The House Ch. 13

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Her name was Cindy George, and she was one of the signatories of the petition that had closed the old house. For the last couple of weeks as the house grew stronger she had been the recipient of suggestions, which had made her more interested in the old whorehouse. Her husband had been encouraging her to start a family, so had the house. She had resisted because she was the high school physical education teacher. Consequently, she wanted to keep her body at the level of perfection that she had obtained through a lifetime of exercise.

Although she was not the most beautiful woman in the community and on the smallish size as is typical of a gymnast she certainly had the most beautiful body. Her muscles long and lean from her years of gymnastics, before she had become a teacher, and now maintained by her constant exercise, added tone to her body that could not be matched. Her bottom end was probably her most appealing asset as her rear was well muscled and bunched beautifully with each step she took. Although her breasts were on the smallish side, because the amount of body fat she maintained on her well exercised body, they were wonderfully shaped with sensuous succulent nipples.

Unconsciously she had discontinued the pill and now was reaching her most fertile time of the month as the house had planned. Strangely as her body prepared for baby making she had not made love to her husband once. Now fertile and ready she found herself walking towards the old house, her body primed and ready for the house’s favorite pastime, procreation!

It was only ten in the morning and yet she was feeling strangely horny. A thought crossed her mind wondering why if she felt that way; and why she wasn’t headed for her husband’s office for a quickie, after all they had done it in the past. But it was quickly forgotten as an interest in the old house reasserted itself. That’s what she would do. She’d look through the old house, if the owner would allow, before going to the office for a quick screw. As she neared the house, her body yearned more and more for a good strong screwing. She almost turned towards her husband’s work place in her need, but no, she’d stick with the plan and see the old house. Her body began to prepare for sex. Her panties wet and her nipples so engorged that the fabric of her dress rubbed painfully against their tips. Why hadn’t she worn a bra today? Cindy always wore a bra so her breasts wouldn’t bounce while she exercised in front of her kids. But today, no bra. Had she been in that much of a hurry? The speed of her steps increased to the point she was almost running as the old house came in sight

Phoebe had woken up that morning strangely sexually satisfied from a night of strong loving with her lover’s mother and sister. She had not had the opportunity to make love to John because he had been too involved with his sister. Phoebe didn’t mind knowing that was John’s first time with his sister. She had watched their lovemaking while John’s mom licked Phoebe off repeatedly. It had just seemed to make the night perfect. The two women had been kind enough to share John’s seed with her through the auspices of freshly fucked cunts thrusting against her willing tongue. Phoebe truly loved the taste of a John inseminated hairy wet pussy.

Mother and daughter had decided to head down town having never shopped there before. So Phoebe had helped make and clean up breakfast, before sending them off at about a quarter to ten. The girls promised that they would bring back something special for dinner around five o’clock Some how when the girls left Phoebe knew today would one of the most exciting days that she would ever spend with her lover. Just as she closed the door on her lover’s backs, the phone rang.

Linda McPherson was a cold frozen bitch! Nothing less would describe probably the most cold hearted woman in the community. She was a tall big-breasted woman who dominated her shorter husband, broad of shoulder and even broader of hip. Not fat, just proportionately big all over standing just over six foot two in her stockings. Linda was as close to a man as she could get and still be all woman. Her voice was deep and husky. She had been a jock in high school and she retained the musculature of her youth. Although she fastidiously shaved her armpits and legs, she left her pussy covered in a pelt of hair that grew up on to her abdomen almost to her navel. It also grew down the inside of her large muscular thighs turning the soft succulent skin just below her pussy into a hairy wonderland of interesting sensations. In fact, there was a faint line of her black hair above her navel. There was even a sprinkling of hair about her nipples sprouting from her areola to accent her strong large nipples. At one time, she had assiduously plucked them out, but once she had her children found it too painful to bother and let her husband see the hair. Little did she know that those hairy areolas turned her husband on or she would’ve started plucking them again.

