The Local Ch. 02

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Neil dialed Lisa’s number carefully. His stomach was in a pleasant knot of butterflies.
He looked out of his window at the sea. It was a stunning afternoon, and a gentle sea-breeze rippled the sea behind the surf. He thought about his introduction line, and then Lisa answered.
Lisa had a slightly English accent, something from the Home Counties, but Neil couldn’t place it.
“Hi, ah, Lisa- I’m Neil. I got your number from Micci, and she said I should invite you out. Are you doing anything tonight? I’d really like to meet you”
Lisa answered with a slight pause “No- um- nice to hear your voice. Micci’s been talking about you all day- she said you’d phone!” A little musical giggle from Lisa, and Neil could hear the noise of an office in the background.

“Why don’t you come down to Paul’s Place after work- I finish at five, and we can make a plan for tonight. My housemate Claire and I’ll be there. Hope you don’t mind.”
“No problem- maybe she’d like to join us?”
Yeah- that’d be nice! I can’t really talk now, but see you at five?”
“I’m looking forward to that!”
Neil put the phone down. Lisa sounded really nice, and Neil wondered if he didn’t perhaps know her from the locals at Paul’s.
As the afternoon wore on the day grew cooler. Neil showered and dressed. His boxers felt tight on his package, and he noticed how plump and ripe his balls looked. The marbled veins on his soft cock seemed to stand out more prominently, too, as if his tool was leaner and fitter. On his tall lean frame, however, the dormant equipment didn’t look very impressive contained in their cotton underclothes. Neil packed very discretely- Micci wouldn’t have noticed what he was packing- would Lisa see it, he wondered.

He slipped a pair of indigo 501’s and a surfer-dan button-down shirt on, and brushed his dark wavy hair away from his eyes as he started for the door. He wondered if he should take a condom, just in case. “Better not- don’t want to look as if I wanna get laid!” he thought to himself, but he took another dose of Micci’s homeopathic medicine and another couple of the tablets.
Neil strolled along the promenade in front of his apartment and admired the sights of the early autumn. The usual gang of heavies and their surfer-chick girls were waiting at the top of the stairs down to the beach, and Neil stopped to chat for a moment. They were self-styled surfer dropouts who held down jobs as lifeguards or worked at surf-shops in the business centre of the small town so they could surf as often as possible, and Neil had grown up with and simultaneously beyond them. And right now, he was on an assignment. He quickly excused himself from the knot of long-haired locals and wandered along the now-shadowed terrace towards Paul and Linda’s little surfer-pub.

As he approached, he wondered what he would be letting himself in for. What was Lisa like? How old was she? What was she looking for?
Neil gave himself a mental cuff to the ear and reminded himself that Micci had set him up for a no-strings-attached introduction. What was the worst that could happen?
With a tingle of anticipation in his abdomen, Neil walked through the tables on the street-side verandah and into Paul’s pub. For once, he and Linda were behind the bar together, and the place looked like a party was about to break out…
“The usual, mate?” asked Paul. Neil nodded, and Linda blew him a mock-lecherous kiss across the scrum of people she was serving, as Paul set down an already-dewy Heineken.
Neil lounged against the bar-counter, and looked around. At a corner table he spotted two young women wearing the uniform of Micci’s thriving travel-agency. The corporate attire was pretty uninteresting- navy pencil-skirts and printed poly-whatzisname blouses, but the two women looked quite relaxed. They seemed to be conferring, and then one of them beckoned to him.
“I wonder who Lisa is?” he found himself thinking.

“Hi! I’m Claire- this is Lisa- Micci described you perfectly-” Lisa was tall and slim, with her dark hair pinned away from her face, and a pair of frameless glasses accentuated her pale blue eyes. She looked like a librarian or a computer geek. Her pale skin was un-tanned, and in the dim afternoon light nothing particularly stirred Neil’s curiosity.
“Shit!” Neil swore silently. “A bookworm! But she’s got nice eyes.”
Claire looked quite sweet in a cuddly sort of way. She was a slip of a woman, and had an upturned button-nose and an unmistakeably cuddly yet curvaceous figure inside her uniform. Her dark auburn cow-licked hair was cut into an artfully untidy bed-head style. She grinned and Lisa blushed as Neil greeted them both by name.
“Micci told- Hell- look at me! What are you two drinking?” Neil tripped over his own manners. Lisa and Claire laughed and both requested alco-pops.

