The Education of Jeremy Blake Ch. 089

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Chapter 9: Jeremy learns about his Special Birthday Celebrations

According to the long-standing traditions of the LeForge family, virgin children were not introduced to sex until they reached the age of eighteen. The elders firmly believed that the practice of incest should be a pastime which was enjoyed responsibly by consenting family members; and not tainted by unlawful acts like under-age cohabitation.

Virgin daughters were usually deflowered by their fathers on their coming of age at a ritual called the “Opening” and the sons by their mothers at an “Insertion” ceremony. In some families, the father could bestow the gift of performing his daughter’s “Opening” to his oldest son or even his own father (the girl’s grandfather). Similarly, the mother could invite her older daughter or her own mother (the boy’s grandmother) to receive his “Insertion”. In Jane and Bea’s case, their father had been too selfish to allow anyone else to “open” his daughters. The girls’ grandfather mounted them only after their father and mother had deflowered their virginal passages.

The ceremony usually took the form of a wedding ritual sans the minister. At an “Insertion” ceremony, the father “gave away” his wife to be impregnated by their virgin son; at an “Opening” the mother “gave away” the virgin daughter to be impregnated by the girl’s father. In Jeremy’s case, since Jane did not wish to involve her narrow-minded husband, Jane would be “given away” to her son by her father, Harold LeForge. Her sister Bea, old friend Gracie and Uncle Steve’s daughter Randy would be the “bridesmaids”. Jane was also toying with the idea of inviting her neighbor, Katie as an honorary “bridesmaid”. Jeremy’s nineteenth birthday was just around the corner and Jane knew that it would overlap with the “Grizz’s” quarterly conference in San Francisco. Joseph never remembered birthdays, so it would work out just fine. Like all the incest ceremonies of the family, the event was to be held at the LeForge Farms which were spread over a 400 acre estate. Family members generally congregated a week before the event which usually turned into a free-for-all orgy.

As they drove down to the farm, Jane informed her son about the special nature of his upcoming birthday celebrations.

“Jeremy, you remember that Mommy had told you that at your next birthday, you would get a special gift?”

“Yes, Mommy, I’m looking forward to it — can you tell me what the gift will be?”

“Sure, honey,” Jane smiled at her son, “Tell Mommy what it is that you desire more than anything else?”

“That’s a no-brainer, Mom — to fuck you! That’s what I want to do most of all! That’s all I ever dream about — fucking your hairy cunt, drilling up your tight ass; feeling your pussy muscles squeezing my cock!”

As he spoke, the boy Jeremy put his words to action, his hand darted under his mother’s skirt. Jane spread her legs to allow her son’s nimble fingers to massage her moistening labia and then raised her butt so that he could probe her ass-hole.

Jane’s smiled widened and she nodded her head as she gazed into her son’s eyes that shone with desire. “That will be Mommy’s gift to you on your nineteenth birthday — to fuck my virgin son like he has never been fucked before.”

The lusty mother was now humping her son’s three fingers which were jammed up her pussy. The boy had unzipped his fly to free his massive erection which she grabbed and manipulated like a gear shift.

“Mom, show me your titties. You know I have to see Mommy’s titties when I jack off.”

“Oh, you devil child! You may as well enjoy this cumming because it will have to be the last time until the “Insertion”. We will need to conserve your energy and semen for the ceremony.”

Jane pushed down the strap on her halter top to bare a shuddering white breast with its swollen brown nub which was immediately seized upon by Jeremy’s mouth. After a few frantic nibbles, the boy’s mouth instinctively moved towards the other boob. She sensed his urgency and cradled his head to her other breast moving her shirt out of his way.

Ever since he was a child, Jeremy would always want his mother to have both her breasts bared when she breast-fed him; he would take a few sucks from one tit then move to the other returning just as quickly to the first one – as if he was having difficulty deciding which tit to suck on.

One hand on the steering wheel, she pumped her son’s stiff cock with the other, bending her head at times to spit large gobs of saliva onto the thick, purple head; her fist making a squishing sound as it stroked the meaty organ.

Riding her son’s dexterous fingers and voice hoarse with passion, the sex-obsessed mother gave Jeremy a background of the “Insertion” ceremony which marked a son’s coming of age as he inserted his virgin tool into the very orifice from which he had been birthed.

Symbolically perpetuating the circle of life, the son merged with his creator – his mother, in a ritual that was old, revered and maltepe escort widely encouraged among early communities especially in ancient Rome where incest was common practice among the richer classes.

