The Party House: Candy

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Copyright (c) 2021 James Miehoff, All Rights Reserved.

This work may not be published whether for fee or free without this copyright.


The following is a work of fiction and as such all characters mentioned herein are fictional and any resemblance to any persons living, dead or fictional is coincidental. All characters mentioned herein that participate in sexual activities are adults (18 years of age or older).


I hadn’t told Sandy about inviting Candy over. I guess I was a little worried about her reaction. So when there was a knock on the front door, promptly at 9am, I jumped up and all but ran to the door.

When I came back into the kitchen with Candy, Sandy gave me a ‘WTF?’ look.

“Candy, this is my wife Sandy. Sandy this is Candy,” I said making the introductions. “Candy is the day clerk at the adult superstore I went to on Wednesday to pick up the lubricant and toys.”

Sandy stood up and walked over to Candy and gave her a big hug. I am not sure who was more surprised, Candy or me.

Candy is a little pixie of a thing, if she is five foot four, it would be a miracle. She volunteered earlier that she just turned twenty a week ago, so I knew she was legal, but she looked younger. She had dark hair cut into a curving bob sort of cut. I am sure there is a name for it, but I’m functionally illiterate when it comes to fashion.

She was wearing a sleeveless t-shirt that hugged her breasts, on a guy it would be called a ‘wife beater’ but on her, she could beat me any time. The tightness definitely pointed out that she was not wearing a bra, but it did bring up an interesting quandary. Below her very prominent nipples there was a second bump about a half inch below the nipples trying to claw their way to freedom. It almost looked like a second nipple on each tit, but not quite. Her breasts were very full for her small frame and they had that gravity defying shape of youth. The flat expanse of stomach currently covered by t-shirt was only marred by a small bump where her belly button and some sort of jewelry made a dent and a bump respectively. Her white short shorts were so small, she would run the risk of getting a ticket in public for indecent exposure if she bent over. The outfit was finished off with bright red flip flops and matching red nail polish on her toes.

Oh I did forget one thing, Candy is marked millennial style with tattoos; lots of tattoos. She has one arm completely covered in the style I believe is called a sleeve. The other arm is a work in progress. Her very shapely legs are unmarked, except for small floral wreaths around her ankles. From my visit to the adult store, I know she has a ‘tramp stamp’ across her lower back.

Back to Sandy, she was giving me a ‘WTFH?’ look so I asked Candy, “Can I get you some coffee?” to stall.

“I would love it, thanks. I was running late this morning and didn’t get a chance to grab some,” she replied.

As I poured it into the mug, I asked, “How would you like it?”

“Black,” she said. “I’ve tried all that caramel tall green latte sweet shit and I can’t take it. Just some good black coffee for me, thanks.”

I place the cup in front of her and then said, “Sit guys. That’s why they invented chairs.”

As we were sitting down, I said, “Ok. I know somebody is dying to know what is going on, so I am going to flashback to last Wednesday to bring Sandy up to speed. Please keep me honest Candy.

“As you know, last Wednesday I took a long lunch and made a grocery run.”

One of the perks of working from home during this pandemic is being able to sneak out and run errands.

“On the way home I had one of those brain farts that I should stop off and pick up some more lubricant. We are just about out and we normally order it online, but it takes a week or so to come in and we were going to be out way before a new supply came in. So I remembered the adult superstore off the freeway down the other way. Now I was a little worried about going in. The last adult store I was in was that sleazy adult bookstore near my old office downtown like ten years ago. It was nasty. The lights were down and stuff wasn’t organized and it just creeped me out. So I was hesitant about going to another one.

“So you can imagine how surprised I was when I walked in to Candy’s shop. It was brightly lit, organized and if it wasn’t that the material was of a sexual nature, it could have been any shop in any mall.

“So of course, I froze when I walked in.”

Candy giggled and said, “Regular deer in the headlights. We get that all the time.”

I waited then asked, “May I continue?” Candy nodded but both girls had big grins and twinkles in their eyes, probably at my expense.

“I walked in büyükçekmece escort and let the door shut. I was mesmerized until I heard a voice from my side call out, ‘Welcome to the Adult Superstore. I’m Candy, can I help you?’

