The Munchies

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Okay, so I was really really stoned the other night. You know, not just that “I just smoked a bowl and everything’s cool now” stoned, but that “holy shit, I am so happy! Where did the leprechaun come from??” stoned that you get after smoking some good, fresh Montreal weed. Great weed, that stuff just sticks to your fingers, got these nice little buds and the smell is just… it’s like pussy with that little tang of chlorophyll. Yeah, I was pretty stoned and at this point, in the kitchen, I was trying desparately to remember what I was supposed to be doing.

“Dude! Where’d you go?” I heard distant voice shout from outside of my consciousness. After I disengaged myself from the loud music that was almost blocking out the voice, I realized it was Dave. Dave… dave… oh yeah! I need to get the ice cream! I think about 2 minutes or 8 years ago, they told me to go grab the ice cream cause we were all getting the munchies. We… wait… who else was there? My girlfriend Jess was probably there… wasn’t she? I looked around the kitchen… no, this definitely wasn’t my kitchen. There’s too much space. The fridge was white and it had an ice dispenser, so yeah, this had to be Jess’s place. I think there was someone else there… yeah, there had to be someone else — oooh, Ben and Jerry’s. This freezer felt really good… I think I’ll stick my head in it for a minute.

“Sean!” I heard another voice creep up from the blare of the Mahavishnu Orchestra. How did John McLaughlin know my name…? And why did he talk so high? Oh wait, that’s Jess… what’s she doing playing with John McLaughlin? I feel really cold for some reason. “We want ice cream!”

So did I… ice cream sounded really good right now. I should probably get in the freezer and get some. Oh wait! I’m already in the freezer! Wow, what luck! I happily pulled out the Ben and Jerry’s, brought some condiments with me and joined the other three in the living room.

Who was that third person? I walked into the living room curiously to try and refresh my memory of who was there. But before I could really register anything, a somewhat unfamiliar voice crept into my ears:

“You’re not really putting ketchup on ice cream, are you?”

I looked at my hand and sure enough that chocolate syrup I was intending on had turned into ketchup while my eyes were averted.


“Holy shit! I completely forgot your name until now!” I said instantly back to her. She looked at me quizzically. “You’re Brooke,” I reaffirmed.

“You’re baked,” she reminded me. I had to hastily agree. We sat down with the ice cream, not bothering to serve it into the bowls I had brought, but just digging out of the carton with spoons while listening to the blaring music of the Mahavishnu Orchestra. We were all off in our little ice cream world for a while. About five minutes or a few months– I wasn’t really sure at the time– we finished the quart and laid back in a daze listening to the rest of the album.

“Dude, this song’s really long” I think was the most intelligent thing said during the rest of the four-generation epic journey of the album we were listening to. We probably said a bunch of stuff that made little sense, but mostly we were off in stoned-land. By the end of the album the munchies had kicked in and we were all starting to come down. It was at this point that I started to recall what was going on.

Jess had met some girl at work named Brooke and told me about how hot she thought she was one night. It was after her rather flattering description of her that night that I felt compelled to fuck her brains out… well, that and the fact that she was rubbing her velevety soft, wet pussy on me while she was describing her. The sex was, as usual, pretty fucking awesome, but that’s beside the point. I had told her to just be friendly with her for the time and feel things out if she wanted to have sex with her. So, one night Jess didn’t come home until about 4 or 5 am, and I was pretty sure I knew what had happened. She came home, exhausted and surprisingly sober and told me, in the most satisfyingly excruciating detail about her excursion with the beautiful Brooke character.

Generally, I don’t like being awakened at 4 or 5 in the morning, but I make exceptions. This was a good exception. I had jerked awake with her soft, loving touch on my arm and her angelic whisper of



“Sorry I’m home so late, but I have to tell you something.”


About 3 seconds or 5 hours later– I couldn’t quite tell at the moment– she stroked me awake again. A little annoyed I turned around on the bed to address what was waking me up. My speech was ended before it started when I saw my adorable girlfriend Jess, stripped down to some very sexy lingirie, just barely above a silhouette in the moonlight that shone through my bedroom window. My annoyance had instantly left me at the sight of a body that almost made me believe in divine creation, and I just reclined on my bed, checking her out like usual.

