The Next Chapter Ch. 02

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Adriana Chechik

Following, you will find the second installment of the tale of Maddie and Steve, a tale of coming of age and rebirth. Pretty dramatic, eh?

It’s chapter two; do I need to suggest you read chapter one? I don’t do any recap, so it is advisable. However, you are the reader and who would I be to tell you what to do?

Chapter three is not too far behind.

“You’re fucking my daughter now? You filthy pervert. I bet you couldn’t wait until I died to get your disgusting hands on her!” Steve was strapped to a chair as Carol circled him. Steve heard something slap.

As she prowled into his view, it made perfect sense that his now dead wife was a military officer, even one styled as a stripper in khaki hot pants, low cut tunic, black thigh-high boots, and wielding a riding crop.

Whipping the crop against her boot, Carol interrogated, “What? You think you can marry her now that I’m gone? You’ve created your own personal little porn star? Why don’t you answer me?”

Steve’s voice was stuck in his chest, unable to escape to proclaim his innocence.

“Answer me, worm!”


Carol began to shake him. “Answer me, Steve! Or should I call you ‘daddy’?”





Not long before Maddie turned seventeen, her world had been turned upside down. Maddie’s mom was diagnosed with advanced cancer. There were no obvious signs but a routine checkup pointed to some serious problems. Her body had numerous tumours and treatment was ineffective. She died a year later, in the early spring.

After the funeral, a number of family members stayed around for about a week, offering support and help. It was good to feel that love but it only held back the grief.

Steve and Maddie said goodbyes and closed the door as Steve’s brother left them alone now in the house. Steve went to sit in the living room as Maddie stood by the door.

She walked back in the room with quiet tears dripping from her eyes. Steve beckoned her and she sat on his lap, head buried in his shoulder and she sobbed. His hands soothed her back and stroked her hair. Maddie shifted a bit in his lap and she didn’t think much of the bulge of pressure she felt against her butt cheeks. Nothing felt wrong and she just snuggled in harder, wallowing in the comfort of her Daddy as she grieved.


Steve woke to Maddie gripping his shoulders.

“What’s happening, daddy? Were you dreaming?”

Carol’s angry face was replaced with Maddie’s as Steve regained his senses and focus. It was with both relief and shame that he took in Maddie’s gentle face.

“That was bizarre!” was all Steve could muster.

“What was it about?”

“Uuuhhh…the house was on fire or something. It’s fading,” Steve lied.

“I don’t smell any smoke, but you sure have lit a fire down below for me,” Maddie teased as she snuggled closer, draping a leg over his. “Good morning.”

“Good morning, precious,” Steve offered, attempting to manage the sudden conflict he was overcome by.

Sharing a kiss with Maddie, Steve’s conscience was soothed. Maddie was still in his bed and still very eager for him. He may have violated something, but it wasn’t his baby girl.

Absentmindedly, Steve was caressing Maddie as they lay in bed. Steve was keenly aware of the lusty furnace planted on his leg, as Maddie snuggled close with her head on his chest. He was brought to attention by her hand snaking down to stroke his morning wood.

“Need a little something to whet your appetite?” Maddie purred.

Despite his new reservations, Steve’s cock twitched at her touch. Biology, however, had a mind of its own. “I need to freshen up a little before anything like that, sweetheart. Let me go to the bathroom.”

“Careful how you pee with that thing. I don’t do ceilings,” Maddie laughed.

“Yeah, I’ve got the technique down. Only took learning to do it while standing on my hands.”

They both laughed and Steve was especially grateful for the lighthearted exchange. Everything was alright between them, well mostly. He loved Maddie just a little more right then.

He got up and made his way to the en-suite. His first order of business was to quell his erection so he could empty his bladder. His mind was fully occupied with the present situation as he waited.

I feel guilty. What kind of future can we have? Did I betray Carol or was that just an overactive imagination? I’ve second-guessed good decisions before. Maybe that’s it. What if it was just a heat of the moment thing? That’s certainly not it; she’s been moving on me for months. And last night had all the marks of premeditation.

Nonetheless, a glimmer of a plan formed. He owed it to both Maddie and himself to ensure that last night wasn’t some hastily executed, misguided adventure.

He was done peeing and brushed his teeth and made his way back to bed. He was going to be very careful to ensure Maddie wouldn’t feel rejection. She had put a lot out there for him and, no matter what, he was very grateful. No woman ever had been so generous and desirous of him, taking so much risk for his sake.

