The Hot Cousin

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Big Dicks

All characters are over 18.


The house was in an uproar as the arrival of The Relatives approached.

My mom was freaking about how horribly messy our house was, even though it looked pristine to me. My dad was grumpy because he’d just found that tomorrow’s golf plans were cancelled so he could drive my mom and her sister’s family up to Grandma’s house.

Mom yelled at me about some imaginary item I’d left lying around. I gritted my teeth and endured, because I didn’t want to cause her to change her mind about not forcing me to go on the Grandma field trip.

Yes, I’d pulled off a major coup on that one. A four-hour round trip drive and probably at least six hours of deadly dull family convo once we got there. I thought I made some pretty good arguments for opting out, but at the end of the day it may have just come down to seating capacity. Mom, dad, Aunt Michelle, Uncle Steve, and Cousin Mike would pretty much fill the car. Not sure how they would have squeezed me…without quite a bit of lube. Heh heh, sorry, that was naughty.

So… if I could endure another hour of mom’s insanity and a boring dinner/evening with the Relatives, my reward would be having the house to myself for most of the next day.

Definitely a good trade-off.


Dinner was easier than I expected. Boring, but low stress. Cousin Mike was in the spotlight. He’d just finished his junior year at college and had an impressive internship lined up in New York in a couple of weeks. Nobody wanted to talk about my job at the mall or what classes I was taking at the local junior college this summer. Which was fine with me, I just smiled and ate my dinner and kept quiet.

Perfect Cousin Mike. Smug bastard. He clearly enjoyed being the center of attention. A big, good-looking kid, brains and charisma, probably did pretty well with ladies. I had to admit, I was kind of feeling him, but…ewwww, COUSIN, gross.

As the meal was winding down, mom made a point of ordering me to clear the table. I simmered slightly but smiled sweetly. Just bite my tongue; just get through tonight and tomorrow morning, and then everyone would be gone, and I could have a nice quiet day to myself. The elders began to push away from the table and ease toward the leaving room. I picked up some dishes and headed toward the kitchen sink.

And then a funny thing happened. I had this weird feeling, and I took a quick glance over my shoulder. Just in time to catch Cousin Mike checking out my ass.

Well, checking it out would be putting it mildly. More like eye-fucking it. He looked like a coyote who had just located the last rabbit on earth. There was an intensity, almost a ferocity, in his eyes.

To be fair, I’ve been told that I do have a really nice ass: curvy but tight, thick but firm, bodacious and bubbly. And I was wearing some cute shorty-shorts, nothing obscene enough to trigger mom, but I think they made the point that HELLO, NICE ASS HERE.

That being said, he was wolfing me pretty good, and I was kind of stunned, and it went on for a couple of heartbeats before he realized he was busted. And then everything changed, because he was SO busted, and he SO knew it, and he SO knew that I knew…

When his eyes finally met mine, they went wide, and he looked scared for a moment. Partly just from being busted, but also partly because I’m sure my face was going DID YOU JUST CHECK OUT MY ASS?

The fierce look had been creepy. The scared look…hmmm…I liked that. Smug Mike in a tough spot. The power dynamic shifted so quickly. I felt this weird, warm flush run through my body.

I left him hanging for a second or two, but then I couldn’t help letting a little grin slip through. He looked relieved and gave me a tentative smile back. I turned my head away and resumed my trek to the kitchen.

I might have let my ass sway just a little bit more than usual.


I was vaguely aware of chaos and uproar early in the morning, as mom and dad and the Relatives got themselves organized and out the door. Jeezus. I knew my mom and dad could never do something as complicated as leaving the house without making a lot of noise, but apparently it was a genetic trait. Dad and Uncle Steve spent about 15 minutes right outside my door arguing about the best route to take. Mom and Aunt Michelle were yakking about something in the living room, and they were almost loud enough to drown out their husbands. I rolled over and covered my head with a pillow. I was back in dreamland before they left.

I woke up horny. I just lay in bed and rolled around, stretching, and okay maybe touching myself a little. Mmmm…hard frisky nipples this morning…warm throbby pussy, maybe just a little damp up in there…my fingers drifting down to touch my panties…my mind drifting around, looking for an actionable fantasy to plug into…mmmm, yes, how about my naked ass swaying while a hot guy stared at me with fierce eyes…

…while Cousin Mike stared at me with fierce eyes…

EEEK! Ewww, bahis firmaları COUSIN, gross! My hand jerked away from my panties, and I sat up quickly, wide awake now. Jeezus, what was wrong with me? I almost started jilling to Smug Mike perving on my ass? So wrong. Ok, hot…but wrong. I was gonna need to process this. I still felt horny as fuck, but…it was gonna have to wait.

