The Night That Never Was

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I remember that night in April that we could go no further. I was married and you had you morals to deal with, but I have played out that night in my head over and over. We once were so good with each other, but the love we shared is now gone, but passion sometime do not give up so easily. Many years apart has made it clear that’s the way we were meant to live this life, hoping that we will get it right in the next.

That night will replay in both of our minds for a while, each with our own feelings about it. I hope that the feelings of lust stay with you, as they will with me, keeping you warm on cold lonely nights. But still the night plays on in my mind with a much different ending.

It starts the same way, with us just talking far apart, the passion cooling from earlier that night. We talk about past misdeeds on each other and finally understanding what was once done. The talk turns to sex and a fire deep inside of me lights and burns what is right and wrong from me, not that they have much to do with the way I live life, and I give in. I move closer to you and you can feel what I’m about to do. I wait for a sign other than your words telling me to stop, and I see none. Quickly I move and brace myself over you and run my tongue over your lips. I pull away so you can see my smile and I look to see one light up your face. I face that I’ve seen so many times under my body, the same smile, while we work our bodies in a well-planned dance of passion and lust. That is what I hoped to see and it keeps me going. That night we stopped and started over and over, with brief words explaining what is wrong with what were doing and that’s were the night changes in my mind.

My mouth has moved to your neck and plants small kiss over you, trailing with my tongue, giving you chills over your body. I move down and respecting your boundaries and start to move those small, wet kisses to your stomach and my hands move over your body, as they have never left your care. I tell you what I would like to do, knowing what words can do.

“I want to taste you, to lick you and feast on your body. Want to taste your pussy and eat you till you cum”

Your body stiffens under my hands as my words work their way into you. As I thought, the words have their desired effect and you softly moan in approval, letting me know that you want me as much as I want you. My body responds to the moment as I feel myself getting hard. I kiss up your clothed legs and run my hands up over your sides, sliding my hands under your shirt. Your tits, moving under your labored breathing, heaving into my hands. I start to play with your nipples and get them taught and hard. Your body is flush and I see you squirm in your seat. I grab your hips and slide you down further on the couch and rise myself up to return to your mouth and lick your lips again. I feel you part your lips and softly enter your mouth with my own. We play in each other mouths and the heat between us can be felt on my arms.

“ I want you.” I say softly in your ear, Travesti letting my hot breath fall on your neck.

My hands move on their own and I start to remove your top, letting you sit there in your bra, and my mouth covers your breast bone with kiss, working down to your covered tits and let you feel my mouth work on you. My hands find your lap as I squeeze your inner thigh. It moves up and starts to pet you, drawing out a deep moan from your lips. I stop to lift your ass off the couch and swiftly remove your pants. I move over and turn off the lights, so only the night lights up the room, and return, crawling over to you. I move up your body and slide your bra straps down your shoulder and my mouth and I take your nipples into it. They feel them grow as I lightly run my gauge over them and move them in-between my teeth.

“ I love your tits, your body, your pussy”

To express that point I run a hand down, into your panties, and let my fingers explore you. You’ve gotten wet and I let them move over your clit, sending a spasm through your body. Smiling, I slide down, letting go of your nips and again kiss down your body, go further than before. I move your thong to the side and flick out my tongue, tasting you for what seems like the first time all over again. I run it over every inch of you, not hitting any of the good spot yet, teasing you with much joy. I explore every fold and every inch over and over. My gauge moves everywhere and you feel the smooth cool metal contact you.

“Stop it, stop teasing me. Just eat me, god damn it, eat my pussy”

More than happy to help, your words sending chills down my body strait to my hard cock, I dive in and lick and kiss your clit. I look up to see your eyes go wide before they clamp shut. God you taste good and I try and eat you up with every thing I have. My tongue attacks you, up and down, letting it rest on your clit for a moment just to run down your slit again. The cool metal hits you and I can hear your moaning as you move to my tongue strokes. I press into you and with my own building excitement, I start to moan with the seer joy of knowing I’m going to get you off. We move together and soon you’re grinding my face, letting me get more of you at once. I bring up a hand and start to pet you and letting a finger get wet from your juices. I enter you with one finger and the shock sends you into overdrive. You grab the back of my head and force my face into your juicy pussy as you lift your ass up, planting your feet on the floor, to slide it up and down my face. What a sight we make, your hand on my head, bucking up and down as I eat your pussy. The walls of your snatch clamp down on my finger as you start to cum, exciting me more, driving my tongue to go faster, just on your clit.

“Yes, yes oh shit yes I’m cummmmminnnnggg. Eat it more, eat me more”

Your ass falls to the couch as your sweat beads on your face. You’re gasping for breath, your chest heaving, I crawl up to you and give your nipples a small kiss.

“Oh Konya Travesti god that was good. I love the way your pussy tastes.” I lick me fingers just to prove my point.

“Now it’s your turn. Stand up and let me work on you” The lust in your eyes is easy to see and I have no choice but to happily obey you.

