The Julie Journals: Ch. 01 Her First Party

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She picked up her journal, the one she had kept ever since she had learned about adult life and as she turned the pages from the beginning, she smiled as the memories came flooding back to her. Eventually she found the entry, “Party Night at John and Claire’s,” she read as she remembered her first time, as if it was yesterday, of the pleasure and even some of the pain of that fateful night that had set in course the path to where she was today…

… The room was spinning a bit and Julie knew that she had drunk just a little bit too much. She had so wanted to impress everyone with her maturity and didn’t care too much about what her parents would think about her drinking, after all she was old enough to know what she was doing. Claire and John were the hosts of the party and owners of the executive four bedroomed house Julie found herself standing in and it was much more elegant than the small three bed semi that she lived in with her parents. It had a bigger garden than the postage stamp garden her father so loving tended every weekend and the inside was decorated like the swish homes you see in magazines.

Julie had met Claire at the local horse riding stables she attended and although Claire was nearly 10 years older they had struck up a bit of a friendship. It was Claire who had invited her to the party and Julie had no idea that John worked for the same company as her Dad.

Moving outside for some fresh air Julie slumped down onto a wooden bench in the garden and searched in her bag for some cigarettes. Lighting one with slightly unsteady hands she inhaled deeply savouring the taste of it. She smiled to herself, thinking how pleased she was at the invitation to the party with a slightly older crowd and how she was moving into the adult world properly and becoming a sophisticated lady. She had filled out at an early age especially up top and had attracted a lot of attention from the boys at school. Whilst they were okay, they were still a bit childish for her tastes and she wanted to get to know older and more experienced men. Getting slowly to her feet she smoothed the short tight black mini dress down as far as it would go, telling herself that maybe her parents were right that the dress was too short, then giggling aloud she tottered back into the house on six inch heels which added to her 5’6″ frame. Flicking her long naturally wavy auburn hair over her shoulder like she had seen elegant women do in films, she felt like she was an elegant model walking on a catwalk as she felt the warmth of the room as she re-joined the party.

The hosts, Claire and John, watched as Julie walked back into the room noticing that she was starting to show the signs of drink but desperately trying to hide it.

Turning to his young wife, John moved her shoulder length blonde hair to one side and whispered seductively in her ear, “I bet you would love to taste that girl’s pussy, feel her cum in your mouth, wouldn’t you?”

Claire laughed softly as she replied, “and afterwards I would love watching you fuck her senseless with your wonderful cock.”

Sliding his tongue into her ear, he asked her the question that he already knew the answer to, judging from the way her nipples were pressed against the material of her top, “Shall we try?” he murmured, “after all she is eighteen now… just, if I remember hearing it right at work.”

Claire squeezed his hand in agreement and watched as John walked over to Julie, knowing as he did so that there was more than one pair of eyes on her husband.

John was proud of his well-defined pendik escort muscled body and at twenty-five was in his prime and knew he was attracting looks from both the knowing and also the unknowing. Winking at a couple of women who he had fucked in the past, mostly with his wife, he ran his hand across Julie’s shoulder who jumped with a start and stumbled on the heels that were higher than she was used to and in the process nearly knocking a vase from the table.

John caught it before it fell and asked in a concerned voice, “are you alright? It’s just you look a little unsteady on your feet… too much to drink perhaps?”

Hanging her head down like a small girl corrected, tears forming in the corners of her eyes, Julie looked at him. “Sorry,” she stammered, embarrassed by her clumsiness in front of the tall handsome owner of the house who stood there like a film star in a white shirt unbuttoned at the throat showing golden curls that matched the surfer style tousle of his blonde locks. “I suppose I had better go home.”

Looking down at the young girl John said softly, “Now don’t be silly darling, you have just had a little too much to drink, but it’s all right. Why don’t you go and lie on our bed and see how you feel after a little sleep.”

Taking Julie by the arm, John led her down the hallway into the bedroom where she collapsed onto the bed, as Claire slipped quietly into the bedroom.

