The Director: Carly’s Revisited

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This is the second story featuring Carly, my former student. This delves into a fantasy that I’ve always had but—to this point-have yet to live out: The Wedding Gift.


I received the invitation in the mail, which was curious. I figured that I would be the last person that would be going to get an invitation, as Carly and I had been fucking quite frequently. Her fiancé didn’t know that, but he certainly didn’t like the all the time we spent together. He was a hot shot at an up and coming investment firm, and liked things his way or no way.

At least he was going to be able to give my Carly a life of luxury. It’s just too bad that he couldn’t satisfy her.

Perhaps it was because I was the first one to truly give her an orgasm, or perhaps she really was in love with me. I don’t know. She kept coming back for more. But I didn’t think she’d want me at her wedding, for fucks sake.

I brought it up after she swallowed my cum on a set of railroad tracks the following Tuesday. We decided to have some fun in a place where we could possibly get caught. We liked to up the ante every so often. I helped her to her feet, and began dressing, and said “So…I got an invitation in the mail last week.”

She looked at me, sheepishly, before saying, “Yeah, Jeffrey asked why you weren’t on the guest list since we spend so much time together. I couldn’t very well say ‘because if he were there I’d be wishing it was him and not you.” Her cheeks got very red and she looked away from me.

I didn’t really know what to say. Out of all the women I’ve been with, I certainly loved her the most…even more than my wife. My parents’ divorce ruined my life, and I needed lots of therapy to even get into a relationship at all. My kids, who were 10 and 13 now, would understand more in a few years, and I would divorce my wife when they were a bit older; at least both in high school. They may not like it, but they were becoming more and more aware of our situation.

I just wanted to be there every night for my kids. When they came home from school, I wanted to be there. I wanted to play sports with them, help them with their homework. I wanted them to have what I never did: both parents there whenever they needed us.

At the same time, I couldn’t very well ask Carly to wait. She knew that I would eventually leave my wife. My wife knew it as well, and we agreed that we should wait a few more years. She was now fucking her boss. I came home and saw them. Watched them. He was giving her more passion that I had in the last ten years. Good for them. She also had dropped a lot of weight, probably for him. Good for her.

Our relationship had become much better since she started fucking her boss. We were friends again. Maybe even best friends, but we weren’t attracted to each other any more. The only thing we had in common was our love for our kids. That was—to me at least—more than enough reason to stay married.

Carly canlı bahis was always special. She was wise beyond her years, and beautiful beyond anything that I had seen. I had traveled the world several times over, and I still had yet to find anyone to whom I was this attracted. Long, muscular legs with a perfect ass, a stomach that you could swear was wearing a corset, and a handful of a rack that had gorgeous, perfect nipples. Her face was incredibly cute, with eyes that lit up when she smiled. Her dimples were adorable. Tying it all together was gorgeous curly light brown hair that fell to the small of her back.

Throughout the last few years, she had perfected the art of cocksucking. She had a penchant for finishing me off with her mouth after we fucked. She loved the taste of her own pussy on my cock, and loved swallowing my cum. We had grown into quite an intimate pair; we each came several times every sex session. When I wasn’t inside her, I was dreaming about being inside her.

My other affairs had kind of petered out. My mother in law and I stopped after a few years, and once I had made the rounds through my wife’s friends a few times, they began to bore me.

But Carly was different.

We rode back to town in relative silence, holding hands. We stopped for a quick dinner and started talking about the wedding. She said it was going to be very nice. That Jeffrey was able to get the nicest venue and a big band to play the reception.

She was still avoiding my eyes.

She asked how the kids were, and I told her that they were doing well. The small talk was covering up some angst that we were both feeling, and we decided to go our separate ways to avoid the awkwardness.

Over the next few months, we got together regularly and avoided the wedding topic altogether. Life at home was ho-hum…as it always was. I was helping the kids do their homework one night and my wife walked in. She smiled at me and we worked on it together. It felt like we were a family, but it felt somehow incomplete.

We came down to the living room and switched on the TV after the kids went down. We watched the news in silence for a few moments until she broke it with “Tom…”

I looked at her and we just looked at each other for a few moments.

“It’s time. Isn’t it,” I said.

“I think so. The kids will understand,” she replied.

“Yeah,” I said, surprisingly saddened that it was going to happen.

“How do you want to do it?” she asked. “I have some suggestions.”

“Of course you do,” I said with a smile. “I’d like to split everything as equally as possible, of course. You can have the house. I never liked it.”

“Yeah. I know.” She said. We finalized all the details over the next few weeks and when the summer came, we signed the papers. She wasn’t a bitch about anything. I was paying a heavy child support fee and the kids spent the week with her and most weekends bahis siteleri with me. It worked out well for all involved, as I was much more of the “get out and do fun stuff” type on the weekends, and she was much better suited to make a nutritious dinner and help with the homework. I still did both, obviously, but we knew our strengths and limitations.

