The Grand Strategy Ch. 02

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I thought a lot after spending the first night with Carol. I mean, Jeebus. This was a woman who was my friend’s Mother, my Mother’s friend, a woman who had watched me grow up, had mothered me as much as my own Mother, and I grabbed her tits in the parking lot and then she fucked my eyes out. How had that happened? Since my ultimate goal was my own Mom, maybe I could learn something from this. The first key, I figured, was to have some sort of ice breaker. With Carol it was easy. Yes, we had all tried to grab her ass when we were teen-agers, and that was a funny thing to talk about. But it also was an ice breaker to talking about sexual desire and to acknowledge that I had desired her. It allowed me, in an innocent way, to let her know I still desired her. The second point I took from Carol was that when the mood seems right and you’ve laid the groundwork, don’t hesitate to just go for it. I’m not saying to grope everyone every chance you get, but if the mood is right and the time is right and you think it will be well received,… I could have walked Carol to her car, said good night and gotten a hug, done nothing, and both of us would have gone to bed horny and frustrated. For my part, I couldn’t believe how easy and quick it had been to get Carol in bed. I mean, it seemed to me that one minute we were laughing about the gang, and the next minute I had my hand on her tit.

Since Jim’s dad was out of town for a week, I visited Carol every day. Our lovemaking kept its intensity, while our intimacy increased. We spent a lot of time just cuddling and talking and, on one day, we didn’t fuck at all. We just lay there and talked. I learned a lot about Carol. She had an insatiable sex drive, and said she had always been like that. Who could have known? I asked her if, when we were teen-agers, one of us had made a serious pass at her, how she would have reacted. She seemed almost offended by that.

“Of course I would not have let you boys go any farther than an occasional feel, Bill. You were boys. That would have been so wrong. But now you’re a man. When I saw you at the restaurant, I have to admit my pussy started to tingle. I wondered if you remembered how you used to brush against my butt. I’m just glad you brought it up, because I was afraid to.”

Carol had made me think more of my own Mother, Tammy. Now that I knew more about Carol, I knew that with her sex drive she was a fruit ripe for the picking. But Mom? I don’t think she had a sex drive. I remember hearing her and dad having sex when I was a little kid, but I had not heard that sound for years. Were they doing it more now that they were empty nesters? I didn’t think so. She and dad were older now, and I guess they were just comfortable with each other.

And how to make the first move with Mom? I couldn’t just grab a tit like I did with Carol. But what about Carol’s suggestion? I had done exactly as she said. After leaving Carol’s that first day, I had gone home and hugged Mom as Carol suggested. I didn’t hunch against her, but I was hard and I did pull her in for a close hug. If she didn’t feel my dick against her, it was not my fault. When I hugged her, I bent my head down and gave her a kiss right where her neck joins her shoulder, and said, “I love you, Mom.” She shivered when I did that, and pulled away, but she smiled sweetly at me.

“I love you, too, Jim,” she said, and then returned to her preparations for supper that night.

“I guess that didn’t work so well,” I thought to myself, but at least it did set a marker. For the past few days, then, I made a point of visiting Mom during the day since I was on a semester break, and every time I visited I hugged and kissed her. She didn’t say anything, but she had to notice a change in my behavior. I had not avoided hugging her before because she always initiated it, but I was always stiff and held back. Now, I initiated the hugs, and there was no holding back from me. I pulled her into my body. She had to be feeling my dick.

We talked more too, Mom and I. When I visited, we would sit at the kitchen table and chat about everything. We had not done that so much, either, and she seemed to really like it. I don’t know if there was a shot for me, but I was going for it anyway.

One afternoon I was driving around, still on semester break, and thought I should drop in to see Robbie. With our competing academic schedules we had not gotten together as much as we should have, and I felt a bit guilty. When I got there, Aunt Ellie told me Robbie was doing an engineering internship the next semester, and had left for Chicago already. She invited me in, saying, “I know you must be hungry, Billy. You haven’t had Aunt Ellie’s cooking in so long.”

Aunt Ellie was the nurturing Mom. You never left her house hungry, and everything was delicious. Let’s be honest. She spoiled us. If one of us said, “Aunt Ellie, do you have any coconut cream pie?,” before you knew it, she would be baking a coconut cream pie. Every one of us, I’m sure, thought he was Aunt Ellie’s favorite. Of course, I knew I was really her favorite. I’m joking. bahis firmaları She just had that knack of making everyone feel special. She was full of love, that woman.

