The Professionals

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“Is this your first time here?” The young woman asked.

“No, we’ve been through New Orleans several times.” Mike answered but was quickly interrupted by Jan.

“The key word there is through,” Jan smiled at the young lady as she spoke, then looked back at Mike, “he thinks that if he gets near a place that he’s been there.”

“Really? Well, you’ve got to spend some time here to appreciate this town. My name is Keri,” the young woman extended her hand to Mike, then Jan, and afterwards glanced toward the young man beside her at the bar, “and this is my friend Jeff.”

“I’m Mike and this is my wife Jan,” Mike took a sip of his scotch and looked closer at the young couple. Keri was probably in her late twenties, short, 5’3″ or less, rather slender but not too skinny for his liking. She had very short dark brown hair and her eyes were just as dark brown. Jeff was about the same age, maybe early thirties, very slender as well and probably over 6’4″ or 6’5″. He had a very light complexion for a black man and had a smile that immediately won you over without him even speaking.

The two couples had come into the restaurant about the same time and had been seated together at the bar. It was crowded but Mike and Jan had been told by friends that it’d be worth the wait. “Are you on vacation?” Keri made it evident that she was interested in continuing their conversation. “Well, sort of,” Jan answered even though Keri was making eye contact with Mike, “we’re staying for a couple of days on our way out west.”

“Really? Where are you going?” Jeff spoke for the first time leaning around Keri to look at Jan.

“Oh, just west…,” Jan lost her train of thought as she looked into Jeff’s dark eyes, “maybe the Grand Canyon again.” Jan composed herself then continued. “We just like to take off in our motorhome and explore sometimes.”

“Sounds really great. We never seem to get out of this town, although we talk about it a lot.” Jeff had slipped off his barstool and stepped around closer to Jan as he spoke. “We only travel in our fantasies.”

“Well,” Jan looked up at Jeff who was standing very close to her now, “fantasies are fun too.”

She couldn’t believe she said that but Jeff was having an effect on her. Mike, while chatting with Keri, couldn’t help but overhear Jan and smiled to himself knowing that she must be getting into a mood that could only benefit him later. “Yea, they sure are,” Jeff smiled at Jan and looked into her eyes for a sign as to where, and just how far, this subject would go. “Do you fantasize often?”

“Love to!” Jan was feeling bold and enjoying every second of it. “We even write about our fantasies.”

“I’m sorry…” Mike, hearing Jan’s last words, had dropped his glass on the table and it was spilling towards Keri, “here, let me get it before it gets on your dress.” Mike grabbed all the paper napkins he could find and began to swab up the liquid.

“Do you have them published?” Jeff looked very interested now. Mike was in disbelief. They seldom told people about their stories, and never to someone they had just met. Mike knew that Jan must be very interested in this young man. Jan looked into Jeff’s dark eyes, and with her best flirtatious smile answered him.

“Sort of, we post them on the internet.” Jan, clearly in a playful mood, continued, “do you like to read sexy stories?”

Jeff knew that Jan was coming on to him a bit and seemed to enjoy it as he answered her. “Sure, but Keri is the real reader in our house.”

Jeff turned to Keri and interrupted her and Mike’s conversation. “Sweetie, did you know that our new friends are writers?”

“No, really, what do you write?”

Keri looked at Jan, then returned her attention to Mike. “Well, I think what Jan’s referring to is our erotic stories.” Mike beamed as he spoke knowing it was ok since Jan had started it. “We like to write stories about things we do, or fantasize about doing.”

“Sounds really cool, I’d love to read some.”

“Well, we’ll have to be sure to write down the website for you.” Mike found a napkin that was still not used and found a pen near the waiter’s station. “Here, just go to the authors section, then scroll down to Mike and Jan.”

“Hey, this is too much,” Keri had read the note and looked quickly up at Mike, then turned to look at Jan,

“I think I’ve read your stories already. I know I have. You’re Mike and Jan.” Keri, elbowed Jeff in the ribs to get his attention.

“Jeff, remember the story I showed you about the threesome with the two men making love to one’s wife…, and them also playing with each other?” Keri stopped herself abruptly and looked around the room to see if anyone else had overheard her. “I’m sorry, I’m being too loud, and maybe too forward.” She looked a little embarrassed but Jan quickly came to her rescue. “Hey, that’s ok, I love to hear such enthusiasm about our stories.”

“So, you two wrote that story?” Jeff seemed sincerely interested and looked at Jan and Mike with more intent. ataşehir escort “I really liked it and I don’t usually read much.”

