The Determined Seductress

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My wife, Pat, works as personnel director for a well known consulting firm based in Wilwaukee, and she had hired an old college chum of hers, Audry, to manage a branch office in Madison. There was conference scheduled for last weekend, and Audry was coming in to town to make a big presentation in the afternoon. Pat was looking forward to seeing her there, both in a professional capacity, and to renew an old friendship. But at the last minute, Pat’s mother contracted a serious illness, and Pat had to rush up to Green Bay to play nurse. She asked me to attend the conference as her stand-in to show some support for Audry, and I agreed.

I’m not especially conversant in my wife’s line of work, but I was willing to put in an appearance to provide moral support for Audry. I had no idea what she looked like, but Pat set up an appointment where I would meet her at the conference registration desk at 3:00 PM, just before her presentation was scheduled to begin.

When I got to the convention center a few minutes before 3:00, there was a throng of people around the registration table, so I began roaming around, looking for someone wearing a name tag that said “Audry.” I was momentarily distracted at the sight of a woman’s back, a woman wearing a sleek emerald-green dress that highlighted the mesmerizing curve of her splendid ass, and as I was caught in a momentary trance, gazing at her supple form, she began to turn around, dazzling me anew with a glimpse of her frankly fabulous bosom. I was hoping to steal a lengthy but discreet gaze at her prominent and beautifully proportioned breasts, until I spied the name tag there that said “Audry.” At this point I attempted to abruptly regain my composure. I looked up at her to discover that she was looking right at me, with a Mona Lisa-like smile, a bit ambiguous, possibly amused. “Excuse me,” I said, with my composure largely regained, “I’m Scott Wilcox.”

“Oh, Scott, I’m very pleased to meet you,” she replied, smiling again with a hint of amusement, and giving my hand a squeeze that almost seemed to linger a bit too long. “I’m just about to make my presentation.” “Well, let’s go on in,” I replied.

She guided me to a seat and headed directly to the podium, just as they were announcing her presentation. I listened, and although the subject matter was unfamiliar to me, I was impressed at how she conducted herself; she was very confident, very articulate, and it was clear that her presentation was going over very big with the audience. At the conclusion of her speech, she received quite an ovation from her colleagues.

She returned to where I was sitting, and gestured that she wanted to go outside. I followed her out as the next speaker began, and she exclaimed, “Whew! I’m glad that that’s over. I’ve been a nervous wreck all week, preparing for it.”

“You could have fooled me,” I replied. “You seemed very confident.”

She laughed, and said, “Well, I am now. Do you mind if we have a drink? I need to unwind, and I think I deserve a little reward.” She smiled then, a bit mysteriously, maybe even a bit flirtatiously.

We went into the cocktail lounge, which was almost deserted and dimly lit, and sat down in the back. She ordered a double Irish whiskey, and I ordered illegal bahis the same; it was still mid-afternoon, and I was in no hurry to make the drive back across town. We talked, and she was quite animated, and, it seemed, flirtatious as well, although she was never really what you would call forward. Obviously she knew I was married, to her old pal, and what seemed to be double-entendres were always subtle enough that they might be unintentional. She was flashing me a one-hundred watt smile, and toying unconsciously, or so I assumed, with the buttons at the top of her dress, while with the other hand she alternately sipped and brandished her drink.

She was explaining to me some of the topics she had covered in her speech, and I was quite interested. I was also beginning to feel the whiskey a bit, and in the midst of an explanation of some technical terms it dawned on me that somehow several of her buttons were now undone, and her cleavage was riveting my attention. I caught myself beginning to stare and tore my eyes away. Her smile was bright and merry, without revealing whether she had noticed my indiscretion.

Abruptly, she stopped a waitress that was in the vicinity and ordered another round. I began to feebly protest, but she would hear none of it, saying, “It’s on me. My big day.” She went right back to talking, the remainder of her drink in one hand, the other in her lap. I resumed the struggle to follow the conversation and not stare at her lovely, half-exposed breasts. It was becoming more difficult, both because I was feeling the liquor, and also because I had the distinct impression that her nipples were erect, and I had to constantly fight the temptation to try to discern, in the dimly lit room, whether it was really true.

Then, out of the blue, she gazed at me very directly and said, “You know, Scott, you’re a very attractive man.” She said it so matter-of-factly that it didn’t really seem out of line, and I felt a bit guilty about staring at her boobs, so I didn’t respond. I changed the subject, trying to be cool, and she went with it as if nothing had happened. But her speech was punctuated with soft, intimate laughter and she was leaning toward me across the table as she spoke, to the point where I was almost certain that I was going to see her nipples and it was a losing battle not to think about what they might look like.

