The Group Ch. 05

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Big Tits

The next morning, I was the first to wake, leaving Heather in bed, I went downstairs and made breakfast, then returned to my room, I placed the tray with our breakfast on a table, and sat back down on the bed, she stirred slightly, and I kissed her cheek, she woke almost immediately, and I served her breakfast

“God I’m starving,” she said

“I’m not surprised after last night,” I laughed

“It was rather good, wasn’t it?”

“I couldn’t agree more” I said, “Oh by the way, did you mean what you said, about next Friday”

“What about it”

“You know, about you, me, and Charlotte going to the club?”

“Of course I did,” she said, “I don’t say things I don’t mean”

“Oh good, something for us to look forward to then”

“Ah,” said Heather, “but that is only if Charlotte wants to come with us”

“I know, it’s her choice”

Looking round Heather said, “Where’s your phone, I’ll ring her,” with that she grabbed my phone, and dialled the number

The next thing I heard was, “Hi Charlotte it’s me”

“Oh I’m fine, fine, I have a wonderful evening last night”

“I know, he was great”

“Look the reason I’m ringing you, is we met Gina and Norman there, last night”

“Oh you know about them”

“He didn’t tell me he knew them”

“You’re right it was probably to put me at ease”

“Look, we mentioned to them that you might like to come with me and Nigel next Friday night to the club”

“You would, great”

“Yeah, it will make it interesting”

“Ok, I’ll pop round for a coffee, when I get home”

“I’m at Nigel’s”

“Ok see you later”

“Bye for now,” and she hung up

Heather turned to me and said, “You never told me you knew Gina and Norman”

“If you’d have known I knew them, then it would have made you even more nervous”

“Possibly,” she replied, brushing it off, “I don’t know, anyways I gotta get going, Charlotte’s expecting me round for a coffee”

We finished breakfast and left for Heather’s place, she had me drop her off just round the corner, as she didn’t want her twin sons, Robert and Richard to see me, she told me they were 17 and wouldn’t understand, I told her she might be surprised at what they understand

I returned back home, now I realised I couldn’t take Tracy or Judy to the same club we used, as there was a risk that someone might let slip to Charlotte, that I was fucking her daughter, so I had to find another one within reasonable travelling distance, browsing through a swingers site, I found one not too far away, and rang them for directions, as they were not too clear on the internet, I spent the next few hours, finalising things and getting ready, it had been arranged that I would meet Tracy, in a pub in town that evening

I went to collect her from the pub, and we climbed into the car, and set off, it took us 40 minutes to get there, and as before I put a blindfold on Tracy, so she wouldn’t see the place till we were there, I helped out of the car, and removed her blindfold, she hadn’t a clue what it was or why we were there, so I had to explain what it was, she looked totally surprised that I would even think of going to such places, so I told her, I’d taken her mother to one, and she thoroughly enjoyed herself, but if she couldn’t go through with it , then we would simply leave

She thought about it for a while, and said seeing as we’re here, it would be a waste not to have a look

We entered the club, and filled out the formalities, it was slightly different, they didn’t have as many private rooms, but the couples room was larger, they didn’t have a singles room either, however they had a large hot tub, you could get 30- 40 people in it, we were directed to the changing room, where we changed, I got a few funny looks as we walked through, there was I a middle aged man with this absolutely stunning young woman on his arm

We changed and went to the bar, as in the other club, they only sold soft drinks, we got our drinks, and went to sit down, we both had a good look round from where we were sat, I didn’t recognise anyone there, thank god, maybe it was because it was in the totally opposite direction to my usual club, but I breathed a sigh of relief, we could see some couples, kissing and fondling each other, but nothing too heavy, that was reserved for the rooms, other’s were just talking, either amongst themselves, or with other couples

I asked her what she thought

“It’s better than I expected”

“Why’s that”

“Oh, I’d got visions of people fucking as we walked in, and stripping us there and then”

I smirked as I explained that, these places are not like that, in here, the women rule, if a woman says no then she means no, and anyone breaking those rules are asked to leave

Once I said that, she seemed to visibly relax, we’d been sat there for a half an hour, sipping at our drinks, just taking in the atmosphere of the club, when we were approach by this youngish couple, they looked to be in their late 20’s

“Hi beyoğlu escort I’m Tom he said, this is my other half, Alice, may we join you?”