He crawled back under the comforter, bahis firmaları opening his arm to Maddie’s snuggle. She slipped in like he had never left.

“Now, where were we, lover?” Maddie pressed.

“Damn it! I’ll save the plan for breakfast,” Steve relented as he rolled over top of Maddie to make love to her. Biology won again.

Morning sex, with the sun streaming in, was always a favorite for Steve. Maddie didn’t know it yet, but it would become so for her also. They shared sweet orgasms as they played, reveling in each other’s fully revealed bodies.

Maddie took in the aroma of bacon as she came to the kitchen after her shower. It was fairly quick, but she took her time brushing out her hair, putting on just a little makeup, and picking out a short, clingy satin chemise to put on over her white lace thong. That gave enough time for Steve to nearly have breakfast ready.

Steve was tending to the pan on the stove when he felt Maddie’s arms snake inside his robe and her body pull up tight against his back.

“I never knew it would be so good to have a houseboy. When will you get to the bedroom, though? There’s lingerie and underwear all over! And try and scrub out the cum stains, please. I want it to be perfect for my boyfriend.”

Steve laughed and marveled at Maddie’s lack of shame. This transformation was sudden, but then again, he wasn’t fucking her yesterday morning either. He couldn’t deny that this lurid talk was very arousing and reached deeper into him than only his loins. While masturbating, he had fantasized, sometimes speaking out loud, about the attention of a dirty slut seducing and encouraging him to live out a real life porn flick. Maddie had effortlessly slipped into a role yesterday: an innocent girl — not just girl, but his daughter! – with wanton desires. She played him exquisitely, tempting his senses in increments until the final barrier of taboo was broken. He knew that at times last night she was playing a part, but only to a point it seemed to him. This was what she wanted to be and she wanted to be that with him. She was incredible and had so much to offer, and offer she did — generously.

Maddie was relieved at finally being able to release some of the thoughts she had developed over the last year. It was freeing to openly talk, feel, and play sexy, knowing that her behaviour was nurturing the relationship that she desired most deeply. It felt perfectly natural to lavish all of who she was and wanted to be on Steve, and that included lavishing his beautiful cock with her steaming cunt.

“Sometimes just thinking that word makes me wet!” Maddie thought as she slipped into a spontaneous fantasy, being bent over the arm of the sofa while Steve mercilessly pounded her without even having removed their clothes. That fantasy provoked her to very overtly grind into Steve’s ass, mimicking that pounding while straining to achieve some measure of attention to her now engorged clit. She was almost embarrassed at her insatiability, but she loved being horny even if it was unsatisfied.

Steve still had his plan in mind, but he had resolved that he would not reject Maddie, at least until they had an agreement. Despite his determination, this felt so good. Having suffered a great deal of rejection from his wife – Maddie’s mom — he had learned to not rely on a woman’s affection for his own esteem. He had almost forgotten how deep this kind of passion affected him. He met Maddie’s grind with his own.

“Sweetheart, get the table ready please,” Steve urged.

Reluctantly pulling away, Maddie blatantly pouted as she brought two plates to Steve then took out cutlery, napkins, and condiments to arrange the table. With a spur of inspiration, while he wasn’t looking, she quickly pulled off her panties and replaced Steve’s napkin.

As Steve brought their full plates to the table, he noticed the gesture. It brought both a smile to his face and the feelings of the first time Maddie had presented him with a handmade card on Fathers’ Day. Steve the Dad was now the emboldened one.

“That’s very sweet, Maddie,” he started.

“Sweet? That’s hardly what I was going for!” Maddie was now visibly annoyed, almost angry, and snatched the panties away. The wrath of a woman scorned paled compared to that of a woman horned.

“Now listen, Maddie. I let you take the lead last night. I am grateful you understand that somehow it was necessary because I could never do anything to violate you, regardless of how I felt. But now, it’s my turn. Okay?”

Maddie feared what was coming. Was this all for nothing? Maybe she was playing this too hard. It didn’t seem like Steve was being pushed away, at least until now. But it came crashing down: exactly why she loved this man and would do anything for him. She backed down from her anger. “I’m sorry, daddy. Okay.”

Steve took a mouthful of eggs, chewing and swallowing to inject a brief pause. “It has been a long time since I have felt loved and desired like you showed me last night and this morning. I would die a very satisfied man if I could enjoy the rest of my life with you.” He let the thought sink in while they both ate again.

