The Flattery of Batteries

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The soft glow of the moon cast its light thru the window and cast shadows onto the bed. The petite woman lay upon it. Her red hair was spread out against the white pillows as her right hand curled around her big blue vibrator. Her left hand caressed lightly over her breasts, lifting up their weight. The thumb and forefinger slowly began to clasp around the nipple. She began to twist and pinch it and as her breath became a bit ragged she pinched hard. The tingles shot thru out her body flowing freely down to her abdomen. The warmth started to spread down over her sex. Arching her back, she spread her legs open and placed the eight inch vibrator at her entrance. She began to slowly move it up and down over her clit and down between her swollen wet lips.

A soft moan escaped her lips as the touch of the vibrator became more increased. Her long red lashes fluttered over her green eyes and lay upon her freckled cheeks as she guided her left hand down to float over her belly. Her red nail flicked over her clit causing little gasps to escape her parted lip. Pushing her sex up so the blue eight inch vibrator slowly and barely entered her, she remembered her last night with her love. He had left away on business and now had been gone for two months and was not due to return for another week. The thoughts of their last night together came crashing down around her.

“I promise my love. I will wait for you to return.” She had told him. But now here she was. The night kept playing thru her mind. Every touch. Every sense. Every word played thru her minds eye every night. The petite woman couldn’t hold back anymore. Her body craved the need to be released.

Her left hand trailed down and turned the knob to the low buzz setting. She didn’t feel anything so she turned the knob up to the medium speed and still there was nothing. She growled out in frustration and sat up in the bed. Her legs were spread open in front of her. She looked down and saw her wetness glistening on her thighs and her swollen pussy lips.

The sight of her lovers’ hand caressing over thighs overwhelmed her. Her breath became ragged, deep and unsteady. The red lashes lay upon her cheeks as she tried to calm her senses down. Taking in a deep breath her hand clenched around the dildo. It still wasn’t working so she shook it a bit. It was old and she has used it many times. Sometimes she was a bit rough with her play. It still didn’t work so she took off the cover for the batteries and determined that they were dead.

She got off the bed all frustrated to go get new batteries. Humming quietly as she moved to the cupboard. She did want to wake up the kids that were sleeping in the next room. The though of her husbands warm body flashed thru her mind. The way the light would play over every muscle in his chest and forearms. The box of batteries was in her reach and she pulled it out to find that there were none in it. Her face screwed up into a scowl. Why her? She thought.

“Oh my sweet dear wife, you will wait until I come home to cum. I know it to be true for you do not want to be punished. I want to be the one to bring you that pleasure.” The words of her lover invaded her mind. Feeling the light throb flow thru out her body. The need to pleasure her self grew. Letting her hands slowly move up over her breasts. She lifted their weight then gasping out as she pinched her nipples lightly. Dropping her hands away from her breasts she casino şirketleri walked back to her bedroom.

Maybe I should wait just as he wishes it. He will be upset if I don’t. But damn it if I can’t get this image out of my head. There he was again kneeling between her open thighs causing her to feel the sensations that only he could bring out in her. The magic of his tongue working over her lips he licked and suckled her sex, causing her to moan out with the pleasure of it.

Just as she turned the corner of the doorway to walk into her room, she heard one of the kids’ toys go off. It was the talking Elmo. The little red annoying one that laughed and giggled every time the head would fall open then quickly shut. She smiled to herself as she crept into the kids’ room. She looked at them as they slept. She replaced the blanket over their exposed bodies, making she did not disturb them. Turning towards the door she bent to pick up the talking Elmo and her eyes landed on an elephant that made music as it moved crossed the floor. She decided to take that one as well just in case.

Creeping back to her bedroom she closed her door and turned on the light. Tilting the toys upside down to see how to open them she notices that she would need a small phillips screw driver. She knew she didn’t have one so she went and improvised using a small pared knife. First she picked up the Elmo and turned him upside down she began to undo the screw. Twisting it to the left until the lid fell off and then dumping the batteries in her palm. She growled out for the batteries were an AAA size, too small for her eight inch vibrator. She threw the batteries back into the toy and screwed the lid shut.

“My love I will always wait for you. You give me pleasure beyond belief. I could never match it.” The words came back to haunt her. She had made the promise. Maybe she should keep it. Her body told her something else. It throbbed deep within her, causing her to keep moving forward with her plan. It’s his fault anyway. If he hadn’t made me promise and then given me that strong dose of pleasure I wouldn’t be here throbbing now with the need to be released. She thought.

Picking up the blue elephant she took the pared knife to the tiny screw and she began to turn it to the left. It was hard to get it to turn at first but she was determined. Her pussy was throbbing but it was starting to subside a bit. She wanted, no needed to cum tonight. She was to hot and bothered not to do anything.

She remembered how when you pushed it across the floor music would play. She felt a bit guilty for taking the batteries from one of the kids’ favorite toys but she promised first thing in the morning she would go to the store and get some new batteries. The thought of breaking her promise didn’t enter her mind again then.

The screw finally came undone. She took the screw out and pulled the lid away and smiled widely. For there before her eyes were the two AA batteries she needed. Taking them out and placing them on the bed, she dropped the elephant on the floor. She didn’t think twice about the batteries again and she didn’t feel guilty anymore. Her eyes moved to her Big Blue Prince. That is what she liked to call it. Reaching her hand out she clasped her toy. Her small hand trembled a bit as she raised it up before her eyes. A catlike grin slowly made its way across her red lips. Her pink tongue lay up against the roof of casino firmaları her mouth as she untwisted the cap where the batteries went. Turning it upside down she shook the old nonworking power source out of it. Picking up the two on the bed she placed them in quickly. Her heart began to pound quickly in her chest. Slamming up against her breasts that she could feel it beat in her blood. Her breath quickened as she slowly turned the knob to low. She bit her lip lustfully. Now it’s going to work.

