The Motorcycle

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Seven hundred pounds of iron, chrome and leather, throbbing between his legs, shaking windows as he passed. The open pipes hid the sound from no one for blocks. Pulling up into the front yard, he let the metal monster settle down to a rough, syncopated idle. The front door flew open, and she bolted out the opening. She was dressed in her new leather vest, pants, and her hair tied back in a loose bundle. She mounted his Harley in one swift movement of her body.

Cracking the throttle wide, he bolted down the drive, spewing gravel at the end. Dawn was breaking on the West Coast. An unfamiliar sight for a man raised on the East Coast. The strangeness of the sun rising over the mountains behind him caused his thoughts to focus on the task at hand, riding, rather than his mission.

Finally getting used to the California morning, he settled back on the warm body behind him. She was resting herself on the padded back of the saddle. She welcomed his body into her arms. She hugged him tightly to her bosom, and kissed his neck. She knew what was in his mind, and left him to sort it out by his own time.

This day had been long in coming. She had prepared for it a long time ago. She knew he would come, when the time was right.

The morning passed, as did the miles of black highway. Several hours of the steady, throbbing engine. Many miles of whistling wind and blowing hair, and the heat of the motor rising to their thighs wore on her stamina. He pulled in to a small station, and re-filled the tank, while she got cold drinks inside.

Her vest was open, showing that she wore no bra, or top of any sort. The tight fitting leather pants laced all the way up on each side of her short, toned legs. The waist was low-cut, revealing most of her lower belly, and the dragon tattoo across her lower back. Her C-cup breasts swung free, almost escaping the leather top. He watched her walking towards him with admiration for her well kept body.

She curved in all the right places. The gentle swell of her belly tapered to her waist and legs equally. The leather hugged her soft mound gently between her thighs, and caressed her butt with just the proper snug. Her long hair was strewn across her face, tangled from the hard ride, a reddish brown that highlighted her pale, soft skin.

The sparkle in her green eyes, and the sweet, easy smile was a pleasure for him to observe, as well. It had been too long since they had been together. Their lives had taken side roads and eventually came full circle to this momentous day.

She pressed her five-foot two body against his. Her breasts touched the cool leather of his jacket, stiffening the exposed nipples. Her rose colored lips parted slightly when she picked up her face, she began a slow soft kiss.

His hand slipped under the open vest and drew her body to his, the loose front allowed him to glimpse her firm C-cup breasts before they contacted his worn leather ‘skin’. The jacket was as much a part of him as his own flesh, as he spent his days, lately, doing nothing but riding the restored Harley-Davidson.

His life had turned to shit, and a lot of time was devoted to losing extra baggage. Those problems resolved, he started rebuilding his world, just as he had carefully returned his faithful “Iron Horse” to like new condition. Many hours of tedious work had yielded the fine, steady thrum between his legs on the gleaming black bike.

She had waded through her own swamp of trials and tribulations, during which these two had cemented their already strong bond into a fortress to repel the offending hoard. Their combined strength had finally surfaced to break the chains that had held them apart, culminating in this “Ride to Freedom”, as she had dubbed it.

He kissed her hot, tongue thrusting and exploring the familiar crevices of her hot little mouth. Her tongue was equally busy renewing its acquaintance with his while her breathing became ragged and labored. Her hand went to his thigh where she found her treasure.

The large bulge was everything she remembered, almost two inches across, and close to eight inches long. Her ‘dragon’ was back! She had started calling it by that name many years ago. He had joked about ‘leaking bahis firmaları the lizard’ one day, referring to taking a pee, but when she saw the size of it, she had proclaimed, “That’s no lizard! It’s a fucking dragon!”. The name stuck, especially after she felt it fill her tiny, tight treasure box.

“I need this IN me!” she told him, between the hot kisses.

“I know it.” He replied. “I need to be in you, just as bad! We aren’t far from our stopping place. Okay?”

“Not far?” She queried.


She kissed him hot and said, “Why aren’t we there, yet?” as she mounted the vibrating monster.

He kicked the heavy bike in gear and left the filling station in the dust. Idling through the small town to avoid unnecessary attention, he then opened the throttle wide as the hit the town line. The deafening roar filled their ears, and sent them into the other world of ‘us and the road’ as he called it. She settled in behind him, letting the wind push back her hair and open her vest. The worn leather felt so good on her naked chest, it sent thrills down her body. The rumbling thunder of the Harley filled not only her ears, but involved her whole body. The vibrations made her kitty tingle to the point of creaming. She could feel the wetness seeping into her pants from her vulva.

