The Photo Shoot: No Looking Back

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As Jen unlocked the door to our new apartment, I scooped her up off her feet and carried her across the threshold. I carried my sister directly to our new bedroom where we kissed passionately at the foot of our new “marital bed.” Jen started unbuttoning my shirt when I grabbed her by her wrists, stopping her cold.

“I want you naked.” I ordered, as I let go of her wrists and sat down on the edge of the bed. “Strip for me.”

My sister Jen nodded silently as I watched her shyly disrobe in front of me. She unbuttoned her blouse, one button at a time, with her dainty female fingers. She looked me directly in the eyes with desire as her blouse fell at her feet. I was enthralled staring at her lacy bra snugly clutching her perky little breasts, as they rose and fell with her every breath. After kicking off her heels, she undid her belt and slowly peeled off her skin tight jeans. As she pulled them down over her hips, she turned her back to me so I could watch her bend over and wriggle out of those jeans, teasingly exposing a pair of lacy panties hugging her firm girlish hips and ass.

I always got a charge out of Jen’s sexy underwear, which she bought and wore just for my pleasure. I got up off the bed and stood behind her. My erection straining through my pants, I rubbed up against her ass. I slowly unsnapped her bra and let it fall to the ground. I reached around and squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples as my trapped erection continued to rub up and down against her ass. I moved my hands down the length of her waist and grabbed her panties around the waist band. I knelt down behind her, my face square with her ass. I slowly but authoritatively pulled her panties down over her shapely hips and butt, then past her knees and her feet, freeing her of this last pesky article of clothing. I stopped a moment to admire her firm ass as I squeezed her buns and planted kisses up and down both cheeks.

“Bend over.” I commanded as I turned her to face the bed.

I was like a ravenous animal, licking up and down and around her pussy, which was now sopping wet and begging for my attention. Her feminine odor permeated the air and her natural juices dripping from her soaking pussy onto my tongue were intoxicating. Yet my thirst for her remained forever unquenchable. Jen let out a guttural moan as my tireless tongue teased her clit and my lips pressed against her swollen labia. I spent more than a few minutes worshiping at the altar of Jen’s saturated womanhood. Sexually, there is nothing I like more than pleasing my sister orally. I find it more of a turn-on to give Jen this sexual pleasure than to be on the receiving end, knowing that my sister has chosen me, over all the other men in the world, to bestow her love upon.

As I reluctantly broke away from lovingly servicing Jen’s pussy, I stood up and playfully pushed Jen forward onto the bed. She climbed up the bed and turning to face me, braced the back of her head with a pillow, her turn to be the voyeur in our private show. She laid there silently watching me remove every article of my clothing for her entertainment. Piece by piece, teasing konyaaltı escort her until finally pulling down my underwear, revealing my throbbing cock, angry from having been caged inside my jeans, pre-cum dripping from the tip in anticipation.

“Fuck me with that hard cock, baby. I need you now,” she said as she laid with her legs splayed wide open, her pussy glistening with excitement and blossoming like a flower ready to violated by my hard cock. Crawling on top of Jen, my cock easily slid into her impatient pussy without any guidance or help. We slowly ground into each other at first as I pounded my cock into my sister’s pussy harder and deeper than I ever had before. She wrapped her long skinny legs around my waist and raised her hips to meet my every thrust. We soon came hard together, drenched in each other’s sweat and saliva, with copious amounts of my cum filling my sister’s pussy. We felt like one person in that moment and tenderly fell asleep in each other’s arms, having christened our new bed without fear of discovery or reprisal.

Our parents were aware their son and daughter were sharing an apartment together but naturally, we failed to inform them that we were sharing the same bed in a “married student” apartment under the pretense of being husband and wife. Jen convinced our parents that she would be fine crashing on the futon in the living room of my campus apartment until she could save enough money for a place of her own. They were reluctantly convinced that it made financial sense.

Our new life together worked out even better than we had a right to expect. Jen got a full-time job at a beauty salon and I focused on my classes and studies. It was wonderful to be able to wake up next to Jen without the guilt associated with having taboo sex in our parents’ house right under their noses and over their heads, hoping not to get caught.

Jen and I shared household chores and would take turns making dinner and cleaning up. In addition to work and school, we had a pretty full social life as well. We met another student couple from down the hall during a party one night early in the semester. Mark and Cathy were around our age and were also newlyweds. We took an immediate liking to each other. We took turn hosting dinners with them, went out together to the bars, movies, shopping, etc. It was very liberating being able to associate with other people freely as husband and wife without fear that we might get discovered as siblings.

Several months of our new life had passed when it was time for us to head home for Thanksgiving with our parents. We didn’t really want to go, but our parents insisted. If we didn’t come home, they threatened that they would come visit us. We didn’t think that would be a good idea.

When we arrived home, it was hard for us to keep our hands and lips and tongues off of each other. It was painful not to be able to cuddle up next to Jen on the sofa as the family watched the football game after dinner. We sneaked in some brief hand holding and quick kisses here and there when mom and dad weren’t looking, but this was a lot tougher than we both figured kültür escort it would be.

