The House Ch. 06

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Phoebe was crying in her bed, self-doubt assailed her. She loved her newfound sexuality but her father interfered with her joy. Alone and without the house’s support, she feared the God her father had taught her about. She knew from his teachings that she had fallen from grace, that only the Virgin Mary and true virgins were received in heaven as vestal angels. A condition her father had taught her to strive for so that she would be one of the chosen in God’s eyes. Now she was a fallen woman a sinner soiled by a man’s seed that had been spilled deep inside her. Not only that but in her depravity she had accepted a woman’s lips were no one should ever touch her. To complete her anguish she knew in her heart she would return to John and Cynthia time and time again. The one saving grace was the God that her Sunday school teacher had taught her about a God so unlike her father’s vision, that they would be diametrically opposed. While her father’s god was filled with anger and vengeance her teacher’s God was one of love and acceptance of the frailties of the human spirit. These Gods warred in her mind and she prayed for guidance. Were her prayer’s answered is hard to say, but Phoebe suffered a revelation so powerful that it changed her life forever. Was the house responsible, who would know?

The revelation centered on the orgasmic bliss she enjoyed in the arms of her lovers. That human beings could have such joy could only been brought about by God’s design. This basic fact led to a completely new pathway in her understanding of life. If one accepted that God wanted the species he had created to continue then he would reward those who tried to make it happen. It wasn’t a sin to conceive but a blessing. That is why God had chosen the Virgin Mary, a human being, to be his vessel. To Phoebe this reward was now obvious and she cursed her father deeply for she was sure her biological clock had recently ticked to a stop. Children she realized were the ultimate reward, the very children she had tsked at in her ignorance. She thanked her new God and fell asleep, to sleep the sleep of the truly blessed. One who knew she had found her mission in life.

When John awoke the following morning, it was to find his beautiful mom sleeping peacefully beside him. He watched her for a while with deep love in his heart for the woman who had given him life. He watched the rise and fall of her bosom that came with each gentle breath. He marveled at the voluptuous curve of her mouth. Her mouth that had gave him so much pleasure last night before they had fallen asleep in each other’s arms. And yet his mind turned to his Phoebe, his prissy librarian, who had locked him forever to her with her passion. One was his life giving love; the other he now recognized his soul mate. Each an interlocking part of his life, he hoped they would become good friends. His mother’s luscious lips drew him to her and gently he kissed the softness that opened under his attention slowly becoming more passionate as she greeted the morning.

With a sleep induced husky voice she said, “Good morning, my son, my lover,” immediately acknowledging their change in status and yet maintaining his importance to her; son first, lover second. He fondled a breast causing an immediate reaction in both of them. The nipple in its erectness called for his mouth and he suckled as he had so many years before. Her pussy began to run and the house noticing their awaking arousal placed sexy urges in their minds. The house didn’t bother with the scent, it knew it was unnecessary. Soon his mother rolled on top of him, her genitalia seeking his. As he thrust himself home, she moaned her pleasure and reared up so she could control their movement. With bouncing breasts, she fucked searching for climatic release enjoying the friction of skin on skin as his love tool brought her closer and closer. She slowed waiting for the warm spurt that would announce his love before taking herself over the edge, kissing him passionately as she came down off her endorphin laden high.

Phoebe, on the other hand was walking towards the library dressed as usual in a conservative cotton dress. However, nothing could conceal that morning the sexy dome over her womb, the breadth of her pelvic girdle, the roll of her hips, the movement of her bottom and her swelling thighs as she strolled towards the library. She was the epitome of Mother Earth, proud of her loins, and although she thought she was no longer fertile, any one who looked at bahis firmaları her would know her to be wrong. No one would mistake this woman and think her a virgin. For anyone who knew her the realization would come that their virginal librarian had metamorphosed over night into a gorgeous, sexual, sensuous woman, beauty personified. She personally thought that she had been given a second chance at life and she intended to live it to the fullest, no one especially her father, would ever again influence her except maybe John. Her mission at the library was a simple one she intended to retrieve a book she had hidden several years before thinking it unfit to be on one of her library’s shelves.

When she entered the library, even children who knew her, flocked to her side instinctively recognizing her change. She was now a mother who would love and protect. She took time talking to each child before going to search for the book. Her lips that had so long been held thin and tight, were now full and lush as she smiled at her young friends. Finally, she found it and signed it out. In her previous life she found it disgusting, but now it would satisfy her need to know, its title simple, How to Love Your Man. She dropped it off at her home, she was having Cynthia over in the evening, well if the truth be know it was for the night and she wanted to discuss the book’s explanations with her friend. But now she wanted to see her lover. She picked up the phone and dialed 888-6969 creaming her panties when she heard her lover’s voice. After the hellos were said, she asked if it was all right if she came over. When he replied in the affirmative, she asked if there was anything he needed. He asked if she might pick up a few bars of soap. Normally she would have walked, but she was in such a hurry to see him that she hopped in her little Honda Civic and off she went in search of soap. Soap in hand she parked behind the big black Mercedes and rang the doorbell. Then not waiting for an answer with her new self-confidence she walked in.