The Emperor Caligula was known to have had sexual relations with his three sisters and the mythical Greek king Oedipus murdered his father and married his mother who bore him four children.

Coming of age was keenly looked forward to by adolescent boys and girls because it usually meant an exciting initiation to sex elaborately orchestrated by their parents. Cohabitation among relatives was popular because it was safer, afforded less exposure to unknown diseases and, most importantly, kept the fortune within the family.

All this changed when Science reared its ugly head. Birth deformities and congenital health problems were often found to be linked to inter-familial marriages and bondings.

However, despite the taboo and health hazards, even today, secret societies and family groups like the LeForges continue to extol the virtues of incest and practice it religiously because of their belief in its intrinsic value of preserving and perpetuating family unity.

Jane’s emotions overwhelmed her. The feeling of her son sucking on her nipple, making love to her with his fingers as she narrated to him the significance of the “Insertion” swept her along to the waves of her orgasm. She eased the car into a side lane and parked in an alley, shivering as the ecstasy overpowered both mother and son.

“Mommy, I can feel you cumming on my hand. My fingers are all wet with your juice. Here I cum now…here, Mommy, here’s my cream for you — lick it up, Mommy. Suck my cock dry.”

The obliging mother bent down to take her son’s raging cock in her mouth. Deep gulps quickly swallowed his precious seed. Soft hands gently squeezed his shrinking balls to draw out the final drops.

Brimming with love, she lifted her head from her son’s lap and looked into his beautiful brown eyes. Lips still wet with his discharge, she pressed her mouth on his, pushing some of his cum from her tongue to his. She wanted to share everything with her darling son — especially the unique taste of his semen.

The boy enjoyed the flavor of his seed because it was a gift from his mother’s mouth — intimate and personal. Just like the smell of her juices on his hands, body and clothes had become so much a part of him that he could not remember life without her fragrance lingering on him.

The lovers continued to caress and pleasure each other oblivious to the world around them, presenting a provocative and erotic picture — a strikingly beautiful, well endowed older woman in a passionate embrace with a bright eyed, callow youth. Mouth on mouth; neck nibbles; licks and bites; erect nipples brushing swollen penis; fingers touching, dancing, and dipping into humid recesses always urgent, fevered and unquenched.

-Fun at the LeForge Farms

Contrary to Jeremy’s expectations, the scene that greeted mother and son at the LeForge Farms was one of rustic tranquility. Jeremy’s had expected music, laughter, drinking and orgies. His mother noticed his expression of disappointment and asked, “What’s wrong, honey?”

“Nothing, Mom — quite frankly it’s not quite what I expected!”

“Oh, what did you expect?”

“Lots of fun and sex,” the boy retorted with a devilish grin.

“Oh, you wicked brat! There will be sex, I promise you — much more than you can handle!”

They drove through the winding, tree-canopied drive-way until they came to a large colonial style mansion. The building had an old-fashioned barn next to it and was skirted by a number of small villas and the verdant, undulating landscape flowed out to lush woods at the edge of the property. A range of blue mountains could be seen in the hazy distance.

As they got out of the car and removed their luggage, Jane and Jeremy heard moaning noises coming from the direction of the barn. They dropped their bags and crept to the wide open doors of the barn. The visitors’ mouth fell open as they saw a stocky, naked woman on all fours in a pile of hay as a sinewy black man with graying hair penetrated her ass-hole. Her large floppy breasts flailed in the hay as her buttocks sprang back into the dark, curly haired crotch.

Blonde head shaking with passion, the woman screamed, “Fuck Mama, you randy old man! Fuck Mama hard, Nate!”

“Oh, Mama, you have all the family cock you want and you still have to fuck outsiders?” Jane teased her mother.

Grandma Kate and Uncle Nate both turned their heads to look at Jane and Jeremy.

Uncle Nate laughed loudly ,”Ha,ha,ha, Juicy Jane and Gigantic Jeremy! So, now I’m an outsider, huh? Just wait until I finish fucking your mother, let’s see how much you like outsider cock!”

Jane giggled like an excited schoolgirl.

The wiry, tight-muscled black man quickened his pace, sweat glistening on his brows and trickling down his body. Grandma maltepe escort bayan Kate’s groans became louder and her breathing more labored.