“I looked over and she was indeed eye-Candy. She was behind the counter, which was raised up so all I could see was this vision of loveliness from the waist up. She was wearing a t-shirt that was cut off just under her boobs and showing an immense expanse of the sexiest tummy outside of a men’s magazine and a fair amount of what looked to be amazing under boob.”

“Oh stop it,” Candy cried out, “you are embarrassing me. I was not that pretty. You are exaggerating.”

“No exaggeration. I got a chubby just from staring at you for the first few seconds. But skipping over that, she asked what I was looking for and I hemmed and hawed because what I really wanted was to see the rest of those boobs, but I settled for asking about lubricants. The next thing I knew, she had come out from behind the counter and told me to follow her and we went to aisle four, where I was stopped in my tracks. I had no idea there were that many different types of lubes. There were massage oils, flavored massage oils, sex lubes, delay lubes, silicon based lubes, water-based lubes, CBD lubes and many more.”

Sandy looked at Candy who said, “Yep. There are hundreds of lubes. We only carry a small subset, mostly the ones that sell.”

I continued, “So I threw up my hands and said, ‘Help.’ She laughed of course and then asked what I was going to use the lube for. I hemmed a little before I said, ‘My wife and I are starting to do some anal play’. Candy nodded and bent down to pick something off the bottom shelf. From that angle I could see her t-shirt ride up and exposed her beautiful breasts and it caught as she stood back up showing off the barbells piercing her nipples.”

Sandy looked at Candy and said, “You have pierced nipples? How could you stand to do that? I can barely stand it when Rob or Gary bite my nipples.”

Candy giggled, “I did the first one at sixteen and I just about went through the ceiling when the needle started to pierced me.”

Sandy looked horrified, “Sixteen? Isn’t that too young?”

Candy looked down, “It is,” she said. “I forged a note from my mother. It hurt so much that I told the piercer to do my belly button instead, which is what the note originally said until I doctored it.

“I had these done a year ago on my nineteenth birthday. It was a birthday dare from Damien. I said I would do mine if he did his. I almost backed out when he squealed like a little girl, but he finished it and so I had to.

“I don’t always wear barbells. Like today,” at this point Candy lifted her t-shirt and showed the cutest little bells dangling from wires through her nipples.

Sandy looked mesmerized and actually reached out to flick one of the bells and it made a tiny perfect little tinkling noise.

“Oh my god,” said Sandy. Then she stopped and turned beet read. “I’m so sorry. I should have asked before I did that. I didn’t hurt you did I?”

Candy laughed and the bells tinkled as her boobs bounced around. “Nope. It doesn’t hurt. As long as you don’t pull them. Then that can hurt. You were fine. I’m glad you like them. I only bring them out for special occasions. I originally bought them for last Christmas and was going to wear them at the shop, but chickened out and now I don’t go very many places thanks to this stupid virus. In fact, other than Carlos and Damien, I can’t think of anybody I have seen socially in months. So that’s why I said yes right away when your husband invited me over.”

“I see,” said Sandy. “Well, I’m glad you decided to take a chance and come over. Hey, would you like a quick tour of the house?”

“I would love a tour,” said Candy with a big smile. “I love the look from the outside. It looks huge. I’m in a little one bedroom apartment right now, but someday I would love to live in a house.”

“C’mon let’s go, Rob why don’t you clean up the coffee mugs and meet us outside?” asked Sandy.

I nodded and watched the two ladies and their perfect asses walk out the backdoor. Sighing, I cleaned up the mugs and tossed them into the dishwasher. Looking for anything else to clean and not seeing anything, I hurried to catch up with the girls.

As I caught up with them by the pool, Sandy was looking at Candy with bug eyes as she said, “You didn’t!”

Candy countered with, “I did. It was the only way to make sure I got the right sizes for you. I find that most guys have a very inflated view of how big their cocks are and that could mean trying to shove a beer can up your ass. I don’t do it for çağlayan escort every guy, but there was something about Rob that just made me believe I could trust his discretion.”

As Sandy turned those searchlight eyes on me, I suddenly felt under the microscope. “Whatever I did, I apologize,” I said quickly.

