The Oval Ball

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I and Charlotte, my wife of more than ten years, had moved to a new neighborhood of the Southern French city of Lourdes. Now you may have heard about this city as a famous pilgrimage site. It is what makes us Lourdes citizens relatively wealthy – and in fact, both Charlotte and I work in separate hotels here. But beyond the everyday business of hosting international tourists, feeding them, transporting them around and taking their money, people around here are passionate about another form of tradition: rugby. Yes, the South-African, Australian and English rugby teams might be more famous than the French one, but here in this corner of France rugby is the king of sports. Local teams from small cities like Auch or Pau are regularly national champions, and the good rugby players are elevated to the status of semi-gods.

They are very earthy gods, mind you, playing hard in and out of the field. There is a local tradition of the “third period”, which refers to what happens right after the game is over, first in the changing rooms (always closed to the journalists and general public) and then in homes and hotel rooms. It is the secret dream of many young women here to be invited to one of these parties, and when invited, very few would turn down the offer. Whatever happens during the third period is supposed to stay secret, and no woman would easily admit having been a participant. But if you ask that question to your cute neighbor and her answer comes in the form of a mute smile and eyes drifting toward sweet memories, then I suppose you would have your answer.

I know for a fact, though, that Charlotte never went to one; she was already an adult when she moved here to work first at a wood processing factory. Also, she is not from here, in fact she was born in the Netherlands and thus she wouldn’t have the connections needed to gain trust among the rugby players and their friends. The other thing I know for sure is that she would have loved it! She said so herself many times to me. Soccer and baseball players, she says, may be athletic men, but nothing to do with rugby players who are the real, wholly men: strong more than athletic, their faces rugged by so much rubbing against their opponents’ shoulders – or against the grass whenever they are tackled down. They are tough, they get dirty, and they sweat and swear and laugh a lot, too. Most of them grew up as farm kids or in blue-collar families and had real (hard) jobs before they became professional rugby players.

As it turned out, one of our new neighbors was in fact the best player of the local rugby team. His name was Mario, a man not very tall but very strong-looking, with black curly hair and Latin features (his mother was from Argentina). His rugby-hardened face could become surprisingly sweet whenever he smiled.

We had seen him on his front lawn and said hello a couple of times, and once we had taken care of his dog (a Dalmatian) while he was out of the country for a tournament.

Charlotte, my wife, is a 5’5” blonde who grew up in the countryside near Amsterdam. She is 40 years old, like me, but (unlike me!) looks much younger, a result of years of relentless aerobics, mountain biking and just being happy. Charlotte cheating on me with a rugby player was a frequent fantasy for us long before we moved here, but as you would guess it has just intensified since. We would make up stories together about where and when she and Mario would meet for passionate sex, with or without my knowledge and consent, which I find equally exciting. In our little bedtime stories, she would be fucking him in various places (his car, our bed, his bed, his swimming pool…) and these scenarios would give Charlotte intense orgasms. It would end with me penetrating her while she would whisper at my ear that she was going to do it for real, that she couldn’t wait to hold his (probably big) cock in her hand, couldn’t wait to give him the greatest fellatio of his life and allowing him to fuck her in all kinds of ways and to feel his sperm flowing deep in her pussy and ass.

Of course, you intelligent reader will understand that Charlotte was not cruel – she knew very much that her words were turning me on. By pushing the right buttons of my perverted mind, she would make me cum in long, deep orgasms that would almost always trigger a last one for her as well. Sooo… Before this whole thing happened, Mario was already a very nice addition to our sex life, and even before he actually had sex with my wife, we felt somewhat grateful to him. Also, I admit to myself that he was indeed a quite attractive man, rugby star or not, and that there was no point in trying to repress my wife’s attraction to him – it would be happening anyway, so why not go with the flow?

I knew, we both knew that something was bound to happen sooner or later.