She was one of the women who had come around the first kurtköy escort day wanting to see the house. Linda had signed the petition not so much worried that a man she knew might avail himself of the house’s services as not wanting anyone else to enjoy something she didn’t really understand. Although she had allowed her husband to impregnate her twice, the moment her children were born she had him encase his cock with a condom anytime he came near her, which with her manipulation was about once a month if he was lucky. It wasn’t so much that she didn’t want children as it was a case of not wanting that hard piece of him inside her with its sticky aftermath coating her vagina. You could not call it a cunt because it was never used for joy. The one thing in life Linda didn’t know and the house did; was that Linda had the potential to be the most lusty, raunchy woman in the community.

She had married the wrong man as a virgin and had never experienced an orgasm. As the years passed, she had fallen to the habit of not expecting much sexually and consequently did not prepare sexually. The house was sure that Phoebe would put her on the path to orgasmic bliss. Although she didn’t realize it she had finished her period about six days ago and was reaching the height of her

fertility. In a few hours, she would be ready to procreate. She had to see that dirty old whorehouse. The thought just swarmed into her mind. She was sure that the young architect would be kind enough to show it to her. Linda picked up the phone and called John.

Phoebe picked up the ringing phone and Linda introduced herself and asked if she could speak with John. Phoebe smiled as she handed the phone to John already guessing what this phone call was about. She had seen John’s list of women that had called on him the first day and recognized the woman’s name. Phoebe also remembered that she had been a signatory on the petition, which the old Phoebe had help circulate. The new Phoebe wondered if this tall muscular woman would capitulate to her John’s winning ways unsure if she wanted this dominating woman anywhere near her man. But Phoebe knew she had a firm hold on her man with the support of both his sister and his mom. This woman would be a fine test to see if John was truly hers.

Unlike Phoebe John was unbelievably horny. Unlike Phoebe, he had awoken wanting Phoebe in the worst way. Here it was almost an hour and a half later and even though he had gone to the bathroom, he was still supporting morning wood as he took the phone from Phoebe. “Good morning, how can I help you?” he asked.

Linda introduced herself as one of the women that had come to see the house the first day “Would this morning be convenient or we could make it some other time,” she stated.

John knew he had the day free, especially with his mom and sister away shopping, but he wanted his Phoebe. John was also a gentleman and didn’t like turning a ladies request down so he temporized fully expecting his cock to be surrounded by Phoebe in the next few minutes, or seconds if he could help it, and said, “I’m busy this morning, but I should be free by lunch, could I offer you a sandwich while you are here?” He questioned.

Linda replied that she thought that would be very nice and she’d be there on the dot of twelve. What a nice man Linda thought to herself as she hung up the phone. Linda was a typical women in the fact that she could easily blow the next two hours primping and deciding on which clothes she would wear over to the old house. She didn’t know it yet but she would select a dress that unzipped down the back that was the easiest dress she owned to get out of. She would forget to wear her bra, which would allow her big breasts to sway seductively beneath the thin cotton. Although Linda had rarely been aroused, the thin cotton would irritate her huge hairy nipples to a semblance of arousal. The panty hose she would have normally have worn would be ignored in favor of a small tiny thong she hadn’t worn since she had wanted to make babies. The thong would be appropriate the house thought.

No sooner had John hung up the phone it rang again. Another of the signatories of the petition was on the line. Pat Little, another of the women on John’s list, apparently by coincidence, was phoning the same day as Linda with the same request. John was friendly and because Linda was already coming he thought he might as well turn the day into a house showing day and invited Pat for two o’clock warning her that he would be tied up before that. If the truth be known John loved showing the old house. Pat promised that she’d be there promptly at two. The two of them began a polite chitchat about weather and other community related things and the house began to get nervous.

The house wanted John off the phone and ready to answer the door. It had found itself to be most successful when the target woman was looking at John when she walked over the threshold and the house turned on its full power. It checked levent escort and sure enough, Cindy was two minutes from the door. The house creaked in exasperation, and then flushed a toilet to relive pressure, before it realized how to get John off the phone. It sent a shot of concentrated pheromones right up John’s nostrils making his testicles ache as they manufactured sperm in overdrive. John apologized and said he had to go and hung up.