“For kaçak iddaa the same reason that I had to let you move us to this place, I am going to put a halt to it.”

Maddie’s eyes widened in sorrow and disappointment.

“For a short time,” he finished.

Maddie released a sigh of relief.

“I know you Maddie. You have brought me some incredible erotic pleasures, but I know you aren’t a slut.”

“Oh, yes I am daddylover. But only for you,” Maddie’s thoughts interjected.

“This is the kind of thing that people will seriously frown on. I am pretty sure you didn’t tell me the whole story about your discussion with Aunt Sarah. She’d be the first to condemn even a hint of something going on between you and me.

“But you know what? I love you babygirl. I love you even more this morning. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for you and I want ‘us’ to continue. We can figure out how to deal with the fallout later. But for both of our sakes I am going to require a pause. If we are going to continue like this, I need to be assured that both of us are not just grasping at straw, that this is legitimate, that what either of us is feeling is not just horny.” Steve left out the part about the guilt he was feeling about Carol.

Leaning in conspiratorially, Steve’s voice dropped to a whisper. “And then, my sweet little girl, we will be free to fuck whenever and however the mood strikes us. I have a particular fantasy about doing you over the arm of that sofa.” Steve regretted this the moment it came out of his mouth. It seemed compassionate to play to Maddie’s hopes but at the same time he was prescribing the outcome of the break.

Even realizing that it might be some time before she got to get what she knew she wanted so deeply, Maddie’s pussy flooded at the thought of their shared daydream.

“Enough of that; I am going to lose my train of thought. I want us to take two weeks.”

“Two WEEKS!” Maddie didn’t know if she could handle it. Tasting her desire had only served to increase her appetite.

“We’re going to go back to how things were before yesterday. We’ll then see if anything has changed: regrets, that kind of thing.

“Then,” Steve continued and paused.

Maddie felt a wave of assurance come over her. “Then, what?” she asked in anticipation.

“Then, I am going to take my favourite girl, my daughter, out for dinner. Two Fridays from now, we are going to dress to the nines. I am going to make reservations at Villa de Lune and I will pick you up for a date. We will talk about what happened in the last two weeks and regardless of what the outcome is, just celebrate us. We’ve been through a lot together and we’re closer than ever. We deserve it.”

Steve was satisfied. He knew how Maddie would feel about a break, but he was confident he conveyed his hope for them and his concern for her.

Steve was right. Maddie was disappointed but her fears were allayed. “Daddy, my feelings for you have been developing beyond our family relationship for more than a year. Do you really think anything is going to change in two weeks?”

Then, with a very seductively vengeful twinkle in her eye she added, “I am going to make you pay for this.”

Keeping it to herself, she wondered if he understood the implications of “we’re going to go back to how things were before yesterday”. He had to understand that not all was innocent prior to that. Oh, indeed, Steve was going to pay.


“I thought you were on side with me Jason,” Sarah implored her husband,

Far from being in line with his wife’s thoughts, Jason was secretly high-fiving Steve. Jason knew better than to be lecherous around his niece, especially since she had been robbed of her mother. No matter what though, the appreciation was barely below the surface when he observed all of Maddie’s sweet sexiness.

“Sarah, I’d agree with you. I do think she might get some benefit from living with us. But she is an adult and making her own decisions is part of growing up. If you ask me, if she moved in here, she’d be setting herself back,” Jason rationalized. “Not to mention, I’d hate to see such a sweet young thing be corrupted by your evil prudish influences,” he thought, not bothering to poke the bear out loud.

“Jason! This is my sister’s daughter we’re talking about. I have a responsibility to both of them! Don’t you think it is weird that she wants to stay with a grown man? Maybe he is influencing her. You never know with some men. What if he gets in the way of boyfriends? I want you to talk to him!” Carol continued, getting more anxious as she spoke.

Jason resigned. “Alright dear, I need some help with the plumbing in the basement anyway. I’ll call him and we’ll chat. No promises.” Life would be hell if he didn’t at least put on a show.


Monday morning arrived and Steve and Maddie’s household was indeed, back to normal. He was getting ready to go to work, and she handed him a bag of sandwiches and fruit, knowing he didn’t have any lunch plans that day.

Steve was pleased with himself. Nothing had been disrupted in their lives. On top of the lay of his life, everything in the house was good.

