The Jacuzzi Ch. 04

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After saying good morning to her daughter, Megan had a quick conversation with her husband when he came on the line. She reassured him that all was going well and that she would be able to return home in another day or so. When George offered to come over for a while—they lived only just across town—Megan told him that it really wasn’t necessary, adding with a quick fib that they were going to be having movers coming to pick up a bunch of antique furniture that would go up for auction. The plan was to eventually auction off the furniture, but it actually had to remain in the house so it could be displayed as a furnished model until it sold.

She let out a sigh when she hung up. Other than once trying to arrange a surprise birthday party for him a few years back, Megan had never deliberately lied to her husband. She knew that she had just committed adultery as well as incest. Had it been just some other guy she’d picked up, or a stealthy affair with a coworker, she knew she would have been wracked with guilt even if she could bring herself to pull off such a thing. But what she had just done with her brother seemed so natural, as if they’d always been lovers, yet had never actually consummated the fact until now. It was just weird all around, but she refused to try and define it further until she could have a serious talk with Jason.

She decided to give him time to get cleaned up on his own and maybe call his own wife, so she didn’t call out for him or go find him after she hung up. She got up and stripped the bed. She gave in to the temptation to bring the new wet spot up to her nose. She’d never gushed like that before, and she hoped it wasn’t too pungent. It wasn’t; her fluid seemed somewhat neutral, though she could detect a layer of the slight bitterness of Jason’s semen. After throwing the soiled sheets into the hamper, she had a quick shower, fixed her blow-dried hair into a pony-tail, and brushed her teeth. She paused when she approached her open suitcase. She was still naked, and she dwelt on the naughty temptation to stroll through the house in the nude until she found her brother. Ultimately she compromised: another pair of short-shorts, simple t-shirt, but no panties or bra. She padded barefoot out into the hallway, and smiled at the distant smell of bacon.

Jason, glad in shorts and a t-shirt himself, was just setting out a classic breakfast of eggs, bacon and toast, when his sister walked in. They smiled and exchanged good mornings, as innocently as if absolutely no sexual activity had happened last night or this morning. It was as if a switch had been flipped back, and Jason found it surprisingly easy to fall back into his purely platonic sibling role. He knew that there was still the proverbial elephant in the room, but it gave him hope that there would be no overriding awkwardness between them.

Megan decided to enjoy a nice breakfast with her brother before they had The Talk. She admired him for being so easy going and otherwise “normal” when they returned to something as ordinary as breakfast. But, being a little hungover, and practically chugging the orange juice to bring fluids back into her body, she was reminded at how intense and amazing the last several hours had been.

“How is Julie?” Jason asked as he poured her another glass of OJ.

“Misses her mommy,” Megan replied, crunching into some crispy bacon. She noted that Jason did not ask about George, so she didn’t bother asking if he’d called Theresa. He did have his cell phone with him, and he glanced at it, but she could see he had his calendar up, not a text screen. She chastised herself for the pang of jealousy that he might be texting his wife.

Jason said, “Looks like all we have on the books today is a lunch meeting with Mom’s attorney. We have to resolve the issue around setting up one of her annuities so that we can apply it toward a trust fund for Julie.”

“Is that Horowitz or Rosembaum?”


“Good. I like him. He always buys us a nice lunch.”

Jason grimaced. “That’s because he bills us for the time. I think he’s coming out ahead.”

They laughed and maintained eye contact. It got quiet. The moment was here.

Jason cleared his throat and stood. “I’ll take care of the dishes.”

“No,” Megan said. “Just throw them in the sink for now. I’ll be in the living room.”

Jason joined here there a few minutes later, holding two fresh mugs of coffee. Megan was on one of the couches, a leg tucked under her. Jason handed her one of the mugs and sat next to her. They each took an absent-minded sip of coffee, then turned toward one another.


“I just want to—”

They laughed again. Jason nodded. “You go.”

