The Power to Control Ch. 01

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Hello, you can call me Steven for security reasons I don’t want to tell you my real name, we might meet one day and I can’t have you know what it is I’m up to.

I would however like to tell you my story, as best as I know it, what bother me the most growing up was that if I could remember I only knew 2 types of people. The ones I got along with and always wanted to hang out, and the ones who hated me for some reason or another and never left me alone finding any reason to cause me trouble. For one year however, I learned something that would forever change how I saw the world and my place in it.

My dad had died when I was 13 and my mom had taken it hard, I tried my best to make things easy on her, focusing on school, getting good grades, and not causing any trouble. I never met my dad’s side of the family and for all I knew they were all dead, they never showed any concern for me if they were alive. Even after I graduated I came back live with my mom, she needed help around the house and I think she was just happy to have company. My mom had never really dated after my dad died, while there were a few guys they never lasted more than a week. One day I was in my dad’s study that was just the way he left it, my mom said it was her way of remembering him. I was looking for a flash drive I could use for my job, I got a job as a software designer and part of the uniform was a 4GB flash drive. I was looking through the desk and in the top left cabinet I found the flash drives and a blue envelope. I reached in and the envelope fell out, I grabbed a few flash drives and picked up the envelope. I looked at it and say my name on it so I opened it and say a phone number with the word umbrella under it. I took it to my mom to try and see if she knew anything about it.

“No, I don’t honey. I’ve left everything in there just how your dad had it” mom said.

“Then do you know what this number is or what Umbrella means?” I asked.

“Why not call it and see? It was obviously meant for you.” mom answered.

I had nothing other than the number to go on so I called it with the phone on speaker. It was answered right away and a very pleasant women’s voice came on.

“Welcome to Starlight Security. Can I have the name of the spouse or holder of the account?” The voice said.

“Starlight Security? What’s that?” mom asked.

“I’ve heard about them. They are a global security agency, they will protect anything you give them for the right price. Some celebrity’s use them to hide sex tapes and secrets they don’t want the news to get a hold of.” I explained.

“Can I have the name of the spouse or holder of the account?” The voice said again.

“If your dad was keeping secrets he wouldn’t have left it under his name. Try Samantha.” mom said.

“Thank you, checking accounts under Samantha.” the voice said before we could react.

I forgot it was on speaker and could hear mom, I knew mom’s name was Sam something but everyone called her by a different name so I never knew it was Samantha.

“Account found, there are 2 items secured please say the key word per-item.” the voice came back.

I looked at mom hopping she had an answer. She just shrugged and pointed to the paper I was holding. I looked down and say the word Umbrella, and as it was the only other thing on the paper I guessed it was worth a shot.

“Umbrella.” I said.

“Thank you.”

“This file is marked private, please turn the phone off speaker and hand to a Steven for further access.” the voice said.

I looked up at mom and took the phone off speaker, no idea how they could tell it was on from their end.

“Maybe it’s something your dad left you, his will didn’t cover all the things we had talked about making sure you got when we died.” mom said with sadness in her voice.

I put the phone to my ear.

“Yes, this is Steven.” I started.

“Hello Steven, please stand by.”

There was a strange sound and clicks, then I hear my dad’s voice, I hadn’t heard it in such a long time my eyes started to water.

“Hello son, I have to be quick. There is so much I want to tell you, want to teach you. About Life, Love, and where my family comes from, but if you’re listening to this then I might not be around.” my dad’s voice wavered.

“However, that doesn’t matter, what matters is that you are safe and you learn this secret. After you do, you can never tell anyone other than your son’s because if you do they might find you and all that I have done to keep you from them would be wasted.” he said, the seriousness in his voice focusing my mind.

“Right now, this message is coming to you on a special frequency only the males in our family can hear, it has to be this way, not even your mother can know.”

“The male members of our family have the ability to control others mind. It has been passed down in our genetics from a time the world thought Vampires and Wear-wolfs’ were not only real but outside and hunting them.”

“The power to control other people depends on the how well we can control our presence, if you can keep to yourself and other people don’t notice you the power konyaaltı escort will stay dormant and no one will ever know.”