I looked at Tracy and nodded to her, making it clear it was her decision

“Please do,” said Tracy, she seemed pleased that it was someone near her own age, rather than someone older, although she was still the baby of the group

“Hi I’m Nigel,” I said putting out my hand to Tom, “And this is Tracy, my, erm, how can I put this”

And Tracy chirped in, “His sex partner”

“Sex partner” Alice enquired

“Yes we meet for sex, just some no strings fun” said Tracy, as she blushed

“And your ok with that Nigel,” enquired Tom

“I’m fine with it”

Tom said, “if I was in your shoes, I’d want to keep her for myself,” and Alice elbowed him in his ribs

“I only said if I was him, but I’m not, so there’s no need for that,” he snapped at Alice

“Now then,” I said no fighting, “we’re not here for that, anyways, have you guys been coming here long”

“Only about 3 month’s,” replied Alice

“It’s our first time here, so we’d welcome any suggestions you guys have to offer”

“Well”, said Tom, “We prefer to come her on Saturdays, that’s couples only night”

“I had noticed a lack of single men”, I replied

“I know, that’s why we prefer it, we did try the couples and single’s night, but all night long we were fending off the single guys, it was a nightmare”

“I was dreading that happening to me”, said Tracy, “It looks like we picked the right night”

“So”, I said “What are you two looking for?”

Alice replied, “Another couple, where she’s either bi or bi curious, and you two?”

“The same” said Tracy, “Cos I’ll tell you a little secret, up until I met Nigel, I had no interest in men whatsoever, I was as they say, a lesbian, but not anymore”

This both surprised and shocked me that Tracy would tell someone, she’s just met, her secret

Alice’s jaw, physically dropped, she had no idea

“So, how many men have you been with then Tracy”, asked Tom

“Only Nigel, no one else”

They both sat there, dumbfounded with what they’d heard

“Does anyone want another drink”, I asked, thinking it was a good excuse to get Tracy on my own to ask her what she thought about Tom and Alice

We went to the bar, and I asked her

She said she liked Alice, but wasn’t sure about Tom

“Why what’s wrong with him”

“I’m not sure”, she said, “But don’t forget, I’ve not had a lot of experience with men”

“That’s true, but he seems ok to me, look I’ll tell you what, I’ll keep a very close eye on you, and I’ll make sure you’re never alone with him, is that ok with you”

“Ok, I’ll give it a go, but if I say I want to leave, we’ll go, ok”

“Fine by me, do you want me to start or are you gonna ask them”

“You do it she said, I’m, a bit tongue tied, about asking”

We collected the drinks and returned to our table

I thought, there was not point beating about the bush, and said “Ok guys we’ve had a talk, and if you two are up for some fun, so are we?”

They too had talked and were going to ask the same question of us

With that in mind we managed to find an unoccupied private room, and went in, no sooner had we closed the door, then Alice threw off her towel, and walked over to Tracy, Tracy didn’t know where to look, she’d never seen a woman acting so bold, Alice grabbed her hand and placed it on her one of her tits, Tracy instinctively started to massage it, and play with the nipple, meanwhile Tom had discarded his towel and so had I, this only left Tracy wearing hers, Alice soon sorted that out, carefully unwrapping her from her towel, from where I stood, I could see that Tracy’s lower lips were wet, and a small trickle of her juices, were running down her legs, Alice took hold of her tits in both hands and started to do the same to Tracy, as Tracy was doing to her, they moved over to a raised platform covered by at least 2 double mattresses, with waterproof covers on them, Tom and I followed them, and climbed aboard, by now they were kissing each other, and feeling all over each other’s bodies, Tracy had her hand down between Alice’s legs, playing with her pussy, and Alice was moaning at Tracy’s touch,

Tom moved up at the side of Alice and started to kiss her neck, he reached round her and massaged one of her tits, I moved behind Tracy, and started to stroked her still hairless pussy from behind, letting one finger slide in between her lips to find her clit, once I found it, I could feel it swell and throb under the touch of my finger, I drew back my hand until I felt my finger tip drop into her cute cunt hole, I started finger fucking her, first one finger, then two, and finally three, she started to thrust back on my hand, still fingering Alice, herself, meanwhile Tom had moved up and put his cock, it Alice’s mouth, Tracy followed suit, sucking on my cock like she had bostancı escort the first time