A few hours later Julie woke a little groggy and became aware that someone was in the bed with her. The room was in almost complete darkness except for several candles that pierced the darkened bedroom and Julie knew what had woken her, it was a soft hand stroking across her naked back.

‘Oh my,’ Julie thought, ‘How did I get naked?’

Still drowsy and feeling the effects of the alcohol she allowed herself the pleasure of just lying there, letting the hands wander over her body. The hands were soft and light, the fingertips running firmly up and down her spine, making her shiver with growing excitement. As the hands started to run across her breasts for the first time, she found herself looking down, thinking that the hands must be John’s or some other guy from the party. ‘Maybe it’s that Tony,’ she thought, remembering the rugged looking soldier she had met earlier, ‘he was nice.’

As the hands started to work on her breasts, she could feel them making each nipple hard to the touch as a finger and thumb rolled each nipple carefully in turn. Opening her eyes wider and looking at the hand, Julie thought it was a bit odd as the fingernails had crimson nail polish on them. The thought of what she was seeing drove the last of the fuzziness from her mind and she bolted upright in the bed and switched on the bedside light to see Claire smiling up at her.

“Hey,” was all Julie could stammer, shocked into stillness.

“Hush lover,” Claire told her before pulling her back down, “You were enjoying that, weren’t you?”

Julie could feel her face colour in embarrassment as she nodded her head shyly.

“But I’m not a lesbian,” she told Claire in a half-whispered voice.

“Nor am I,” said Claire, pulling her close “but haven’t you ever seen a woman’s body before and wondered what it would feel like?”

Claire’s skilful hands roamed across Julie’s body as she talked soothingly, sending shivers of pleasure through her and lying back Julie arched up as Claire touched and stroked each part of her. All further thoughts of protest fell tuzla escort to the wayside and it felt so natural to open her legs wide to allow Claire access to her dripping wet pussy.

“Aaaaaahhhhhhhh,” she moaned loudly as Claire’s tongue probed deep inside of her open folds and she could feel Claire licking around and around her clit then plunging her tongue in licking up all of her sweet juices as it delved inside like a small animal seeking nourishment.

Suddenly, as the wave of her orgasm subsided, she felt another set of hands wandering across her erect nipples. Opening her eyes wide, she now saw John’s naked body, kneeling over her head and his fingers continued toying with her nipples as Claire’s fingers worked elsewhere. His hard cut cock was sticking out to its full seven inches and was engorged from the excitement of watching his wife seduce the sweet young thing in their bed. Without really thinking about it, as aroused as she was, Julie opened her mouth wide to allow John to slide his rigid cock between her lips.

John could feel his cock engulfed by the soft warm mouth and cradling Julie’s head and he pushed himself deeper into the warm wetness gently face fucking her.

Claire looked up and smiled seeing her husband having his cock sucked by the sweet young girl they were sharing and savouring the juices she continued to work on Julie’s clit as she lapped in a steady rhythm.

As Claire pushed two fingers into her hot tight pussy Julie moaned loudly which encouraged Claire to thrust her fingers deeper and deeper inside her. As Claire finger fucked her with steady thrusts, Julie began to move wildly under Claire’s hands and opened her mouth to scream as she started to climax under Claire’s experienced touch. John’s cock muffled Julie’s scream as she felt her orgasm burst deep inside of her. “Oh…………….God…,” she screamed around John’s cock, her body bucking wildly as John pulled back from her mouth, not wanting to waste his cum yet.

Claire had fallen back with her legs spread wide and Julie watched as Claire’s fingers played with her own clit and swollen pussy lips, watching Julie’s face as she did. Julie had never watched another woman masturbate before, and ignoring John for the moment, she smiled at Claire spell bound as the woman touched and teased herself. “My turn,” Claire murmured guiding Julie to kneel between her legs. Julie was a little uncertain what to do and she could feel the heat coming from Claire’s wet pussy and see the way her lips glisten with her juices. Julie felt Claire’s hands around her head pulling her encouragingly onto her pussy and remembering how Claire had driven both her tongue and fingers into her, Julie started poking her tongue deep as she could. The sound of Claire’s moans of pleasure reassured her that she was doing something right and tasting a woman for the first time Julie began to enjoy the taste as she thought to herself, ‘this is so much sweeter than a man,’ licking in a steady fashion.