Pat was a little miffed that he had hung up so abruptly, but then accepted that he had indeed invited her over to see the house. Well she’d spend the time cleaning and picking up, her lover Jack was a bit of a slob and was away on a sales trip. This would give something to do before it was time to go to the house. Damn Jack’s hide for going away just before she started ovulating. She always got horny at this time of month and Jack’s tongue sliding through her labia on it’s way to her clit was one of her favorite ways of resolving her problem with her needful flesh. Jacqueline always teased her at this time of mouth calling her a horn dog most of the time, but sometimes, when she needed to cum three of four time in a row, a needful bitch. But Jack always serviced her and allowed Pat’s tongue deep in her own pussy.

Pat normally just enjoyed tongue, but when she was incredibly horny, she’d have Jackie strap on her dildo and ream her pussy into submission with long cervix banging thrusts that would satiate her craving for a little while. Just thinking about it was driving her nuts; she was such a cunt-loving slut. She giggled with the use of the word slut knowing she was being bad. Jack would slap her ass red if she heard her calling herself that. She wondered what it would be like to allow a man’s thing in her for money and thought she might be able to do it for money although she would probably have to lube up to let it, yuk, slide in. Then she thought of having to suck on one until it spit cum in her mouth and decided she just wasn’t cut out to be a working girl.

Pat decided to go to bathroom to touch up her shave, keeping herself smooth like Jack wanted. Jackie hated having to spit out pussy hair when she was tonguing her. Then because she was so horny, she would go to her bedroom and finger herself not knowing the house was now part of her thoughts and would not allow her to cum before she meet John. It was going to be a titillating morning and by the time she left for the house her pussy would be red, wet, and ready, her clit swollen with need. She knew that no man would ever touch her but the house had a secret weapon, Phoebe.

As soon as he dropped the phone, John turned to Phoebe. His hard on obvious, tenting his pants, as he reached for his love, ready to strip her and make love. He was ready to take her in the hallway, with a monkey fuck, if he had to, his need was so bad, he grabbed her just as the doorbell rang. Phoebe, who had been surprisingly calm all morning, suddenly juiced, her nipples rising in response to the look in her lovers’ eye. Her loins ready just as the doorbell rang. John almost tore the door off its hinges in his frustration. There before them stood a slightly diminutive hard body beautifully shaped and ready to be fucked. Although it was still Cindy’s intention to go to her husband’s office, she immediately noticed the raging hard on John was supporting. Her pussy wept in its need. As she stepped into the doorway to introduce herself, her outer labia became so swollen beyond normal, which they allowed her fleshy engorged inner lips to fall through. Her wet panties caressed the sensitive flesh causing a little stream of her exudate to run down her leg, the thin silk material of her panties no longer able to absorb her wet arousal. She had never been so horny. Strangely, although her pussy was so wet with little rivulets of her lube running down her legs, her mouth was so dry she was unable to speak. After swallowing repeatedly, she finally managed to croak out who she was and why she had come.

John was now in such a state he didn’t know if he should ripe off her clothes or slam the door in her face. Fortunately, Phoebe was behind them both and in her state of arousal could still think straight just as the house had planned. She preempted John and brought Cindy into the house closing the door behind her. Cindy’s fate was sealed.

“So you’d like to see the house?” Phoebe cooed into Cindy’s ear. “We’ll be happy to show it to you, won’t we John?” John just stood there looking at the little hard body that had just stepped into his home wanting it, needing it. Somehow, he could smell the state of her arousal emanating from her lubricious body. Cindy stood fast, staring at the hardened prick that stood out in John’s pants. Phoebe knew Cindy was in need, knew she needed the seed of life. The new Phoebe believed that a woman’s highest calling was to become impregnated and in her completely prejudiced view, she believed that John was the ultimate impregnator.

Remembering her religious revelation mahmutbey escort Phoebe connived to get these two up to the bedroom. Although she believed that her own impregnation would never happen, still not knowing it had already had, she believed she should assist all women to their ultimate calling. “Why don’t we start on the third floor and work down,” she suggested softly to Cindy as she took her hand and led her up the stairs. Cindy allowed Phoebe to hold her hand as she was led up the beautiful flight of curving stairs that lead to the second floor. John stood still mesmerized by the beautiful ass that bunched and swayed as Cindy mounted the stairs behind Phoebe. Half way up the stairs Phoebe tuned to look at John and when Cindy turned to look as well, Phoebe caressed Cindy’s left breast her fingers gently playing with the fully engorged nipple she found on it. To Cindy it seemed perfectly natural in her state that Phoebe do this, even though it was the first time in her life that she had ever let a woman touch her in that manner.