Alice was sucking on his cock, whilst Tracy was finger fucking her and I was finger fucking Tracy, all of a sudden Tracy started to shake violently, this I took as her having an orgasm, Alice let go of Tom’s cock, as if she knew what he wanted to do next, he came round to where I was, and asked me if it was ok if he fucked Tracy, I told him it wasn’t up to me, it was up to her, but if he did, he’d have to use a condom

He bent down and whispered in her ear, Tracy just nodded her approval, I in the meantime, had moved round behind Alice and asked her the same question, she also needed a good stiff cock inside her, she pulled Tracy’s fingers from out of her pussy, and swivelled round, as I was putting a condom on, she took it out of my hand and put it on for me, then she pulled me by the cock back onto the bed, and got me to lay down, she immediately mounted me, and sank down on my cock, Tom had Tracy, bent over the end of the bed, and was pummelling her from behind, I could see her clawing at the waterproof cover on the mattress, with a look of sheer delight on her face as Alice was bouncing up and down on me, I reached out and grabbed her tits, massaging them rather roughly, she seemed to love that, so I took hold of both nipples, and pulled quite viciously on them both, this made her squeal with delight, only Tom has ever treated them like that she told me afterwards, I then pushed her off me, taking command, and spun her round, placing her on all fours, I pushed her face down into the mattress, leaving her ass in the air, I no sooner had my cock back at the entrance of her cunt, then I rammed it home as hard as I could, I rammed in and out of her for a while, then I looked at her cute ass, without asking this time, I removed my cock from her cunt, and put it in her ass, I was a little more gentle, but still gave it to her as hard as I thought she could take it

Tracy could see everything from where she was, and the sight of me giving Alice a good ass fuck, turned her on even more, she started to shake uncontrollably, and Tom pounded her even harder, this sent him over the edge, and he emptied his load, into his condom

I still had my cock in Alice’s ass, and could feel her start to clamp her sphincter round my cock, I knew she was cumming, milking my cock for every last drop, I grunted that I was cumming, and unloaded myself into my condom, I let myself go limp inside her and then withdrew, we lay there, not saying anything for what seemed like ages, then Alice turned to me and thanked me, she then crawled over to Tracy, kissed her once more, and proceeded to eat her pussy, Tracy moved round, and they ended up in a 69, to eat each other out

Tom and I were spent at this time, so sat back and enjoyed the show, all of a sudden the door opened, and a voice, said, “Oops sorry we didn’t know it was occupied”, we turned to look, and there stood this couple, both in their early thirties

“Hi Bob” said Tom

“Oh Hi Tom, I didn’t realise it was you, who’s your friends”

From the way they were talking I gathered they knew each other

Tom introduced us, “This Is Nigel, and over there is Tracy”

“Nigel, meet Bob, and is wife, Sarah”, I shook Bob’s Hand, and Sarah came over and kissed me on the cheek

She turned and looked across at Tracy and Alice eating each other out, Tracy had already cum again, and was just finishing Alice off, they then rolled over and moved round to cuddle each other in a post orgasmic hug, Sarah went over to the bed, and introduced herself to Tracy, they lay there, chatting and getting to know each other, while the men chatted amongst themselves

They then started to kiss each other, and play around with each other, Sarah was as hot as hell, and after seeing Tracy and Alice eating each other, she wanted to join them, they all moved round into a triangular formation, so each one could get to another one’s pussy, the sight of this had both Tom and I hard again in no time, with Bob already hard from the moment they came through the door, we decided, why should they have all the fun, and moved back to the bed to join them, I took Sarah to one side, and Tom took Tracy again, much to Bob’s disappointment I started to lick and suck at Sarah’s smallish tits, pulling the nipples into my mouth and started nibbling on them, she sighed a sigh of contentment, and ran her fingers through my hair, I moved on down her body kissing and licking her all the time, until I had my head between her legs, now Sarah was shaved, all except for a little tuft, just above the top of her slit

I licked her slit, feeling her lips start to open at the pressure of my tongue, I kept probing, until I found her cunt hole, then I licked her from her cunt to her clit, this caused her to raise herself from the bed, and up onto my mouth, I sucked on her clit, making it swell and become more sensitive, she grabbed me by the hair, and büyükçekmece escort pushed my head harder onto her pussy, she then exploded in a massive orgasm, she pulled me up from her pussy, looked me straight in the eyes and told me to fuck her, she needed a cock inside her badly

