The Extended Family Ch. 09

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Chapter 9 – First Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Orgy Starts For Six Lovers

Bev would be my mother-in-law if Karen and I were married, and I’d spent a good portion of the day before Thanksgiving deep in her pussy sharing a new passion with this beautiful older woman. Bev was visiting us for the long weekend. Lynn and Karen, my regular consorts, had gone off to make love to each other the night before while Bev and I made love. Thanksgiving morning, I’d come back to them and we’d started the holiday off with our own unique brand of lovemaking.

Bev was prowling around the kitchen by the time the three of us got there. She ignored our afterglows and started prattling on about the size of our turkey and the stuffing and cook times and such. I went and wrapped her in my arms and French kissed her. She stopped for a minute and paid back the attention. Then, like a woman driven, she picked up where she’d left off. I politely backed out of the room as Karen and Lynn joined the cooking team.

I set up the table for the six of us carefully arranging utensils, plates and hot pads to catch all of the dishes I’d been told to expect. I got a snack to tide me over until late afternoon when the bird would be done then found some football on the television.

Robbie and Mel arrived right on time. I whispered in Mel’s ear that she looked like she’d been screwing all night. She looked horrified and checked her face and clothing out in the hall mirror until she realized that I was just teasing her. She hit me in the arm and I felt the bruise for the rest of the day. That’ll teach me to tell the truth.

Robbie and I watched football; I think it was Indianapolis versus Atlanta. My mind kept wandering off to the life style we’d adopted, and I was thinking about how to make it better for everyone, thus I missed part of the game. I also fell asleep for a while; I guess I needed the rest.

Mel came in and snuggled up to me for a while and closed her eyes sort of in a dreamy state. I had my arm around her and was stroking one of her fabulous breasts through the thin material of her blouse when Bev came in and watched us.

First, I thought she’d be angry, her face was totally neutral and hard to read. I didn’t stop and Mel’s expression showed her happiness. Finally, Bev said, “If I was in my right mind, I’d freak out. Instead I think the picture of you two is one of the prettiest and most tender sights I’ve seen in months.” She came over and kissed me tenderly on the forehead, and then actually turned and softly kissed Mel on the lips as she napped.

I said to Bev, “Thank you for understanding, and thank you for being you and for sharing yourself with us and being open to new possibilities and structures and relationships.” I squeezed her hand and gave her a tender smile.

Robbie had watched our interaction with interest. He motioned for Bev to come and join him on the sofa. She hesitated a moment then went and snuggled her small body into his large arms. He enfolded her ending with a hand firmly planted over one of her breasts. She rolled her eyes towards heaven for a second then pressed his hand into her body.

Someone scored a touchdown about then and the crowd went wild.

Karen came and took in the scene for a minute, smiled at me, winked, and returned to the kitchen. A moment later, Lynn appeared with her. They both looked at us with that tender look of happiness you have when you see the people you love enjoying themselves.


By every one’s standards, Thanksgiving dinner was a huge success and we were all bloated and waddling around the house after we finished. We had enough leftovers to feed a small army, and I don’t think there was room left in the refrigerator for even a bullion cube.

Bev and I led the six of us in a walk around the neighborhood as the sun was setting. Many other neighbors were out walking too including my friend Martin Williams and his wife. I did introductions and we all walked together for about a mile.

Martin pulled me aside as we were walking and asked, “My God man, is there anyone in this City who you aren’t sleeping with. You are amazing! You’re my hero.” He patted me on the back. I didn’t even have a chance to ask how he knew I’d bonked Lynn’s daughter and Karen’s mother.

We were all feeling better after our hour walk. Mel and Robbie again faded away, but not before Mel pulled me into the hall and thrust her tongue down my throat for a few minutes. “I want us to make love before I go back on Monday morning. Mom knows and she’ll try to help find a time slot for us.”

“I’m game but you know I have to recuperate from any other deeds I might be called to perform,” I said humorously. “I think Bev goes back on Sunday afternoon. Perhaps that evening can be a time for us.”

“Yummy, yummy,” she said as she bit my lip gently. “I can’t wait.” She turned to leave; “In the meantime to quench my desire, I think I’ll fuck the living daylights out of Robbie tonight.” She disappeared around the corner leaving me panting. She reappeared a few seconds with Robbie bahis firmaları in tow and the two said their goodnights and drove off to his apartment.

