The Initiation

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Mike wondered what he had gotten himself into. He knew what would be required of him if he wanted to join their group. Simply put he was there for the pleasure of the three men and the woman sitting on the sofa. He also knew this was a one time thing and that if anyone else joined he’d get his turn to receive pleasure and not have to worry about giving.

As the four looked on, he removed his clothes. His cock was rock hard and his ass was twitching, knowing what was coming. He slowly jerked his cock as the three men and the woman made comments about his body. Mostly about his cock and ass. They told him to stop jerking off. One of the men motioned to him. Mike knelt in front of the man and stared at his cock. Slowly taking it into his mouth he tasted the precum leaking. He went up and down.

Trying to give the best blowjob he could. Licking the man’s balls and stroking his cock. Suddenly, the man placed his hands on Mike’s head and pushed him down on his cock. He shouted I’m cumming as his cock slid all the way in. Swallowing the hot load Mike looked up and saw that the other men were stroking their cocks and that the woman was fingering herself. Mike slid over to the next person in line. The woman. She spread her legs and he buried his tongue in her pussy. He licked up and down. Enjoying her taste. It was of course different than the load of cum he had just received but both were good. He slid a finger inside her wet pussy and finger fucked her as he nibbled her clit. She screamed in orgasm as he continued his assault on her pussy. Finally she pushed him away.

Mike moved over to the next guy and sucked his cock until he came in his mouth. And then did the same for the last guy. This was the largest cock Mike had seen. It took a bit of work to get all of it in his mouth. But Mike was able to do it. After the man shot his load in his mouth Mike stood and stretched. The foursome looked at him. All smiling from the oral action they had just received and from the anal şişli escort action they were fixing to have with Mike’s ass. Mike had never had a real cock in his ass before so he was a little uncertain. One of the men reached out and scooped the drop of precum from Mike’s dick. “Tasty”, he said after he licked his finger clean.

Mike got on his hands and knees with his tight ass facing the group. Grabbing a tube of lube he slid first one finger then two up his tight ass. Fucking himself with his fingers his ass got loosened up and ready for it’s first real cock. The first man came in behind him and moved his hand out of the way. Placing the tip of his cock against Mike’s virgin ass he slowly pushed his hard cock all the way in. After it was buried to the hilt he stopped and let Mike get used to it. Mike’s mind was racing. His ass had never felt so good and his cock was oozing precum by the gallon it seemed. The man started fucking Mike’s ass. First at a slow but steady pace then increasing till his cock was pumping in and out of Mike’s tight asshole almost as a blur.

Mike was moaning in pleasure. All at once the man grabbed Mike’s hips and shoved his cock deep inside his ass and shot his load of hot cum. When that happened Mike shot his load all over the carpet. He felt the cock pulling out of him. Before he had a chance to catch his breath the next man had gotten in behind him and grabbed his hips. With his ass loosened up by the cock fucking his ass before the next man had no trouble slamming his cock inside of him with one push. Mike thought he was going to pass out from the waves of pleasure cumming from his ass.

The man fucked him hard and fast. He didn’t last long but it was a very intense fuck. Shoving his cock in as far as he could the man let out a load moan as he shot off in Mike’s ass. Even though Mike didn’t cum this time he completely enjoyed this time as well. They let Mike catch his breath this time. suadiye escort It was a good thing too. Because the next man had climbed behind him and Mike knew that his cock was the biggest of them all. It was even bigger than the strap-on the woman had put on. Slowly the man worked his big cock into Mike’s ass. Stopping every so often to let him get used to it.

After he had it all the way in he reached around and started jerking Mike off. Then while he jerked Mike off, he started pulling his cock out and pushing it back in. Slowly he picked up speed. Ramming his cock in faster and faster as he increased the speed with which he jerked Mike off. Suddenly Mike felt his cock jump and started shooting off again. As he came all over the man’s hand he felt the cock withdraw from his ass and then felt hot cum squirting all over the cheeks of his ass. Mike felt drained. He had came harder today than ever before. And he still had one more assfucking to go.

The woman smiled as she took her place behind him. She said she was glad that he liked getting his ass fucked. Because the only thing she enjoyed more than a hard cock in her ass was to fuck someone else’s ass. She told him that although her “cock” wasn’t as long or as thick as the others she had an advantage they didn’t. She could fuck him all night long. She told him that she was going to fuck his ass good and hard until he came twice for her. She placed the tip of her strap-on at the opening of his already sore ass. Mike wasn’t sure how much he could take as she slid her “cock” into him. She reached around and fondled his cock as she fucked his ass. When he got hard she started jerking him off like the man before had done. She kept this up for almost twenty minutes until Mike shot off in her hand with a loud moan.

The woman had had at least three orgasms while fucking Mike’s tender ass. She let go of his dick and continued fucking his ass. Even though his ass was taksim escort sore he enjoyed the feeling of her “cock” going in and out of his ass. After a few minutes Mike felt a warm and wet mouth engulfing his cock. It was the first man he had blown and the first man to fuck his ass. The woman told him to enjoy it. They wanted him to cum good and hard for his last time. Since Mike had already cum three times it took him a while to cum again. She fucked his ass for at least forty-five minutes and the guys had all sucked on his cock again before he felt himself ready to cum.

He hollered as he shot his fourth load into the waiting mouth around his cock. She continued to fuck his ass while he came. Until he had totally drained his balls into the last man’s mouth. Slowly she pulled her “cock” out of his ass. Mike just laid down. To wore out to move. The three men and the woman all laid next to him and rubbed and kissed him all over. When he recovered a bit they told him he was great at giving blowjobs and the woman said he was a great pussy eater.

They also said he had a cute ass and they couldn’t wait to slide their hard cocks deep inside it again. And they wanted Mike’s cock in their asses as well. The woman also told him they all wanted to taste his cum as it wasn’t fair that only two got to taste him this time. Mike smiled and told them he was looking forward to their next get together. They helped him clean up and they all got dressed. Setting a time to meet next weekend Mike smiled as he drove home.

Thinking about the cocks he had in his mouth and the mouths his cock was in. About getting his virgin ass fucked and the taste of the woman’s pussy. As well as how much fun next time was going to be. Mike knew that the next time they got together he would enjoy shoving his hard cock up their asses and in their mouths but also knew he would enjoy them fucking his ass and sucking their cocks and eating her pussy.

Mike was also excited because he knew that next weekend another new member would be inducted. Another woman. Mike couldn’t wait to feel her mouth on his cock as well as feeling her pussy and her tight ass gripping his cock. Because the group told him that she was an anal virgin and that since he was the newest member he got the honor of being the first to fuck her cute ass…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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