The Fruits of Indifference Ch. 4

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Taking the money he had made from Melanie Willburg’s tree trimming job, Kevin had bought some good weed and a bottle of Wild Turkey and retreated to the apartment of a friend for a good time until the guy’s wife arrived home, thus ending the festivities. Gathering up what was left of his booze and stash, Kevin started the mile and a half walk to his Mother’s trailer to crash for the night.

By the time he arrived at the trailer park, it was a few minutes after midnight and Kevin was slightly surprised to see the lamp burning in the living room. Knowing his Mom usually went to sleep quite early because her workshift started at 6am, Kevin instantly assumed her friend, Jackie, was still using Pam’s residence as a safe haven.

“Shit,” Kevin drunkenly spat as he glided across the gravel of the driveway, in no mood to sleep on his Mother’s recliner once again.

Reaching out for the knob, Kevin carefully pushed open the door and peered inside. Even though the lamp beside the sofa was burning full blast, there wasn’t a sign of life anywhere in the living room.

Drunk and drowsy, Kevin arrogantly swung the front door all the way open and stepped inside, scanning the room for any hint of where Pam or Jackie might be. Off to his right, he could see the light on over top of the stove in the kitchen but there was nothing but silence in that direction. Turning his head to the left, Kevin could see that the bathroom door was all the way open, but dark inside. Taking a few steps forward, Kevin gradually began to hear muffled and distant voices echoing from the end of the trailer’s hallway.

The shadowy illumination coming from the lamp in the living room perfectly captured the expression of disgust that crept across Kevin’s hardened face. Standing at the entrance of the hall with his hands bitterly clenched together, Kevin was helpless but to hear the all too familiar chorus of moans and giggles that bled out through his Mom’s closed bedroom door.

With each step he took disappearing into the abyss of darkness that led to Pam Ralston’s bedroom, Kevin’s blood boiled from 18 years worth of mental, moral and sometimes physical neglect that she had occasionally heaped upon him. By the time he had completed is trek down the hall, Kevin stood less than a foot in front of the shut door and listened curiously to the two, maybe three incoherent voices that vibrated through the cheap wooden door.

“Jackie’s in there too,” Kevin cringed incredulously.

Having been through this similar scenario with his Mother too many times to count while growing up, Kevin had promised himself each time that he would never stand for it ever happening again in his presence. Still, as he stood there with his ear tilted towards the closed door, Kevin couldn’t find the resolve in his soul to barge in and take out his deep seeded frustrations.

“It’s none of your business what she’s doing in there,” a rational voice inside his head scolded.

“YES IT IS,” another louder and much more bitter voice immediately overrode.

Before he could even start mustering the fortitude to make a stand, Kevin suddenly heard a set of feet hit the floor and start walking towards the door he was standing behind.

Not wanting to deal with the awkwardness of being caught standing there, Kevin quickly turned and galloped up the hallway, taking refuge in the kitchen as the man his Mother had brought home left the bedroom to get himself something to drink.

Suddenly feeling as if he had been dropped into a war zone, Kevin leaned back against the kitchen counter and waited, balling his hands into fists as the sounds of the stranger’s footsteps intensified with each step he took.

Bathed in the dim light coming from the stove, Kevin stood like a brooding statue with his eyes trained on the entrance of the kitchen, waiting for his Mother’s lover to appear.

When the guy rounded the corner, Kevin immediately fought off the urge to laugh out loud when he saw the loser Pam had picked up at the bar.

“Who…who …who are you?” the short drunk man blathered, wobbling there in front of Kevin, dressed in nothing but a cum-stained pair of white boxers.

“I’m Jackie’s boyfriend,” Kevin calmly lied, enjoying the instant glimmer of fear that welled up inside the almost naked man’s eyes.

“I…ah…I…ahhh,” the scared man stammered, never having met Jackie’s boyfriend but having heard horror stories of what an asshole he was.

“Don’t worry,” Kevin finally answered after a long pause, making the already jittery man stew for as long as possible. “Jackie’s a freak ain’t she…she was when I met her and she always will be I guess.”

An audible, “Phew,” escaped the man’s mouth and his bodily shivers gradually decreased as Kevin alleviated his fears.

“Tell ya what,” Kevin spoke up in a tone reminiscent of a TV game show host. ” I’ll make you a deal…sounds like you did me a favor tonight by paying for the girls to have a good time while you’ll were out and from looking at the stain on bahis firmaları your drawers it certainly looks like you showed them a good time since you’ll got back here to the trailer…are both those women good fucks…Huh?