Lynn told us all it was time for bed. She set the rules. Everyone had to be naked. It was an open fuck and grope session, no holds barred, and, she looked at Bev and said, “Everyone is invited to participate in everyway possible.”

To her credit, Bev didn’t blink an eye. She stood up, kicked her flats into a corner, and peeled off her blouse, bra and then her dressy shorts and thong. Once she was naked she came up to me and rubbed her pert breasts across my bare chest. She hooked a finger through my shirt and pulled me off in the direction of the master bedroom with a little sashay of her fine looking ass. Karen and Lynn followed with looks of lust on their faces.

The FFFM session was stupendous except for the fact that the spirit was willing but the body was weak. I did fuck everyone more times than I can count and I delivered countless orgasms. I had to moderate my own activities lest I blow my loads prematurely and be unable to pleasure my bedmates. As usual, I thoroughly enjoyed the girl-on-girl activity when that was the feature of the moment. Much to Bev’s credit she was a willing participant both giving and receiving pleasure from the girls — even her daughter. It wasn’t too late when we all fell asleep exhausted. The horniness index of the room had been significantly lowered for a few hours.

The next morning before I even had a chance to get out of bed to do my meditation, I felt a mouth encircle my rod and start to fellate me. I figured out that it was Bev. She administered a flawless blowjob, first exciting me then slurping up my pre-cum as it leaked over the head of my stick.

Then, she started her serious up and down strokes using both hand and mouth to excite me. Lastly, she jammed my cock all the way down her throat allowing the tip to pass into a place most people would gag uncontrollably. She not only didn’t gag, she used that tight passage to bring me to orgasm. I groaned as the cum started to course through my pipes until I exploded into her mouth and throat. She didn’t lose a drop.

I pulled her up the bed until she was next to me and kissed her, even French kissing her much to her surprise. I whispered my thanks to her, and then told her I planned to head to the beach to “think”.

“Can I come too?” she whispered. I nodded, and the two of us slipped out of bed, both naked.

“What should I wear?” she asked. I suggested something loose and comfortable that could get wet if we walked the beach. She said, “Bathing suit?” I said, “Sure, why not. I’ll get you a sweatshirt too; the morning will be cool this time of year.”

My thinking time wasn’t as clear or crisp knowing Bev was sitting not too far away having her own think time. I’d explained about meditation and being open to the messages from within and without on the drive to the beach. She nodded in understanding and acceptance.

I didn’t fight to hear things in my silence other than the sound of the surf and the gulls. For today that was all I needed. I felt calmed and alert.

I ended my session, as the eastern sky was aglow with the new day. I walked over to Bev and helped her to her feet. We hugged and she put her arms around my neck and we kissed very tenderly, almost spiritually. “Will you make love to me here — on the beach somewhere?”

I nodded and led her towards some dunes. Once we were hidden from the few early morning beachcombers that were out, we stood, and I peeled off my sweat suit, laying it down as a blanket Bev could be on. I peeled off her swimsuit and then started to roughly kiss her all over her neck, mouth, and breasts. We were much more passionate than we’d been previously.

Bev pushed me down on my back then mounted me and started to ride me — hard. I matched her ardor and passion with my own, and we fucked as the sky brightened and a cool, light breeze floated over our naked bodies. The beautiful moment will always be remembered.

Our orgasm was muted for we both checked our voices rather than cry out and have someone come to see what the moaning and groaning was about. We lay there in our heat, our juices seeping from Bev’s cunt down onto my entire groin area. We kissed everything about each other that we could find to kiss — breasts, arms, shoulders, necks, faces, ears, hair, and on and on, again and again. We couldn’t get enough of each other.

Eventually, we slowed, stood and pulled our clothing back on. I think we both tried to act nonchalant as we walked out of the dunes and back to the car, but there were very few people around at that hour. Besides, didn’t everyone have a morning fuck in the dunes at Lido Beach!

No one was awake when we got home. We stripped off our clothing again and went and snuggled against each other in the guest room. By that time, I’d had sufficient recovery time and I was able to mount her and ride Bev until we both came again. This time, I stayed in her folds as we lay on our sides and I kaçak iddaa stroked and caressed her body.

Lynn eventually tapped lightly on the door, “You guys awake.”

“Come in,” Bev offered.

Lynn walked in. She was naked. The sight of her body made me stir even though I was totally depleted. “Have you guys been having fun? Did you go to the beach?”