But then, something we didn’t know came up: he was married! We discovered this only after a month, as his wife had been travelling and somehow she never came up in the short conversations maltepe escort we had had with him. But we were here by chance when the two of them came back from the airport. What a shock! She was a stunning black-hair lady, about his age (thus around 30), with a perfect body revealed by a beautiful (and classy) white dress and summer sandals. Obviously, she was an urban lady, only living here in this small town because her famous rugby player of a husband was living here, too.

Even though she must have been tired from her trip, she took the time to come salute us:

“oh, you must be the new neighbors” she said,

“my name is Elena; Sorry I don’t speak French very well yet, I am from Rio de Janeiro.”

She had beautiful skin with an “ash-like” color, like many people in Brazil whose ancestors are a mix of Africans, Latinos, German Jews and god knows what else. There was nothing shy about the way she shook our hands, and right away I could sense – we both could sense – the intense sexuality in this woman. She looked at Charlotte with piercing eyes, and she did not hesitate to look down at her body (we were both in bathing suits as we were relaxing by our swimming pool moments before). She said,

“Mario was right about you… your body is incredibly toned, you must spend a lot of time at the gym!”

Then she turned her eyes to me and added, laughing,

“and obviously you don’t!!”

I laughed with her and explained that indeed, Charlotte is also a gym teacher, and I should definitely go to her classes more often.

We were both slightly intimidated by this woman. In a matter of seconds, she made it clear that she found Charlotte attractive, and she revealed that she and Mario had been talking about my wife in sexual ways. I felt slightly demeaned because obviously, I was the only one among us four who was not as sexy as the rest of them. At the same time, the desire that this woman displayed for Charlotte was an immediate turn-on and I silently prayed that an erection was not going to show up just then (since I was wearing a bathing suit!). Charlotte made small talk with Elena, looked at her with a smile that also made it clear that she appreciated the unabashed way Elena was approaching her. Making love with a woman was a long overdue experience for my wife… she surely could not look at Elena, look at the way she was looking at her, and not think about it. But she also didn’t want to exclude me (did I tell you that I love my wife?!), so while talking to her, she placed her arm around my waist. In the meantime, Mario was bringing his wife’s luggage in their house, but after that he came to talk to us. As soon as he came, he, too, looked at my wife’s body with obviously hungry eyes, and this time Charlotte couldn’t refrain from blushing, which made Elena smile in an even more wicked way. The sexual tension among us was so thick we could almost touch it!

At some point Elena turned her attention to me and I could read her thoughts:

“how could an average guy like him manage to seduce a knock-out woman like Charlotte” is what she seemed to wonder.

Charlotte could feel it as well, and at this point she came up with the right words (she usually does!). With her arm still around my waist, she brought me closer to her while telling Elena (and Mario):

“Yeah, Lionel should definitely come more often to my classes and get rid of this little belly of his, but he is my husband and that matters more than anything else. He loves me in ways no other person can love me, and we share everything in life.”

How I loved Charlotte for saying this! She just made it clear that, no matter what could possibly happen, I will be part of it. Elena laughed lightly and said,

“But of course! Husbands should always be counted in, and they can be pretty useful! See? My one just took care of my entire luggage for me, and now he’s going to cook us a little dinner. Later on he better show me how much he loves me, I haven’t been with him naked in a bed for more than a month… We might be pretty noisy tonight, especially since I prefer making love with the windows open… I hope you won’t mind it?”

Charlotte blushed again at those words, and I said:

“Please don’t worry about that, we are pretty open; in fact, hearing you going at it might give us some motivation as well.”

She laughed and, turning to Mario, said,

“You Mister! You had told me how beautiful Charlotte was, but you had omitted to tell me that she had a smart hubby!”

Then she turned her attention back to us and said:

“We definitely want to get to know you guys more. Not tonight obviously, but: tomorrow, at our house. Grill by the pool. Yes?”

It was not really a question, more like a statement… Obviously, this was a woman who was used to get everything she wanted from other people – and even though I don’t like too much this type of person in everyday life, I had to maslak escort admit that in this context, with the erotic tension going on, it was a pretty sexy attitude.