“Yeah,” the man answered bewilderedly. “Both are great fucks.”

“Alright,” Kevin politely replied. “Tell you what I’m gonna do…here’s $20…why don’t you sneak back in there like nothing ever happened and put a blindfold over each of the Bitches’ eyes…then get them on their knees so that their tails are facing the bedroom door…get ’em all nice and prepped and when your done…why don’t you let me have a little fun with them…huh…that sound cool?”

“Uhhh,” the 30ish year old man wearily agreed, his eyes lighting up when Kevin produced a crisp 20 that he had gotten from pawning some of Debra Stalling’s stolen jewelry. “Deal!”

Following Kevin’s orders to a tee, the drunk man slumped back down the hall having no clue that the insistent and conniving young man that had just given him $20 was actually Pam Ralston’s Son.

* * * * *

Kevin waited for several minutes in the kitchen, finishing off his bottle of Wild Turkey as he worked up in his head what he was about to do.

Tilting the bottle all the way up, Kevin drank every last drop of the potent sauce, listening for the stranger to give the go ahead that his curious chore had been completed.

After five minutes had passed, Kevin began to grow impatient and tossed the empty glass bottle into the trashcan on his way down the hall to check on the drunk man’s progress. Before he could get halfway down the hall however, the short and disheveled man emerged from the bedroom, walking on his tippytoes with his pants and shoes in hand.

“They’re all ready,” He whispered to Kevin. “You sure you don’t want me to …you know…stick…around?”

“NO,” Kevin intensely glared. “Some things just need to be done in private.”

Stepping aside so that the disappointed man could walk by, Kevin followed his path to the front door, laughing slightly from the way the guy tried putting on his pants as he drunkenly stumbled out of the trailer. Waiting for the sound of the door to close behind the staggering stranger, Kevin licked his lips and took a deep breath before finally turning his attention to his Mother’s occupied bedroom.

A strange sense of detachment welled up inside Kevin’s body as he hesitantly peeked through the opened doorway to see if his orders had been followed. He felt his heart jut upwards into his throat when he saw the way both Jackie and Pam were perched on the bed, bathed only in the flickering candle light that surrounded them, kneeling like two debased sluts with their fleshy asses facing directly at him as he walked through the doorway.

“Damn,” Kevin mouthed under his breath, overwhelmed by the potency of what he was seeing.

Stepping carefully into the room, Kevin became transfixed by the way the dim yellowish candlelight seemed to resonate off the sweat and other human secretions that dotted each of the women’s waiting bodies.

Seeing that the guy Jackie and Pam had brought home had successfully blindfolded each of them, Kevin inched closer to the bed trying to fathom the opportunity that clearly awaited him. Checking first to the right and then to the left of each of the women’s faces to determine if their vision as completely concealed, Kevin felt an internal storm brewing in his gut as he studied the two shadowy faces of the women he had known all of his life.

“Sluts,” he nearly hissed down to each.

Knowing Pam and Jackie thought the guy they had picked up at the bar was the one circling them, Kevin felt a giddy sense of power from the deception he was pulling off. Getting as close as he could, first to Jackie’s and then his Mom’s face, Kevin couldn’t help but stare at the liquid traces of cum dotting both women’s mouths, sensing immediately that one or the other had either sucked cum from the stranger’s cock or licked it directly out of the other woman’s vagina.

Rubbing his rough fingers over Pam’s already lipstick smeared lips, Kevin examined the residue and guessed correctly that his Mother had gone down on her best friend and sucked the cum into her own mouth. Standing up slowly, Kevin looked over top of Jackie’s rear end and calmly reached down to spread Jackie’s asscheeks apart, inspecting her pussy thoroughly and seeing smeared traces of Pam’s lipstick between her friend’s chubby white thighs.

Even though his dick turned to stone on the spot after seeing that, Kevin had to fight the urge to slap his Mother across her blindfolded face for having the disgusting and unmitigated gall to commit such a lewd act in the same bed she once shared with his Father.

Making a complete 180 around the bed once again, Kevin came to a stop directly behind Pam and Jackie’s raised and seemingly begging rear ends.

With a mixture of depraved arousal and raw, sadistic lust, Kevin tried convincing himself that his naked Mother kaçak iddaa and her best friend were no more than two pieces of sexual meat, cunts that needed to be fucked rather than the woman who had given him birth to him and her lifelong confidante.