“What’s bağcılar escort with your sexiness?” I asked, still waking up.

“I just feel sexy tonight,” she answered, sitting on the bed, next to me. I scooted back and gave her some room, which she quickly took advantage of by sprawling out perpendicular to me. The curves of her breasts were accented in the moonlight, as if the moon itself were checking her out like a drunken frat boy. I had to agree with the drunken frat boy at this point, staring down her sleek body, past her stomach, down to the lace panties she was wearing, to the stockings that attached to them. It was when I reached the stockings that I started to suspect what had happened to her that night, and the combination of her heart-stopping legs, the sensuality of her attire, and my suspicion of what she was about to say set off my alarm cock, and it started to rise from the bed.

“… and I have something to tell you,” she stated in a low, sultry whisper, staring back at the frat-boy moon.

I moved next to her, curling onto her, urging her to tell me her story as I stroked her slowly. She took a shallow breath that usually implied arousal to me.

“So you know that Brooke girl I was telling you about a few weeks ago?” She said with a smile in her voice.

I chuckled. “I figured that’s what happened. So… details.”

She stretched out on the bed, placing my head on her breast-pillows, still staring at the moon as my hands continued to wander around her torso.

“Well, I was at work today, and we were talking for a while while I was on break. She’d been giving me those I-want-you eyes for the past little while, but I wasn’t sure if that was just a reflection of what I was thinking or not. So, we were talking today about just the usual girl shit, and she mentioned that she was going to some house party close by after work. I was going to call, but I figured you were in bed and I probably wasn’t going to hang out there for too long. So, I said ‘yeah, I’ll go,’ and she smiled at me a bit more than I think one normally would. So I was starting to wonder if she wanted me. I played it out as usual, we finished up working and I was like ‘hey, I’ve gotta run back home and change into something that doesn’t look like work.’ So we drove back to my place for a while so I could change and freshen up and shit.

“So, I decided to test and find out if she really did want me. I went into my room and put this on as well as some sexy party clothes, but I left my door open a crack while I was changing. I also arranged the mirror so I could tell if she was looking through the door while I was changing. We talked through the door for a while about stuff and every now and then I’d just glance at the mirror. The first few times I looked she wasn’t there and I was like ‘eh, maybe she’s just being courteous.’ So I’d taken all my clothes off and was putting on the stockings — I made sure to not put on panties until the very end and to make sure that, if she was looking through the door, that she’d see quite a bit. I was putting on the second stocking and glanced at the mirror again and sure enough, there she was, peeking at me. I very casually bent over a bit and gave her a good view of my pussy, and continued to act like I didn’t notice. I put on the rest of my clothes occasionally looking at her in the mirror while she watched me. So she knew exactly what I was wearing. It was kinda funny cause she hurried off into the living room when she saw I was done getting ready and when I came out there she just gave me this deer-in-the-headlights look. I called her on it like ‘what’s that look for?’ she was like ‘oh, nothing,’ and we left.

“So, I got to this party and it was just the usual party shit. Didn’t really drink that much, ran into Dave, got some weed from him, and spent most of my time trying to break the ice with Brooke. She was completely stunning tonight. She had on this tied up top that completely showed off her cleavage… she has great tits and she knows it, she uses them to fuck with guys, I could tell. Cause everyone was making passes at us and we were just messing with them. Her pants formed perfectly to her ass, and hell, I couldn’t stop checking it out either. She caught me a few times staring at her ass and kept winking at me. So finally I just say to her ‘hun, you have the best ass I have ever seen,’ which of course got all the guys’ attention. She was just like ‘thanks’ and we kept on talking about shit.

“Later, the party was dying down and we were sitting in Dave’s room with some drinks. I finally just stopped talking and was staring at her. She just has this perfect skin and her body’s so tight… and she’s only five-foot two or something, so she was cute and hot at the same time. She smiled at me and I about creamed myself. I was like ‘hun, I really really want you right now.’ She sat on my lap and put her arms around me and started kissing me and shit, telling me she wanted me for a long time. We started to make out, right? bahçelievler escort Then I realized, shit we’re in Dave’s place and I didn’t want this to turn into a peep show. So we came out of his room holding each other, trying not to make out in front of the guys too much while we were leaving… Dave just laughed and told us to be careful.