The house recognized a new confederate. In just a few days Phoebe had changed so dramatically that now she was a fellow believer in procreation. That she had come to her beliefs following a radically different path didn’t matter. What did matter was that she now was a confederate. With a feeling of wanting to celebrate, the old house pumped massive amounts of scent into the air. Threw sexual urge around as if there was no tomorrow. Phoebe was hornier than she had ever been. Through a fog of lust, she saw her man come down the stairs closely followed by his mother. It didn’t matter, throwing caution to the wind she ran towards him dropping the bag of soap as she went. Her arms flew around his neck holding him tight. Her mouth sought his, her loins grinding against him. His hands came around her pulling her ass forward as her pelvis ground against his hard-on. His hands played with her beautiful ass in front of his mother, he didn’t care, his passionate Phoebe was in his arms. Everywhere he touched her she was on fire, her cunt hot, burning her with its need to fuck, to procreate. Through a corner of her eye she saw his mother watching them.

Jane, also was on fire, her pussy weeping in need as she saw this epitome of womanhood sexually ravishing her son right before her eyes. She now understood what her son saw in Phoebe. Unconsciously, one hand lifted her skirt, the other grasped her naked hairy pubes, squeezing them hard, as though with the effort she could squeeze the overwhelming lust she felt right out of them. Some of her son’s cum oozed from her pussy into her squeezing hand Part of her mind wanted to push Phoebe away so instead, she could take his big fat cock and ram it into her twat. Another part wanted to take the same fat cock and ram it into Phoebe’s cunt so she could watch this hot woman screw him, take his seed. Her body was on fire as Phoebe tore herself from her son’s embrace. All Phoebe saw was the beautiful hairy pubes covered by a squeezing hand, the cunt that had given her lover life.

She ran to his mother and took Jane’s hand away from her pubes, replacing it with her own two fingers deeply penetrating the now humping pussy. She licked the hand that had held the pussy needing to taste the juice that had help create him. Instead, she tasted the same semen that she had stolen so carefully from Cynthia’s throbbing cunt the other day. They were fucking! It was wonderful! She wanted to watch them fuck. She could kaçak iddaa see in her imagination his pillaging cock pistoning into his mother’s juicing pussy. Phoebe pulled her fingers from her hot wet gash and tasted them before she dropped to her knees, took Jane’s naked buttocks into her hands, and with questing tongue took juice and semen from the cunt that had given her lover birth. Jane felt the ghosts of orgasm begin to build as Phoebe searched her pussy for more of her son’s and her commingled mix. As the misty ghosts of orgasm began to coalesce, Phoebe suddenly pulled her mouth away, looking up Jane’s body she gasped. “Not yet, the bed, hurry! As Jane whirled to run up the stairs, Phoebe regained her feet, turned to her lover and once again kissed him strongly, giving him his own taste back freshly taken from his mother’s cunt. “You too, the bed!” she managed to groan out before turning and running up the stairs, John right behind her. They passed his mother’s skirt that she had torn from her body and then her bra. Phoebe had a quick glimpse of her naked ass as Jane turned down the third floor hallway. She too was fumbling at the buttons in the front of her dress so that it fell from her shoulders, leaving a pool of color on the hallway floor, as she followed Jane into the bedroom, clad in thong and demi-bra. The only reason she had worn panties that morning was because she had been leaking juice from her pussy all morning and hadn’t wanted to go to the library with juice running down her legs.

Jane was waiting for her on the edge of the bed. Phoebe wiggled her ass as she pulled the thong down her thighs and away from her cunt. Long strings of her mucilaginous juices stretched from her panties, clinging to her matted wet pussy hair, not breaking until her panties where almost to her knees. Jane had carefully positioned her ass, so when Phoebe went to her knees she had full access to her lusting pussy. She was wet, hot, wanting, as Phoebe’s tongue penetrated her sending the specter of orgasm racing through her womb. The womb Phoebe now worshiped, because it had produced her lover along with four others. Phoebe believed that the ultimate sexuality for a woman was to make babies. She suckled on Jane’s sticky juices, feeding her lust on the nectar taken from Jane’s flower of love. Pre orgasmic quakes shivered through Jane’s body signaling her approaching orgasm. Phoebe’s mouth released its hold on her genitalia and she turned her face contorted with passion. “ Fuck her!” she screamed at her now naked lover, “Fuck her!