Megan smiled nervously, looking down into her mug, gathering her thoughts. It gave Jason a moment to regard her beauty once more. Of course he’d always known how beautiful she was, even sexy. But now he looked at her through a lover’s prism, and whereas a platonic brother would see his cute sister in shorts and a t-shirt, bahis firmaları he was now taking in the detail of her breasts, hanging pertly despite a lack of bra, her nipples just barely visible through the thin fabric of her shirt. He took in the generous amount of thigh and even the lower part of her bottom in her incredibly short shorts. He felt his penis twitch, but he knew she was about to get serious, so he managed to glance up at her eyes again before she looked at him again.

She said, “I just want to put it out there first and foremost that don’t regret anything—anything—that we have done. We are adults, and we made our choices.”

He was relieved to hear this. “The same goes for me.”

Megan let out a breath. “Good, that’s good. Thank you. But,” she paused to sip coffee, probably trying to figure out how to form her next words, “we should really try to figure out what we’re going to do moving forward. We have the luxury of this little time-out from our families and regular lives, but that window is eventually going to close.”

Jason liked how she put that. A “little time-out.” It suggested that, although they did the deed more than once—and he hoped he could do a little more—there was the option of reverting to their normal brother-sister status when it was time to go back to their families.

She went on. “We have to consider what we are doing to George and Theresa. We have now both just cheated on them.” She saw Jason wince. “I’m sorry to be blunt, but there is no reason why we shouldn’t be explicitly clear with each other.”

“I know,” he said. “I understand.”

“So talk to me, Jason. Tell me what you think we should do.”

It was his turn to contemplate into his coffee. “Well…” he finally said, a little hesitantly. He then settled on her early words: “First and foremost, my number one priority is to maintain our relationship as brother and sister. Growing up, we have always been close. Hell, we’ve always been buddies as much as siblings.” Megan smiled, nodding in agreement. He went on, “We both have a good number of friends who we know fight constantly with their siblings. I cherish the fact that such silly sibling rivalry never infected us.”

“Which is wonderful,” she said.

Jason nodded. “I say this because, while we have just established that neither of us regrets what we have done—which I know in my soul is true—if continuing this…this new layer to our relationship is going to put that special connection at risk, then we should resist any further…you know.”

Megan stared into her brother’s eyes, loving him more and more with each passing minute. He was giving her the option to end their fledgling sexual relationship right here and now. The thing is, she didn’t want to.

Tentatively she said, “Maybe…maybe we should talk through what this—us—will look like were we to continue with this ‘new layer,’ as you put it.”

Jason’s dick twitched yet again. For her to want to talk about a future as lovers meant that she was interested in making it happen.

“Okay,” he said, a little nervously. He set down his mug. “Let’s talk about it.”

She said, “What we are talking about is engaging in an affair behind our spouses’ back. I’ve never cheated on George before, and you’ve never stepped out on Theresa. So we would have to go into this with the acknowledgement that every time we get together, we’re putting our marriages at risk.”


“And…well, I still love George.”

“And I still love Theresa.”

“The smart thing to do would be to end this.”

“I know.”

Megan set her mug down next to Jason’s then reached out and took his hands in hers. She asked, “Are we going to end this?”

“Do…do you want to?”

In the faintest of whispers, Megan said, “No.”

“Neither do I.”

They both took a deep breath. They looked at each other for a very long moment.

Letting out a slow breath, Megan said, “Then there is another serious factor we need to consider.” He watched her, waiting. She said, “I don’t want you to freak out or be concerned but…well, I’m not currently on birth control.” She felt Jason flinch, but he otherwise maintained composure. She explained: “Several weeks ago I had my IUD removed. I won’t gross you out with the details, but I was having some complications, and my OBGYN suggested I have it removed and consider another method.”

Jason swallowed. They had only had sex a couple of times, but he had absolutely flooded her each time. A new pang of guilt hit him hard.

“I’m so sorry,” he said. “I should have pulled out. I should have—”

“No, no,” Megan said firmly, squeezing his hands. “It was my decision. You couldn’t have known, and it was up to me to warn you.”


She shook her head. “I can take care of it.”