“We made it out to my car and finally just started to kiss. The feel of her mouth is so good, you’d love it. And her tits too… my god, I started to grab them from under her clothes and I about lost it again feeling them. We were kissing and feeling each other for a minute or so, then I finally started the car and drove off. She started to rub my clit under my clothes while I was driving. I tried not to — you’re hard already and I haven’t even gotten to the sex yet!”

I laughed a bit and pushed stiff cock up against her, taking a moment to nibble at her ear whispering for her to keep going.

“The sex… was great. It started right when we got in the door, we just ripped each other’s clothes off. I don’t think we even closed the door until we were both on the floor. She looked even better naked, her tight little body just laid there, spread open, already wet, waiting for me. I started to lick her and… well, she challenges me with how good her pussy is. You’ve got to taste her, the look, the feel, the warmth and just… mmmmm… and her body is just… man, I can’t concentrate with you fingering my like that!”

It was true. My hand had found its way into her panties, rubbing softly on her clit while she talked about the sex. She was already getting my fingers wet after a few strokes, which further prompted me to rub her pussy more. She turned toward me, whispering into my ear about Brooke.

“I got on top of her and she started to lick me… mmmm… I must have soaked her after she was done. She — uhh — was kind of a squirter too… and had… this adorable moan when I licked her. Mmmm… keep rubbing my clit like that… and I started to finger her while, oooh, I licked her. Her body felt so good rubbing against me… I just kept cumming and… oh god… mmmm… just keep rubbing me…”

She lost track of her conversation from my fingering and kept moving her hips against my hand. I slipped a finger into her, listening to her moan as I slipped it in and out of her, rubbing her hot clit. Finally I reached over and pulled off her panties, spreading her open. She was soaked and ready to be taken. I licked up her pussy slowly, taking in as much of her as possible, then faster around her clit, darting my tongue in and out of her pussy. I reached down and started stroking my throbbing shaft as she continued speaking rather broken about Brooke. Her body, her pussy, how she licked Jess to orgasm so many times, how she would squirt her juice out of her pussy, the way they felt rubbing against each other, how their mouths seemed to be perfectly fit for kissing each other. I quietly listened to her, stroking myself and imagining along with her as she recalled the night that was fresh in her mind, reliving the orgasms she just had as I brought her to one of my own design. Finally she couldn’t hold it in any longer and her speech was replaced with loud moaning as she reached a long climax. She arched her back almost to the point where she was sitting up, breathing quickly and thrusting her hips against me as I licked the juice that flowed from her.

She calmed down and relaxed back on to the bed. I climbed up her body, fixing my gaze on her warm, satisfied smile. We kissed gently as the haze of her orgasm cleared. She turned me around onto my back, straddling my stomach, bending down to kiss me. She took off her bra, revealing the breasts that I could never grow tired of looking at. She cupped them, played with her nipples a bit, lifted them up to lick them, and just showed them off to me for a while.

“You know I love boobs,” she said in a husky tone, “well Brooke’s boobs are one of the reasons why I do. Every time I looked at them when she was licking me, I could just see you and your hot cock just… shooting all over them.”

“Mmmmm… I’d love to shoot all over some boobs right now,” I responded in an unintelligent haze of lust.

“You want to cum on mine tonight?”

“Only if I get to lick it off…”

“mmmmm… hun, you are too crazy.” She slid down my stomach, leaving a hot, wet trail as she traced down my smooth body, meeting finally with the tip of my penis poking on her tight ass hole.

“Then you have to fuck me in the ass tonight,” she moaned into my ear.

“Nice tent there, Sean.”


I opened my eyes. There was noise going on in the background. A few seconds or days later — I couldn’t tell the difference at that time — I recognized it as music, then as Bjork. I looked around for a second, trying to figure out what was happening. Wasn’t I just in my bedroom?

Oh wait! I’m still stoned with Jess and Dave… and Brooke. Shit, my bahçeşehir escort mind had completely wandered. How long was I lost in the recollection? Apparently long enough to be visibly erect through my pants.

“Thinking about the other night, hun?” Jess giggled.

“Fuck yeah… that was some good shit,” I responded with a vain attempt at confidence.