Steve left for kaçak bahis work an hour earlier than Maddie. They hugged, kissed each other’s cheeks and said their goodbyes. As they parted though, apprehension and loss coursed through each of them. Bittersweet it was, to be satisfied with the status quo now.

Biting into his sandwich at lunch, Steve was surprised at a piece of plastic wrap he found inside. The note wrapped in it said, “I’ll always want you,” written in red ink.

Confronting her that evening, he chastised her, “That was a dirty trick, Maddie.”

“Did you have to pay for lunch today, daddy?” Maddie asked with her now familiar seductively vengeful smile.

Two days later, as Steve was meeting a new client, he reached in his hip pocket for a business card. Fighting around some fabric inside, he pulled out both the card and what he thought was a pocket square: except the square was a pair of panties.

“You are so lucky that client was pretty much congratulating me, little wench,” he reprimanded her over dinner.

Crawling into bed on Friday night, there was a folded piece of paper between the sheets. Pulling it out, Steve’s cock rose to attention. It had now been a week since his and Maddie’s encounter, and the photo of Maddie in the same outfit, showing a pouty look and parted legs while she reclined on her bed, stirred him.

Her florid script implored, “Think of me.”


By this time, Steve was ready to fold. He had held to his resolve to not fantasize, but this inviting suggestion was as relentless as his hold on his dick became as he furiously stroked himself before falling asleep.

On Saturday morning, Steve awoke early to the aroma of breakfast. Maddie was up already?

He didn’t bother showering and instead went downstairs after brushing his teeth, peeing, and deciding to put a shirt on. There was Maddie, in the same light pink chemise and white lace thong from last Saturday, but adding a pair of white four inch pumps on her feet. Steve guessed that she heard him coming because he was presented with the view of her bent over and straight legged as she rummaged through a base cabinet.

“Oh, daddy! You’re up. Good,” she purred as she turned to greet him and kiss his cheek.

“Maddie, that’s not what I had in mind when I said we’d go back to normal.”

“This is my normal, daddy. I told you that I’ve been thinking about you for a long time. Maybe it was subtle, but this has been my normal, since…,” Maddie blushed and continued, “since, well, you know.”


Maddie’s awareness of her mom and step-fathers’ struggles had become clear as puberty assaulted her. Seemingly overnight, she had understood that her mother’s occasional but unpleasant declarations that her step-father was a pervert were not just his fault but her mom’s also. The fights weren’t intended for Maddie to hear but sometimes they were inescapable. After a Friday night out, they’d retire to the bedroom. Maddie hardly ever heard anything, but she knew what should have been happening. Saturday mornings were when she was most likely to hear some angry muttering from her mother with occasional references to “porn” and “treat me like a whore”. Not until some time later did she understand, after hearing some hallway conversations at school. Soon after, she had done some exploring on google.

In the late days of spring, just before graduation, Maddie found herself alone at home one sunny Saturday morning. She recalled both a discussion she and her mom had before her mom passed away and the arguments she had overheard. She got to wondering exactly what it was that her mom had complained about when she had an idea. She knew about bookmarks and thought she’d look. Recipes and DIY pages were all she found. She remembered the history. As she pulled it up, the list was long. She thought about it, and scared at what she might find, she nonetheless typed a couple of words into the history search.

“Girls,” — nothing.

“Sex,” — only a news article about same-sex marriage.

Dare she?

“Fuck,” — the list was long but the first bunch seemed to be just blog articles.

She decided to refine the search and added “Slut”.

Oh my…

There was a list of about 10 sites. Words like “bang” and “suck” were in the URLs but all of them had another similarity. Words like “lingerie” and “stockings” were in most of them.

“What does underwear have to do with sex?” she thought as she clicked one link.

A video was loading and started to play. A lone woman, fully dressed, was in a bedroom. She was moving and swaying as some music played. As the scene carried on, she was removing clothes. First it was the blouse, revealing a lacey bra like she’d never seen before. Crap, it didn’t even cover her nipples. Skip back. Sure enough, there they were, poking through her blouse. Skip ahead. Then the skirt was shimmied down as she bent over the bed, her butt filling the screen. Wait. She started to see skin at the top of the skirt, but her legs had nylons on them. Rewind. Yep, she did have nylons on. Then the skirt dropped to her thighs and she saw these weren’t tights or pantyhose. Straps dropped from her waist where they were fastened to the back of the nylons at about mid-thigh, right about at the point where a line on the back came up them from heel to the stocking top. “Isn’t that old-fashioned?”

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