The Mother in Law

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It’s funny how certain circumstances in someone’s life can affect so many people in many different ways.

My mother-in-law had fallen on hard times when she found out her boss had put a second mortgage on her house and after he lost his job (causing her to lose hers) she soon found herself homeless after some 15 years of hard work and dedication.

She first moved in with her oldest daughter but since her daughter had three kids running around a very small home and a helpless husband she soon found it overwhelming and for her peace of mind decided it was time to get out of there.

After quit a bit of coaxing the wife and I convinced her she was more than welcome at our house.

She finally gave in and moved in with us.

She is a very headstrong woman and over the course of the year she had lived with us she has only had a couple of dates and I worried about her happiness but what could I do.

Her daughter had tried to set her up with a couple of guys and this irritated her and she told her daughter to mind her own business and stay out of her love life.

We set her up in a room we had off the main room in our basement.

I didn’t want to put her there but she insisted she wanted it because it was more private and cooler than the main floors of the house.

She was very helpful to us in our everyday living routine, helping with the cooking, cleaning, laundry and anything else that needed done around there.

With the rest of my family out of town for the weekend I came home one Saturday about 1:30 in the afternoon and saw my mother in laws car in the garage.

This was not that unusual but I thought she was also gone for the weekend visiting a friend in a nearby town.

As I entered the house I heard her stereo playing downstairs and figured since it was up so loud she must be cleaning or something.

I decided to slip downstairs bahis firmaları and let her know I was home in case she needed me for anything.

As I neared her room I heard moans coming from that area and I didn’t know if she was sick or what so I peeked into her room.

What I saw took me back for a minute with a little shock and surprise at the same time.

There was my mother in law lying on top of her bed, eyes closed, with one hand rubbing her tits and the other teasing her moist pussy.

I stood there like a statue just watching as she moaned and withered under her own touch.

At first I was confused as what to do.

I didn’t know if I should just back quietly out of the room or what, but I found myself just standing there staring.

Before I realized what I was doing I found myself moving slowly towards my mother in laws bed.

She had no idea there was anyone around until I reached down with my right hand and rubbed the back of her hand that she was stroking her pussy with.

She let out a gasp and immediately opened her eyes to see me admiring her body.

It was obvious that she was very embarrassed and started to try and cover herself up.

I pulled the sheets from her hands and told her it was alright and that she wasn’t doing anything wrong and told her just to close her eyes and relax.

After a little protesting she finally gave in and closed her eyes.

This may have been just to escape my piercing glare at her or to hide from the humiliation she felt at getting caught playing with herself by her daughter’s husband.

Whatever the reason the first step had been taken and it was up to me to make her feel more comfortable with the situation that started out very awkwardly.

With my left hand I rubbed he very ample breasts and with my right I let my fingers trace gentle circles up and down her inner kaçak iddaa thigh and gently across her swollen pussy lips and clit.

It wasn’t long that she was grinding her hips in a circular motion in rhythm with my touch.

The more she thrashed the more intense my rubbing became and when I finally slipped a finger inside her she nearly squealed either with surprise or delight.

When I pulled my hands away from her she let out a disappointed sigh and opened her eyes to see me taking off all my clothes.

After I was naked I stepped close to the bed again and continued my assult on her body.

She reached up with one hand and started to stroke my cock and balls ever so gently.

Finally she turned her head and took my cock into her mouth, which made my legs quiver.

I don’t know if sucking cock is genetic but she was just as good if not better than her daughter (my wife).

The more she sucked the more I assaulted her pussy with my fingers until it was so wet I couldn’t tell if she came yet or not.

I shifted positions and climbed a straddle of her body into the 69 position she asked me what I was doing and I told her just returning the favor.

She protested at first but as soon as she felt my hot breath on her throbbing pussy she was right back in the moment and started to suck hungrily on my cock.

The more I ate her pussy the more she squirmed around and the wetter she became.

When I thought she couldn’t stand it any longer I turned myself around so I could enter her hot, dripping pussy.

She put her knees together stating that this was wrong and that we shouldn’t be doing this and as I pulled her knees back apart I told her it was a little late to be getting a conscious now.

She asked what about her daughter and I told her if no one told her than she would never know.

I could tell by the limited amount of kaçak bahis resistance she was offering that this was just to make her feel better about at least putting up some kind of struggle.

I moved up and watched as the head of my throbbing dick ever so slowly parted her swollen pink pussy lips as I slid my cock into her and she just sighed as the entire length became engulfed in her velvety soft folds of flesh.

We started to move slowly enjoying the feeling of being connected in some way other than by my marriage of her daughter.

It wasn’t long before we were thrashing around the bed fucking like two wild animals in the zoo.

The harder I pumped her pussy the harder she fucked me back.

Our pelvic bones collided with such force I hope I would be able to walk when this was over.

I guess its true what they say. (Like mother like daughter) or visa versa in this case because mom was also multi orgasmic and as wave after wave of spasms swept over her body I felt good that she was deriving so much pleasure from our encounter.

After her fifth orgasm or so I felt my own orgasm approaching and before long I was exploding inside her with what seemed like a gusher that would never end.

As I came and grunted and groaned like an animal she screamed out with such volume it kind of startled me but I soon realized it was just another orgasm of increased intensity.

I collapsed on top of her and through our heavy breathing she muttered that she had never came like that in her life.

I kissed her on the mouth and told her maybe it was the added excitement of doing something that everyone considers taboo.

After I got off of her I could see my cum oozing out of her and running down to her asshole.

It looked messy but it excited me all over again.

Over the course of the next two days before the rest of the family got back I think we fucked in about every position in every room of the house.

She told me that she thought this encounter should hold her for a while and I assured her that anytime she needed me all she had to do was let me know.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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