I checked the clock, and it was already past 10:00 am. I remembered I was supposed to call my best friend Eve today. I looked on my nightstand but couldn’t find my phone, so I realized I probably left it in the living room. Surprisingly, my mom hadn’t bothered to wake me up to yell at me about it.

I rolled out of bed and got a good stretch. Oooh, it felt good. My body was kind of warm and tingly. I think my body had built up pretty good endorphin load while I was fingering myself earlier.

I took a good look at myself in the full-length mirror next to my door. Oh my, if Mike could see me now…STOP THAT.

But the mirror didn’t lie. I looked like a snack. Curvy yet tight little body, barely clad in translucent pink. My dirty little secret was that I Iiked sleeping in sexy sleepwear, and my employee discount had helped me buy a few hot items.

Today I was wearing the one that was probably the most…well…slutty. The top was a little half-camisole, thin spaghetti straps over the shoulders, loose and very low neckline…and not much else. It stopped about halfway between my boobs and my panty line. The bottom hem hung saucily away from my skin because…well…my boobs are pretty big. It was designed to be loose and roomy so the girls could move around freely. It was silky and light and it fluttered over my prominent nipples like the fingertips of a shy lover. Not quite see-thru, but sexy sheer.

The bottom half of the outfit was a tiny, lacy, unlined thong. Not quite a g-string, but not far away.

My mom would definitely not approve of my naughty habit, but I do my own laundry and cover up with a robe outside my room, so like I said, my little secret. And I’ve been “between boyfriends” for a while, so I haven’t had a chance to show off to anyone. Well, except my friend Eve, I’d sent her a couple of selfies…mmm, Eve…that’s another story, I’ll get to that one later…

So… checking myself out. I turned my ass to the mirror and looked over my shoulder. Sort of the view Mike had last night…STOP THAT. Yeah, ass looked killer, no doubt. The little thong hid nothing as the thin strip was just swallowed up by my full, bubbly ass cheeks, which folded beautifully into my thick but firm thighs. Eve says my boobs are amazing, but my ass is world class. Oh, gorgeous Eve…

Turning to face the mirror again, I scoped myself top to bottom. Bare shoulders, tan with nice definition, one thin spaghetti strap dangling. My full boobs, borderline C/D cups, depending on the bra. And no bra now, of course, so they jiggled teasingly. A lot of cleavage…I mean a LOT. A moderate forward lean might bare the nipples to wandering eyes. The underarms were scooped out a bit, so you might catch some sideboob if you were lucky. The thin material did nothing to contain the randy swelling of my nipples. It was sheer enough that you could just make out the circular outline of my dark aureolas in the right light.

My tummy was nicely bared. Not quite flat washboard, but you could see the ab definition under a thin layer of girly softness.

The panties…oh my, little tufts of girl fur trying to peek out the top, and a few dark, stray hairs on the sides. Definitely needed to do some grooming before I accepted any pool party invitations. And my legs…my third best feature, according to lovely Eve…power in the firm thighs, but enough length for me to have been a decent volleyball player when I was in high school.

Overall, a very enticing package, and right now a minimally wrapped one. Ha! Pervy Cousin Mike should be so lucky.


I rarely had the house to myself in the mornings, so it felt sweetly decadent to leave the privacy of my room without covering up. My wispy top fluttered against my bare skin as I waltzed down the hall. My hot, humid pussy felt a refreshing tingle as air-conditioned swirls slid between my thighs. My boobs gloried in their braless freedom as I bounced down the stairs. Oh fuck, I felt young and beautiful and exposed and horny. I smelled coffee and hoped my parents had left some for me. My feet stepped onto the cool linoleum kitchen floor as I headed to the living room.

Cousin Mike sat at the kitchen table, staring out the window as he sipped a cup of coffee.

I let out a little high-pitched gasp and froze. The two worst things I could have done. He was looking away, so I might have been able to just turn tail before he saw me and run back upstairs to get a bathrobe. Worst case, he might’ve caught a tantalizing flash, but it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Instead, the little EEK had, of course, caused his head to spin immediately in my direction, so he got kaçak iddaa an eyeful. But he was still jumpy with surprise, apparently thinking he had the place to himself, so I probably could have fled quickly and still played it off later with only minor embarrassment.