When Neil returned from the busy bar, the two girls had made space for him at the table, and Neil tried to break the ice with them by making small talk. It wasn’t working, so they sat in anadolu yakası escort an uncomfortable silence watching the pretty people wooing and preening at Paul’s counter.
In the midst of one of the silences, Claire’s mobile rang and she stepped away from the table to answer it.
“Sorry about inviting her along- I didn’t know what Micci’d set me up for.” Lisa offered, staring at Claire. “And I wanted her to meet you- Micci told Claire about you too.”
She looked away, embarrassed. A faint embarrassed redness lit up Lisa’s long, fine neck.
Neil wondered what exactly Micci had told her office colleagues about last night.

“What’s Claire doing tonight?” Neil asked.
“Nothing- staying at home, I think- why?”
“Would you like to go out for some dinner and maybe see a movie or something?” Neil suggested. “I’ll pick you up at eight, okay? Would you like to go to Gino’s?”
“I’ve never tried Gino’s- Claire likes going there though. I’d love to go with you.” Lisa smiled, and Neil thought he could sense a certain unusual enthusiasm in her voice.
Claire came back to their table. “Listen- what you guys doing?” she asked.
Lisa told her of the plan to get dinner at the trendy Italian restaurant, followed by a movie, but Claire declined. “I’m just going to stay home and see a DVD. I’ll see you guys later. Cheers, Neil- I hope we see you again soon. Don’t get her home too early!”
With a very cheeky grin, Claire wandered over to a group of girls of similar age. Neil watched them huddle round Claire, and turned to Lisa as he felt the pressure of her eyes on him.

She was looking at him with an expression he couldn’t describe, and he felt his scrotum tighten as his cock stirred. It was almost as if Lisa was undressing him with her eyes.
“Whe- where shall I pick you up?” he asked.
Lisa told him, and he took her hand and kissed it in the continental way. Lisa blushed.
At eight o’clock, Neil walked up to the apartment Lisa had named. As he turned onto her floor, Lisa stepped out and closed the door. She stopped as she saw Neil, and he stared with a wide grin of approval.

Lisa had shed the corporate uniform and was wearing a light summer frock and flat strappy sandals. Her dark hair was combed out and framed her delicately made-up face, which was beautifully chiseled: high, fine cheekbones and an almost-cleft chin and cat-like green eyes. Neil felt a rush of blood in his cock as he admired her figure, hugged by the light cotton. The low sweetheart neckline of her dress drew his eyes to her small bra-less breasts which were milky-white and flawless. She had been transformed from a gawky nerd into a coy, swan-like escort for him, and he was speechless. He was conscious of the growing pressure of his swelling cock in his close-fitting jeans and he wondered if Lisa could notice.
The two sat opposite each other in Gino’s, and Neil admired Lisa throughout the meal. He flirted with her, trying at the same time to find out more about her, but she wouldn’t tell him anything about herself or her history. She seemed to thrive on the flirting, but Neil was feeling like it was in vain- as though Lisa was too innocent for it to create a response in her.
As they sat waiting for the main course, Lisa’s small foot stole across under the table and she rubbed it up his calf. Neil’s cock reacted as if it was electric and his eyes widened. Lisa was staring at him across the table with the same half-smile she had when he caught her undressing him with her eyes, watching his reaction. He stared at her, and her smile widened, showing her slightly uneven teeth. Her foot lifted a little higher, and she stared at him like a cat, her eyes twinkling behind her glasses.

Neil tried to make his erection go away, but it wouldn’t. Lisa was innocently provoking his big hardening cock to full wakefulness, and he could do nothing about it. Soon his cock started to snake its way down his leg. Neil shifted in his seat and adjusted his erection so it lay pressing against his hip-bone. Lisa’s teasing went no further, but Neil was so aroused that he considered going to the gents’ to empty his brimming balls. A flower-seller brought respite to the cock-teasing, and Neil bought Lisa a bunch of yellow roses. She leant across and gave Neil a hug, and he caught a glimpse of Lisa’s small firm breasts. His hard cock twitched and ejected a slow dollop of fluid.

As they finished their espressos silently, their eyes locked on each other, and Neil’s thoughts fastened on Lisa, she spoke softly: “Why don’t we go home and watch DVD’s with Claire?”
“Great- but won’t she mind?”
“Naah- she’s probably just watching some sloppy romance- I dunno why she does!”
Neil settled the bill, and they left. Neil’s cock was teased to full erectness as Lisa walked out in front of him and he caught a hint of her perfume.
“That was a wonderful dinner, Neil,” she said as he opened the car-door. “Thank you. I’ve never had anyone buy me flowers ataşehir escort and dinner before. You’re really sweet. Do you still want to come over?”
Neil nodded. ”Sure- I’m having fun. I’m glad Micci told me to invite you out. You’re really pretty, you know, and I’d like to see you again…” He smiled. Lisa stepped back from the open door, and Neil took a step closer. Lisa threw her arms round his neck and hugged him close, planting a quick kiss on his cheek.