Bev said softly, “Yes, and we made love in the dunes. It was so romantic. I’ll never forget it.” She hugged me and then extended her arm to Lynn, “Come. You can snuggle in with us.”

Lynn came and sat behind me and stroked my back and shoulders. “I bet someone’s not going to be worth a damn until after lunch, right?” She jested; I nodded with a big smile.

“Got that right. I’m three for three this morning and that’s a bit of a record so this ride is closed temporarily. Besides I’m resting in this nice warm nest and hate to leave my pussy palace to do anything else right now.” I pointed to where my wilted pecker still resided within Bev’s pussy.

“But you have all those good juices that I love to suck,” pleaded Lynn. “Couldn’t you guys uncouple so I could get my breakfast here rather than in the kitchen.”

Bev and I looked at each other and then pulled apart. Lynn knelt and sucked me into her talented mouth in one easy stroke. I’d shrunk so much I wasn’t even a slight challenge. She ran her tongue around my member and added her own saliva to milk every drop of our sex fluids from me.

Next, Lynn gently pushed Bev onto her back and we both looked at the cum seeping out of her vagina. Lynn leaned in a used her tongue to lap up the largest and most visible dollop. She lapped her lips in eager anticipation and then went deeper, this time I could see her tongue visibly extend into Bev’s pussy, moving around to her clit and the surrounding area to capture the combination of our fluids that was smeared over the entire area.

Bev started jerking as Lynn’s tongue passed over her clit. Bev went happily into orbit and Lynn sensing what was going on, added fingers to her tongue action and soon Bev slid right into another orgasm and then another. I’d never known a woman that could pop off so easily and thus have climaxes so close together.

I cradled Bev and kissed her, fondling and roughly manipulating her tits as Lynn worked over her pussy. I think the action helped contribute to her climaxes. Bev vocalized what she liked and what it felt like, imploring us to fuck her with everything we had. We did.

I looked at Lynn with an invitation for her relief, but she shook her head. “No, I’m fine for now. I’m happy with my protein breakfast. You guys owe me later though.” With that our Orgasm Fairy disappeared leaving us to cuddle.

Bev and I napped a little in each other’s arms, our thoughts and dream state enhanced by the full body, skin-on-skin contact we maintained.

Karen rousted us out for lunch. “Hey, stop pawing my mother and come and join us for lunch,” she yelled into our bedroom. I know she peeked in the door to see what condition we were in before she moved away and gave us her call.

“So who’s up for a round of golf?” I asked as I entered the kitchen.

That provoked a short discussion, and suddenly I had three beautiful women that wanted to play a round. I called and got us a tee time; we put on appropriate golfing gear, collected the clubs from the corner of the garage, and hit the links.

Mel and Robbie were sitting on our front steps when we got back from Bobby Jones Golf Course. We all had a dinner of turkey leftovers, always a favorite in any house I’ve been in. We ate in greater moderation than the day before.

Everyone was quite affectionate with one another as we cleaned up and put away. Robbie was even forward enough to tease and nuzzle into the back of Bev as she was washing; she in turn thrust her pert backend into his groin and gave him the equivalent of a standing lap dance. Both had devilish looks on their faces.

Mel was pawing me again, something I just couldn’t get tired of. It was nice to be fawned over and it was doing wonders for my ego that this nineteen year old was lusting after my body.

Karen and Lynn were rubbing each other in a way fraught with sexual overtones. Both of them frequently rubbed Robbie and me too when we weren’t otherwise occupied. I noted that both of us were sporting erections.

“I have a suggestion for everyone,” the other five looked at me expectantly. “I think we should have the ‘First Annual Thanksgiving Weekend Orgy’ and that it should start almost immediately in our bedroom.” There was a chorus of good idea, let’s start, why didn’t we think of this earlier, and so forth. I checked Bev to see if she was “in” or “out” and from the lip lock she had on Robbie, I could tell she thought that it was good idea.

I led the procession into our bedroom where I pulled Mel to me and slowly stripped off her clothes. Karen joined us and soon the three of us were naked and engaged in our own little three-way.

I checked the other three. Bev was stripping the kaçak bahis clothes off Robbie who was in a lusty kiss with Lynn. Lynn was already topless and Robbie’s hands were all over her upper body. She looked very content. I watched to the point where Robbie’s pole was unveiled and devoured by a hungry Bev who practically inhaled his entire body. I chuckled as his body stiffened in response to Bev’s deep throat of his rod.