He felt her snuggle tight to his butt, remembering the way she pressed her mound into his butt to stimulate her very sensitive clitoris. He could picture the tiny bud erecting from its sheath at the top of her sweet flower. He thought of the first time she spread her legs for him, and showed him the rosy inner labia blossoming from the puffy outer lips. It resembled a small carnation, with delicate petals spreading from the center.

The thoughts of her sweet nectar flowing from the small opening between her thighs. The tender contractions of her vagina around his throbbing erection, the way she moaned softly as she gained release at his touch, had his penis fully erect under the silk lined leather pants.

She felt her kitty getting wetter as he piloted the big bike down the twisting highway. She was impatient to take her lover into her arms and feel his strong body against hers. His toned body excited her. The smell of his sex, the taste of his cum, lingered in her memory from days past. She was hungry for him. She was eager to share love with this loving man, again.

She pulled her body back from his and snapped the front fastener loose. The low-cut pants separated just enough for her small fingers to touch herself. She slowly slid her hand down between their bodies and grazed the erect button at the top of her slit. She started cumming at the first touch. Her thighs trembled and clutched his legs tighter as the spasm took over her body.

He felt the movement behind him. The sudden lack of contact at his back had him wondering, until he detected her hand moving between them. The trembling of her body gave away her actions. He grinned, knowing that she was ‘taking off the edge’ in anticipation of what would surely be happening, soon. He reached back and grabbed her thigh, giving it a tender squeeze.

The pressure on her leg told her that he knew. It told her that things were indeed like they used to be, and would be again.

The sudden reduction in wind and sound brought her back from ‘memory- land’. The road ahead forked, one small path lead off the main highway. The iron beast carried them up a long hill to the deep woods above. A clearing appeared, large enough for the bike, but not much else.

Thick brush surrounded them, and he let the machine throb beneath their legs. Quiet caved in on them when he shut off the bike. Metallic ‘pings’ and crackling accompanied the sounds of the forest. A few birds and small animals cavorted in the waving limbs above them. She sat still for a moment, then wordlessly dismounted the trusty steed that had carried them to this slice of paradise.

He stared out through the trees, and saw the small lake nearby. It was as he recalled. Peaceful, secluded, and natural. Yes, this was the place to start. He looked around and saw her standing near a patch of soft looking leaves. He watched as she slowly removed her vest. Her hands kaçak iddaa cupped her breasts and pulled at her nipples. She palmed both hands on her belly and slipped them under the loose waist of her leather pants. Her heavy boots were already on the ground. She peeled off the snug sheath and lay it next to the boots. She turned to face him, resembling a wood nymph in the deep forest of a fairy tale.

She felt it was this place. She wanted him, here, in the open air under the skies. It felt good to take off the vest, freeing her tender bosom and sensitive nipples. She shivered when she touched them. Her body was still vibrating from the ride. The feeling of relief when she peeled off the heavy pants and boots sent another tremble through her body. She looked down at herself, studying her smooth shaven mound below her soft belly. She turned to face him.

He eyed her smooth, innocent looking body. The last time he saw her naked, she had let some hair return over her little vulva on her belly. The appearance of her totally smooth genital region caused his penis to further inflate. His body now controlled his actions as he walked over to her. As though it were written in the script, she knelt as he approached. The hungry look in her eyes spoke volumes. Her face was at the level of his crotch when he stood before her.

The way he moved towards her excited her even more. She began to sink to her knees while he got closer. She could almost taste him already. She saw the throbbing bulge. It came within inches of her mouth. Her small fingers loosened the thick belt and lowered the heavy brass zipper. The aroma of his sex and the worn leather pants wafted over her. She felt the nectar flow renew and thicken at her vulva.

He looked on as she freed the dragon and took the pulsing flesh in her cool fingers. He almost lost his control right then. Her hot mouth started to close in on the swollen crown of the massive penis. The tiny hole seeped the clear pre-cum in a stringy rivulet that she captured on her tongue. Engulfing the crown and working her tongue around the sensitive area under the helmet, she took him into her mouth. Still in awe of the monster, she thought of how big the vein on the lower side was. It was larger than a most of the other erections that had penetrated her. She stretched her lips and took him deeper, reveling at the fullness in her throat as the crown slipped in.

He knew it was over for him when he felt her throat close over the crown. She swallowed quickly and let the dragon pass down her open throat. She was aware that he would cum quickly, the first time. It usually happened that way with them. She slowly pulled off and smiled up at him, speaking for the first time since they stopped.

“Cum in my mouth, first. I need to taste you.”

Quietly spoken, she resumed her undertaking after a deep sigh. The comfort she derived from taking him into her mouth warmed her whole being. As the penis slid down her throat, she felt it swell. He would cum, now. She would taste her lover again. She heard the groan, almost a whimper as she felt the first jet of his hot, thick seed pour down into her stomach. She pulled his butt tight, keeping her throat fully impaled as he filled her belly with the salty essence.