Jane was also perspiring and she felt the familiar moistness between her legs. Feeling faint due to the heat and the erotic scene, she reached out to her son for support. Her hand brushed against the swelling hardness in his shorts which she grasped hurriedly. Suddenly, she felt the breeze on her bare ass as leathery hands flipped up her skirt and pushed her forward onto her knees. A thick knob entered her wet pussy with a squish and Jane sighed, “Papa!”

“Welcome home, daughter dear!” laughed Harry LeForge fucking his daughter with great gusto as his grandson watched quietly — his head moving from one side to the other, as if watching a tennis match — gawking at his stark naked grandmother being fucked by an energetic black man and then his mother being mounted by her naked father.

The white haired old man had a tanned but flabby body that looked like it used to be muscular once upon a time. He turned to Jeremy and said, “Boy, what the fuck are you waiting for — don’t waste that magnificent hard-on — fuck your cock-sucking grandma’s mouth!”

Jeremy cautiously approached his rutting grandmother who was now gasping loudly as the the depths of her ass was assaulted by a pussy juice-coated black prick. The big woman whipped her head sideways to flick the errant blond tresses out of her eyes and licked her lips as she saw the size of her grandson’s twelve-inch shotgun.

“Whoa, big boy, that’s quite a powerful weapon you got there. Come on over and give your grandma a taste.”

The boy rubbed the bulbous cock head on his grandmother’s moistened lips as she hungrily took the massive erection into her mouth.

With the thrusts of the powerful black man’s fucking, her head moved in a rhythmic back and forth motion as she sucked her grandson’s cock. Her hands grabbed the boy’s firm buttocks and pulled his crotch into her face, greedily taking in more and more of his massive boner.

It was all too much for Jeremy as he poured out loads of cum into his grandmother’s mouth — which she magically swallowed without relinquishing a drop. Grandma Kate refused to let go of his softening tool which was formidable even after the release.

Uncle Nate came next – withdrawing his bursting, swollen member which sprayed jets of filmy white cum all over Grandma Kate’s rolling white buttocks.

Harry LeForge had torn off his daughter’s halter top and was milking her large titties as his rampant cock plundered her hairy cunt.

“Baby, I can tell you missed your Papa’s tool, didn’t you? It’s been way too long I haven’t pleasured my juicy baby!”

Jane nodded, “Yes, Papa, shame on you for not doing your fatherly duties. Your cock has always been special for me. It fits so snug inside my cunny like it knows its home … ohhh my god, Papa, take me … take your juicy Janey hard and deep. I want to feel Papa’s dick fuck baby’s cunt so hard that it comes out of my ass … baby wants all of Papa inside … ohhh yessssss…”

The white pony-tail bobbed up and down as the randy old man began slapping his daughter’s naked buttocks, turning the white globes to blushing pink as he rammed his tool relentlessly into her.

“Yes, you father-fucking bitch slut, take your Papa deep into your cunt … my slut bitch baby! Papa is going to fuck all the juice out of you!”

Watching his mother and grandfather’s intense fornication, Jeremy felt himself hardening again in his grandmother’s mouth. His cock still entrapped in her mouth, the passionate matron pushed her grandson down on the hay-strewn floor and sixty-nined him, thrusting her loose-lipped, shaved pussy into his face.

“Boy, make the most of granny’s sucking coz this is the last time you will cum until the ceremony. So I have to get all your love-juice out of you now!” Grandma Kate laughed loudly and resumed eating Jeremy’s rod until she had swallowed the entire length.

The boy marveled at the fact that his grandmother could take his whole twelve inches — he could feel the stem of his prick rubbing against the walls of her throat.

A little put off at first by the prospect of sucking Uncle Nate’s cum from his grandmother’s pussy, Jeremy gradually overcame his reluctance as his taste buds warmed to the tangy flavor of his grandmother’s cunt.

In her 70+ years of debauchery and sexual experimentation, Grandma Kate had never sucked such a monster cock before. She thrilled that the boy was her flesh and blood, and that she could share with him the pleasures of the coming years of sexual awakening and impart more advanced learning to him.

Jeremy fucked Grandma Kate’s swollen twat with his tongue as her finger probed and insinuated itself into his ass-hole. The boy’s pleasure senses went into overdrive as Grandpa Kate deep-throated his tool vigorously until the swollen instrument erupted with such raw maltepe escort bayan power that for the first time in her sex life, the lusty woman was forced to withdraw a penis from her mouth because she almost choked on it.

