The Dream

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The Dream
As with the rest of the story. All characters are adults in this story line and are freely experimenting with their fetishes and fantasies.

The Dream


You and your buddy and I and or your home. And head for the living room. As we sit we hear bare feet running towards us. Quickly entering the living room. Your buddies wife and your daughter and her girlfriend. Standing according to height they quickly dropped to their knees in Nadu position. Then quickly leaned over and placed their four heads on the floor and crossed the wrists and placed them out in front of them. Together they all three said welcome home Masters. Your buddy orders them to recover and they went back in the kneeling position.

Your buddy then ordered them to go to the kitchen and bring us back drinks and a snacks and for Cadey to dance for us. In unison again they said yes Master. They quickly got up and ran towards the kitchen with Cadey peeling off and going to her bedroom. Soon the other two were coming back. Their hips and tits swaying as they walked. They placed the trays they were carrying on the coffee table and knelt where they could serve us. After handing us some tea and a little saucer of cheeses and meats. They reposition them selves to the side as your daughter came in.

(Note: this would be for the strapless on dildo idea. Though I thought to add it. I hope you don’t mind.)

We watched your daughter come in dressed in a thin white ballerina outfit. She was clearly not wearing a bra. Her nipples were poking out through the thin material. She obviously had something hidden underneath her tutu as well. She knelt down beside the other girls and laid her forehead on the floor. Masters may I please entertain you? She asked. Your buddy said yes you may. With that she uncrossed her arms and pushed yourself up to her feet. With me being the closest she came to me on point and held out a hand for me to help her up onto the coffee table.

She twirled and danced for a few minutes. She reached down and removed her tutu. As she danced and threw her legs up. You could see that she had had something underneath her outfit. She soon pulled down her top to her waist. Her tits were bounce and sway as she danced. She laid down on the coffee table. Facing the three of us. Showing us the bulge under her body suit. She then stood up and began to dance again.

Your daughter soon removed her leotard. Now she was dancing only in her toe shoes and tights. As she danced around and twirled on her knees and kicked. We could see a tiny hole in her tights. To us it looked like she was endowed with a very large cock. As she danced she would rub it and pull on it. She knelt in front of us and we could watch closely as she would reach in and push her cock down stretching out her tights.

She then grabbed her tights and yank them tight up as far she could go with them. At the same time she pushed her cock down and towards the whole. When it popped out she released her tights and began to dance around with casino siteleri it sticking out in the air. What beautiful sight of her dancing with her cock sticking out. You stand and retrieve from a nearby cabinet a bottle of lube. Squirting some in her hand and say in the bottle next to her. She began to rub her cock.

She continued to rub and pulsate her hips up and down as she rubbed her cock. She then began to pretend to reach orgasm. She yanked her cock to her belly and pulled a switch. Cum began to shoot up her belly and chest and onto her face. From where I was sitting I could see how wet her tights were. She must’ve had at least three orgasm as she jerked her pretend cock. Your buddy ordered his wife and your daughters girlfriend to clean her up.

The other two slaves quickly jumped up and began to lick the ballerina clean. His wife straddled her face and her girlfriend began to straddle her cock. As she began to ride your daughters cock. She began to play with your buddies wife’s tits and soon they were kissing and fondling each other both came multiple times and switched places on your daughter. They pulled her tights down and removed her dildo from her pussy.

Your daughters girlfriend laid on the table in your daughter straddled her face. She was positioned so that we could watch her lick her pussy and lick and finger her ass I moved around to another chair and watched your daughters girlfriend it licked by your buddies wife. By now all three of us were naked and jacking off slowly to the site we were seeing. The girls were exhausted sweaty and had juices running down their legs. Your buddy ordered them to take a shower and clean up. Then come back.

We were sitting there drinking and eating our snacks is a ladies quickly returned from the shower. By this time we were all soft. He ordered the girls to pick one of us and get his heart. Your daughter came to me and knelt down and began to softly touch my cock. Your buddies wife came to you and your daughters girlfriend came to your buddy. They removed our shoes and socks and asked us to stand as they removed her pants. When we were sitting there naked they began to suck and lick our cocks. They didn’t miss a spot.

They would suck and lick our cocks then slide down to our balls. They began to finger and lick our ass holes as well but not very good because of the position. I pushed your daughter back and later on the edge of the coffee table. Holding her arms to her side I set straddle her chest and told her to suck my balls and ass. You two followed suit. Soon your daughter asked for her free hand and I gave it to her. She weted her finger and placed it against my ass hole and began to rub and push. I moaned a few minutes later and said God I’ve got a finger all the way in my ass. She pulled my cock down so she could suck on it as well.

Each of you began to comment how fantastic it felt to have one finger up your ass and to have the girls lick him. I didn’t want to cum so I stood up and asked for some rope tipobet you told me there was some in the in table. I went your daughter and wrapped above her knees and pulled him back and tied it behind her neck. Pulling her legs back and apart I then took the other end of the rope and bound her wrists and pulled him over the top of her head and tied him to the lake of the coffee table.