The conversation centered on stories that Mike and Jan had written as well as other stories all four had read and enjoyed. It seemed like no time at all before Mike and Jan’s name was announced for a table. “Would you two like to join us for dinner?” Mike looked at Jan for approval, after the fact, but knew she would be more than agreeable. “Sure, sounds good to me,” Jeff answered, then looked at Keri. “Absolutely, I want to know more about my favorite authors.”

The food was just as good as the restaurant’s reputation and the two couples enjoyed each other’s company. During the meal most of the conversation was about erotica and it was apparent to everyone that there was a chemistry between them. “What do you two do?” Mike decided to sort of change the subject since they had centered the talk about he and Jan too long. “Well, we sort of entertain…,” Jeff looked a little uncertain as he started talking but Keri decided to jump right in and blurted out, “We’re escorts.” Mike choked on the drink that he had just taken a sip of. Jan’s face looked blank as she tried to think of something to say. “Escorts?” Mike regained his composure first. “As in…, escorts?”

“Yes, really, escorts.” Keri grinned as she spoke obviously getting pleasure from her shocking statement. “Hey, it’s a living. And a pretty good one at that. We both enjoy sex, and if we can make money too…, well?”

“Sounds good to me,” Mike grinned, “do you work together?”

“Sometimes,” Jeff answered, “but also separate too. We are very careful though and check our clients out very thoroughly before dating.” Jan still wasn’t speaking but was taking in every word. She wasn’t sure if she really believed that this cute couple were really prostitutes.

“How much do you charge?” Mike asked then added before they could respond, “for, say, an evening.”

“It depends,” Jeff thought a second then continued, “there are so many different situations that it’s hard to have a price list.” Mike laughed and was quickly joined by Keri and Jeff. Jan smiled, still in a little bit of shock. “Yea, I guess so,” Mike said but then continued, “say you’re going to be with another couple, both of you, to have fun and experiment for several hours. Nothing weird, just fun. About how much would you expect to make?”

“Oh, we’d probably charge about $500 each, but it depends on what the couple is like too.” Keri looked at Mike closely, then turned her head to look into Jan’s eyes as well. “And if we really liked the couple? I’m sure we could make a better deal.”

“How much are you going to charge us?” Jan looked directly back into Keri’s eyes as she spoke. Jan had fully regained her composure now and knew exactly what she wanted to do, and knew that Mike wouldn’t mind a bit. “Well, it seems wrong to charge you anything…,” Keri looked confused and turned to Jeff for help. “We like you both and it’s even more cool that we’ve read your stories.”

“Yea, and we weren’t planning on working tonight anyway,” Jeff added to what Keri was trying to say. “But,” Jan was now in control of the situation again, “you are professionals, and should get paid. Will the two of you entertain us for $500?” Mike was in total disbelief but knew not to interfere with Jan when she was this direct. They could afford the price and this sounded unbelievably interesting.

“We’d love to,” Keri answered for them both, then continued. “It’s your night, and your call on what we do. We will be here for your pleasure. We don’t live far from here, did you drive?” “No, we took a taxi from the campground.” Mike answered and grabbed both checks from the table and left the money to cover them. “Then why don’t you ride with us?” Jeff stood and reached out for Jan’s hand to help her up. Mike had taken the opportunity to pull five one-hundred dollar bills from his billfold when he paid the restaurant bill. As he stood and reached for Keri’s hand he slipped the folded bills into her hand. Nothing was said about it and Keri stood up, picked up her purse, and slipped the bills into it without ever really looking at them.

Once Mike and Jan were in the back seat of the car, Jan reached over and could feel that Mike was very excited. His cock was so stiff that she wondered how he’d managed to walk out of the restaurant. She took Mike’s hand and slipped it under her skirt and allowed him to feel just how excited she was as well. Mike didn’t even have to slip his finger under her panties as he could feel the wetness right through them. They had experienced a lot together but this was going to be so very different. They had talked before about how neat it would be to have a really good sex doll that you could program to do what you wanted. They both knew that this would be even better.

“Now you two know that this is your night.” Keri smiled at them from the front seat as she broke the silence in the car. “We are bagdat caddesi escort for your pleasure tonight, and want to do whatever you desire.” Jan looked at the rearview mirror and noticed that Jeff was looking at her. He was so cute. She felt herself getting even wetter with the thought. And so many thoughts were going through her mind right now. “Do you want us to take control or do one of you want to be in charge?” Keri sounded so calm and sweet as she was setting the guidelines. “I’ll be in charge,” Jan was quick to answer. Nothing else needed saying while they drove the short distance to the young couples apartment.

