The Heat of a Mexican Sun

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Robin likes that I get along well with Bill and Silvia. Early on, flirting with Silvia was quite tame. She enjoyed the attention I offered, and her husband, Bill, didn’t seem to mind. I tried to be discrete so as not to alert outsiders to our growing feelings for each other. One day, Silvia’s daughter, Denise, asked me if I liked her mom. I admitted that I do enjoy visiting their family. She restated her question, asking if I wanted to screw her mom. What could I say? She told me how her mom cleans the house fanatically just before I arrive, squeezes into her tightest jeans when I’m around, and tries to prepare my favorite meals. Then, she encouraged me to “go for it.” Wow! I did not expect that.

The big turning point occurred during a weeklong vacation the four of us took down in Mexico to celebrate their 25th anniversary. I thought it peculiar that a couple would invite another couple on such a special occasion, even given our close relationship with them. We had travelled together before and stayed over at each other’s homes, but only for a night or two at a time. Sometimes, I would plan to push the flirting a little harder but I always chickened out, or I was so subtle that no one noticed. For this trip, I decided to push things enough to see if there was something more to it than just enjoying the local sights together.

I began to plan. Maybe I would down a few shots first so if I met rejection, I could apologize, and blame my foolishness on the drink. No, they would not realize how serious I am. I had to set “traps” for myself so that I could not turn back, nor deny my intent. I felt intoxicated with lust for her and everyone was going to know it. No more teasing and joking around. I had to be clear about wanting to eat Silvia’s taco this week. After all, when in Mexico, do as Mexicans do, right?


Bill and Silvia flew down Saturday and claimed the one bedroom in the jr. suite. We flew down early Sunday and spent our nights on the sofa bed. The summer heat was almost unbearable in the afternoons. When we first got to the room, I quickly changed from my jeans to a pair of cargo shorts, in front of the others in the living room. Robin protested a bit, but by that time, I had the shorts on. I countered that my briefs reveal no more than swim trunks. It is only their whiteness that gives them away. After a light lunch and some catching up, we returned to the room for our swimwear. Again, I changed in the living room, but showing a little skin this time, of course.

We spent the afternoon at the main pool. There was hardly anyone there. Bill and I mostly sat in the water at the swim-up bar, while Silvia and Robin reclined on fındıkzade escort the concrete deck surrounding the pool. Afterwards, we all showered and dressed for dinner. This took some time since there was only one bathroom in the suite. After dinner, we changed back into our swimwear and soaked in a small pool on our private balcony. Our room was along the southern edge of the resort and the next resort was half a mile south, across the jungle. Being off-season, many of the rooms were vacant. Thus, it truly felt private especially now that it was dark.

The tequila had me buzzing and feeling horny. I discretely slid my trunks off and laid them beside the pool to dry. Later, needing to pee, I stood up, casually dried myself with a towel, and went inside. I grabbed drink refills for everyone on my way back out. I re-entered the pool, sitting next to Silvia this time, as the four of us continued to chat.

When we called it a night, I dried off, and put on my briefs to sleep. I didn’t want to push things too quickly, causing unease, and prematurely ending my game.


By morning, my briefs were laying on the floor next to the sofa bed. Silvia started a pot of coffee when she woke up. She was wearing a t-shirt and boxers, her usual sleepwear. I laid there under the sheet chatting with her as the pot brewed. She poured me a cup and brought it over to where I lay. I peeled back the sheet back and sat up, hoping she would not spill the hot coffee on my lap. Taking the cup, I stood and strolled out on the balcony to enjoy the sound of the tropical birds in the morning sun. I remained there until my turn to shower.

We had all gotten a little too much sun yesterday and decided it best to stay covered up. We toured the Mayan ruins in Talum. Man, it was hot. I wanted out of my clothes, but knew this was not the place for that.

Again, we wound down our evening in the balcony pool. Tonight, I started out nude, not even bothering to put on my trunks. At the end of the soak, I dried off with a towel before crawling under the sheet to sleep. My bag was along the wall across the room from where I slept.


Tuesday morning, when Silvia walked out to make coffee, I was already up, sitting naked in a chair perusing literature on things to do.

We decided to give snorkeling a try at Xel-Ha.

We had the late night balcony pool routine down by now. I needed to step up my game. But how? Nobody had taken my bait and stripped down. Then I had an idea … for tomorrow.