“Will you really wait sweet wife? Do you really only crave my touch and not that of your Big Blue Prince. Will you leave it be until I come home to use it on you?” Her lovers’ words came into her mind, echoing thru out her head and ears.

Her left hand began to slide back down over her belly then it stopped and she growled out loudly. Frustrated she punched the bed beside her. It didn’t turn on. These batteries were dead as well. She couldn’t believe it. She could have sworn they worked. I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I suppose I should wait for my love to come home. After all I did promise I would.

She opened the toy’s cap again and looked at the batteries. Her eyes widen a bit as she realized she had put them in backwards. Her body was humming and throbbing with need to be released. She quickly dumped them out on the bed. Then her nimbly fingers became clumsy as she picked them and placed them into her toy once again. Returning the cap and turning it on high for she didn’t care, she wanted them to work. She needed them to work.

“Yes my love I do promise you this. I shall await for your return to get any pleasure. My Big Blue Prince shall stay cooped up in my drawer and left untouched until your return home.” The words shot thru her head. She growled out loudly and shook her head to clear it of the promise.

The loud buzzing filled the room. The lights flow thru the toy. Her lips curled into a nasty snarl. She laid her head back against the head board bending her legs at the knees and spreading them open. Swallowing her cry of frustration down her throat she tapped the fully going vibrator to her clit. She cried out at the pain pleasure of the buzzing hard on her clit. Clamping her lips shut tightly so as not to get to loud to wake up the kids she began to work the vibe quickly over her sex. Down her swollen lips and back up in the center of her entrance. Pushing just the head of her Big Blue Prince inside and twisting.

“Good, now my sweet dear, lay back and let me pleasure you before I have to go. I want to make you scream out my name as you come crashing down from you explosive orgasm.”

The toy wiggled around inside. Pulling it out and seeing her love juice coating just the tip of it. She pressed it hard against her clit. Rubbed it in circles as her left hand began to twist and pinch her right breasts. Pulling the nipples outward and flicking her thumb nail across it. Her head fell back against the wall as she screamed out. Her hips lifted up off the bed as she suddenly thrust her toy deep inside her as her wet pussy took it deep within her walls. She clamped tightly around it.

The pleasure soared thru out her body as her small limbs began to shake and quiver. Trying the get the words of her lover out of her head she tossed her head from side to side. The petite body of hers began to tremble. The pleasure began to seep thru out her entire body, pumping thru her veins güvenilir casino all the way down thru her abdomen and into her sex. Her green eyes fluttered shut and a loud wail filled the room. Her hand moved the vibrator in and out of her wetness. The smell of her filled her nostrils. The suction of her pussy gripping and pulling her toy in deep made loud wet noises.

His tongue always worked magic on her but his words were doing so much more. “If you play my dear you will be punished. You will be used roughly if I found out you have even so much as cum a little while I am a way. I will spank you bottom and tie you up and not let you go until I am done with my pleasure. I will not await for you to be please. It will be all about me”

The left hand massaged her whole breasts squeezing them together. Her body suddenly tightened up as the orgasm road higher. Bucking her hips up off the bed made her thrust the dildo in deeper hitting her deep within her belly. Whimpering she began to spill over the crest of her pleasure. Crying out loudly as her body quaked and her pussy suddenly convulsed hard around the vibrator.

She was whimpering as his skill brought her closer to her explosive orgasm. “Oh yes. I understand completely my darling. Nothing will make me play while you are away.” He had made her cum so hard and then he flipped her onto her belly and had had his way with her.

Her body flushed red and her green eyes were glazed over with the knowledge of her satisfaction. Her breasts rose and fell rapidly as her hand stilled pushed in and out the dildo rapidly wringing that big orgasm out. Her head was swinging side to side as her lips parted for her tongue to glide over them. Rocking her hips up to meet her own thrust she let out a scream as her body shook with another orgasm.

He had made sure she came hard again before he let loose his love deep with in her walls. He coated her heavily. They both laid exhausted in each others arms. “Now that I have made you promised I want to make sure that you will not play. I will take all the batteries away. They will come with me. And I will hang these ties, blindfold and our beloved whip here on the wall for you to see and to remember.” He then went on to tease her again. His hand had trailed down to her sex and stroked her gently. The long strong finger caressed over her clit. He brought her to the edge then suddenly just stopped. She remembered he had looked at the clock and got a wicked grim on his face. “I need to go now sweetheart. The train is leaving in thirty minutes and I should go before I miss it.”

He had gotten up then and got dressed. Leaving her body their on the verge. Leaning over her he had said, “Now sweet no playing. I did this for I want you to think of me, to feel the desire for me and only me.”

The need had stayed with her the whole time. She had fought it for 2 months and tonight she couldn’t bare it any longer. Her legs were splayed out before her and her head rest back on the headboard and against the wall. Her chest rose and fell as she caught her breath. He wouldn’t know. He wasn’t due back for another week. I am sure I can get myself worked up again before his return.

Swallowing and gasping she lifted her head to look down between her legs. Her wetness had seeped out as she pulled the toy free of her. She smiled as she saw the evidence of her pleasure. Bringing the vibrator to her lips she began to lick it clean. Tasting her self and moaning, her eyes were half closed when she heard the slightest noise. The green orbs suddenly flashed open and there before her was her soul mate naked as can be and fully aroused.

“What are you doing here?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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