Reaching out with his left hand, Kevin firmly rubbed his fingers across Jackie’s exposed pussy, causing her entire pubic region to shudder from the unexpected and unforgiving touch.

Teasing her for several moments, Kevin finally extended his middle finger forward and plunged it deep inside the gasping woman’s cumfilled snatch.

“OOOHHHAAAHHOOHHAAHH,” the blindfolded brunette moaned out, grinding backwards against Kevin’s fuckfinger until her creamy asscheeks bounced loudly against his muscular arm.

Feeling his Mother’s friend’s pussy choking his finger, Kevin cruelly jabbed his wrist forward until his fingertip smashed violently into Jackie’s quivering G-Spot.


Pulling his hand out of Jackie’s womb with a cruel jerk, Kevin laughed watching and listening to the way his Mom’s friend begged for him to stick it back inside her, just like a downtrodden addict begging for another fix.

Kevin gazed down at his slimy left hand and brushed it up against Jackie’s flowering vaginal lips several times before pushing his index, middle and ring fingers all the way into the splayed woman’s oozing sex.

“JESUSFUCKTHANKYOU!!” Jackie hissed, this time ramming her entire groin backwards against Kevin until he was, for all intents and purposes, fisting the woman’s expanded cunt.

As his left hand burrowed further and further up inside Jackie’s privates, Kevin couldn’t help looking down at his bone dry right hand and the specter of Pam Ralston’s ass begging for attention right in front of it.

Licking his lips as he stared at his Mother’s exposed and fuming sex, Kevin cockily flexed his fingers as he raised them slowly towards their inevitable target, preparing to cross the most sacred line between a Mother and Son.

The strangest and most twisted sense of sexual power percolated through Kevin as he measured his Mother’s grinding asscheeks, wondering inwardly what must have been going through her mind, not having a clue it was her very own Son that was preparing to violate her from behind.

Twirling his tingling fingers, Kevin hesitantly eased them closer to the glistening and hairy slit in front of him, clearly feeling the heat of Pam Ralston’s wanton lust caress the flesh of his hand with each inch closer it got.

Checking each of the women’s blindfold one last time, Kevin raised his arm at just the right angle so that his fingertips would collide with his Mother’s moist vulva.

“Yessss,” Pam cooed out approvingly.

“Ohhhh…yeahhhh…fuck that pussy just like you did Jackie’s earlier… then make her lick the cum right out of me like you made me do to her, Tommy,” Pam continued to whisper, thinking it was the guy that had brought her and Jackie home from the bar touching her pussy.

The two women writhing on the bed shared a brief snicker of demented approval as Kevin manipulated them both. Reaching out with her right hand, Jackie lustfully wrapped her fingers around Pam’s left arm in a silent show of support for what each was about to go through.

“Your gonna love his cock inside of you, Pam…the sonofabitch can fuck like a horse,” Jackie spat out luridly, having no idea the utter and sick irony of her statement.

Hearing Jackie’s surreal words echo through the room, Kevin simply shook his head defiantly and flexed his index and middle fingers straight out, watching with awe as each disappeared between his Mom’s chubby alabaster asscheeks until they were soaking wet with Pam’s slippery vaginal secretions.

“GAWDDDDFUCK!!,” Pam grimaced out, working her hips backwards like a paint mixer, until her Son’s fingers were tickling the deepest walls of her molten cervix.

“Just like any pussy I’ve ever done this to,” Kevin tried telling himself reassured, knowing deep down inside this was going to be unlike anything he had ever done or would ever do again.

Working his grip deeper and deeper into Pam’s burning quim, Kevin arched his thumb upwards at a 90 degree angle and played with his Mother’s shimmering anus as she helplessly fucked her pussy against his embedded fingers.

“Both of them…SHIT!” Kevin gleamed to himself, unable to fathom the reality of having both his hands shoved deep inside the two women’s pussies at the same time, like a wicked puppetmaster sparking Pam and Jackie’s each and every breath and movement.

Allowing his Mother’s cunt to freely massage his pistoning fingers, Kevin twisted his wrist every so often until he was able to completely sink his thumb into Pam’s inviting asshole, all the way to the quick of his nail. After spending his entire life trying to figure out a way to get the attention and affection of his Mother, Kevin experienced an eerie sense kaçak bahis of clarity watching the way her whole body and mind reacted to his desires with each probing thrust he made into her ass and vagina.