Once they were all inside Jan turned to Mike and, putting her arms around his neck and pressing her body to his, gave him a very long, sensual kiss, breaking the kiss occasionally to whisper loving words. Keri and Jeff watched, waiting for a sign of what they should do. Mike let his hands slide down Jan’s back until he could feel her nice ass through her skirt. As he lifted the skirt he could feel her panties and began to knead her ass cheeks through the thin fabric. Jan moaned and began to grind her hot pussy against his cock, which she could feel through their clothing. Keri stepped over and turned on a dim lamp by the sofa, then turned off the main light and sat down. She signaled Jeff to join her on the couch and the two watched as Mike and Jan continued to feel each other’s excitement.

Mike unzipped the back of Jan’s skirt and let it fall to the floor. Then he reached between them and unbuttoned her blouse, and slipped it off as well. Jan reached down and unfastened Mike’s belt and slacks, then bent down to get them off of each foot and took the opportunity to bite at his hard cock through his underwear. As she came back up she unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off. “Why don’t you two get more comfortable too,” Jan said as she turned to the young couple on the couch, then returned her attention to her husband. Keri and Jeff quickly stripped down to their underwear and waited for the next instructions. But, watching this loving couple was having it’s effect on them as well. Even professionals have feelings and desires and it wasn’t long before Keri was rubbing Jeff’s large cock through his underwear and Jeff was feeling Keri’s small tits under her bra.

Jan, after removing Mike’s shirt, worked back down and took one of his nipples in her mouth and began to suck and nibble on it. Mike reached around and unfastened Jan’s bra, exposing her beautiful breasts to everyone. After a few minutes Jan worked further down Mike’s belly and slid his underwear down and off his feet. She then took his hard cock into her mouth. Mike groaned loudly as he felt her warm mouth on his throbbing cock. It felt so wonderful and since he was facing the couch he could also see Jeff and Keri playing with each other. This was not unlike other swinging situations, in what was happening, but so totally different in the aspect of not having to think about pleasing anyone but himself and Jan.

“Keri,” Jan spoke softly without even looking in the young couples direction, “come over here and give me some help on this beautiful cock.” Keri quickly crossed the short distance to where Mike was standing and knelt beside Jan and began to lick Mike’s cock as it slid in and out of Jan’s mouth. Jan reached out and placed one of Keri’s hands under Mike’s scrotum and on his testicles. She then directed Keri’s other hand to Mike’s ass. Keri took the innitiative and began to massage and lick Mike’s balls, while running her finger into his ass cheeks. “Doesn’t this feel great to you?” Jan looked up at Mike and grinned.

“Oh yea! Man this is something.” Mike moaned. “Do you want to feel her hot little tongue in your ass?” Jan was savoring this power now. “Oh yes…, please.” Keri needed no explanation and moved around behind Mike and began to lick her way into his crack searching for his anus. As she tongued his tight anus Jan continued to suck on his cock.

“Jeff, I could sure use some nice big hands on my tits and pussy.” Jan spoke quickly between gulps of Mike’s cock. Jeff slid his underwear off as he stood and quickly crossed to Jan and began to expertly rub her tits and pussy. Jan reached back with one hand and felt of Jeff’s large cock. It was huge and felt wonderful in her hand. She continued to suck Mike and fondle Jeff while having her large nipples pinched and her wet pussy fingered.

“Mike, do you want to watch me get fucked by this gorgeous man?” Jan looked up at Mike seductively. “You know I do, that would be so sexy,” Mike answered. “Ok, take Keri to the couch and sit down. And Keri, you take care of Mike’s cock with your mouth and hands while he watches me.”

Mike led Keri to the couch and as Mike sat down, Keri immediately took his hard cock into her mouth. She reached over, took one of Mike’s hands, and placed it on her own wet pussy. Mike enjoyed the feel of this small hot pussy and also felt of her small tits with his other hand while bostancı escort he continued to get an expert blowjob. But, as hot as this was, the real turn-on was on the floor in front of him.