Megan was indicating the Plan B pill of course, but a knew realization hit her. She had made love with George just before coming to deal with her mom’s death. It was too late to take Plan B for that. That meant that kaçak iddaa there was a chance, even if just a small one, that she was now pregnant. To not complicate or harm that potential pregnancy, she certainly couldn’t go get an abortion pill. But if George had not impregnated her, and Jason had…

Jason broke her revery, “If it’s been several weeks, that means you and George…”

“I know, we’ve been playing with fire. And I had been planning on going on the Pill or using another method but, well, at the time I had to have the IUD removed, George and I had been talking about the possibility of having another baby. So…I just never got around to it.” She looked down. “I’m sorry.”

It was Jason’s turn to squeeze her hands. “Don’t be sorry,” he said. “It’s not that you and I had planned to…well, you know.”

Megan chuckled timidly. “And I honestly thought that our little session in the Jacuzzi would have been it.” She then gave him a serious, longing look. “But when I had you inside me, Jason, and when I saw how much pleasure you were having, I just couldn’t bring myself to interrupt your…”

Sensing his sister’s sense of guilt, he quickly said, “Megan, it was the best feeling I’ve ever experienced, and it was so generous of you to let me do it.”

Megan regained her composure. “And it felt as good to me receiving as you giving. As I said, no regrets.”

There was another brief period of silence, and Jason pondered their discussion so far. He found it oddly wonderful that his sister had let him climax inside her, damn the consequences. He recalled numerous conversations with his wife, Theresa, about having kids, but they both had such busy professional lives that it became easier and easier to just put it off. Theresa was on the Pill, so there was little concern about pregnancy. Incredibly, it made Jason’s dick twitch yet again with the thought that, as he was ejaculating into his sister, he may also have been giving her a baby.

He finally found his voice and asked, “So, if we do continue our…relationship, what are you going to…” He was too nervous to finish, but she caught his drift.

“Well, I guess I would have to get back on birth control.”

“But what if George wants another child?”

Megan regarded her handsome brother. “I don’t know, Jason, I just haven’t thought it through that much. All I know is…whenever I’m with you, I don’t want any barriers in the way. I want to feel you, I want you to feel me. In fact…I crave it.”

“Oh, Megan,” Jason said and leaned forward. Megan met him halfway, and the two of them kissed passionately for several minutes.

Like a pair of teenagers who only just discovered the act of making out, the two siblings pawed at each other while they kissed as deeply and passionately as possible. Jason reached up and started fondling Megan’s breasts, noting that her nipples were once again rock-hard. Megan thrust one of her hands into Jason’s crotch and squeezed his new erection through his shorts. As Jason’s hands went up and under his sister’s shirt, Megan put her hand down the front of his shorts, and the two of them fondled each other more directly.

Megan felt Jason’s weight shift increasingly toward her, and it was clear he wanted to lean her back on the couch, which she eagerly allowed. The continued to kiss and feel each other up, and soon they were grinding together. But when Jason managed a strong thrust against her vagina, both of them still in shorts, Megan actually broke her kiss and grunted in discomfort.

Jason immediately pulled back. “Oh, baby, did I hurt you?”

Megan managed a smile. “It’s okay, Jason. I’m just…well, your penis is much, much bigger than I’m used to, and we went at it pretty hard.”

“I’m so sorry.” He started getting off of her, clearly concerned.

“No, no, don’t be!” She immediately sat up as he backed away. She soothed him with her hand on his chest, and she even straddled his lap, though she was careful not to press down too hard.

“I’m just a little sore right now,” she said, then gave a naughty smile. “Doesn’t mean I want to stop.”

She enjoyed the look of puzzlement on her brother’s face by her paradoxical indication that they could both stop and continue at the same time. She figured she could demonstrate through actions, not words, how this would be possible. She started by taking off her shirt. With boyish fascination, Jason’s widening eyes went right to her exposed breasts. Just being able to flash her brother turned Megan on to a crazy degree. Having spent literally her entire life behaving like a proper sibling, all she wanted to now was be naked around him and feed him as much visual stimulation as he wanted to drink in.

After drinking in the sight of her tits for a long lustful moment, Jason began to suck. He pushed his face right into her breasts, and Megan held the back of his head, eager for the stimulation he was going to give her. Jason moved from one breast to the other, and when he was sucking on one, he was fondling kaçak bahis the other. Megan instinctively began grinding down on his erection, but she quickly lifted up again, still just a little too sore. But when she reached down to once again fondle Jason’s erection through his shorts, she knew that her poor brother was going to need some release again.