“If instead you make yourself known and draw attention the power will let you connect to other minds, you could then control them to do anything that you want short of killing.”

“The people you connect with don’t lose them self or anything, there mind will just take the control as a louder than normal voice in the back of their head and have them feel like it’s their idea.”

“However, you should know we are not the only family with such powers and the others are always looking for signs of us so be careful how you use the power. I don’t want you to be a part of that world, that’s why I hid you, over the centuries the others have killed our family and we have killed them. Right now, there should only be a handful of any of us left and some have lost their power all together.”

“We are the only family left that can control peoples’ minds and after your grandfather is gone you might be the only one left. You don’t need to know the other family’s powers as long as you keep your power hidden it won’t matter, if you do decide to use it I want you to promise me 2 things.”

“One you will protect your mother even if that means you never see her again, she is the only good thing in my life other than you.”

“The other is that you control the power and don’t let it control you, if you can get a handle on it then you can protect yourself from the others and even control them that’s why they fear us. If you can find your grandfather he can teach you how, but I don’t know where he is and it might be up to you to learn alone.”

“I’m sorry I can’t be there to help, but you’re a good kid and I can already see how much talent you have for this power. Shit I’m almost out of time, this is not a joke from the grave so don’t ignore your father. Hand the phone to your mother and tell her to say Sunshine.”

I took the phone and gave it to mom; my mind was in chaos I couldn’t make heads or tails of what he just said. I just told my mom to say Sunshine and sat on a chair. While I was trying to figure out if what my dad said was real, my mom started screaming.

“What? What happen?” I asked jumping back up.

“You’re, your dad, he just gave me 3 million dollars.”

“What? Dad had that much money saved away?”

Mom shook her head “No he said it was from his family and he hid it before he left.”

“Mom did you ever meet dad’s family?”

“No, he was always very secretive about them, he just said they were not nice people and that the only family he needed was the one we would have together.”

3 million was a bunch of money to any normal person, but if what my dad said was true and his family could control others it might be a drop in the ocean to them. My mom ran off and wrote down the account number and code, and brought me into the living room while she hung up the phone.

“What do you think we should do with the money?”

“Mom that’s 3 million dollars, we could use it for any number of things.”

“We could pay off the house, and your student debt, we could even but a new car.”

“Yes, but are you sure that’s what you want to do?” I asked.

Mom considered for a moment.

“You’re right we should just keep it for a rainy day, I’m sure that’s what your father was doing just in case we needed it.”

“Well we can still pay off the house.” I joked.

“Really, are you ok with me doing that?”

“Dad gave that money to you it makes me think he wanted you to use it for yourself.”

“Ok, half a million should be enough and we can save the rest.” mom laughed.

It was the first time I had heard her laugh in a real long time and I forgot how beautiful she was when she was happy. The next month I struggled over what I should do, if my dad was right I had an amazing gift if not then he had a weird idea of funny. The money he gave mom had to come from somewhere and I had no real reason to think my dad would lie to me.

I eventually broke down and just had to test it out. I found myself in a Starbucks sitting on a couch with a coffee in my hand looking out at the people coming and going. Right now, I was going over what my dad told me, hide your presence and the power will stay dormant. So, sitting in the corner of the I tried my best to not be noticed, and I knew it was working when twice someone tried to sit on me.

Then I tried the real test, my father’s words about drawing attention to myself would let the power connect to peoples’ mind came to me. I didn’t really want to start shouting and have everyone look at me like I was crazy so instead I tried a smaller test. Across the room I saw a girl working on her laptop, and I very slowly started to try and get her attention. I started by looking at her intently, and got nothing, then I upped my game stretching and yawning out loud. That got her to look around for a second, and I felt something like a part of my body I didn’t know I had started to reach for her. I started to cough and make loud sipping noises with my coffee, and again she looked up for a second. kültür escort This time we made eye contact and I felt the same part of me stretched out and touch her but only for a second then she looked back at her laptop. I realized I had felt this feeling before it had happened to me all my life with the people around me. I always knew who was coming and where they were, I had just thought I had heard them or saw them out of the corner of my eye but now it was more.