Sandy blinked and both girls broke up laughing. When Sandy finally stopped laughing, she looked at me and said, “Candy was just telling me that she blew you in the store so she could get the right size butt plugs for me.”

Gathering my thoughts, I said, “She did. I hadn’t gotten to that part of the story before you girls got off topic and started talking about nipple piercings and tinkling bells. I have to say it shocked the hell out of me, but it felt soooo good. She didn’t do it to completion, just long enough to get me hard.”

Candy, interrupted, not helping, “It’s not that I didn’t want to finish you off, but once we got the right sizes of butt plugs, Brad came in, so you chickened out and put yourself away.”

“Oh that’s right,” I said slapping my forehead. “Brad is part of the team that runs the sex B&B.”

“Sex B&B?” Sandy asked, staring at me.

“I found out a little more about the Party House, but I want to wait until Alex and Gary come over. So why don’t we head back inside and finish up the tour?” I asked.

“Before we go in, do you guys ever go skinny dipping?” Candy asked in a little girl voice.

“We have started to a little bit,” Sandy answered. “But usually after dark. We think that house over there,” she shook her head at the party house, “can look into the backyard and the pool area.”

“That could be a drag,” Candy said, “But it does get me wet thinking about it.”

We headed back into the house and gave Candy the quick tour. We ended up in the upstairs guestroom. As she complimented Sandy on how cute it was, Sandy grinned as said, “It has a great view of the pool too,” as she pointed to the window.

Puzzled Candy stepped up to the window and we knew she got an eyeful when she suddenly and sharply inhaled.

“Oh, my god! They are fucking everywhere over there,” she practically screamed. “Holy shit! That one bitch is getting it front and back and sucking on a third guy. Wait, there’s Angelina in the hot tub and Brad is grilling. This is fucking Maison de Plaisir! In your fucking backyard! Oh my god! This is the sex B&B right behind you.”

Sandy and I were having a hard time smothering our laughter.

Candy kept muttering “Oh my god” and then finding some other sex act to comment on. That lasted about a minute and then she peeled her t-shirt off and started to play with her nipples. Sandy stepped up fascinated with the little bells and Candy grabbed her head and pulled her close to push a nipple into Sandy’s mouth. The two girls began making moaning noises, while I slipped across the bed to come up behind Candy and slide my hands up and down her sides. It only took her mere seconds to reach back and push my shorts down far enough to fish my cock out and to begin stroking it. I hooked my thumbs into her waistband and pulled her shorts down a little, looking for some reaction positive or negative. She grabbed her shorts and shoved them down and kicked them off so she was standing between us buck naked. Her hands went back to my cock and she looked back.

Pulling Sandy’s head up, Candy held up a finger and said, “Be right back.”

With that she turned around and pushed me down on the bed. Seeing that I was now flat on the bed with my legs hanging over and my dick pointing at the ceiling, She looked back at Sandy and asked, “May I?”

Sandy nodded.

Candy then backed up to my cock and slid me up inside her. God she was tight. She was so wet, it wasn’t an issue, but she was tight.

Once I was buried balls deep, Candy crooked her finger at Sandy and made a ‘Come Here’ gesture. When Sandy stood in front of her, Candy pulled her down and pushed her head into Candy’s slick shaven pussy. Sandy knelt down and began to eat Candy as Candy lay down on me and began to fuck my cock. I took advantage and began to play with her titties making the little bells tinkle.

It wasn’t long before I felt Candy’s pussy pulsing announcing her orgasm before she screamed, “I’m coming.”

Shortly after that, Candy sat up and then stood up. She pulled off my cock and turned Sandy around and pushed her towards my rampant erection saying, “Your turn.” She made sure I was well ensconced in Sandy and then she bent down and began eating Sandy’s pussy. After a minute or two she pushed Sandy’s legs back and pulled my cock out and sucked it clean before leaning in and licking Sandy’s little brown hole. I felt something çapa escort slippery coating my cock and then I felt Candy lining the head up with Sandy’s little brown pucker. I was about to object, but Candy pushed and I slid right into my wife’s ass. She let Sandy’s legs down and I slipped deeper into her ass. Sandy was moaning and thrashing as Candy lowered her face to eat Sandy once more. It seemed like no time and Sandy was screaming and I could feel her orgasm squeezing my cock like a vise.