I grabbed another condom, quickly put it on, and climbed up to mount her, she had other idea’s though, she grabbed me an threw me on my back, and mounted me instead, she started to ride my cock, plunging it as deep as she could, she then shouted Tom over, Tom came over like a little lap dog, drooling with Tracy’s juices

Tom she said, I want you as well, Tom knew what she meant, as they’d talked about it before, he grabbed a condom, put it on, and went behind Sarah, I felt him running his hands from her pussy to her ass, trying to get some of her juices, once he’d get her ass all wet, he put his cock, at the entrance to her ass, and slowly pushed into her

It was the weirdest feeling for me, being able to feel another mans cock through the membrane between a woman’s pussy and ass, I couldn’t move very much, so it was down to Tom to do all the fucking

I looked over at Tracy, having been left on her own, she wasn’t alone long, as Bob had moved from Alice to sample the delights of Tracy, Alice lay there fingering herself, looking bored, when Tracy beckoned her over, and moved her pussy over her face, Alice started to lower herself down onto Tracy’s face, and Tracy ate her out

All this time I could feel Tom fucking Sarah, and Sarah moaning that it felt so good, in the mean time, Bob was eating out Tracy, while Tracy was eating Alice

Tom started to pound at Sarah’s ass, and I could feel his cock start to swell, so I knew he was about to cum, he pushed deep into her and blew his nuts, which sent Sarah into another orgasm, her pussy clamped hard onto both our cocks, which made me cum as well

We all looked over to watch Bob, Tracy and Alice, Bob was now fucking Tracy, while Alice was playing with Tracy’s tits as Tracy ate her pussy, Bob was pounding at Tracy like a man possessed, she had her legs over his shoulder’s, and he was pumping his full length into her withdrawing till just the tip was inside her, then plunging back in till their pelvis’s crashed into each other, all of a sudden she raised her hips from the bed, tensing her legs and screamed she was cumming, Alice left Tracy and Bob to finish off, and came over to Tom and me

She said, I need to cum, can either of you help, with that we both went to work on her, Tom went down on her licking and sucking, while I started to playing with her tits, she reached over and took my cock in her hand and started to play with it, it started to respond, so she pulled me closer and opened her mouth and began to suck me, this made my cock jump to attention, she made no more to do, than push Tom out of the way, and pull me down onto her

“Hang on a minute”, I said, “I need a condom first”

“Well bloody well hurry up, I need a fuck”, she replied

Tom tossed me one, and I quickly slipped it on, then pushed my cock inside her waiting pussy, she let out a long low moan, and was so turned on, that she nearly came, I sensed this and stopped to prolong the pleasure for the both of us, she bucked her hips wanting be to carry on, but I just lay there, with my cock buried up to the hilt in her wet warm pussy, once the feeling had subsided, I started to screw her slowly, wanting the both of us to make it last

Bob, Tracy, Tom and Sarah had all finished by now, and were sat talking and watching Alice and myself, neither of us noticed at the time, we were too wrapped up in our enjoyment, Alice was moaning and shuddering at every stroke of my cock, having mini orgasms all the time, and I was fast reaching the point of no return, I felt the head of my cock swell and, tighten against the walls of her pussy, Alice then started to build to her main orgasm, I quickened my pace, so as to bring her off at the same time as myself, she clamped her pussy round my cock, making it almost painful for me to move, and shuddered to an almighty orgasm, this brought on mine also, once we’d stopped shuddering and shaking, we relaxed on the bed

The other’s came over, and various comments were made about our performance

Tom said he’d never seen Alice cum so hard

We decided enough was enough for that night, as all the women were starting to get sore, and all the guys, couldn’t raise a smile let alone anything else, as one last act, we all decided to shower together before we dressed and left, as we all left we exchanged telephone numbers, and agreed it would be nice to meet again

Tracy and I travelled home, talking about that night all the way back, asked her what she thought about it, and if she’d enjoyed herself, she said she had, but couldn’t believe it when Tom and I double fucked Sarah

I told her it was the first time I’d done that, and how strange it was to feel Tom in Sarah’s ass

She said she didn’t know if she’d be able to take it, but was thinking of trying it one day, when she’d got the nerve to do it

We arrived back at my place, and went straight to bed, as we went passed Anna’s room we could just see her laid there under the covers with her knees raised, and a buzzing sound coming from under the covers, we knew she was playing with herself, so left her to it

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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