Finally, I put my head down and focus on that part of me that was stretching out for her, and waved in her direction. To the other people around me it looked strange, but while I focused I felt my power stretch and connect with her again. Before the connection could be broken I instinctively thought 2 words.

“Come here.”

The connection held and even started to strengthen as I felt her get up and come closer. When she was about three feet from me I looked up and caught her looking down at me.

She was a little shorter than me and had a short pink hair that swooped of her ears, and with 24C breast, a tight flat stomach, and at-lease 38-inch hips she was actually really hot,

“Sorry do I know you?” she asked.

“I don’t think so. Why do you ask?”

“I just thought I recognized you from where I was sitting.”

I was still focusing on the connection I had with her, and sent her more thoughts.

“Sit down, Flirt with me.”

Straight away she sat in the seat next to me, and leaned towards me so her cleavage was pressed together for me to see.

“Are you sure I don’t know you?”

“Yes, this is the first time we have met.”

“Well that’s too bad. I would really like it if I knew someone as sexy as you.”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, was that to forward?”

“No, it just caught me off guard.”

“Well that’s good I would hate to have scared you off.”

I used my connection to her now to pass what I was thinking.

“You want to get out of here and take me to your place.”

She shifted in her seat for a second then said. “You want to come back to my place? My roommate is out right now.”

“That sounds great.”

We got up and left, as I walked out I paid attention to the feeling my power was giving me. The connection to the pink hair girl was like it was glued to her, but as I walked by other people I could feel it stretch again and try to connect to them. I reeled back any power that was trying to get away from me because my dad said control would be key. The girl said to follow her and I got in my car following behind her SUV as it made a few twists and turn.

We soon came to a two-storied house and I got out following her inside, while we drove the connection we had never broke even when I lost sight of her or she went around a corner. Inside the house it took no time at all for pink hair to strip off her shirt and put her laptop away. She became she when I looked at her blue lace bra holding onto her perky round breast.

“I don’t really know why I asked you back here. This is so not what I do.”

“Well there is a first for everything.”

I could tell she was starting to have second thoughts and the connection we had shook a little. I sent her a thought to reinforce it.

“You want me badly.”

The connection stabilized and a look of need and passion washed over her face. She unzipped her jeans as she walked to me at the base of the staircase, and when she got in range threw her arms around my neck kissing me deeply. I was filled with so much conflicting emotions, and the things my dad told me kept popping up in my head. On the one had it was all true, the power the control how people acted like it was there Idea everything. On the other it was ALL true, the enemy’s that could find me, the family I had never known, and the fact I knew I was making her do this. The pink haired girl reached under my cloths pulling up my shirt and unbuckling my pants. I was going to try and put together all the new information I had but I could feel her need for me. The connection between us let me feel how much she wanted my stiff cock stuffed into her empty waiting opening. I decided to push all the other thoughts to the back and focus on what was going on in front of me.

I gave her pants a tug pulling them down a few inches around her hips, and she suddenly pulled away from me. She gave me a wicked smile and started kicking off her shoes as she walked up the stairs very slowly pulling of the rest of her cloths. I knew where she was going with this and I tore through my cloths throwing them to the floor and chased after her up the stairs. She giggled and squealed as she ran into a room at the end of the hall fully naked, as her ass bounced and swung side to side. I ran into the room after her and didn’t see her right away, that was went she pushed me from the side taking me down on the bed. I laid on my back naked as she did her sexiest walk over to me feeling her breast and rubbing her pussy as she did.

“I have no idea why I’m so horny right now but you are one luck guy.”

“I feel lucky that’s for sure.”

“Well then guy from the markantalya escort Starbucks get ready to have your balls drained.”

I was going to come back with another line when she laid on top of me, with her warm body and large breast pushed up against me. I kissed her just as she was leaning in, and our tongues met sending tingles threw my body. Her hand was wrapped tight around my stiff member and she was ever so slowly stroking me. I placed one hand in her hair at the back of her head, pulling her closer to me as me kissed deeper and with more passion. The other hand I cupped around her big ass cheek giving it a tender squeeze and pulling her body further up mine.