So, of course, we said yes! And the timing was right for us, because our kids were out of town at summer camps until the end of the month.

That night… indeed we could hear her moans as she was being fucked by Mario to what sounded like beautiful orgasms… Their window was open indeed, and we couldn’t help it and opened our own window as well… We had sex in several positions, all over our bedroom, very excited by the whole thing. At some point I motioned Charlotte to the window and took her from behind while she leant on the window… If our new neighbors were looking out at that moment, they could see Charlotte and her beautiful breasts and by the movements of her body they could guess that she was being fucked from behind. It was dark in their house so we couldn’t figure whether they were looking at us or not, and that, too, was erotic.

The next day… We spent the day working, which was a good thing; we didn’t have time to think about what was going to happen in the evening. At some point during the day though, Charlotte sent me this email:

“What do I wear tonight? I’m so excited. P.S. I love you.”

I suggested that she wears a simple little summer dress in beige cotton, and to also wear her favorite pieces of jewelry, such as this necklace with small colored stones, itself very summer-ish. I added:

“and no panties.”

She immediately replied,

“are you sure???”

I left it at that! Imagining her at Mario and Elena’s place without any clothing under your little dress was already a nice turn-on for me – but it seems that I was in erection constantly that day anyway!

We arrived at our home at about the same time. We didn’t see our neighbors but we could smell some cooking already – and it smelled deliciously, which surprised me a little – Elena looked like a fancy lady, someone more used to restaurants than to cooking herself, but apparently I was wrong on that.

We both showered and got dressed – for me I picked white pants, sandals and a short-sleeve blue shirt. When I came out of the shower, we were both naked (Charlotte was arranging her make-up in front of the mirror) and I came from behind to take her in my arms, kiss her in the neck. She said, still looking in the mirror,

“are you sure you want to do that?”

“absolutely!” I replied.

“Please don’t worry about me. As long as I am a part of it, I will love every minute of it. The whole day I was thinking that my wife was going to have sex with another man tonight, and with his wife, and all these thoughts did was to turn me on.”

She smiled and said,

“yes, I know it would turn you on… do you want to make love to me right now?”

“No, honey… that would be cheating… Tonight I want you to belong to Mario more than you will belong to me.”

And my voice became a whisper as I said that, so I came very close to her ear to make sure she would hear me:

“I want you to give yourself to him completely and with no restriction… I want you to be his… It would be cheating if we had sex right now… It’s his cock that must be the first one to have the privilege of your pussy… Don’t you agree?”

She shut her eyes at these words and her hand reached behind her until it found my erect cock. She touched me gently and said, whispering herself as well:

“Oh god Lionel, it’s so sexy that you are encouraging me like this… You are wonderful and yes, I am planning on not missing this occasion that is given to us… Yes I will give myself to them and I can’t wait to be taken by Mario… I really hope that you will be there, beside me and watching, when he will push his cock in my pussy… Will you? Will you watch closely as your pretty little wife is giving herself to him? Oh god I’m so wet already!”

She turned around and, leaning forward, took my hard cock in her mouth. She started touching herself but stopped right away and I thought that surely she wanted to save her orgasms for later.

It was maybe 7pm when we walked over to Mario and Elena’s. Charlotte was not wearing any panties, as instructed. The dress was so short that I doubted she could seat without the person facing her realizing that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath, but that was the point, wasn’t it? She had also convinced me not to wear anything under my white pants either.

“But, honey, isn’t going to freak Elena out, if she notices my erection or, worse, pre-cum stains on my pants?”

“You worry too much, silly, trust me, a woman always likes it to feel some desire for her, and desire is always messy.”

Just before we got out of our house, as she was motioning to open the door, I kneeled down behind her and kissed her bare bottom under her dress. She immediately leaned mecidiyeköy escort forward and spread her feet, allowing me to lick her cute little ass. Which I did with passion, circling my tongue on her little hole and pushing more and more until I could finally give her this most intimate of caresses: my tongue penetrating her ass like an excited little penis and licking inside. I would have loved to lick her pussy as well, but it was clear in my mind (and hers) that it belonged to Mario from now on and for a while – so I stayed off.