I was struck with one thing when she opened the door. Aunt Ellie wasn’t ancient, after all, and she was pretty damned good looking. When you’re a teen-ager, anyone 50 seemed ancient. But when I thought about it, my Mom was now 57 and looking good, and I guess Aunt Ellie was about four or five years older than Mom. I was kind of dumbfounded by her previously unseen beauty, and felt a little ashamed that we had never appreciated her looks. She was a solid woman who had maintained her figure. She had flawless skin, better than someone thirty years younger, and her once salt-and-pepper hair was now a stunning silver-white. It highlighted her face, which was lovely. What really set her off were those big blue eyes that seemed to twinkle with good humor.

She told me to go make myself comfortable in the den and she’d bring me something to eat. When we boys would gather at Robbie’s, we’d all sit on the floor in the den and play video games. Aunt Ellie would sit in her favorite chair and watch us, cheering each of us on, and we vied to see who could be the one to sit on the floor at the foot of Aunt Ellie’s chair.

She came into the den and laughed when she saw me sitting on the floor at the foot of her chair. “That’s your special spot, Bill!” She gave me my favorite, a bacon and tomato sandwich, and sat down. We talked about Robbie and what he was up to, and I brought her up to speed on what I was doing. I felt bad that I had not visited her before. A woman who gives as much love as Aunt Ellie should be given love in return, and I had not carried my share of the load.

And dammit, Aunt Ellie was looking good. After I finished my sandwich, I leaned against her legs and said, “Aunt Ellie. Did you ever know why we fought so much to be the one who sat at your feet?”

She laughed. “You boys. Of course I know why. You wanted a chance to look up my skirt.”

With that, I laughed, too, because she was exactly right. Aunt Ellie always wore dresses or skirts, and we could count on seeing some thigh if we played our cards right. Lars said he had seen panties once, but we called him a liar and, of course, he couldn’t prove it.

I said, “I guess you busted us,” and with an exaggerated motion I turned and stretched so that I could peek up her skirt.

She reached down and petted my head, saying, “I guess some things never change.” I put my hand on her left calf and rubbed it gently. She didn’t say a word, but gave me that loving look. Remembering Carol, I wondered if now was the time to take a chance, but damn. This was Aunt Ellie. Who could take a chance of hurting Aunt Ellie’s feelings? Throwing caution to the wind, I put my other hand on her right calf, and rubbed. I didn’t do anything way out of bounds, but just lovingly rubbed her calves.

“Billy, that feels good. You’d better stop, or I’ll fall asleep right here.”

I was sitting at her feet, remember, so I shifted my hands and gently pushed her legs apart. “You’d better not fall asleep, Aunt Ellie. I don’t know if I could trust myself.”

She giggled, but she didn’t resist my outward pressure on her legs. She allowed me to spread them apart and, when her thighs were fully apart I said, “I want to see what Lars always claimed he saw,” and looked directly up her legs. I don’t know what Lars saw, but I could see her panties and that fat little pussy. I was entranced. When I broke my gaze and looked up to meet her eyes, she was looking at me intently.

“Honey, you don’t want to look at an old lady like me. You must have college girls by the dozen whose skirts you can look up.”

“Aunt Ellie, I have spent a lifetime wanting to see up your skirt, and I wouldn’t trade this moment for the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders.”

She said, “Oh, hush. You were always such a charmer, Bill.”

Her legs were still spread apart, and I bent down and kissed the inside of her left knee. I put everything I had into that kiss. I gently nuzzled her with my lips, gave her a gentle lick with my tongue, and then a little nip with my teeth.

She opened her legs even more, and it seemed to me she was breathing a little more deeply than a moment ago. “Oh, Bill. Don’t tease your old Aunt Ellie.”

That was it for me. When she said that, I knew what she wanted and I knew she was mine. I had my head between her legs, at her knees, and without saying a word I slowly pushed her skirt up while kissing the inside of her left thigh as I went. She raised her hips when I got the skirt to the top, so I could push it under her butt. She was wearing, to my great delight and surprise, hip hugger pink panties. Who would have thought it? Aunt Ellie, wearing sexy panties under those skirts.

I continued kissing her thigh and then paused, just drinking in the beautiful view of her pussy. I bent down and kissed her mound, rubbing around with my nose in the area where I thought her clitoris would be. She pulled kaçak iddaa my head into her, moaning and hunching into my face. She had a sweet, faint smell.

“OK,” I thought. “This isn’t what I expected, but damn. This is hot.”

