The Place with Dahlia

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When I first learned about the place, I didn’t know what to think.

I like to hang out in coffee houses a lot. The kinds of places where people in their 20s go. I live near a university, and there are lots of young people around. I’m constantly surprised that college age women will flirt with me, since I’m over 40, but I guess I look and act a lot younger. Plus, I keep myself in shape by riding my bike around town.

I’m such a horn dog. I guess I am a dirty old man. I love young women. They’re half my age, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that they are an incredible turn on for me.

Anyway, I was at the coffee place one Friday morning talking to a college girl named Dahlia, and she started telling me about the place. Dahlia is one of the sexiest women I’ve ever seen. She is 22, 5″ 2″, thin with small, but perfect pear shaped breasts. She never wears a bra, so it easy easy to see her puffy nipples poking out a bit. Dahlia is a little tom-boyish, but in a very sexy way. Her waist is small and so is her butt. She has bobbed brown hair, brown eyes and high cheekbones. Her skin is light olive, and I’m pretty sure she is mixed race, but it is hard to say which. She has a few cute freckles and she doesn’t need or wear any makeup, just bright red lipstick.

The first time I met her, I wondered if she was a lesbian, but something about the way she was looking at me at that moment told me that she was more open minded than that. Plus, she was describing a scene that was “pretty wild,” she told me.

“It isn’t a club or a bar or anything,” she continued, keeping her voice down low. “It’s in a warehouse downtown, by the train tracks. My girlfriends and I went there last weekend. It’s only been going on for a month or so. The parties are very secret. Don’t show up until after 11, or better yet 12,” she added and with a suggestive squeeze, she put something in my hand. It was a key.

Like I said, I didn’t know what to think, but I went.


When I entered the place, the scene was unbelievable. There were topless bodies everywhere, bakırköy escort mostly female. Loud, sexy music pulsated through the air. The lighting was dim, but the shadows were broken by the tiny lights from disco ball.

I began to search the large room for Dahlia. The center of the room was an open dance space that was filled with about a hundred women, most looked around 21, and many were very hot looking. There were also some guys dancing with the women, but the men were outnumbered by at least 3 to 1. Most of the women were dancing with other women. And when I say dancing, what I really mean is that they were freaking each other, running their hands all over each others’ bodies, while making out.

The sides of the room were lined with comfortable couches, and these were filled with people having sex. I paused to watch a beautiful, tall blond girl of about 19 who sat back with her legs wide open as a small Asian female was kneeling between her legs and fingering the blond girl. “Oh, fuck!” the blond yelled, “Lick me!!” and she sure did. It wasn’t long before the blond was arching her back and thrusting her pussy into the other girls face, shaking with pleasure.

Then I saw Dahlia. She came up behind the Asian girl and put her hand between the girl’s legs. Then Dahlia looked right at me and smiled. I came closer and she instantly reached for my crotch, undid my pants. Dahlia was shirtless, and I reached for those perfect breasts, then I whipped off my shirt. Since I had no underwear on, my 8 inch cock sprang right out. Her mouth was on it right away. I moaned with pleasure as she deep-throated me, while fingering the girl in front of her, and the blond girl came again. Then Dahlia took my cock and guided it into the Asian girl’s pussy. “You’ve got to try this dick, Amy,” she added.

Amy pushed back onto my dick with her pussy, and I was all the way in, as Dahlia found my mouth with hers, and my hands found those small breasts and her puffy nipples. I looked around, and many of the women were bostancı escort watching us. It was incredibly sexy to fuck in front of all these beautiful women, even as they were going at it. Everyone was going at it in twos or threes, or more. All the time, I heard women moaning as they came. Everyone would turn to watch others, and then turn back to their own pleasure.

I can last a long time without coming, otherwise I would have creamed instantly at the horny, freaky scene going on around me, not to mention the fact that my dick was inside sexy Amy, and beautiful Dahlia was making out with me. I heard Amy’s moans get louder and her pussy tightened on my cock.

I pulled out and grabbed Dahlia and pulled her tiny shorts down and motioned her to get on her hands and knees. Then I entered her from behind. Now Amy turned around and began to make out with Dahlia, and they touched each others’ tits. Then the blond came behind me and wrapped her arms around me. She whispered in my ear, “I’m Dahlia’s girlfriend Emma, and I want that cock in me next!”

Speaking of cocks, I was watching a dark skinned beauty sucking an Asian guy’s cock. She was watching him eating another dark skinned girl’s pussy. Then they switched positions so that she could suck her friend’s dark nipples and he could spread her brown pussy lips and enter her soaking wet slit.

The place was indescribably sexy. All around us, groups were fucking, sucking and and moaning with pleasure. I watching a beautiful redhead have a powerful orgasm as a Latina fingered and tongued her, while a black guy shot his cum in the red’s mouth. In the throes of her ecstasy, she swallowed his entire load while moaning and shaking from her own climax.

My amazement increased as Dahlia started sucking a young guy’s cock while being fucked by me. She reached around to my cock and pulled it out of her pussy and began rubbing on her ass. “I want you to fuck my ass while he fucks my pussy,” she turned and said to me.

This was a first for me. I çekmeköy escort laid on my back, and she lowered herself on my cock in a reverse cowgirl anal, and the other guy slid his dick in her pussy. I felt the remarkable sensation in my cock of the other guy’s dick thrusting inside Dahlia. This was new for me, but I loved it. It added to the overall kinky, anything goes turn-on that I was already experiencing.

This double penetration fuck went on for several minutes, and I was totally aware that the people around us were watching, even as they engaged in their own sex acts. When Dahlia had her third crashing orgasm, she had us both pull out of her holes, and she took a dick in each hand and guided them first alternately into her mouth, and then she put both dicks in her mouth at the same time.

First I had enjoyed the feeling of the other guy’s cock felt through her pussy walls, and now it was skin to skin and I couldn’t deny the pleasure I was feeling. Dahlia must have sensed the kinky thrill I was getting from this, and she heightened the stimulation by alternately sucking both our cocks, and then rubbing them together. I looked at the other guy and I could see he was approaching orgasm, even as I felt my own getting closer.

A circle of people was watching now, mostly girls, but a few guys as well. “Do it!” said one voice. “Make them both cum!” yelled someone else. Being at the center of so much erotic voyeur attention was such a turn on that I let out a cry of “I gonna cum!” Dahlia was eager to help get both me and the other guy off, and Amy and Emma slid onto either side of Dahlia so they could be there for what was coming, too.

Just as I was at the point of no return, the other guy reached down and put his hand around both of our cocks, stroking them even as the heads were being licked and sucked by Dahlia. He and I both grunted and I could feel his rod, as well as my own, jerk and stiffen as the shots of sperm spewed from the holes on the tips of our dicks and jetted out in long streams.

A lot of the cum landed in Dahlia’s mouth, and she eagerly gulped it down. It also went on her face and tits, and his cum and mine were a mixed glaze on the heads of our dicks. We were a sexy, horny mess, but brown eyed Dahlia, sexy blond Emma and Asian Amy licked us clean! Emma squeezed my cock and whispered, “Tell me when you are ready for round two…”

To be continued…

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