When she told him to cum in her mouth, he felt the hot fluid rise inside him. He couldn’t hold back any longer. He need to cum. He needed to cum in her, now! His cock grew and he felt the sac draw up below. The soft groan preceded the release of the pent up desire for his lover’s touch. He emptied his seed into her hot, hungry mouth. Pulse after pulse of the hot liquid burst out of him, into her warm throat. She pulled away, and drew him to his knees.

She caught the last spurt on her tongue. She pulled him to her and met his lips with hers. She pushed the liquid into his mouth, and they shared the taste of his essence. That had always been something they had done and enjoyed. Her taste on his lips was shared equally, and now they were sharing the beginning of a new life, together.

They kissed hot while they both removed his leather clothes. She lay him down on his back and settled into a sixty-nine. Her wet kitty covered his mouth. He devoured her kaçak bahis nectar as she replenished the stiffness in his semi- rigid penis. She felt his tongue reacquainting itself with her vaginal entrance, titillating her clitoris, and bringing her to another orgasm.

Her kitty dripped thick nectar onto his tongue. The sweet fluid filled his mouth as the aroma of her aroused sex drove him mad with lust. Her thighs clamped his head, and her body trembled. Her vulva sprayed his face with girl-cum as she, too, relieved her pent up desires.

The came down and moved to sitting side by side. She leaned her soft hair on his chest and listened to his heart. Steady, strong, and regular.

Comfort from that, too. They kissed softly. They held each other and felt the ardor flow through them. She looked up into his eyes. They were that deep blue of passion and tenderness. She guessed hers were the same color right then, as well. Almost in a whisper, she spoke again.

“Fuck me.”

Two small words that instigated their physical relationship, so many years ago, re-ignited the flames of desire in both of them.

“Take me slow?” A desire to prolong this penetration prompted her to ask. She knew he would be gentle, as he always was. However, she wanted her kitty to experience the full effect of his length and breadth while it filled her belly.

Without waiting for an answer, she lay back on the soft pillow of leaves and spread her thighs. He looked at her smile and the curves of her body. He gazed at her swollen vulva and the glistening labia. He moved between her legs and as he bent forward, she guided the dragon to her nest. Indeed, he took her slowly.

The velvet crown split her puffy lips and widened her tiny hole. She felt the muscles relax to accept the invader. Her vagina expanded to accommodate his girth as he slowly penetrated her tight body opening. She felt each ripple of the flesh filling her cavity and touching her in places that had been neglected for too long. It seemed she would split in two when the tip of his cock touched her cervix and pushed it up into her lower belly. Moaning softly “So full! .. love you ..ohhhhh …fill meee …ohyessss.!”

She pushed back with all she had, burying him even deeper. Her legs crossed on his back, her tiny feet drummed his butt. She was almost pleading with her lover, “Please …ohhh .. please …fuuckk meeee!”

He hadn’t had much sex outside of masturbation for a while, and the wonderful felatio he’d just received took some of the edge away. Her cunt was just too much, though. So hot! So wet! It felt like a tight glove around his throbbing, hard cock. Her responding thrusts added to the outdoor scene to bring him to completion sooner than he’d hoped, for his second cum.

“OHGOD … can’t …hold …ohhhh ..I’mmm … goonnnaaaAAA… CCCUUMMMMM!!! … uhhhh …uhhhh!!” He grunted throughout his torrential release.

His body stiffened as he drove deeply into his lover’s tiny twat. He heard the cries of orgasm coming from her as an echo in the distance, over the blood rushing through his head.

She felt it coming before he let loose. The massive cock in her cunt grew another inch in length and some girth as well. She pulled her legs tighter to his shaking, quivering butt, jamming her little kitty full on the spewing dragon. It breathed its liquid fire deep inside her, causing her own waves of release to wash over her mind and body. They melted together in a primal scream that echoed across the lake.

Panting like the other animals in the forest, they fell limp against one another, slowly rolling apart, gasping for breath. The intense release calmed them both for now. Kissing hot and renewing their commitment to one another, they cleaned each other gently before the donned the leather garments at their feet.

Gazing over the peaceful forest and lake, they prepared for the rest of their long awaited journey.

He took her in his arms and looked her in the eyes.

“Let’s go home, now.” He said quietly, “To OUR home!”

He mounted the black bike and kicked the monster to life, shattering the quiet that had surrounded them while they shared love in the forest. She tucked in behind her lover and held him tight as the Harley roared down the road to the rest of their life, together.

Brother and sister, best friends for a lifetime, finally joined as the lifemates they were meant to be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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