Elena greeted us at the door with a large, confident smile on her face. She was wearing a knock-out tight bordeaux dress with a deep décolleté that made it clear she didn’t have any bra (not that she needed one anyway). From what I could guess when she turned around to guide us in her house, she wasn’t wearing any panties either!

We had come in the house once before briefly, one time that Mario needed help moving some furniture. I had been impressed at their decoration skills – lots of exotic wood. Now I realized that it was all her work, and probably imported from Brazil at great cost. I knew he was making lots of money being the star player of Lourdes’s rugby team, but what about her?

“I live in Rio about half of the time” she said as if reading my mind, “I still view myself as Brazilian first, and thus I decided that our house here should look like home a bit. The investment firm I work for has been generous to me, so why not use all that money and live an interesting life; don’t you agree? Charlotte, why don’t you come with me upstairs, I want to show you something and I have a question for you. Lionel, why don’t you help yourself with the booze? It’s all by the swimming pool, and you should try out my special cocktail. It’s the blue liquid!”

While these two lovely women climbed the stairs laughing, Elena’s arm around Charlotte’s waist, I made my way through the house to the backyard. I passed through a room that had some training equipment and a massage table. I had to go through a curtain made of bamboo to access the backyard. The first thing I noticed was the giant exotic flowers all around and the palm tree next to the swimming pool. The pool itself was not a rectangle, as it usually is in Europe and the American East coast, but had this softer, round shape that you see in Latin countries and in California. The garden had been decorated with red stones (volcanic stones was my guess) of a type that I had never seen around here – imported, again. I was amazed at how beautiful it all was, yet not show-off; it was their private place, that couldn’t be seen from the street or even from our house. Mario was swimming in the pool, and swimming fast. Oh, and he was naked.

At some point he noticed me and was out in seconds, walking toward me with a large, welcoming smile on his face, and his large (and I guess welcoming) penis flapping against his thighs at each step. We shook hands (he shook my hand would be a more exact description). He was easily one head taller than me and stronger and larger in every respect. He was very friendly though, not trying to make me feel bad about how more manly he was next to me. There wouldn’t need any convincing anyway, it was so obvious. I am no sissy, I always manage to get respected at work and anywhere else, and if a fight was called for one day, I wouldn’t back away from it. But in front of Mario? Not a word needed to be spoken for us both (and for the women) to know that he was the alpha male – and I was the other guy!

And the best was, I wasn’t bothered by this idea – I was turned on by it. I knew that I was going to love it to see him having sex with my pretty wife. It was a very primal thing: I was sharing my female with the bigger male; not that he needed permission to take her anyway… The thought of that gave me an instant hard-on, as Mario was putting his hand on my shoulder and leading me toward a table with home-made cocktails on it. He poured me a glass of the “blue stuff”, which turned out to be absolutely delicious. I looked over at the dishes that looked (and smelled) delicious. Obviously, Elena had gone through a lot of effort for this evening.

“You should try the bison, man” he said to me, pointing at one of the dishes.

“Elena knows her way around a kitchen.”

“She seems to know her way in life in general” I replied, to which he laughed:

“oh yes she does. She certainly does.”

We did some more small talk and I was wondering what was going on with Charlotte and Elena upstairs. Moments later the two of them finally joined us. Charlotte’s face was reddish and she was looking for eye contact with me, as if she wanted to tell what happened between Elena and her upstairs; At the same time, though, she was mesmerized by Mario’s naked body right in front of her.

Elena laughed and said to her husband:

“Mario, you have no education. Couldn’t you put on a bathing suit at least?”

“You know that I like to be naked when I swim” Mario replied, “and what took you so long upstairs anyway?.”

“He is a good swimmer” Elena explained, “it’s surprising for a rugbyman but it’s true; you should see him; oh, and upstairs? Nothing my dear, me and Charlotte were just getting to know each other… in a very pleasant way, by the way, wasn’t it, Charlotte?”

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