I rolled her on her side and continued stroking my cock in and out as Candy came up on the bed and held Sandy and kissed her.

I hadn’t come, but glancing at my watch I pulled out and stood up. Pulling some wet wipes from the night stand I wiped my cock down and then Sandy’s ass.

“Our neighbors will be coming over in a few minutes,” I said. “We should probably get dressed and be presentable when Alex and Gary stop by.”

“You have gay neighbors?” Candy asked. “How cool is that.”

Sandy looked at her funny for a second and then said, “Oh, no they are not gay. Alex is short for Alexandra. They are just neighbors that we have been playing around with.”

“You mean like wife swapping, playing around?” Candy asked while looking for her shorts.

“I guess you could say that,” I said. “We prefer spouse swapping or neighbors with benefits.”

Candy looked at Sandy and asked, “Does she like girls too?”

Sandy blushed but nodded.

“Cool,” said Candy. “I haven’t been with a girl since I kicked my lez roommate out for not paying her half of the rent two years ago. Don’t get me wrong Rob, I love dick, but girls can just be so cuddly and tender.”

“No disagreement here,” I said. “I am awfully fond of them myself.”

Having found and donned my shorts, I went downstairs just in time to answer the doorbell.

“Hey guys, welcome. Come on in. We have a couple of surprises for you today,” I said in greeting Alex and Gary.

“Oh I love surprises,” said Alex. “Is it tall dark and have a twelve inch dick?”

“No, but she is five foot four with cute little bells in her nipples,” I said as we walked into the living room.

“In fact, here she is. Candy, this is Alex and Gary. Alex and Gary, this is Candy. I met her at the adult superstore just off the freeway,” I said making the introduction.

Gary turned to me and asked, “The one on the frontage road, like five minutes from here?”

I waited to answer because Candy had jumped up to kiss Gary and had wrapped her legs around him. She turned to Alex and said, “He’s tall. Do you have to climb him like a tree to kiss him?”

We all laughed and Alex said, “No I wait until he is lying down and then we are both the same height.”

“Good plan,” laughed Candy.

“Now that we are all here, Miss Candy was wondering if we would all like to go skinny dipping. Are you guys up for it? We have plenty of beach towels and it is like 12 steps from the door to the pool if any of you are scared of showing off your perfect little butts,” I said addressing the group.

Gary looked at Alex and said, “I’m game.”

Sandy and Alex nodded and Candy clapped her hands and squealed.

“Ok,” I said. “Why don’t you guys get dressed for skinny dipping and I’ll go rustle up some towels and meet you in the pool.”

When I came back, everybody was naked, but Gary was sprawled on the couch with his cock in Candy’s mouth. He had his head back, his eyes closed and was groaning every time her mouth enveloped the full length of his cock. The girls were watching but were rubbing suntan lotion on each other. I peeled my shirt off and slid my shorts down and joined the girls. They had obviously already greased up their thighs because I slid my cock between them at the hips and started stroking in and out. They giggled and I started to turn Sandy but she said, “Be nice to our guests,” and pushed me towards Alex.

Grabbing Alex, I bent her at the waist and slid my cock into her already wet pussy as Sandy walked over to share Gary’s cock with Candy.

It was probably close to an hour later that we finally made it out to the pool.

But now we have confirmation that The Party House is actually a sex B&B. Candy brought over a flyer a few days later and we registered on the swinger’s site they advertise on. A few days later, Sandy and I got a password emailed to us and we were able to access the swinger’s site.

As Candy said, they call it Maison de Plaisir. Google translated that as “Pleasure House” or “House of Pleasure” for some reason it couldn’t make up its mind. The cost is pretty steep. It costs $1000 per couple per weekend. They match your interests with other couples to match up for a weekend or as they put it, “We put like minds together for the maximum spiritual and physical pleasure possible in a weekend retreat from the world.”

Sandy dug out the old ‘Swear Jar’ and we have retitled it the ‘Retreat Jar’. Any spare change or cash is getting collected. I’m figuring it will take a good six months to raise the money, but it should be worth it.

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