“Um, do you have protection?”

That’s when I remembered my pants down stairs, but before I could answer or even think about sending another thought into her she said.

“Fuck it, I’m on the pill and I want to be raw dogged right now any ways.”

I was a little surprised that she would say that but from our connection I also knew it was all true. I wondered if she could also feel what I felt threw the connection so I passed her a thought.

“If you can feel how much I want to fuck you then have a mini orgasm.”

It was a test to see if I had to be careful with my wording and if the connection went both ways. As soon as I sent it her body gave a little jerk and her right leg kicked, she tried to scream but nothing came out. I held her there for a minute or two while her mini orgasm melted away.

“Well that’s never happened before.”

“Maybe it’s the company.”

“If it is I’ll have to keep you.”

With that she quickly mounted me, very gently guiding the head of my cock towards her wet and waiting opening. Once inside she squeezed and lowered slightly feeling my length as it penetrated her. She savored every small gain as more and more of my shaft slid deeper into her, I was in no hurry and just let her enjoy the experience. Once my full shaft finished inserting into her sopping wet cunt she gave me a grin and started to grind in circles with my dick as her pole. It felt good and I was starting to really want this girl, her full perky breast swung with every twist and her pussy gripped and squeezed my shaft. She kept at it for a while and my own need started to crowd my judgment, I couldn’t think straight and grabbed her hips forcing her down so her clit was rubbing my lower ab with every circle. She moaned loudly and her ass tried to lift off my lap, I was stronger than her and just held her in place as she pushed herself closer to finishing. When she reached the edge, I let go of her hips letting her pop up a little reliving the pressure to her relief and loss. She started to bounce on my cock, her round heavy ass cheeks making slapping sounds as they hit my hips. I was building towards my own orgasm and I was enjoying the view as her breast swayed and bounced almost hitting her chin with each up thrust. I remembered the connection we were sharing and gave her a thought just to make things a little interesting.

“Every time you feel my cock rub in you, you feel pussy get more sensitive, it will keep getting sensitive until you feel me cum in you, if your orgasm reaches you before that you will not be able to hold it back.”

A few more pumps and I knew that it was working. Every other time she would bounce up and down she let out a grunt or deep moan.

“Shit, this feels so fucking good! Are you getting bigger or is that just me?”

“I’m happy you enjoy it.”

“Huh, fuck yes! I love it, you feel even better than my favorite vibrator.”

I continued to help her fuck, as I added more powerful thrust to her timing. Suddenly she gave out a loud scream and pushed all of her body weight down on my shaft, impaling herself as far as she could go. Her orgasm took her like a tidal wave, crashing into her so hard she arched her back pointing her nipples to the sky. Even as she tried to scream nothing came out but a faint gurgling sound, I left her there for a few moments enjoying the view and the feeling of her vagina walls clamped around my swollen meat stick. She let out a few whimpers and moans when the aftershocks started to spread out from her core, running threw her body fully out of her control.

That was when I lifted my hips high off the bed and rolled myself on top of her, she gave a squeal of delight as I threw her to her back and placed my body weight on top of her.

“Hey there handsome I like being pushed around in bed just like any other girl but a little warning would be nice.” she joked.

“Sorry about that. I just thought now that you had fun with me under you, I could have fun with you under me.”

“Well if that’s the case I guess I can let you off with a warning.”

I reached up and pulled her head to me, placing a deep firm kiss on her lips and sliding my tongue into her mouth. I used my tongue to tease and tickle hers, slowly pulling it from her mouth and into mine. While I did that I placed my other hand on the side of her lower back with my thumb wrapped around her waist. I shifted my hips so that my cock slid gently from her, and as I did she gave a low moan into my mouth. I pulled back from our kiss and gazed down at her, using the backs of my hands as leverage so I could view as much of her as I could. She squirmed under me trying to find a better position for what she knew was coming.

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