thank heavens they paid attention to my request for plenty of extra towels.’ Wrapped up in towels, he led her to the main room and over to the chaise lounge. He opened the suitcase he had brought and took out two thick white fluffy robes he had ‘acquired’ during his last trip to Vegas with the College Boards Society.

She stood up letting the towels fall to the floor and he wrapped her up in the robe he was holding. He dropped his towel and put on the other robe, and walked over to the minifrige to retrieve their cheesecake he had placed there while his daughter was gawking at the room upon their arrival.

“Hungry for some Cheesecake?” he said as he walked across the room.

“Why yes, kind sir, I seem to have worked up an appetite somehow.” She said in that sophisticated voice again, and took the box from her father. They sat together on the chaise and quietly and ate their dessert. Fortunately, the restaurant had included plastic forks and paper napkins in the box.

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