The Family

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It was my eighteenth birthday and my daddy had promised me a surprise. My name is Penny. I was first called Peter but changed my name when I insisted to my mummy and daddy I was a girl. At first mummy wouldn’t accept it but daddy talked her round and they decided to educate me at home so that I wasn’t picked on by the other kids. It was more convenient anyway because we lived miles out in the wild, where we grew our own vegetables, raised hens for eggs and daddy worked from home doing something on the internet.

Mummy died last year and two nights later I heard daddy sobbing. I went to try to comfort him but he apologised for disturbing me and sent me back to my own bed.

I love being a girl and, actually, it has become better since mummy died. I feel guilty for even thinking that but it is true. Somehow, I never felt that she fully accepted me whereas daddy accepts me entirely. Now, when I am in my room getting dressed, I can luxuriate in my femininity in a way I couldn’t whilst mummy was alive. Isn’t it strange? I love to shave my legs and my clitie. I love the feel of my silk and lace panties as I secure my cock and balls (clitie cocklet and clitie balls) between my legs and pull the silk tight to hold them and give a deliciously feminine shape to my mound. My stockings gliding up my smooth legs make my clitie cock strain to produce my milk and I have to think of other things to stop myself coming as I fasten the lace stocking tops to my suspenders. I put on my bra and sit before my dressing- table mirror to make up my face. I am a pretty girl with light brown wavy hair and blue eyes. I like to look beautiful for my daddy and he says he really appreciates it. Since mummy died he seems able to pay me compliments more easily, and sometimes he looks at me in a way he rarely did before and then he always looked a little guilty. I think he is now allowing himself to see me as a woman.

For at least three years I have fantasised about what it would feel like if my daddy made love to me. We are so different from each other; I am five feet six tall and he is six feet six; I am slightly, though prettily, built, whereas he is a muscular stud of a man with magnificent pecs and abs. His arms and legs strain the material of his clothes and I can only imagine what lies between those wonderful thighs. Even if I didn’t shave my body I should have hardly any hair compared with the mat of hair which comes into view whenever daddy wears an open-necked shirt. We have the same blue eyes, but whereas mine are always soft his can be piercing when he is angry.

I dressed with special care for my birthday. I know my daddy likes me to look demure, so I chose a cream silk dress with a full skirt over a petticoat of the same colour and skin -coloured thigh high stockings, panties and bra. When I came into the kitchen daddy had made breakfast already as he usually did on my birthdays, but today something was subtly different. For one thing he was not dressed in his usual house clothes. He looked extra smart and he had shaved and brushed his hair as carefully as if he was going to a special event. And I could feel a sense of excitement coming from him. I asked him why he had taken such care with his appearance today.

In reply he said he’d tell me after we had eaten breakfast. I was now getting excited as well and we wolfed down the excellent breakfast he had prepared. He led me into our sitting room and I sat on the sofa in the window with the light behind me but daddy asked me to move to the other sofa near the fireplace so that he could see my face clearly. I did so and looked up into his eyes. I could tell he was worried. There was an air of uncertainty about him which was not at all usual.

‘Daddy, please tell me what is wrong. You’re beginning to frighten me,’ I said.

‘That’s the very last thing I want to do,’ he replied.

He sat down beside me and took one of my hands in both of his. I do not have particularly small hands but I noticed how tiny mine seemed when held by his hands but I also saw how shapely his big hands were and for a moment I shivered, imagining those hands running wherever they wished about my body.

‘Darling, are you cold,’ asked daddy.

‘No, daddy. I am being silly. Now, please talk to me.’

Daddy said, ‘Today you become eighteen. You are now an adult, a woman.’ (My heart beat faster as he called me a woman). There is something I must tell you. If you don’t like what I say please can we put it out of our minds and we’ll continue as we are now, a loving father and daughter.’

I nodded because my heart was too full for me to say anything. I knew what must be coming and I longed to hear what he had to say.

He went on, ‘I have come to love you as a woman as well as my child. I want to become your lover and, if you will allow me, your husband. Is there any chance you can love me in return? Will you do me the hour of becoming my wife?’