The tension being what it was, I feigned sleepiness and told everyone I needed to get to bed early, hoping Jen would get the hint and soon follow. Mom seemed disappointed I was turning in so early, but dad was snoring, asleep in his chair, so I just shrugged and headed upstairs to my old bedroom. I heard mom and Jen chatting downstairs for a little while, so Jen was unable to get away and join me. It sounded like mom was interrogating her: asking her about her job; whether she met a man yet; how she and I were getting along. That sort of stuff. Poor Jen. Better her than I. As I heard their muffled voices from downstairs, I must have drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken sometime later when Jen silently crawled into bed and cuddled up next to me. I could immediately tell something was out of place.

“Why are you wearing pajamas?” I asked Jen, surprised by her sudden modesty. Normally, she and I slept in the nude.

“Jayce, we’re at mom and dads. I thought we should be respectful while we’re here.” Jen reasoned.

“But Jen, we used to fuck in here every night, and in your bedroom, with mom and dad right downstairs. That never stopped us before.”

“I know honey,” she said. “Having sex here now just feels wrong somehow. I hope you understand. I think we should wait until we get home.”

I reassured her that she was right. But she was a little tipsy from the wine we had earlier and I knew how sensitive her nipples were to stimulation. It’s as though there’s a direct connection between her nipples and her pussy. Within minutes I had Jen moaning and squirming and stripped naked. We fucked intensely, but quietly so that we wouldn’t disturb our parents. Just like old times.

The next morning, as the sun poured in through the window, I looked at Jen draped face down across my bed, still naked from the night before. So much for modesty. I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and got up and peed. When I came back and opened the blinds, Jen opened her eyes and looked around, trying to get her bearings.

“Ugh. I think I drank too much wine with dinner last night Jayce.” Jen groaned.

“You pretty much passed out last night after we made love.” I delightfully informed her.

As I stood over her next to the bed, her eyes couldn’t avoid my already growing morning wood and smirked. “You dirty little boy. You’re always ready to go. You know I can’t refuse that gorgeous cock of yours.” Jen said dreamily. “Even, when I’m hungover.”

She reached over to me and grabbed my stiff cock, pulling it into her mouth. My sister devoured my cock like it was a breakfast sausage and she hadn’t eaten in three weeks.

“Get into bed,” she commanded. “I need that cock in me now if I’m going to be able to handle shopping with mom today.”

Jen and I were locked in a passionate embrace, when she crawled on top of me and began grinding her dripping wet pussy back and forth over my cock until it just naturally slipped in on its own. Jen was an expert at riding me cowgirl style. She fiercely but quietly markantalya escort groaned as she ground her hips back and forth over my cock and pinning my arms down to the bed with hers. There’s no stopping her when she’s riding me like this. She was intent on dominating me and taking me for a little spin, when suddenly, we heard a shriek.

“Oh my god! What are you kids doing? Are you…?”

It was our mother! She was standing in the bathroom doorway in a state of shock, watching her incestuous naked daughter ecstatically grinding away on top of her incestuous naked son, whose cock was buried balls deep in his sister.

Jen had obviously forgot to lock her bedroom door last night and mom must have gained entry through the adjoining bathroom, which I left unlocked when I peed earlier. Jen immediately slid off me trying to hide herself beneath the bed covers. She was starting to cry.

“Mom!” I called out after she hurriedly turned around, closed the door, and retraced her steps back out through the bathroom and out through Jen’s room.

“Shit! Shit! Shit!” Were the only words I could get out of my mouth.

“I knew it Jayce. I knew it. What are we going to do now? Mom and dad are going to be furious.” Jen said as the panic in her voice rose, tears streaming down her face. I pulled her into me and held her tight.

“We tell them the truth. We’re adults now and we’re in love and we’re not ashamed of that. We can’t lie to them anymore.” I said with unshakeable confidence. “We’ve got each other, no matter what happens. I love you, Jen. Nothing is going to change that.”

I peered deeply into Jen’s red tear stained eyes. “Come on, we better get dressed and face the music.”

We both quietly and sheepishly walked down the stairs, hand in hand, as mom and dad were sitting on the sofa, waiting for us to come down. Mom was crying and dad was holding mom in his arms, comforting her. His face was red and he looked visibly upset. I swear there was steam pouring out of his ears, just like in a cartoon. Jen was shaking as she squeezed my hand tightly, as if she would never let go.

I’m not going bore you with everything we talked about because I don’t recall much of what was said anymore. We all tried to be calm, but emotions rose and fell. Basically, our parents thought that they had failed us somehow. They told us in no uncertain terms that we had to stop and get professional counseling. We assured them that it wasn’t just about sex, at which point mom gasped, but that we are adults who genuinely love each other. We told them that we were deeply in love with each other. We told them that there was no going back to the way things were. We asked that they simply trust and respect our decision, as hard as that might be to understand.

There was talk of us not being able to give them grandchildren, but that was the farthest thing from our minds at this point. Jen and I just wanted us to be able to live our lives honestly. When Jen and I left our parent’s house and headed back to our own home, it was with the understanding that our parents were going to need some time to process this new development in their lives. We had shattered their world as they knew it and they could choose to accept us or alienate us. It was their choice to make. Jen and I had already made our decision and for us, there was no looking back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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