Megan had been enjoying his ravenous attention on her boobs, but she was eager to return the favor. She slid down to the floor in front of him. She pushed his knees together, then reached up and gripped the waistband of his shorts. Jason cooperated by lifting his lips as Megan pulled off his shorts and boxer briefs at the same time. She then pushed his knees apart again so that she could kneel before him and get better access to his crotch.

Megan literally started salivating when she got her eyes on her brother’s amazing cock. Mere inches from her head, it looked large, veiny and menacing. His urethra was already glistening with a dollop precum. His balls looked heavy and full. Despite being sore, Megan’s pussy instinctively quivered and the crotch of her shorts became moist. She reached up and gripped the base of Jason’s penis and found that her finger’s couldn’t quite get all the way around. No wonder she was sore!

Jason stared down at his sister, absolutely amazed that he had her here in front of him, topless, on her knees and now fondling his cock. Even though he was only just under a year older than her, as the “older brother” he had countless memories chasing her around this big living room, helping his mom get her ready for school or dinner. Now his baby sister was gazing at his hard cock as if wondering what to do with such a large meat stick.

Megan knew what to do, and she leaned further in so that she could give the head of his cock a kiss. She giggled through the kiss as it twitched when her lips made contact. She looked up at her brother and saw him staring right back down at her, his face a mask of wonder and anticipation. Megan’s heart swelled at this. She couldn’t wait to bring her brother pleasure, and she wanted to be a constant source of pleasure for him. She dampened any thoughts of just how the hell she would be able to reconcile being married while carrying on an incestuous affair with her brother. They’d figure it out later. For now, she had the biggest cock she’d ever seen literally in her grasp, and she intended to have fun with it.

She progressed from kissing to sucking in just his head, her tongue darting against his urethra and tasting his precum. There was actually a mild hint of sweetness to the tanginess of it. She recalled how much Jason had ejaculated each time they’d fucked so far, and she wondered if she’d be ready for such a torrent when he came again. She knew from the reactions of her husband and previous boyfriends from her dating years that she was a good cocksucker. She got really into it, and she liked to swallow. This was something her husband particularly loved; their little custom was that, whenever she was on her period, her husband was guaranteed a few days of blowjobs, and he always got to finish in her mouth and watch her swallow it down while looking right at him.

Sucking off her brother, however, was going to be a challenge. Whereas she could usually get most of George’s dick in her mouth, there was no way in hell she could physically take in more than a third or so of Jason’s cock. It was already a strain on her jaw to get just the head and first couple of inches in her mouth. But she was a determined lover, and she compensated by covering his shaft with copious amounts of saliva. As she started bobbing her head up and down, she made good use of her tongue and used both hands to slide up and down him in rhythm with her head movements.

Jason watched his sister suck his dick in a double dose of wonder, for the actual sight of what she was doing to him and the pure physical pleasure. As he had climaxed only an hour or so before, he knew he could just sit back, relax, and enjoy this. It had been a long time since he’d gotten oral sex. His wife was a wonderful lover and no prude, but whenever she went down on him, it was usually just for a few minutes of foreplay. With Megan, who’s pussy he’d actually fucked raw last night and this morning, he knew that he was being blown to completion, and he looked forward to it.

While sucking and stroking him, Megan also spent plenty of time fondling her brother’s balls, drawing a moan of pleasure from him each time she did that. Several minutes into the BJ, her jaw was getting sore, but she managed to take “breaks” by periodically removing her mouth from his dick and licking up and down his shaft like a big lollypop. She also occasionally drew one of his testicles into her mouth, loving the fact that they were producing more sperm to squirt into her.

As the minutes passed, the only sounds in the cavernous living room were the slurping and sucking sounds from Megan’s mouth, and the moans and groans of pleasure from Jason’s. He let his head fall back as his sister continued to fellate him. He was lost in a sea of erotic pleasure, and he didn’t want to get off the boat. But eventually he began to feel the tell-tale tingling deep within his groin.

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