Stinging with pangs of jealousy, Jeremy observed Grandpa Harry and his mother in the throes of pleasure as they clung to each other, her nails leaving red trails on his back as his penis continued to jam up her demanding slot which poured out its copious offerings that dribbled down her ass-crack and formed a pool in the dusty earth at their feet.

As she opened her eyes, Jane noticed that they had an audience — her Uncle Steve and his wife, Aunt Michelle, and their two children, Jack and Brandy, a gangly eighteen year old boy and an overweight nineteen year old girl and Uncle Nate’s daughter,Gracie had gathered around and they were also undressing each other to join in the games. Both children had already been initiated the previous year.

“The more, the merrier,” shouted Jane inviting them to participate. Brandy immediately jumped on Jeremy, her heavy tits flopping about – but she was obviously well acquainted with the “Insertion” rules because she did not ride his cock, preferring to suck it instead.

Grandma Kate positioned herself behind the fat girl and, pushing her face into the crack between the massive white butt globes, began tonguing her tight, pink ass-hole and hairless pussy. Brandy had pierced her labia with a silver ring which the older woman seized with her finger and tugged, rubbing the flaring lips against each other as her tongue fucked the hot depths of her slavering pussy.

Uncle Steve, who was Grandma Kate’s brother, had developed a large paunch since Jane last saw him. He possessed a smallish cock which was semi-erect and needed the attention of his niece to resuscitate it.

“Jane honey, could you do your old uncle a favor and suck my cock till its stiff again?”

Jane looked up at her uncle and nodded, “Sure, Uncle Steve, but only till its hard. I still have to look after Papa some more.”

Jane sucked her uncle’s cock vigorously until it was stiff. Once the member was erect, she returned to lick up the remaining cum from her father’s shrunken cock. Like a cat, she had always enjoyed licking him clean after their love making, rolling his soft piece of meat in her mouth until it gradually stiffened once again.

Sometimes, she would suck his balls gently, tickling them and diving under his buttocks to tongue his hairy anal cavity. Jane gently stroked and ran her fingers through her father’s pubic hair which was now thinning and fully white.

Father and daughter were joined by Aunt Michelle who asked Jane if she could borrow her handsome father for a while. Jane smiled her consent.

Aunt Michelle was still a very beautiful woman in her fifties; she pushed up her perky nippled 36 B breasts offering them to her niece to suck. She had plunked her slim frame down onto Jane’s father’s lap, taking his erect tool smoothly up her dark trimmed pussy.

Jane noticed that Aunt Michelle had had her nipples pierced; shiny gold rings adorned the pointed, pink tips. Jane tugged at the rings with her lips and then took the rubbery nipples between her teeth as the sensual, green-eyed siren rocked on Harry’s lap.

“Yes, juicy Janey, bite my nipples!”

Jane obliged her aunt and clamped her teeth on the soft pink nubs which had the floral fragrance of Aunt Michelle. Jane wondered if her pussy too smelled just as nice, so she buried her face into her aunt’s crotch, licking her father’s cock which was plunging in and out of her pussy.

Yes, Aunt Michelle had the same fragrant taste — inside and out!

While tonguing her grand-daughter’s ass, Kate noticed that Steve’s cock was still unattended and he was stroking it absent-mindedly. As one who had always looked out for her younger brother, Grandma Kate spread her generous butt cheeks apart to offer Steve her puckered nether orifice which he promptly plundered.

Jane’s cousin (Michelle’s son), the gangly Jack, had now joined the trio comprising his mother, Harold LeForge and Jane. While Cousin Jane sucked his mother’s tits, Jack began kneading her heavy breasts and massaging her damp, hairy crotch as his long prick bobbed its bright red head, a dew drop glistening on its peak. His older sister, Brandy, who was sucking Cousin Jeremy’s cock, noted that her brother’s penis was not yet taken. She withdrew her lips momentarily from the gargantuan organ to spit on her palms which she rubbed together and planting one hand firmly on her brother’s penis, began fisting it fiercely.

Within minutes, amid loud groans and shrieks, the incestuous circle welcomed sweet release, pausing briefly to catch their collective breath as they gradually moved into the house to pursue their unsatiated carnal cravings in more urbane surroundings.

Jeremy had always admired his graceful great-aunt Michelle who took him by the hand and led him to the Olympic-sized heated indoor pool. The slim and sensuous older woman sucked on the boy’s tongue as they climbed into the water, remaining in the knee deep shallows so that she could taste her grand-nephew’s extraordinary prick which was the pride and joy of the LeForge family.

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