The only problem I had now was how to tell Carly. I was, for the first time in probably 20 years, nervous. How would she react? We could be together…honestly together, but she was engaged. Did she love him at all? Would she want to marry me? A 40 something that was done having kids and had no desire to have more?

We kept meeting, and through it all I realized that I was making love to her, romancing her.

I realized that I was afraid to tell her, and afraid of the rejection.

It was the night before her wedding. This was one of the weekends that the kids were staying with their mother.

I knew where Carly was staying, and I knew that she would be alone. I was in a bar, drinking my sorrows away, and I had finally consumed enough liquid courage. I texted her, and asked her what room she was in. I told her that I wanted to send her some room service. Told her that she needed to get some food in her to calm her nerves. She fell for it, and texted me ‘414.’

I took a cab, stopped at home and grabbed a bottle of champagne, and went to the hotel room.

I knocked, and she answered. The shock on her face after she registered that it was not room service was priceless. I advanced on her. She began to ask me something…probably “what are you doing here?” All I hear was “what” before I was kissing her hard. She returned my kisses and I realized there was going to be no hesitation.

She was kissing back with so much passion. She removed her robe and she was naked. I held her close to me and I began exploring her body with my kisses. I turned her around and cupped her breasts, eliciting a gasp as my hot breath hit her neck. She pushed her pelvis back into me, discovering that I was at full mast. She reached around to grab my ass to pull me in closer.

I let one of my hands find its way down to her pussy, and I began playing with her clit and then I began fingering her. “Oh, GOD,” she moaned. She turned toward me and began unbuckling my belt and pants, while I unbuttoned my shirt. When I was naked, I lifted one of her legs onto the bathroom counter and got on my knees, lapping at her pussy, driving her insane. I could feel precum starting to leak downstairs, so I began lubricating my cock as best I could with that, and spitting on my hand every so often to get it nice and wet.

In one quick move I stood up and entered her to the hilt. We both moaned as the heat from our crotch exploded as though we had started a fire. I pounded her relentlessly and soon we both climaxed.

We held each other, panting. Between breaths she bahis şirketleri said “That…was…the best…it’s… ever been.” She turned her head and leaned back so we could kiss.

I took her into the bathroom and we started the shower. We kissed deeply while the shower created a steam room. She stepped in and I followed. “Just like the first time,” I said to her.

“You made me yours,” she said with a smile.

This was it. Now or never.

“What if I told you that you could really be mine? I’m getting divorced. I want to be with you.”

She looked bewildered for a few moments, and then pulled me close and kissed me. She jumped up and I caught her. She reached down and put my cock inside her. We had slow, deep sex in the shower. We never stopped kissing. We came quickly, our love for each other made this hotter than any sex before. We cleaned each other and she brought me out to the bed. It was now midnight.

“Tom,” she said, “What about kids?”

I was afraid of this. I sheepishly replied, “I don’t really want more. I don’t want my kids to compare themselves to anyone else.”

She burst into tears. I had answered incorrectly.

“I want to have kids, Tom,” she said. “And I can’t do this to Jeffrey.”

“But you can fuck me over and over behind his back?”

“It’s different. Somehow it feels different. I do actually love him. I love you more, but I can have a family with him.”

I lost her. I would never fully have her. I began to cry.

We hugged each other. I summoned what little courage I had and I told her it would be fine. That I still loved her. We kissed, and she pushed me back onto the bed. Our kissing became passionate once more, and she kissed down my chest and began sucking my dick. Her hair was flowing onto my stomach and I have never seen anything more amazing. The feelings she was eliciting with her tongue and mouth were beyond explaining. It’s like I had even more nerves on my cock than I ever had, and she had found a way to pleasure each one. After a good ten minutes of sucking and deepthroating, she climbed on top of me and we began to make love. She was crying, I could tell, between moans. At around 2 am we both climaxed one last time, together. It was incredible. She collapsed onto me and I held my arms around her.

I told her that she should get some sleep. She had to be up in three and a half hours. She had to get married. This brought on a new wave of tears. I thought about ways that I could maybe have a child with her. How I could explain it to my kids…to our new children. But I knew that I wouldn’t be able to give the kids the attention they deserved. I knew that I would fail them, somehow.

I held her tightly, and we fell asleep, me inside her, for maybe an hour, until her phone alarm went off. She kissed me and said she needed to get in the shower.

“This won’t stop, right?” she pleaded.

“Nothing could stop me, baby,” I said.

She smiled and started the shower. “Are you coming to the wedding?”

She was shocked at my answer, but her signature dimpled smile crept onto her lips after I said:

“Yes. I’m also consummating it.”

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