He looked so earnest and so worried I almost bahis firmaları laughed. I put up my other hand to his cheek and whispered, ‘I do. I am your wife.’ I was going to run on but he crushed his lips against mine, his tongue entered my mouth, his hands were inside my dress, my bra, my panties. My clothes were scattered on the floor as he carried me into what would now be our bedroom; he mounted me fiercely; the pain was electric but my shrieks were shrieks of joy as he ploughed his great cock into my pulsing cunt and when he came his waves of impregnating baby batter shot me into a new world of ecstasy and love.

Five times that day and three times the following night he gave me the greatest gift a man can give a woman. From the moment I tasted his cum I knew that it had always been intended for me and that my mouth, my throat and my cunt were created to be home to his cock and that his magnificent balls were intended to supply them with their most precious contents. From that first night I worshiped his cock and balls. His cock was eight inches of silk-covered steel, purple veined and bronze headed and as wide as my girly wrists. His balls hung low; I needed both hands to hold them and they were heavy with sperm. I learnt to take each of them in my mouth and to massage them with my tongue, as my daddy licked and sucked my cunt or took my clitie cock and clitie balls into his mouth to send me into orgasm. In those moments my daddy became my baby and sucked out his mummy’s milk from my clitie breast.

For three years we lived in a never- ending ecstasy of fucking and sucking. My pussy lips became my vagina and I genuinely expected to bear my daddy’s children. Something was certainly happening deep inside me for I began to have periods, which could only mean that I was producing eggs for my daddy to fertilise with his sperm and yet I was not pregnant.

When I was twenty- one my father’s father, my grandfather, came to stay. I was worried that he would be shocked by our way of life. After all I am my father’s son, who became his daughter, then his wife. Daddy reassured me that his father, whom I had never seen before, would not be phased by our complicated relationship. He wouldn’t say much more, except that my grandfather had disapproved of my father’s marriage, and they had severed relations with each other, but that my father had written to his father to tell him that he had taken me as his wife and grandfather’s visit was the result of that letter. I was now looking forward to meeting this unusual man.

Grandfather arrived and I was bowled over. My father was now in his forties and grandfather was in his sixties but there was no mistaking the relationship. The only difference was that grandfather was bigger in every dimension and his hair was white. Daddy went to pick up granddaddy (as I soon called him) from the airport. I waited at home. Granddaddy almost filled the front door as he walked in. He took one look at me, picked me up in his mighty arms, kissed me on the mouth with a real, tongue exploring kiss and said, ‘My, what a pretty little granddaughter you’ve given me, son. I’m not surprised you want to make your babies in her. Any man would.’

As he held me in his arms I felt a stirring in his pants which suggested a very big cock was coming to life. At the same time I felt a little trickle coming from my clitie cock, moistening my package.

‘Your daddy tells me you’re having problems conceiving, little girl. Well, granddaddy’s here now to help you.’

I looked across at my father/husband and said, ‘Please explain, daddy. I’m so confused.’

‘Aren’t you going to offer your father a drink, son?’ asked granddaddy.

My father supplied him with a whisky without asking what he wanted as though a habit had reasserted itself and the intervening years had fallen away. Grandfather sat in what had always been my father’s armchair; my father and I sat together on the sofa and daddy took my right hand in his and held it in his lap. I could feel his cock stirring beneath the thin material of his trousers and I blushed.

Grandfather smiled. ‘Am I right in thinking you have not told your little lady the story of our family,’ he asked my father.

‘No, daddy, I have not,’ said my father. I was surprised to hear the word ‘daddy’ coming from my father’s lips. It seemed altogether too girly.

‘Then you have a lovely surprise waiting for you,’ said granddaddy to me. ‘The men of our house for many generations are all either girly men or are men who love girly men, and the girly men, under certain circumstances, develop the ability to bear children. I was annoyed when your father married a biological woman for it broke a line which goes back hundreds and, perhaps, thousands of years. This was the reason for our estrangement. However, fate works in inscrutable ways. Now I see the lovely result (I blushed again) of that marriage and see you two together as man and wife I can only be pleased. So, son, kaçak iddaa I am here to help; you must decide how we proceed. I took your cherry but you wanted to be all man and would not bear me a child and your little girl in turn is barren. May I beget a child in your womb, my darling granddaughter, for then, I think, you should become receptive to your daddy’s sperm also and can bear his babies afterwards? Will you allow me to fuck your wife, son and, before that, may I take your cherry anew to bring you back into the company of your family?