Neil wanted to copulate with Lisa right there and then. His balls were clinched close to his body as if they were cold, and his cock was rock-hard, stuck away below the waistband of his jeans under his loose shirt. “The medication must be doing that,” Neil thought to himself. It was as if his cock wouldn’t stop getting harder and harder, and he was sure Lisa had felt the thick organ in his pants press against her tummy when she hugged him close in the cool night air.

Lisa led him up the stairs into the large old flat she and Claire shared. She was carrying the roses like a winner’s bouquet, and Neil held the door open for her.
Claire was lying on the couch, a huge bowl of popcorn on her lap, and the room was in semi-darkness. Lisa and Neil went through to the small kitchen and she arranged the flowers in a vase, and extracted a bottle of wine from the fridge. Neil took three glasses and the opened bottle through to the lounge, and Claire sat up. They joined her on the couch.
Claire had shed her work-uniform, too, and she was wearing a soft grey jersey, several sizes too big for her over a pair of faded jeans. The picture was very comforting. Both girls seemed very wholesome and nice and innocent. They settled down as Claire started the DVD from the beginning.

“It’s about a bunch of artists in Paris in about 1900- lots of absinthe and free expression,” Claire explained as the titles rolled. “And the heroine- that’s her there- is in love with a painter. She’s married to him- there- that guy with the moustache- but she models for these artists she knows when he’s away…”
Neil poured some wine for the three of them. The movie was very arty, and Neil was getting bored. Finally his erection had subsided, and his wet cock had ended up tucked down the leg of his boxers. The dialogue in the movie was mainly prosaic, romantic stuff about how the heroine should leave her husband and join the artists, and Neil felt like falling asleep. Lisa suddenly leaned over against him on the big comfortable sofa and cuddled up to him, and his cock stirred again, quickly hardening.

Neil slipped his right arm round Lisa’s shoulders, and she rested her head on his shoulder. He could smell her freshly-washed hair, and his heart started beating fast.
Claire was on his other side, and she started to lean back against Neil’s other shoulder. He tried to raise his glass for a sip of wine, and Claire sat up, startled.
“Why don’t you lie down, Clez?” Lisa asked.
“D’you mind, Neil?”
Neil gulped, and his big heavy balls stirred as they unloaded another squirt of pre-cum. “No- make yourself comfortable- here’s a cushion,” he said with a hint of a tremor in his voice, putting a cushion in his lap to cover his big stiff cock.
A thought struck Neil: “What if these two both want to have it off with me?”
Lisa’s tall slim body fitted nicely against Neil, and his strong hand caressed her waist and lean tummy. One strap of her sundress had ridden off her shoulder, and Neil carefully replaced it. Lisa turned and glared at him. Wordlessly she slipped it off again, and curled up against him.
Claire cuddled closer, and Neil put a hand on her firm round hip. In acknowledgement, she purred and slipped her hands up under the pillow.

The movie wore on slowly, and Neil’s erection wouldn’t subside. Then he felt Claire’s fingers stretching under the cushion, reaching for where she suspected his cock lay. She turned her face up to look at him, and Neil stared down at her.
Claire’s fingers found their target, and she pressed her fingertips onto his rubber-hard shaft. Ane expression of amazement crossed her face, making her dark blue eyes widen and her nostrils flare. Neil’s heart raced, and involuntarily his cock spasmed. She smiled at him, her expression wordlessly asking if he was enjoying the experience. In reply, Neil reached down and placed his hand under her heavy breast. She purred and squeezed again. Neil could feel his cock pump a big wet surge of pre-cum out under the pillow.

Lisa tucked herself down on Neil’s thigh. With one slim hand she gently moved his hand up to the underside of her small tight breast, daring his fingers to explore further.
Slowly, Neil’s caressing and stroking of Lisa’s body moved upwards, and soon his hand found itself on a small firm breast. He could feel her puffy nipple through the thin cotton of her frock, and he caressed it lightly, enjoying the stiffening of her small nipple into a hard point. His other hand was seized by Claire, bağdat caddesi escort and she wordlessly slipped it up under her baggy pull-over, moaning softly as she guided Neil’s left hand to cup her firm, high-set breast in its lacy bra.
Lisa’s hand moved across to his groin, and he felt it reaching for his tight sac. Wordlessly, Lisa teased his sperm-factory through the hard denim of his jeans, and the tone of the movie changed suddenly.