But instead, after signaling my nearly nude presence, I went deer-in-the-headlights and just stood there as he stared. I could see his eyes go from surprised to confused to enthusiastic to pervy in the space of about one second. I was standing awkwardly, one foot forward and slightly off balance, and my body corrected without thinking, taking another jiggly half step forward. The thin fabric slid across my bouncy boobs and further hardened my nipples. Some part of my brain knew they were thrusting obscenely toward his eager eyes. That sent a jolt through my chest and into my tummy and beyond. My whole body went hot-cold-hot and my skin went bright pink.

Another tick of the clock passed, and my mind suddenly flashed what I knew he must be seeing. A hot, curvy brunette with wild eyes, messy hair, blushing skin, and achingly hard nipples. Wearing almost nothing.

I could feel the nerve endings in every part of my exposed body. A dizzying variety of emotions raged through my body. My pussy throbbed and then spasmed, clenching tight and trying to hold in a warm, wet trickle.

It felt like an hour, but all this craziness happened in about three seconds. That’s how long it took me to recognize I was in a hazardous, vulnerable situation. I started to shift my weight and get ready to bolt straight back to my room, and my mouth opened to mumble something like “excuse me.”

But in the meantime, Mike had regained his composure. His pervy leer had morphed into a warm trust-me smile that no doubt served him well with cautious coeds at frat parties.

“Hey Lisa,” his deep, confident voice rumbled. “Want some coffee?” It was pitch perfect. Suddenly it seemed normal and safe to be standing in front of a pervy cousin in my sexy undies.

“Ummm…no thanks,” I mumbled. “I just need to grab my phone.”

“Oh sure, go ahead.” Awesome. Now I had his permission to parade my bare skin in front of him. I took a few more steps into the kitchen, passing within three feet of where he sat. He did a good job keeping his eyes focused on mine, at least until I passed him and looked away.

But then it felt weird again, and I stopped. I felt a sudden overwhelming urge to say something, to explain the situation, to make him understand the misunderstanding.

“I didn’t know anyone was here,” I blurted. “I thought everyone went…”

“Nope. Talked my way out of it, thank god. Looks like you did too.”

“Yeah.” I was still standing there, feeling like more explanation was needed. “Sorry about…” I gestured toward my nearly naked body, holding my hands away but pointing back at myself from each side, then waving them up and down.

Jeezus. Displaying myself. Drawing his attention. Not only giving him permission to stare at me, but pretty much inviting him to. What the fuck was wrong with me? His eyes followed as my hands moved up and down, like an infomercial hostess showing off product features. Yes…all this for just $19.99…call now, operators are standing by.

I did another full body blush as I realized what I was doing.

Mike met my eyes and actually winked. Gag me with some cheese. Then he shrugged.

“Hey, it’s your house. Whatever makes you…comfortable.”

“Well, it’s just what I sleep in.” Fuck. Was that supposed to sound better? “Anyway…I’ll leave you to your coffee.”

Finally, I managed to turn away and proceed to the living room. His eyes might as well have been hands, I could feel his gaze groping my juicy ass. My buns felt twice their normal size. I consciously tried to make them stop swinging so much, but I could tell that my efforts were just making it worse. My phone was on a little end table next to the couch, which was kind of blocked by the coffee table, so to reach it I had to bend over a little bit. Of course.

It wasn’t over yet. My walk of shame was a round trip. I walked back toward Mike into the kitchen, boobs-a-bouncing. I was too embarrassed to make eye contact, so no doubt he was getting a good look. My little titty top was really showing off the girls, which were bouncing so much I felt like I was on a trampoline. Meanwhile, my pubes crinkled against the elastic of my panties, reminding me that my bush was a tad overgrown. I broke stride right in front of him and gave my thong a little upward tug. Well, if he hadn’t noticed it before, he knew about it now.

“I’ll save you some coffee,” he said.

“Oh, ummm…thanks,” I said. Now it suddenly felt rude to stalk off without another word…

“Stop by later so we can catch up,” I said. It didn’t come out quite right; a bit more flirty than casual, a tad more provocative than friendly. Ouch. Sort it out later. Get the fuck back to my room NOW.


“Oh my GAWWWD I am such an airhead slut,” I told kaçak bahis Eve when I finally returned to the safety of my room and called her.

“Aww, my sweet baby girl,” she purred. “Tell mommy what happened.”

Ummm…yeah, she talks to me like that. We flirt-talk all the time. She calls me baby girl, sexy mama, lover…and I’m starting to feel like it’s not just talk…

“I thought everyone in the house was gone. I just went parading through the house in one of my little nighties…”

“Your DAD saw you?” she shrieked. Somehow she sounded more titillated than disgusted.