I stand in front of you as you slide from your seat and turn me around. You start to stand, running your hands up my shirt, pushing it up and off. You kiss my neck as I move it to one side and let you have access to every part of it. God your lips feel good on my body and I feel your hands start to undo my pants. Slowly you unbutton me and let my fly down. Slipping your hand in, you find my now rock hard cock and squeeze it, sending pleasure through my entire body. You bend your knees slightly to give my nipples a lick and you pull on them with your mouth and teeth. I’m lost in the moment and barely notice that you’re sliding my pants off, working your way down, kissing all the way. With half a mind I step out of my pants and watch the show your putting on for me, licking and kissing my stomach and legs. You push me hard and I fall backwards to the sofa, naked and hard. You’re teasing me with your hand now, up and down, lightly jerking me, letting my pre-cum leak out of the head of my cock, coating your hand, letting it get slicker.

“ I’ve always loved this. Your cock I mean. Now I’m going to take it in my mouth” I’ve never have seen this look in your eyes before and I start to moan with anticipation.

You start to lick at the shaft and run it up the underside, bringing your mouth to the head. Your tongue snakes out and gives the head a hard flick, and I go stiff as a shockwave rocks my body to the core. As you slowly open your mouth, I toss my head back, eyes closed; I feel your lips clamp down on me. Oh shit does this feels good and I lift my head to see your head move up and your hair covers your face and my lap. Lost to you, I feel you go up and down on my shaft, moving your tongue inside your mouth. I feel like pushing up and fucking your mouth, but stop myself so I don’t blow to early and lose my chance to tap that lovely pussy of yours. I let you go for a time and watch you toss your head around, twisting it around my cock, going as deep as you can.

“Stop, stop for god sake. I won’t last much more”

If you heard my pleas, you didn’t respond, cause you kept your mouth busy sucking and licking, I place my hands under your shoulder and have to push you off me, but you try and push back down to my cock. I finally get your mouth off me, with much regret, and bring you up to your feet.

“I’ve got to fuck you. I want to bury it deep inside of your tight pussy, and fuck you till you cum.”

I grab your hips and toss you gently to your back and crawl up you, keeping our bodies touching at all times, letting my hard-on rest between your legs. I grasp it and rub it over you letting it enter you slightly, just to have it escape and rub on your clit. İzmir Travesti With out words I feel that you want more, and slowly enter you. I feel you part as I push deep inside of you and let it rest as it buries itself to the hilt. We lay there for a moment, letting pleasure overtake us, both knowing this is what we want. Slowly I move inside of you, letting you feel the full length fill you, and I start to move it out. I bring it out to the very head and let my body softly fall into you. Your legs wrap around me and I gently take your nips in my mouth again. With one hand on the sofa back to support myself, I bring the other to your clit and move it in circles. Arching your back to meet my movements, I push into your pussy and using my thumb I start to pick up the pace.

Our bodies becoming slick with sweat, moving in time with each other, I start to feel your orgasm approach. Now I start to move faster and deeper, now grinding your clit as hard as you can take it.

“Oh shit, oh shit, make me cum. I want to cum” Your panting and running your hands on my back, “Yes I’m cumming! Yes, now!

I push it all the way in as your body convulses under me and I feel you clamp down on me. Your eyes are tightly shut as moans of joy escape your lip, egging me on more. You put your arm through mine and remove my hand from your clit.

“Fuck me now. You know you want to so just fuck me. FUCK ME NOW”

That was just what I wanted to hear. I move our bodies and I grab some pillows and stuff them behind your back as I take to my knees onto the floor. I grab your hips and start to slam into your pussy with building force and pull you down on my cock.

“Yah, fuck me, fuck me harder!”

I’m now pushing you hard and your body moves up and down. You bring your hands up and grab the back of the sofa; lifting you up on my out strokes and pushing down as I slam it back in. We work together and let our bodies do the work for us. My body starts to jerk and my movements become more hurried as I begin to reach my peak. You can sense this and go to town with your verbal assault on my senses.

“Fuck me! Harder, fuck me harder! Cum for me, fuck me hard and cum!” You lift your legs and let me slam deeper inside. “That’s it! Fuck me hard! FUCK ME! FUCK ME AND CUM!”

I’m now grinding into you before letting it move in and out of you. I go as fast as I can, trying to fuck you the way that you want, letting my hands free to move over your body. Faster and faster I fuck you and feel a tug at the base of my spine. I can’t hold back any more and with one last thrust, I start to cum deep inside of your waiting pussy. My action causes you to move like a wild beast, letting another orgasm rocket through your body.

“OH MY FUCKING GOD” your nails dig deep into my back and I push hard into you, letting my twitching manhood empty inside of you.

I collapse onto you and kiss your cheek, letting my head rest on your breasts, giving them a kiss. Our bodies are finally done saying goodbye to each other with the one thing they knew so well, and our minds knowing that this time we can both let go of what’s ever holding us back from moving forward in our lives. We both know that it will never, and can never happen again, but glad we did it right this time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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