I pulled her panties down, with her raising her butt so I could get them off. Believe me, I wasted no time in getting my face into that pussy. I was amazed at it. Her pubic hair was a glorious chestnut brown, neatly trimmed, and her pussy looked as sweet as any 19-year-old pussy I had ever seen. It tasted sweeter than most 19-year-old pussies I had eaten.

Aunt Ellie loved having her pussy eaten. What woman doesn’t, I guess, but Aunt Ellie got into it. I had one finger in her pussy, with my middle finger dragging across her little rosebud butt. She loved that. I put my middle finger into her pussy to get some juice on it, of which there was plenty, and then went back to her butt. Gently, I pushed my finger in her ass, and Aunt Ellie exploded into maybe one of the best orgasms I’ve ever seen. She bucked, she moaned, she whimpered, she pulled my head into her, and she called my name. “Robbie!”

Wait. Did she say, “Billie,” or “Robbie?” Dammit, I didn’t know. Her thighs were kind of clamped against my ears, and maybe I didn’t hear right. I thought maybe she had called me “Robbie,” but that wouldn’t make any sense.

But I didn’t dwell on it. I had business to attend to.

We moved over to the loveseat and I wasted no time getting her out of her clothes. Aunt Ellie was a beauty. Her breasts were creamy white, with pink little nipples, and her butt was as nice as any I’d seen. All in all, with my recent meetings with Carol as a comparison, Aunt Ellie’s body was just as good as Carol’s, and maybe better.

What made her lovemaking special was that it was Aunt Ellie. I had always, as a lover, tried to please my partner. That was my goal. Aunt Ellie would have none of that. She wanted to please me, in any way I desired. In typical Aunt Ellie fashion, she looked into my eyes at one point and asked, “Would you like me to suck it, Honey?,” just as if she were asking, “Would you like another sandwich, Honey?” She sucked me so lovingly that I thought my dick must have been coated in gold – she seemed to worship the thing.

Pillow talk afterwards with Aunt Ellie was illuminating, on several levels.

First, that bastard Robbie had been sleeping with Aunt Ellie since we were juniors in high school. Yep. Aunt Ellie and I were laying there together and I was gently playing with her pussy, rubbing my fingers through the trimmed hair, when like a bolt out of the blue, it hit me.

“Wait a minute!” I practically shouted to myself. “Aunt Ellie trims her pussy hair. But Aunt Ellie isn’t married, has never dated anyone, to my knowledge, and lives alone with Robbie. Jeebus Creebus, does that mean…?”

At about that moment, Aunt Ellie chuckled. “Figure it out yet?”

Now I’m in law school, am incredibly clever, and have a response for everything.

“Huh? What?”

“Oh, Bill. I could see those wheels turning. Don’t worry about it. Robbie and I were going to tell you at some point, but I wanted you boys to be out of high school first. Then you went off to college, and we never seemed to get a chance. Robbie and I have been sleeping together since he was 18. You know Robbie was delayed a year in starting school because of the accident, so he was always a year older than you boys.”

That damned sandbagging Robbie. The whole time we had been plotting to bed our Mothers, he was already bedding Aunt Ellie. The whole time we were voting Aunt Ellie the last on our list of MILFs, he was already getting blow jobs, and now I knew they were killer blow jobs, from her.

But there were more revelations.

“Billy, Honey,” Aunt Ellie said, “You know you have no secrets from me. Robbie used to tell me everything. I know all about you coming all over the back seat of your Dad’s car when you couldn’t get it into Becky fast enough, I know about all your little plans to get us in bed, I know about the brushes against our butts…and I know how much you want to make love to your Mother.”

“Oh, God, Aunt Ellie.” I have to admit, I was pretty emotional. Finding out about Robbie and her, her knowing all our secrets, everyone knowing our secrets. Sheesh. The Mothers not only used to talk about us and what we were trying, but they had insider information from Robbie and Aunt Ellie. If Robbie told her everything, and it sounded like he did, then that was pretty humiliating.

I was thinking how much it would cost to move to Tibet where no one would know me, when I realized. I may have even said it out loud. “Wait. They all knew, but they didn’t care. They still let us do it. They knew we wanted to fuck them.”

“Oh, yes, Bill,” Aunt Ellie said in a proper tone. “Yes, we knew what you boys wanted. Every Mother knows. Some Mothers deny it, or avoid it. I’m going to tell Robbie you and I talked, so I’ll tell you everything.”

And she did.