Phoebe moved quickly out of his way, and she watched his wonderful big fat cock slam into his mother’s hairy gash, tearing her bra from her body as she did. All it took was three heaves of her son’s body, slamming his prick deep into her gapping gash. The ball of fire, so enlarged by Phoebe’s tongue, exploded in her belly, burning her tits with its intensity, while she screamed her throat raw, her hips thrashing under him, just as Phoebe had planned. Phoebe, so impassioned by the sight of her lover’s cock bringing his mother orgasmic bliss that she grabbed him by his shoulders, before he could reach completion and yanked him from his mother’s orgasmic grip. Throwing him to the floor she pushed Jane’s shivering body to one side taking its place with her own. With legs held wide, cunt gapping swollen and ready with her juices she yelled, “Now me, hurry, fuck me.” He regained his feet, his cock swollen and red, shiny wet, coated with his mother’s cum. He threw himself at her, his cunt seeking cock, like a heat- seeking missile penetrated her heat spreading her cunt lips wide, bottoming against her cervix. Her abdomen and ass threw her hairy slit at him. She realized his mom’s cum was now deep in her own cunt helping grease his cock’s way. It was so deliciously wicked thinking his mother was helping her fuck him. Tits forgotten as cunt and cock furiously fucked. Suddenly she exploded into orgasmic bliss her strong thighs quivering in reaction as another orgasmic quake exploded in her belly radiating outward as a third explosion racked her already storm tossed body sending bolts of lighting to her tits. She felt his cream splash her cervix while she kissed him passionately thanking him with her mouth for her first multi-orgasmic climax.

No one knew that deep in her uterus a tiny single cell structure waited for a missile of its own as her cervix dipped and drank from his pool of cum. Millions of tiny swimmers raced into her uterus kaçak bahis each determined to win the prize. One strong swimmer particularly adept butted its head against the cell and gained entry only to be almost instantly torn in two. Whether it was an answer to prayer, a quirk of fate, or the old house, would never be known, but Phoebe had been granted her wish, twins. John’s mother recovered from her own orgasmic pleasure began to kiss them both while the three of them intertwined seeking comfort and love in the mesh of their warm bodies. The lethargic interlude of post coital bliss sent them to sleep in each other’s arms.

Late in the afternoon, John awoke still in the soft embrace of the two women he loves most in the world. Once again he watched his sleeping beauties, the rise and fall of chests, the sensuous curve of lips, the flutter of eye lids, the way their hair caressed their faces. He wondered whose soft lips he wanted to kiss awake first and while he tried to make up his mind they awoke and kissed him first. Then they kissed each other in a long slow exploratory kiss, touching each other’s bodies. The touches partially to make sure that each was accepting of the other and partially to bring each other pleasure. Their continued kisses led to the fondling of each other’s breasts and buttocks. As the kisses went on, hands delved between acquiescent thighs, checking for moisture and the level of each other’s arousal. As they played, Phoebe whispered in Jane’s ear, “Do you want to do him first?”

Jane squirmed around until she could whisper in Phoebe’s ear, “No, I think we should be a team and do him together. You take his cock, I’ll take his mouth.” They rolled John onto his back and straddled him facing each other. First they simply rubbed their wet hairy pussies over his body, bringing him pleasure with their warmth and wetness. Their sexual scent strong and musky arousing him, his cock standing tall and proud. But as their own arousal grew, they mounted him, Phoebe, with his cock deep inside of her, his mother on his mouth, his tongue playing with her labia and clit. It was a slow sensual loving and John remembered, it was only this morning that he had been worried as to whether they would get along or not. Their hips rolled their cunts over his tongue and cock, each enjoying the appropriate part, while their juices flowed over balls and tongue. Their movements more assertive as tentacles of orgasm gripped their loins, more frantic as the grip tightened into the familiar ball of growing fire. Each now searched for the trigger that would send them into orgasmic seizure. Each watched the others’ face grimace in passion until in unison they cried out their passionate release. Phoebe once more took his hot seed onto her body.

Satiated they got up and dressed searching for miscellaneous pieces of clothing that were scattered throughout the house. Jane asked Phoebe to stay for dinner and the night but Phoebe declined explaining her prior commitment to her friend Cynthia. John ruefully remembered that he had not accomplished a thing all day, the walls still stood on the third floor. He asked Phoebe if she would ask Cynthia to round up the team of six once more. He explained his demolition project and Phoebe assured him the team would be at his doorstep by nine O’clock the next morning. After he and his mom closed the door on Phoebe’s retreating back his mom went to the kitchen to begin supper while he got on the phone and ordered one of those big garbage bins so often seen behind large stores. Assured that it would arrive tomorrow morning he finally went down stairs and moved the towels to the dryer. He knew he and his mom would want a shower before going to bed. Then he went to the kitchen to help his mom prepare their meal. While they worked his mom praised him for finding such a passionate woman and didn’t say one word about their age differences. Taking about Phoebe aroused them once more and with a little bit of help from the house, they had a nice fuck on the kitchen table before setting it for the evening meal.

When Cynthia arrived at Phoebe’s she immediately phoned the girl’s and arranged for tomorrow’s demolition brigade not knowing the girls were going to demolish more than just walls. Then Phoebe and Cynthia read the book long into the night, often taking time out to pleasure each others pussies. Phoebe didn’t tell Cynthia that John and his mother were fucking, figuring it they wanted Cynthia to know they’d soon tell her. She knew John had enjoyed Cynthia’s pussy and was sure he would like a repeat performance.

The house groaned in happiness liking how events where shaping up for tomorrow, sure they had the potential for procreation.

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