I began to lick and suck her clit and lips. Her lips and her clit were so engorged with blood from being turned on. They were soft and luscious. I can see from the position of your daughter you and your buddy sucking and fingering and making our sex slaves cum. Your daughters juices was running down her pussy and puddling faster than I can lick them. I still up and went around and grabbed your daughter by the shoulders and pulled her to the other end of the table.

With her head laying off the edge of the table I ordered her to begin sucking my balls and licking my ass. I leaned forward and placed my knees against the table as she reached up and grabbed my balls in the bottom of my cock with her bound hands. She sucked my balls deep into her mouth tonguing them and gently nibbling on them. She began to finger my ass again. Getting one finger deep inside I told her to bend her fingers towards the front and find my prostate.

As she found my prostate I moved forward and knelt out of her mouth’s reach as she rubbed my prostate. I pinched and pulled and slapped your daughters tits hard. She was so turned on and horny her nipples were incredibly large and hard. I asked want you to hand me a belt and upon doing so I began to slap her pussy with the belt and pulling my cock back her tits as well.

Your daughters pussy belly and tits began to turn red. You two noticed and said something about the thick stream of come coming out of my cock. Your daughter was very adapt at massaging my prostate. I stood up with my hard cock and held the thick stream of cum over her mouth and lowered it down to her mouth. She had about an inch in her mouth as I stood up. I could feel the thick cum being pulled out of my cock. I asked you to handed me a belt. I took the belt and began to slap her tits again and her pussy. I order her to roll over and I began to slap the backs of her legs and her ass. You two ordered your sex slaves to kneel beside your daughter. Me and your buddy began from each end slapping their asses and the backs of their legs with the belt. Soon their asses were bright red and bruised.

I went to my bag and tossed rope onto the table. I told you to tie their wrists together and place the second rope through their tied wrists. I tossed more rope to your buddy and told him to tie their ankles together and the entire yoke to them. I told the the slaves to lay with just their hips up onto the table. The loose rope through the ropes on their wrists and ankles within pulled tight by you and your buddy. Each slave was stretched out with their hands and feet directly behind them. I placed perabet a rag in each of their mouth’s and then a ball gag.

With you to holding on tight I began to cane them. Their backs and their asses and the tops of their legs were soon covered in whelps. Each slave got 30 strokes. I then told you to remove the rope and let them rule over. Then replacing the ropes and pulling them tight I came to their tits belly. Soon there tits and belly were covered in red whelps. Then ordering them to kneel. You untied their ankles. Each girl then was laid on the coffee table and had their ankles retied separately. Throwing the rope to the back with her wrist rope I ordered you to pull tight.

With her legs as wide as they would go and as far back as they would go and her wrists pulled tight so she could not move. I gave them each 20 wax a crossed her pussy. We then sat down in our chairs and the three ladies stood on the coffee table. Each one stood in front of us wanted a time and turned allowing us to see all the red marks and bruises forming on their bodies.

I then ordered your daughter to kneel facing away from you on the coffee table. I told her to stretch bound wrists out in front of her and lay her head on the table. I spread open her bruised and marked ass. I asked one of you to hold her ass cheeks open. I took a smaller cane and whacked her up ass hole a few times. Then slapping some lube on her ass hole and fingering her a bit I shoved my hard cock into her ass and held it. Soon the rest of you were doing the same. One on either end of the coffee table. The girls were ordered to hold hands as we fucked their asses. Somehow or another we each managed to dumped a load in the each of the girls asses.

We placed duct tape on each of their asses to the loads would stay. We ordered the slaves to get his heart again. Once hard again we shoved our Cocks deep into their pussy’s. We fucked each of the girls multiple times. Use condoms were all over the floor. We slung back in our chairs and your buddy ordered the girls to go lick each other’s pussy’s clean and then. I ordered you to rip your daughters duct tape off her ass and suck and lick the come from her ass hole. Without the ball gag in rag in her mouth the feeling of the tape being ripped off caused her to scream.

I placed a folding chair on the table across your legs as you ate the three loads of cum from her ass. Your daughters girlfriend sat in the chair and your daughter eight the three loads from her ass. When done we yanked the tape from his wife and both girls shared the three loads. They also spat some into her mouth so she could taste us. With all the tea we had been drinking. I grabbed your daughter by the hair and said I need to pee. And letter to the back door and outside. You two followed suit.

With them on their knees we shoved our Cocks down their throats and begin to piss in their mouth’s on their bodies. When we were through. We ordered them to crawl to the bathroom and clean up. We were still sitting in the lawn chairs outback the pool when the ladies come back. Your buddy ordered them to fix us dinner. You showed me to the bathroom where I showered and then you showered is your buddy use the other shower. Then sadly I woke up.

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