Robbie had turned 18 when we were juniors, kaçak bahis and had a pretty rough period. Robbie, as I said before, was the smart one but he was also the most geeky one of us. He was really bummed that he couldn’t get a date for the Junior Prom, but that was his own fault. He was taking physics, which was a senior course but Robbie was that advanced, and spent all his time in the lab building clever stuff. By the time he got around to asking anyone, they were all taken.

Aunt Ellie, ever the nurturing one, sat on the couch watching a movie with him that night while the rest of us were avoiding dancing with our dates at the prom. Aunt Ellie, ever the nurturing one, ended up giving Robbie a blow job on the couch, while the rest of us were trying to figure out how to cop a feel on a teen-aged tit.

Aunt Ellie explained that she had tried, always, to be the Mother Robbie deserved, after his own was taken from him so tragically. She was always very conscious of what her sister, Robbie’s Mom, would have wanted for Robbie, and tried to do it. Aunt Ellie said when we boys started going through the whole MILF period, Robbie was pestering her more and more. He would rub her butt, hug her so he could feel her breasts, and push his dick against her at every opportunity. Aunt Ellie said she had no doubt what Robbie wanted.

She told me it came as a revelation one day as she was thinking about how to get Robbie back on track without rejecting him and hurting his feelings. She was worried that his obsession might hurt his focus at school. Aunt Ellie said it to me, just as she had said it to herself five years before. “If his Mother were here, would she deny him this one gift that only she can give? Would she deny him herself?”

From that moment, Aunt Ellie resolved to give in to Robbie, but she made him work for it. Aunt Ellie taught Robbie how to woo a woman. How to pay attention to her. How to touch her innocently, but tellingly. How to please her in bed. How to love her.

I think it was one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever heard. It was a true story of the one love we all want, Sons and Mothers, but are afraid to have.

Aunt Ellie told me more. She told me that she feared, at first, she had created a monster because Robbie became so bold. She worked to get him under control, using the most powerful leverage any woman has over a man, but that he was always, well, bold. She recounted Robbie’s stories to her of grabbing the asses of the other Mothers, and that tracked with what Carol had told me. Then, Aunt Ellie dropped the bombshell.

“The one Mother who seemed to enjoy his attentions more than any of the rest, Bill, was Tammy.”

What? Huh? Mom? My Mom? Miss Strict, By The Book, No Funny Business Mom?

“What? My Mom?”

“Oh, yeah,” she continued. “Robbie said the other three would brush his hand off their butts, but your Mother would wiggle her butt for him and never pushed his hand off. He said he thought that if he were going to try any of the other Moms, it would be Tammy.”

Mind. Blown.

“Are you kidding, Aunt Ellie? My Mom? No way. She’s as cold and serious as they come.”

“Bill, you seem to have an interest in this, so I assume you have the same fantasies about Tammy that every other boy and man has about his Mother. Am I right?”

We were still laying on the loveseat, naked, and snuggled together. I raised myself up on my elbow, looked in Aunt Ellie’s beautiful blue eyes, and knew I could tell her anything. “Aunt Ellie, I don’t want to shock you, but I want more than anything to fuck my Mother. I am obsessed with fucking her. I can think of nothing else when I’m around her. I just don’t think it’s possible.”

“Of course, you do, Bill. Why wouldn’t you? She is the one woman who has always loved you. She is the most beautiful woman in the world, in your eyes. You know she would deny you nothing. But you’re afraid of offending her or making her mad, so you hold back the one request that means the most to you. You know why psychologists’ couches are filled with men with Mommy Issues? It’s not because they want their Mothers. It’s because they try to suppress how much they want their Mothers.”

“But, Aunt Ellie. Some things are just impossible. Some things can’t be done. Some things are better never said or tried.”

Aunt Ellie smiled at me. “Bill. We put a man on the face of the moon. That was impossible, but brave people decided to try it, they made a plan to accomplish it, and they made it happen. If you want it, if you really want it, then you have to take the first steps. I can tell you this. No Mother is going to make the first moves on her Son. She’ll offer him opportunities so he can make the first move, but she won’t do it. If you think you’re afraid of what she would think, how fearful do you think every Mother is of what her son would think?”

She continued, ever Aunt Ellie, the nurturing and teaching one. “Bill, go for it if you want it. Pay her attention. Show her you love her. Tell her you love her. Start touching her when you can, in innocent ways. Then just pick up the heat a little at a time, but do it gradually so you can always back off if she blows up at you. Bill, listen to me. When you kissed my knee, what did you hope would happen?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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