“Ewww no, EVE! That’s so GROSS!”

“Who then?” She was breathless with suspense.

“My cousin.” Oooh, I got a little rush just from saying it.

“Male or female?” she asked.


“How old?”


“Oh my god.”

“I know, right!”

“Oh my GOD!”


“You naughty SLUT!” She gasped and moaned, pretending like she was playing with herself. Or maybe she was.

“Evie, please,” I said. “Moral support needed here.”

“Awww, sweet lover girl. You know I love you extra hard when you act slutty.”


“Okay, okay, sorry. Well…what nightie were you wearing? The Hello Kitty one?” She giggled.

“Haha. I haven’t worn that since grade school. No… I don’t know if I showed you this one.”

“Show me.”

“I dunno, Evie. Not sure I want a pic of this floating around.”

“Show me show me. Show me!”



“Okay, fine,” I sighed. She was gonna obsess over it until I sent her a selfie, and I wouldn’t be allowed to finish the story.

I was lying in my bed. I lifted the phone above me. I was about to take the shot, but at the last second I felt a little frisky, so I bent a knee and spread my legs, lifted my free arm above my head on the pillow, and copped a pouty little attitude. I snapped. I scoped the pic. Oh fuck, it was pornographic. I hit send before I could reconsider.

There was a distressingly long pause while I waited for her to call back. Or was I supposed to call her? What was the protocol here? Was she waiting for me? Had I crossed our faux-lesbian line and actually freaked her out? Before the doubts could take deep root, the phone buzzed.

“Oh my god,” she whispered. “I want you so fucking bad right now. I’m touching myself.”

“Evie, stop kidding around,” I moaned.

“I’m done kidding,” breathed. “It’s time we faced our true feelings.”

“Evie, for god’s sake.” I wasn’t sure if she was kidding, but I wanted her to be kidding. Maybe. I thought of my long, slender ebony friend writhing naked, and my finger brushed the outside of my panties. They were noticeably wet.

“Let me finish my story,” I pleaded.

“Mmmm…” she moaned, but somehow sounded a little more focused. “I can’t believe he saw you in THAT. That’s sooooo hot.”

“Ewwww, no! He’s my cousin!”

“Well…so what happened? Just a quick flash?”

“Ummm… no… he got a pretty good look.”

“Oh my GAWD,” she growled. I was pretty sure now that she was actually playing with herself.

“Evie, please,” I begged. “Stay with me here.”

“Okay,” she sighed. “So what happened?”

“Well, I had to walk past him in the kitchen to get my phone in the living room…”

“Yeah, he got a good look alright,” she giggled.

“And then I…”

I was interrupted by a tap tap on my bedroom door. I glanced up, and just as I realized it wasn’t quite closed all the way, it swung inward, and Mike’s head poked through.

I’d been lying on the bed in pretty much the same pose I’d used for the selfie I’d just sent to Eve: partially spread-eagled, with one arm behind my head; one leg straight and pointed just left of the door, the other one bent at the knee and pointing way off to the right. A tiny pink panty triangle was the only thing protecting my most intimate treasures from Mike’s prying eyes. I pulled my gaping legs shut, but he’d already gotten a good look.

“Hey, you said stop by, and your door was open…can I come in?”

FUCK NO and GET OUT and PLEASE COME BACK LATER were all on the tip of my tongue, but Evie was still in my ear.

“Oh my GAWD is he there?” she gasped.

“Yeah,” I answered her.

“Thanks,” said Mike, starting to ease his way into my room.

“No, wait,” I said to Mike. He hesitated.

“Wait for what?” asked Eve.

“No, not you,” I told her. He grinned, assuming I was giving him the all-clear, pushing the door open and waltzing confidently in.

“Oh, okay, thanks,” he said.

“Where are you?” she asked, cutting me off before I could dismiss Mike.

“In my bedroo- umm, in my-“

“In your BED?” she gasped.

“NO! Not my…uhhhh…in my room. My bedroom.” Mike’s grin widened as he quickly grasped Eve’s misinterpretation. I did another full body blush.

“Tell your friend I said hi,” Mike leered.

“Uhhh…Mike says hi,” I relayed. I was helping him flirt with her now. This was totally going off the rails.

“Wait a minute…Mike…the Hot Cousin?” She said it loud enough that I think he could hear her. His smugness went up yet another notch.

“Yeah,” I said. “That one.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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