Julie sensed John move around behind her and then felt his cock nudging at her swollen pussy lips. Demanding entry Julie heard John groan a contented sigh, and she felt him sink his hard cock deep into her soaking pussy in one stroke. He began to thrust into her with slow powerful strokes and each thrust was sending her tongue deep into Claire’s pussy. Julie tentatively probed Claire’s pussy with one finger, feeling the slippery wetness of Claire’s pussy under her touch. “Oh yes, fuck me darling,” Claire moaned, so ataşehir escort in response Julie thrust her finger deeper into the wetness before her, feeling her finger sucked in by Claire’s inner muscles. Another finger quickly joined the first as she started to pump Claire’s pussy with her fingers as she had done to herself on numerous occasions.

John continued the steady strokes into Julie’s pussy enjoying the tightness and then pushed his finger to probe her ass. Julie could not move to tell him she was a virgin there because Claire had a death grip on her head, pulling her mouth tight into her pussy keeping her clamped in that position. Julie felt John’s finger push steadily into her virginal rosebud and she found it was painful at first but gradually the pain subsided as she got used to the feel of it.

Claire was now bucking and screaming under the ministrations of Julie’s tongue and Julie was making up with enthusiasm what she lacked in experience and technique. As Claire clawed at Julie’s hair pulling her ever closer, Julie felt something cold on her ass then the slippery feel as John pushed two gel coated fingers into her ass, before pumping them in a steady rhythm at the same time as his cock drove into her pussy. Claire screamed loudly in orgasm and gushed into Julie’s mouth and as the juices pouring down her throat Julie swallowed and felt yet another orgasm course through her own body.

Panting into Claire’s pussy and licking every drop of the juices she could find like a woman who had been trapped in the desert and found an oasis, she felt John’s cock start to withdraw from her pussy making her feel empty. Julie shuddered with pleasure as his cock brushed her swollen pussy lips on his way out and Julie waited knowing instinctively what was coming next, and then she felt his cock press against her anal opening.

“Breath deeply,'” John said as he urged Julie to relax.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrgh,” Julie screamed as the cock head popped inside sending white lights flashing through her brain as the searing pain hit. John held steady in Julie’s ass allowing her time to adjust to new feeling and as Julie relaxed, he pushed his cock deeper into her ass, until his cock was buried to the hilt.

Claire wiggled around underneath Julie into the 69 position so she could see her husband’s cock invading the young girl’s ass. “Fuck her hard John,” she cried out to her husband as she flicked at Julie’s clit with her tongue. Julie buried her face deep into Claire’s pussy; unable to resist either one of them.

John needed no second invitation and began to pump Julie’s ass vigorously making her moan as his cock sawed in and out. As the pain subsided, Julie began to enjoy the feeling more and more and felt herself pushing back to meet John’s thrusts. “Oooooooooooooohhhhhh fuck yessssss,” Julie yelled raising her face from Claire’s pussy, crying out as she felt John jerk his hips savagely as his cock swelled. Then with a frantic, final thrust of his cock, Julie could feel his hot cum filling her no longer virginal ass past the point of fullness.

Claire clamped her teeth onto Julie’s clit, pushing two fingers back into her pussy she muttered through gritted teeth, “I can feel your cock through her walls,” as she felt her husband’s cock pulse in Julie’s ass. John unable to talk coherently and just grunted as he continued to thrust deep forcing each spurt of his cum deep as he could.

John fell on the bed beside Julie and Claire moved round so that Julie found herself trapped between the two of them.

“Nice????” said Claire as she lay next to Julie.

“Oh Yes” Julie told her, as she cuddled tightly against Claire’s back smiling to herself at the feeling of John’s arms around her body as she started to drift off to sleep. Julie’s last thoughts as she fell into an exhausted sleep were how nice it was to have new friends.

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