Phoebe turned and continued to lead Cindy up the stairs, now with John following behind watching the beautiful ass that was his fortune to follow. His cock was painful with his need but he dared not break the spell that seemingly Phoebe had cast over them all. Phoebe stopped again and whispered to Cindy, “I Know you’re very wet. I can smell you. May I help?”

Cindy nodded her approval blushing through the already flushed sexual glow that infused her skin. Phoebe simply reached under her dress and wiped her soft wet thighs with her hand feeling the moist hair and silk panties as she reached the top of each thigh. Cindy’s body shuddered as Phoebe’s hand brushed softly against her pussy hair not quiet touching her swollen pussy. Cindy wanted her to. She needed some sort of release from the overwhelming sensation of need that was stealing her body from her control. Phoebe brought her hand up and Cindy saw the moisture glistening in the light before Phoebe’s tongue gently caressed the moisture from her hand and fingers.

“You taste extremely beautiful,” she whispered with huskiness in her voice that had not been there before. “Come with me little one.” Again Phoebe took her by the hand and now led her up the second flight stairs to the third floor and its vast expanse of carpet with the four poster bed standing in the middle. Phoebe led her on to the soft carpeting before going to her knees in front of Cindy. “You must be very uncomfortable in those extremely wet panties,” she said. “May I take them off for you?

Cindy simply nodded her head again and Phoebe reached up under her dress and slowly pulled down the sodden silk panties. Her exudate had been so profuse that her moisture had soaked the panties almost half way to her waistline. Long stings of her sexual mucus clung to her pubic hair and inner labia glistening in the light before one by one snapping as the panties slowly came down her legs. Cindy placed a hand on Phoebe’s shoulder to balance herself while lifting one foot then the other as Phoebe took them off. Then to Cindy’s way of thinking Phoebe did a strange thing. She held them under her nose and took a long slow deep whiff of her scent, then licked the gusset before passing them to John who did the same before sliding them into his pocket.

“Isn’t she beautiful John?” Phoebe asked. John nodded not wanting to break the spell his cock hardened further by the pungent odor. It was so strong that it almost, for a moment, covered the strange smell that had returned to the old house stronger than he had ever noticed it before.

Phoebe turned to Cindy and asked, “May I touch you?” Imitating John Cindy only nodded her assent as Phoebe extended her forefinger and slid it up Cindy’s leg and under her dress and to Cindy’s surprise deep into her pussy. Cindy’s body without her consent thrust against Phoebe’s intruding finger seeking relief. Phoebe’s other hand held her hip and stilled her body with its gentle caress. Phoebe looked deeply into her eyes as she slipped her finger out of her pussy and into her mouth. “I taste your need,” Phoebe said, and then more forcefully, “Tell me what you need, the truth!”

Cindy’s body shivered with lust. She had never in her life ever admitted to this need before. She had never been in this state of arousal before. How could she say it? How could she admit the truth? Her cunt wept crying in its need, she must answer this woman. “I need cock!” she cried. “Oh give me cock, I need it so bad.” She thrust her hips forewords almost into Phoebe’s face demonstrating in the strongest possible way, as she lifted her dress and exposed her swollen pubes the engorged inner lips, her exquisite need for cock.

“Oh you poor baby,” Phoebe purred, “Would you like to borrow my man’s?” Not waiting for a reply she turned to John and said, “Take off your pants John, maybe Cindy won’t like your big fat cock.” John slid his pants to the floor. He showed his prong of a prick to what could only be described as Phoebe’s prey. Cindy’s sexy sweet slot drooled its appreciation dripping its lust onto the carpet right in front of Phoebe’s eyes. Phoebe unbuttoned the front of Cindy’s dress and slid her finger back into Cindy’s swollen sex. Wiggling her finger to draw Cindy’s attention from her man’s dong she asked, “Are you going to let me taste you after you’ve used my man?”

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