The heroine of the movie was now sobbing, naked, on the shoulder of her lover about her husband’s love-making, and describing her acts with him. The French painter was comforting her, and describing in graphic detail how different their love-making was. Neil and the two women watched with rapt attention, and Lisa massaged his full balls as Claire rubbed him slowly with her fingers, exploring the size of his cock…

Neil stopped stroking the breasts which had been presented to him and straightened up.
“Where’s your toilet?” he asked. Languidly, the two girls sat up, and Lisa directed him to it. Claire got up and refilled their wine-glasses, and Lisa paused the movie as Neil went to relieve his bursting bladder.
He unbuttoned his flies and wrestled his monstrous cock out of his pants. Its end was wet with pre-cum, and his pink balls were brimming with sperm and starting to ache. As he waited for the relief, his softening erection poised over the toilet bowl, Lisa called through the door: “Come on- we’re going to start without you. Hurry up!”
He finished, and tucked his semi-soft cock back behind his flies. That way it could grow without being bent and tortured at uncomfortable angles.

As Neil walked back, the two girls looked at him guiltily. He sat down, and was about to lean back when Claire reached up under her jersey and slipped her lacey white bra off and out through her sleeve. Her high, hard breasts’ contours were shown off pleasantly by the soft material, and she smiled at Neil.
“Sorry- we were getting more comfortable while you were away. The movie’s getting interesting!”
“More wine?” Lisa had removed her glasses, and her slanted green eyes were glinting wickedly. Her dress’s straps were off both shoulders, and her small, pointed breasts were holding the bodice up. Lisa’s slim shoulders and prominent collarbones highlighted her fine neck, and she had tied her hair back loosely from her face.

What were they planning to do with him, Neil wondered.

“Thanks. You’re both very kind to have me here.” Neil took the offered glass and sat down between them. The two women knelt on the couch and turned on him. Wordlessly, Lisa leaned across him, and approached his mouth as if to kiss him. As Neil leaned to kiss her, she pulled back and laughed, her eyes smiling and her mouth just out of reach. Claire leaned over and unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it off his shoulders. Lisa put an arm round his chest and kissed Neil’s neck and ear. For a moment her kisses distracted him, and then he felt Claire slipping her small fingers into the waistband of his jeans to unbutton his flies. The touch of her hand below his belly-button made him gasp, and Claire looked at him in mock astonishment. He put his hand on hers.
“Why are you doing this to me? Micci just asked me to take Lisa out to dinner- I didn’t expect this!”
“The movie’s made me so hot, and Lisa said I could share you. Micci told us about you this morning at work- that you’d ask Lisa out to dinner, then she told us that you’re a- um- ah- big guy,” She giggled, and Lisa blushed, kissing Neil’s neck. “And Lisa said I could share you! She’s the best!”
“Umm- yeah- well, we went to St Catherine’s Convent all the way through school, so we’re not really, um, experienced, but Micci said you could teach us about- you know- how to do it…” Lisa’s voice trailed off, embarrassed.
Lisa continued “We’ve never really had real boyfriends before- either of us- and it was so romantic of you to buy me roses tonight- it just felt so good. And bringing you home with me was so nice… This movie makes us so horny, we decided to rent it and bring you round to watch it with us, ‘cos we want you to…” Her voice trailed off.
Neil was gobsmacked. Here he was being propositioned by two young women who barely knew him, and they wanted him to teach them?

His stomach knotted with excitement, and his throbbing cock pumped another wet load into his boxers.
“Let’s carry on with the movie and see what happens,“ he said, a broad grin breaking out across his tanned face.
“Let me help you.” and he gently moved Claire’s hands from his groin. He slowly unbuttoned his flies and his big heavy cock flopped back against his flat stomach inside his thin cotton boxers. Claire and Lisa both stared, a look of horror on both their faces.
“Huhh- it’s HUGE!” Lisa drew her breath in a slow gasp as she saw the outline of Neil’s thick meat.
“You’ve got a monstrous cock!” said Claire touching the shaft of it gingerly with her fingertips.

“Now I’ve shown you mine- show me yours now!” Neil laughed, breaking the tension in the air, but not the tension in the three of their bodies. His boxers were soaked, and a wet spot was clearly visible where the head had touched the material. Suddenly, snake-like, he struck, kissing Claire with a quick peck on her beautifully curved lips.

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