The Options – Poppy Brown

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Please note I am not an author, I just write as it comes and as things happen. 🙂


Work was good again today for a Wednesday and I always look at it as half way through the week.

I got home and showered and was called into the kitchen.

“Remove your dressing gown Poppy and come here.”

He was sat on a dinning chair turned round from the table.

I stood in front of him with my hands on my head.

“Your going to get a hiding Poppy, over you go.”

I took my position and held on tight, I was soon crying but was in no way a severe spanking, just thorough.

I was sent to a corner so knew I was in for a strapping too.

“Come here Poppy, and lay over the table and hold Daisy’s hands.”

“Yes Sir,” sniff, I was still sobbing, I knew holding hands meant a real tanning, I was not wrong.

“You will get an initial 20 Poppy, please count the lashes Daisy, miss one and you take the 20.”

“Yes Sir,”

She gripped me hard.

Whoosh Crack, “1 Sir,” Whoosh Crack, “2 Sir,” Whoosh Crack, “8 Sir,” Owwwwwwwww, Whoosh Crack, “15 Sir,” YELPPPP. Whoosh Crack, “20 Sir, count over Sir.”

He gave each one with feeling and really hurt, I was allowed to settle and waited for the Hug..

“Good girl, corner.”

I cried for ages

I heard him open his cane cupboard, and the whooshes he used to select his cane,

“Lay on the table bahis firmaları Poppy.”

“Yes Sirrr.”

“May I take Poppy’s place lease Sir?”

“No Daisy, you are up next.”

“Thank you Sir.”

I got 2 allocations of 5, all in my sit spot area, got to say I was well upset and in pain.

“Get up Poppy, corner.”

I could only nod.

“Daisy, strip and come over here.”

She got the same as me but 30 off the belt and 15 off the cane.

She too was dispatched to the corner after each part.

“Poppy, come here,”

He was sat on his chair again, I could not take another spanking, he pulled me onto my knee and laid my head on his shoulder I began to sab again.

He massaged my tits an pulled my nipples taught before fingering me.

“Over the table, Daisy, come here,” he pushed her to her knees and she unzipped him as he slapped her tits and nipples and pushed his socked toe into her pussy and clit.

“Over the table next to Daisy.”

We were touching as his cock slid into me, he pulled my arms back in the surfing position and rammed home, stroke after stroke, I cum, and cum.

He let me down gently and finished off in Daisy who also had multiple cums

When he had finished he pushed me to my knees to clean him.

“What time is dinner Daisy?”

“About an hour Sir.”

It was never discussed and we had dinner and I kaçak iddaa cleared the table whilst he took Daisy upstairs for another fucking.

I continued my bummy training during the evening and got to say it was not as bad as I thought.

Thursday was a freezing cold and wet day and I held back before going into work, I did not much feel like whatever Mr. Pilkington had in mind.

A straightforward evening, shower, dinner, butt plug, bathed and a good girl spanking.

I woke Daddy and Daisy as normal at 6.50am and he just wanted a wank, so we have him that and me and Daisy fingered each other does not sound much but it felt epic.

“Good morning Mr. Pilkington would you like a coffee Sir?”

“That would be delightful Miss Brown, thank you.”

I made his coffee and just before I knocked he opened the door, let me in and locked it.

“Am I to be spanked for something Sir?”

“Yes you are, and we will check your clothing.”

I stripped naked for him to give me a good check all over before I went over his knee.

My marks from Daddy were still highly visible, “Hmmm, you really have been a naughty girl.”

He just slapped the back of my legs and stood me up.

Still sat he pulled down his pants and put my hand on his cock.

I wanked him stiff and he sat me on so he could suck my tits and nipples in turn.

It was my first sit fuck and, wow it kaçak bahis blew my pussy wide open, good job his pants were down.

“So what will happen to Poppy Brown this weekend when all the Church Elders are away for the weekend, and wives of course, at the annual gathering in Birmingham?”

“Well Sir, I do believe I will have 3 options, stay at my mum and dad’s home with my cousin May, with my brother in charge.

Stay, again with my cousin, with Brian at his house as his parents are away too.”

Finally stay with my Grandpa and Grandma with cousin May again, I think they may have a few more staying too Sir.

“And which do you think you will choose?”

“Oh Sir, it would never in a million years be my choice, I will just do as I am told.”

“Such a shame we are also going to the gathering or we could have had you and your cousin, would you have liked that.”

“Yes of course Sir, would we be spanked and stuff Sir?”

“Yes of course Miss Brown, would you expect anything else?”

“No Sir, Sir, do you ever spank Mrs. Pilkington?”

“Yes of course Miss Brown, most days she is over my knee, as were my 2 daughters and son when they lived at home, and still one of my daughters when she stays over.”

I finished dressing, slowly, and hugged him, “Thank you Mr. Pilkington, for everything.”

The day, as most days, flew by and I was soon on the bus home.

I showered and sat down for dinner.

“Now then Poppy with us being away tomorrow and overnight, you will be going to stay with…

You will have to wait till my next post to find out why and what happened.

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