Jan was sitting down on the floor with Jeff’s long cock in her mouth. She was exploring, more than sucking, and feeling of his ass, legs, and upper body with her hands. After a few minutes, she was too hot to wait any longer. “Jeff, get a condom. I need to be fucked.” Jeff stepped quickly to the end table by the couch and got a condom out of the drawer. He took it out of the package and Jan took it from him and slipped it on the hard shaft. Jan immediately laid back on the floor and pulled the young man down on top of her, guiding his cock into her wet pussy instantly. She was so hot that she almost began cumming with the entry. It felt so long, and so good, sliding in and out of her. She felt his mouth on her tit and his cock in her pussy. She came, but knew she could cum again so she encouraged him on. “Mike, I need you to kiss me now.” Mike slid off the couch and crawled over to the couple fucking on the floor and kissed his wife deeply. Keri had accompanied Mike and slipped under him and continued to suck his cock. While she was sucking Mike’s cock, Keri also reached over and began to rub Jan’s clitoris with her small fingers. “Oh yes! That feels so good.” Jan whispered and her encouragement inspired Keri to continue. As Keri felt Jan begin to climax she fingered the clitoris more rapidly. With her other hand she reached under Jan and rubbed the wetness flowing from Jan’s pussy into Jan’s anus. Jan continued to climax for several long minutes as she felt Jeff’s cock fucking in and out of her pussy with his mouth sucking on one of her tits. Mike’s tongue was in her mouth and his hands on her other tit. But, added to all these incredible senses was the feeling of those small, soft fingers in her ass and rubbing her clitoris.

“Oh, I’m sorry…,” Jeff sounded so dissappointed, “I can’t hold out any longer…”

“It’s ok Jeff, go ahead and cum…, oh fuck me hard and cum!” Jan hunched up hard against Jeff and she came for the umpteenth time as she felt him tense and then relax.

After several minutes Jeff slipped out of Jan’s pussy and got up and went to the couch. Jan continued to lay on the floor savoring possibly the best orgasm she’d ever had. Mike and Keri continued to slowly massage Jan’s less sensitive areas. “Hey, Mike hasn’t cum yet,” Jan spoke as she realized that everyone had been centering their attention on her. “Keri, would you get another condom and fuck my husband?” Jan watched as Keri got the condom out of the drawer, placed it on Mike’s hard cock, then with Mike still sitting on the floor the small young woman sat down on Mike’s lap slipping his cock into her wet pussy as she sat. Jan was laying where she could easily see Mike’s cock entering Keri’s pussy. It was strangely exciting and she could almost imagine how it must feel to Mike; the tightness gliding up and down the length of his shaft.

Keri was very athletic and Mike needn’t do a thing. The young woman’s leg muscles were well trained to continue the slow fucking of Jan’s husband. Mike was so hot that he knew it wouldn’t take long, but when Jan reached over and took his balls into her hand while Keri’s tight pussy was fucking him he began to explode. As Mike ejaculated Jan could feel his testicles contracting. She reached higher and grabbed his cock just beneath Keri’s pussy and squeezed as she felt his last convulions. Keri now allowed herself to sit down in Mike’s lap and kissed him on the lips, then turned and smiled at Jan behind her. “Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did,” Keri spoke, then slowly raised up off of Mike’s cock.

“Absolutely!” Jan smiled at Keri, Jeff, and of course her husband, “Thanks so much…, it was really something.”

“Oh but you can’t leave yet.” Keri answered Jan. “We have all evening…, and, you’re not just clients, you’re new friends. Jeff, why don’t you fix us all something to drink?”

“What’ll it be gang?” Jeff headed toward the kitchen as he spoke with his half-hard cock swaying as he walked. “I’ll have a cold beer, if you’ve got any?” Mike answered first and moved over to the couch not bothering to gather up any of his clothes which were strewn on the floor with the other’s. “Let’s see…,” they could all hear Jeff opening the fridge as he spoke, “we’ve got Fosters, Coors, and Michelob.” “Michelob would be great Jeff…, thanks.” “I’ll have a glass of that white wine honey.” Keri shouted toward the kitchen and moved, still naked as well, to a chair across from the couch. “Jan, what’ll be your pleasure?” Jan, hearing Jeff’s voice coming from the kitchen, quickly yelled back. “I think you’re quite knowledgeable about pleasing me so you decide.” Jan gave more thought as she moved to the couch beside Mike then, in a more serious tone added, “Jeff, really, I think I’ll just have a glass of ice water.”

“Have you two really been married as long as you say in your stories?” Keri smiled sweetly at the nude couple on her couch. “Yea, we really have.” Mike grinned proudly and leaned over and kissed Jan on the shoulder. “But in some ways, it seems like it’s only been a few years ago that we met.” “Really,” Jan added, “but it also seems like I’ve known him forever.”

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