This morning, Silvia came out to make coffee while I was making love to Robin florya escort under the sheet. She immediately retreated back into the bedroom, embarrassed, shutting the door, and awaiting our “all clear.” She later apologized for walking in on us. I told her there was no need for that, as we are all family here. I said, “You are welcome to watch anytime, or even join in.”

She and Bill just wanted to hang out at the resort today. Robin and I caught a northbound bus back to Cancun for the day. The beach at the resort was rocky and rough, no swimming allowed. In Cancun, it was sandy with a moderate surf. Cancun was definitely a different vibe than the isolated resort where we stayed. We bummed around all day and then headed back south to meet up for dinner that night.

As I undressed for our nightly soak, Robin protested about my repeated nudity. I didn’t understand why since she often teases me about wanting to make love to her sister, Silvia. Bill spoke up on my behalf, stating that it is Doc’s vacation, too. He had no objection to my nakedness. In fact, he reported that Silvia was getting aroused, and thus, he was getting sex every night this week. Silvia quickly agreed this was the best vacation of her life. She reminded Robin that we are all family, so just relax. To further ease Robin’s concerns, Bill stripped and soaked naked tonight, as well.

Silvia apparently wrestled with my invitation to watch throughout the day. Before going to bed, she asked that we alert her whenever we plan to make love. I replied, “7 am, on the dot!”

I could not get to sleep as mind was racing over how my game had advanced today. I walked out on the balcony and sat in a chair, trying to wind down. I noticed the slider to the bedroom was open about a foot. The screen remained shut to keep any creepy bugs out, and the vertical blinds were pivoted slightly open. I quietly repositioned my chair so that Silvia might see the moonlit silhouette of my erect cock. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.

After a while, I heard some whispers from their room. I remained motionless, pretending to sleep. When I heard the blinds move, I opened my eyes to see Bill pivoting them fully open. Then he went back to bed. I again repositioned my chair to directly face their bed as they made love. Actually, they probably had a much better view of me on the balcony than I did looking into their dark room. When they were through, Silvia walked over to the slider, and drew the blinds open so I could see her nakedness clearly through the glass. I reached down with my finger to bring my sweet pre-cum to my tongue. Then I stroked myself göztepe escort off, shooting my load on my chest. Silvia said good night and closed the blinds.


Thursday morning, I awoke when the sun first arose, still sitting in that balcony chair, wearing no clothes. I quietly washed up and crawled into bed next to Robin. Silvia came out at 7am to watch. First, I ate Robin out as Silvia looked on. When we finished making love, I walked past Silvia, my dick still semi-stiff and glistening, as I headed for the shower.

We went to play at Xcaret today, and got home late. No soaking tonight, straight to bed.


Friday morning, Robin invited Bill to join Silvia as she watched us fuck once again. I was secretly hoping that a foursome might ensue, but they only watched.

We traveled south to explore Playa Del Carmen on this our last day. We all enjoy browsing artisan’s shops. We ate our last lunch at Senor Froggy, looking across the sea toward Cozumel and watching little kids play on the tiny public beach.

Our last night at the resort proved to be our best. We were just leaving the room to go to dinner. Walking down the hall, Silvia stopped, reached up under her skirt, pulled her panties off, and tossed them to me saying she wanted to get the full experience before we leave. She was quite giddy at dinner as her bare cunt rubbed on the seat. Afterwards, we walked down to the beach for one last spectacular sunset. A strong, cool breeze was blowing in from the dark ocean. I turned to Robin, requesting that she too give me her panties. I then asked the sisters to lay back on the lounge chairs, lift up their knees, and spread their legs, letting the breeze blow up under their skirts to tease their bare pussies. Robin held her skirt against her thighs while Silvia folded hers back onto her belly. They both got pretty horny, so we returned to the room.

We still had some booze to consume before checking out the next morning. The girls decided we should all drink nude. Things were finally getting interesting. Our excitement kept us awake as our booze ran out. We briefly debated calling room service for more. Silvia then suggested that we have one final nightcap before laying down to rest. Having no more booze, she proposed that we each pee in our glass and then swap glasses – she and I would swap and our spouses would swap. Robin said this was getting too weird and went to bed. Silvia begged her to stay, and Bill tried to explain that fresh urine is sterile. Their pleading revealed that they had enjoyed this activity before. Having imposed my nudity on them all week, I felt obliged to indulge their kink. So, the three of us filled our glasses and passed them around, taking a sip with each toast to this most incredible week.


We awoke early to fly home. Although I never ate that taco that I crave so much, it was still a great trip. Our relationships forever changed by the fun that week. I can’t wait to see what happens when we next meet.

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