Rhythmically alternating his forceful manipulations inside each of the women’s backside, Kevin felt his own erection become so painful inside his pants that he could no longer ignore it. Flexing the muscles in each arm, Kevin withdrew both his hands from the two greasy snatches with a loud messy splat. Unable to resist the urge to lift his 10 fingers up to his nose, Kevin allowed the two women’s sexual fragrances to mingle for several moments inside his head.

His spine tingling from the lewd potency of what he was experiencing, Kevin took a couple of steps back and began undressing, without taking his eyes of the prize of each woman’s glistening and flared slits.

Kevin couldn’t help but recognize the unavoidable truth that his Mom and Jackie looked just like two bitches in heat, waiting to be serviced as they knelt on the bed in front of him. Stepping out of his pants, Kevin immediately took his throbbing cock into his right hand and stroked it as he walked back to the edge of the mattress. Reaching out with his left hand, Kevin kneaded his fingers into the flesh of both women’s behind until he felt as if he had a molten hot steel 8 inch rivet in his right hand. Looking over Jackie and Pam’s swaying shoulders, Kevin desperately wanted to rub his cock across each of their faces before he actually fucked them.

Letting his cock go, Kevin’s swollen appendage jumped crazily through the air as he tried to get as close as possible to the sluts’ mouths. Digging his fingers first into Jackie’s curly, sweat matted hair, Kevin closed his hand into a fist and pulled Jackie’s blindfolded face flush against his crotch.

“MMMMPPHH,” Kevin gasped, as soon as his sensitive cock slapped against the woman’s flushed cheek.

Reaching down with his free hand, Kevin pried Jackie’s lips apart and thrust his pelvis forward until his virile manhood torpedoed between the woman’s hungry mouth.

Savoring the sight of his Mom’s best friend giving him a furious blowjob, Kevin couldn’t help sneaking a peek at Pam to his left and the droplets of shiny saliva that dotted her outer lips from her expectation of getting to suck his cock next.

Jackie’s mouth felt as if it was trying to digest Kevin’s meat directly down her throat as she brazenly wallowed in her sexually wanton act. Feeling Jackie’s lips create a violent suction several inches above the base of his cock, Kevin wrenched his hips forward, slamming his dick into the older woman’s gullet until her only option left was the breathe through her snorting nostrils.

“Suck it, Bitch,” Kevin hissed under his breath, alternating his gaze between Jackie’s contorting face and his Mom beside her, impatiently waiting her turn.

Kevin kept his cock lodged inside Jackie’s mouth for several minutes, allowing her to take as much of his manhood down her throat as she could manage until he felt his balls start to strain from a potential orgasm. Wanting to save his initial moneyshot for a few more minutes, Kevin pulled his saliva smeared flesh free from Jackie’s gaping mouth and left it hanging directly in front of her until she arched out her pink tongue and planted a soulful and loving french kiss directly on his flared peehole.

Pulling his knotted fingers out of Jackie’s twisted hair, Kevin eyes drifted to his left, where his pathetic Mother was perched, waiting to take her turn at the dick of the man she thought she had met earlier that night at the bar.

“This should be different,” Kevin sighed to himself, in the understatement of a lifetime, as he lugged his spittle covered cock from where Jackie was kneeling, over to Pam’s drooling mouth.

* * * * *

Even though she was stoned drunk and experiencing a weird sense of vertigo from being on her knees and blindfolded for so long, Pam Ralston could clearly recognize the scent that wafted towards her. It was the unmistakable smell of a virile and aroused cock swinging mightily side to side, right in front of her face. Feeling her stomach churn with lustful and desperate hunger, Pam’s mouth briskly swung open when she felt the hint of his manhood graze across her quivering lips.

“GOD…I NEED THAT DICK!” Pam shamelessly blurted out, thinking the whole time it was the man she had brought home from the bar preparing to shove his manhood down her throat.

Opening her mouth as wide as she could, Pam felt an internal wave of shock sweep through her, surprised by just how big the cock seemed as it slipped across her tongue.

“It didn’t seem this big when he was fucking Jackie with it,” Pam thought to herself as she closed her smeared lips around the invading behemoth.

Feeling the force of Kevin’s pelvic thrusts crash against her chin, Pam found herself so aroused by the man’s sheer depravity and abandon that she made a promise to herself to completely deepthroat the man’s prick.

“MMMPPHH,” Pam grunted out through her fiery nostrils, loving the way the cock in her mouth jumped and throbbed each time she swallowed, allowing it to slip further down her throat.

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