I sat mesmerised and heard my father say ‘yes’ so that grandfather had to ask me twice if I should be willing to take him into my cunt and bear his baby. I looked into his eyes and saw love. I looked at his trousers and saw a remarkable erection beginning and I also said ‘Yes’.

Grandfather stood up and held out his hand to my daddy. ‘Come, sweetheart,’ he said. ‘My cock longs for your cunt.’ Daddy took his father’s hand and the two enormous men walked into our bedroom and closed the door. I went and sat in the garden outside the bedroom window. I was all but insensible to the beauty of the day or the smell of jasmine and roses except as a background to the noises of ecstatic pleasure which came from within.

I heard my grandfather’s voice, dominant, in command, and my father’s voice unusually submissive and tender. ‘Come, my darling one, open your rosebud to your father,’

‘Oh, daddy, I haven’t taken a man inside me since you took me. Can I still open far enough?’

‘You will, sweetheart. There, and there, and so.’

I heard my father gasp and I imagined the exploring fingers, followed by the tongue and the moment when my grandfather’s cock breached his son’s sphincter and he started the ride which would culminate in my grandfather’s baby batter filling my daddy’s newly created cunt. They called out together and I imagined the great engine shooting its load, and then there was silence except for the sound of their laboured breathing. There were whispered endearments I could not hear properly. Then I went inside and waited for them in the sitting room.

Half an hour later I heard the unmistakable sounds of love-making coming from their room again. I waited for another hour and they emerged, glowing, with love-light streaming from their eyes to find me weeping.

Both rushed to take me in their arms. ‘What is it my sweetest little love?’ asked my daddy, whilst grandfather kissed the top of my head.

‘You don’t need me,’ I sobbed. ‘You only want each other.’

They soon showed me how wrong I was, but first granddaddy took me on his lap and petted me, stroking my hair and kissing my eyelids before saying, ‘I am going to tell you the story of who you are and of what sort of people you come from, my pretty little darling.

‘You know that your daddy is your daddy and your mummy was your mummy but you don’t know that my wife, your grandmother, was also my brother. She was born male, as all members of our family are, but she immediately knew she was a girl. She is still alive and, to me, she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. We fell in love and I bred two boys on her, your daddy and your uncle Robert. Your daddy wanted to remain entirely male, despite my taking his cherry, whereas Roberta longed for my babies and I bred a boy on her. You see now why I am not shocked by your relationship with your daddy.’

I could feel grandfather’s cock rising below my crack and I just wanted desperately for him to put it in me and fill me with his babies.

‘Oh granddaddy, I’ll do whatever you wish but, please, fuck me now like you fucked my daddy.’

Grandfather laughed and said, ‘Come, baby.’ He picked me up in his enormous arms. I laid my head against his bicep; it was like a pillow smelling of masculinity, and I inhaled his scent. My clitie went crazy, leaking pre-cum into my panties. I moaned with my need for this man. He tore off my clothes and his own and I saw the wonder of the world, a fourteen- inch long cock as broad as a beer can with balls to match. He positioned his balls above my face and I licked them, handled them and took them one at a time into my mouth and sucked as though my life depended on it. Then I started to lick along this vast pole of pleasure. It was ridged with veins and had a helmet -shaped glans which tasted of cum and sweat. I tasted his precum; it was nectar, with the tang of the sea. He stroked and pulled my nipples then took one of them between his teeth before he moved to the bottom of the bed, raised my legs and inserted his tongue into my pussy. He returned to lubing his cock and poising it at the entrance to my cunt.