Mel had just repeated the process on me and bobbed her head around my cock. Karen whispered in my ear, “We’ll focus on Mel tonight. I’ll catch what I can as we go along, but let’s send her back to Ohio State with a sore cunt.” She shot me a mischievous grin, and then leaned in a sucked my tongue into her mouth. I was a willing participant.

Karen and I pulled Mel off my cock and settled her into the large leather chair in the bedroom that we’d covered with a soft comforter. The two of us started taking turns administering to her body, our tongues alternately sucking on Mel’s hot breasts and pulling her clit into our mouths. Mel became an orgasm machine in short order, not unlike what Bev had started doing; she started by popping off a small orgasm that almost launched her out of the chair. Mel’s exclamations were so loud the other threesome in the room stopped and watched our action for a few moments.

Karen started whispering up to Mel from down in her pussy area. “Oh, honey, you taste so good. How many women have you pleased in your life? I want to own your cunt. I want you to pleasure us tonight. I want you to be our slut. We’ll get everyone we know to come and fuck you. I want to pleasure you so much you totally lose control. I want you drunk on sex. I want you so fucked that you don’t know who’s cock is in you or why. I want you sore from sex when you go back to school. We’ll give you stories to tell your friends that are so full of sex and lust that no one will believe you.” She kept up non-stop, taking a lick and suck from Mel’s pussy then talked to her. I was focused on Mel’s chest, plus she had hold of my stiff steel rod and occasionally pulled me into her mouth and sucked me while Karen worked over her cunt.

Mel popped off three more times as we administered to her. We could tell she was sliding away from reality into the land of sex and lust. She begged to be fucked finally and Karen pulled me down and said in a dominant tone, “Mount her. Fuck the daylights out of this bitch.”

Mel had a deliriously happy look on her face as I penetrated her and started pumping. Initially, I was tender but she wrapped her legs around my body and indicated by pulling me into her that she wanted to be pounded – hard. I gave her what she wanted.

This was a wonderful fuck. I could look down at Mel and Karen’s naked bodies, with Karen being fingered by Mel as she frequently sucked and licked Mel’s taut breasts. I could also look at the other bed where Bev was on her back with Robbie pounding into her cunt like the fuck machine we knew he could be. Lynn was lying next to Robbie with her pussy exposed in our direction, thrusting one of our dildo toys in and out of her cunt. What a scene.

As soon as I felt Mel start to climax, I exploded into her pussy. I looked at the orgy scene in front of me then closed my eyes so that I’d never forget what everyone was doing and how erotic the moment was. I heard Bev explode about that time, although for certain she’d had several other orgasms prior to the one I just heard. Robbie was pretty vocal with his explosion too.

I’d fallen forward and now Karen and I were showering Mel with kisses and love from the breasts up. She had a silly grin of happiness on her face between our kisses and tongue action.

As I moved back and pulled out of Mel, Karen moved into position and started to eat my cum from Mel’s pussy. Mel fired off two more climaxes during that process. I had started to thrust some fingers into Karen, who I sensed was getting near her own climax. I looked around the room and Lynn waved a dildo at me with a questioning look. I nodded and she brought over the dildo I’d watched her driving in and out of her cunt. With her watching, I drove the huge, vibrating, rubbery shaft into Karen’s cunt until it was sunk to the hilt. Karen arched her back and came, sweaty and panting as the pleasure swept through her body. “Oh, shit, that feels good,” she exclaimed.

Upon hearing this, Lynn reached down and jerked the dildo from her cunt in a sudden gesture. Karen actually came again quite suddenly in response. “Ooooooooh, wow, where’d that come from,” she exclaimed less than a minute after her previous climax.

She went back to eating Mel’s cunt. I turned to see Lynn putting on the strap-on. I expected her to come to use it on Karen but I was wrong. Instead she rolled Bev onto her stomach and pulled her hips up until her head was down and her butt was sticking in the air. She moved into position and thrust the long rubber prong into Bev’s pussy. Bev moaned and started to enjoy the act. Then, to my surprise, we watched Lynn take some of the Astroglide and lube up the prong and Bev’s anal opening; in mere seconds, she’d plunged the strap-on into Bev’s ass. Bev bucked on the bed in a shriek of pain, pleasure, and surprise; Lynn had to hold her down to maintain contact.

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