“Oh, don’t worry, Sean, it’s not a cock to be ashamed of,” Brooke announced with an exotically beautiful smile. She looked a lot like the typical hot girl; highlighted hair, skin that was a little too dark for her eyes, a very well-managed body, and an obvious foot fetish by looking at the commendable condition of her exposed feet. Her breasts were quite a wonder of nature, probably a cup size larger than Jess’, but still managed to be well-proportioned for the curvaceousness of her otherwise petite body. What really melted me (and Jess apparently) was her child-like smile. You almost wanted to pinch her cheek like she was five years old, except for the fact that you wanted to also fuck her like she just turned 18. Her entire presence screamed of sex in the smoky room. Even Dave, who rarely liked women in that way, was visibly attracted to her.

Still, the way she phrased her statement was enough to make a black man feel insecure about his penis. “Is that a compliment?”

“… maybe.” She bit her bottom lip innocently as she said it, trying not to supress a smile. Inducing penile insecurity is enough to keep any man’s attention on you, so I figured she just wanted me to talk to her and make me fish for compliments. I’m not one to fish for compliments, but I was pretty sure she was playing around.

“Well, don’t let my pants mislead you on that,” I responded, trying to filter the THC out of my thought process.

“Your pants would need to be off for that to happen.”

“And with that, I’m outta here!” Dave exclaimed, standing up and stretching out. “I have to be to work bright and early, so I gotta go sleep this off. You all be safe, eh?”

“Of course, Dave,” I said, getting up and seeing him to the door. “You too.”

Dave looked at me with this dry smile of foreshadowing. “There’s no foreshadowing involved, Dave,” I said outside of earshot from Jess and Brooke. “I’m pretty sure we all know what’s about to happen.”

“Heh, you’re too hot,” he pinched my cheek and left.

I turned around after closing the door to see every man’s fantasy: two gorgeous women sitting within each others’ personal space with their hands on each other. Sure their hands were only on each others’ legs, but their legs were sexy enough, and it could only get hotter. I stopped and looked at them, taking in the aesthetics of the moment.

“You’re still tenting, hun, you should let that thing out more often.”

“More often? How could it get any more often?” Sure, this was a day I chose to go commando, but Jess and I almost never wore clothes around each other, excluding leather and vinyl. “Do either of you need anything to drink?”

Brooke and Jess looked at each other and shrugged. “Nah, we’re fine,” Jess replied.

“Well, I’m gonna get some water.” I mostly said that as an excuse to let them feel each other up outside of my presence. But I could use a glass of water before all this… last thing I needed was to get dehydrated in the middle of licking.

Usually, I don’t like to know what’s about to happen when it comes to sex. I like surprise, I like sex to come by chance and I like what happens in sex to happen without a sense of routine. But this case was an exception: all three of us knew we wanted each other well before this happened, we were all pretty turned on from smoking up, and Jess wouldn’t let an opportunity like this slip through the cracks. I wouldn’t either. Apparently Brooke was doing nothing to fight it, so there was only one way things could have gone after the munchies had left.

I filled up a glass of water and gulped it down, debating with myself whether I should take off anything I was wearing. The pants would be too obvious. The shirt, maybe? Why the hell not! I took off my shirt, staring at my reflection in the window. There are days where you look at yourself in the mirror and it’s good and days when it’s bad; this was a good mirror day. I unzipped the fly of my pants and pulled out the now semi-soft shaft of my penis, still thick with arousal and a bit wet with precum already. I couldn’t stop myself from stroking a few times, but quickly put it back when I realized that I was more than ready for anything at this point. I looked at myself again in the window and headed back around the corner to the living room.

Much to my delight and expectation, Jess’ hand had graduated from Brooke’s knee up to her breast. Brooke’s hand was on Jess’ stomach and the two of them were kissing each other, flirting something that I couldn’t hear with the music going on. I sat and watched for a moment, seeing the beauty of their bodies in action with each other. Jess’ nipples were poking through her shirt and Brooke’s shirt seemed barely able to contain her as it was. I leaned against the wall and continued to watch, amused, feeling my whole body get more and more aroused, adjusting myself so my penis could be fully hard. They continued kissing oblivious of me for a while, then Brooke turned and noticed me. She smiled and giggled as she leaned back on the couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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