He lubed me with his spit-soaked fingers and started the journey which would culminate in his filling me four times over with his sperm. I threw back my head in ecstasy as he glanced past my prostate and entered the deepest recesses of my vagina. I saw that my daddy was standing beside the bed holding kaçak bahis his balls and stroking his cock to fulfilment. As I watched, great loops of cum shot from him and settled on my face and breasts and across my heaving granddaddy’s back. Daddy yelled his achievement, I came in my clitie and granddaddy rammed his pole the deepest yet. He shouted as he deposited gush after gush of baby batter into my womb. My daddy gently placed the head of his cock in between my lips so that I could suck from it his remaining sperm. Surely I must be pregnant now.

The next four months saw this scene repeated again and again and granddaddy serviced daddy too, who also took me, so I became, effectively, the wife of my father and grandfather and my father also became the wife of his father. The three of us were as happy together as any three people could be.

But still my periods came and went and there was no sign that I was pregnant.

Grandfather sent for my grandmother to come and give us her advice. When she arrived I understood why grandfather had called her the most beautiful woman he had met. Although she had started life as grandfather’s brother she was entirely feminine. At the age of sixty-five she looked like a woman of thirty, her breasts were firm and voluptuous, her hips rounded, her face unlined and glowing with health. Only her hair gave any suggestion of her real age but its ash-blond waves looked ravishing.

Grandfather took one look at her and ushered her to bed. Daddy and I followed suit and went to ours.

‘What do you think of your grandmother?’ he asked me.

‘She is beautiful,’ I said.

‘Do you mind granddaddy fucking her after these months of fucking you?’

‘No, daddy. Much as I love granddaddy’s cock, it is yours I want to make our babies. Do you mind your mother taking away granddaddy’s cock from you.’

‘No, darling. I have enjoyed him coming inside me greatly after all these years but I remain essentially male and my delight lies here.’

He placed one hand on my clitie and one on my pussy. Then he leant down and took my clitie cock and balls into his mouth and sucked me to the point where my milk was about to come, before he moved his mouth to my pussy. He lubricated my cunt with his tongue, then I placed my hand on his cock and guided him into my opening. His pole pushed against my sphincter twice before she opened and received her love. He pushed further and slid all the way into my velvet tunnel which gripped him to her. He pulled back, only to advance, and he started to pick up speed until, with an overwhelming tempest of cum, he came in my depths, and his baby batter at last achieved our desire and I knew that, beyond all doubt, I was pregnant with my husband’s child. He held me tight to his heaving chest and we both knew a joyous fulfilment.

‘Oh, my darling little wife. My pretty cunt of cunts and clitie of clities, let me kiss you,’ said my daddy husband. But he did far more than kiss me throughout the whole of that night and well into the next day, until his parents appeared at our bedroom door to greet our news with jubilation and to tell us that granddaddy had set a baby in grandmother’s womb also, so we two women would be going into labour together.

She said, ‘Don’t be afraid, granddaughter. I shall be with you and I have had many children, and women like us, even at my age, tend to give birth easily. You and I are indeed fortunate in our men and in our fate, but it will be good for both of us to have another woman around. Men are undeniably useful (she winked) but they don’t understand a woman’s thoughts as we do. Probably just as well.’ She explained that quite often, when a woman of our kind found it difficult to conceive, if two couples tried for a child simultaneously a child resulted for both couples. She knew of no explanation unless the excitement generated by all of them helped in some way.

She and I, greatly aided by our husbands, looked after each other through our pregnancies. We gave birth on the same day and were, as grandmother had said, fortunate in the ease of our delivery. Our titties swelled and we lactated for the first two months after giving birth, so we sat together feeding our babies at our breasts whilst the proud fathers hung over them and us. Then came a day when daddy and granddaddy were admiring their babies feeding and something new happened. As though they had synchronised their actions, though later they swore they had not even discussed what they were going to do, both men sank to their knees in front of us; they brushed aside our skirts and pulled down our panties and daddy took my clitie in his mouth whilst his father took grandmother’s cock in his mouth and they sucked us to orgasm and gulped down our clitie cock milk whilst their babies took our breast milk.

Granny and I put down our little babies in their cots to concentrate on our big babies and soon we were rewarded by our big babies ramming their cocks into our ever- longing cunts and filling us again with their potent seed as we lay side by side watching our husbands’ magnificent hairy arses rising and falling as they pummelled us to ecstasy. We have become a very close family.

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