She finished her drink just as the waitress arrived with round two, and because it was awkward for the waitress to reach across the table to me, Audry put down her glass and accepted the tray from the waitress, bringing her other hand up from her lap to take one of the glasses from the tray and offer it to me. She brought the glass close to my face, holding it under my nose so that I might savor the sharp aroma of the whiskey. I smiled and inhaled, and the smile froze on my face, because although I was aware of the savor of the whiskey, I was far more acutely aware of the scent of pussy that was on her fingers.

I was instantly as hard as a rock. The feel of blood pulsing through my cock was so intense that it was almost like pain, but no, it was undeniably pleasure. As the waitress left I tried hard not to betray my sensations on my face, and Audry’s smile was bright illegal bahis siteleri but inscrutable. But there were really no secrets between us at that point. She took a drink from her new glass of whiskey and her other hand returned to her lap. She kept up the conversation and I did my best to follow, but my hardon raged unabated, and it looked as if Audry’s eyes were getting just a bit unfocussed. Then somehow her napkin fell to the floor beneath the table.

“Scott, could you get that for me?” She asked. I gallantly, if a bit clumsily, dropped to my hands and knees beneath the table.

As my eyes grew accustomed to the dim light, I was suddenly paralyzed by what I saw. Audry’s green dress was hiked up around her thighs. She wore no panties, and as I looked, her legs parted just slightly, revealing the luxuriously growth of black hair around her pussy. I was frozen in place, as she moved her legs just a bit further apart — I could see that her pussy was open and wet. My God, I thought to myself, I’ve got to get out of here. But I didn’t move, and then her hand appeared from above the table. She dipped one finger into her abundant wetness, and then began to lazily circle her clit with it. I could see her tremble just slightly.

“Have you found that napkin, Scott?” I heard her say, from above the table. I couldn’t move. Her finger dipped again into her wet depths, and resumed its caress of her clit. “Take your time,” Audry said.

It was another minute or two before I tore myself away from this scene, emerged from beneath the table, and said, trying not to stammer, “I can’t seem to find the napkin.”

Serenely and with supreme confidence, she said, “That’s all right. Finish your drink. We’re going to my room.”

We went to her room. As I closed the door behind us and turned to face her, she gave me that hundred-watt smile, and pushed down the top of her dress, holding her breasts with her hands, watching my reaction, and then tweaking both her nipples with her fingers. I stared, my heart racing. She was enjoying every second of this. “Show me your cock, Scott,” she purred.

Without saying anything, I undid my pants, let them drop to the floor, and pulled my briefs down to my knees. My cock reached outward, throbbing. Her eyes widened and so did her smile. “Touch yourself for me, Scott.”

I didn’t think that I could say no to anything that she asked at this point. I gripped the base of my cock and began to slowly stroke it, holding it up for her inspection. She stared at it, kneading her nipples, and then gave a little wriggle so that her dress fell to the floor. She stepped out of it, and walked one step closer to me, wearing only her heels and jewelry.

She kept working her nipples as I stroked myself some more. Then one of her hands fell to her pussy. In went two fingers, and then she stepped close to me, holding her drenched fingers under my nose. The aroma of pussy was powerful and sweet and hopelessly arousing. I groaned out loud, and she rewarded me by offering those fingers to my mouth. I groaned louder, and began to suck them, as she undid my shirt with her free hand.

She helped me out of my shirt, and then dropped to the floor, taking off my shoes and socks and helping canlı bahis siteleri me out of my pants. Then, staying on her knees, she rose until her breasts were level with my cock, and began to rub them all over my cock and balls, playfully trapping my cock between her breasts and cooing her approval as I began to thrust my cock slowly between them.

Then Audry rose and led me to the bed, pushing me backward on to it. She straddled my waist and began to pinch her nipples some more, enjoying my facial expression as I watched, an expression of out-of-control desire. Then she bent and kissed me on the mouth, a slow, generous, wide, wet kiss. As the kiss continued, she reached back and wrapped her hand around my rigid cock, at which point we both groaned, louder.

Audry’s serenity was gone now. She crooned in my ear, “Let’s make each other cum,” and swung around, planting her pussy on my mouth and engulfing my cock with her mouth. Her hips began to move with a slow, inevitable rhythm as she rubbed her pussy against my lips and tongue. I was delirious with pleasure from the sublime taste and wetness of her cunt, and as if that weren’t enough, she was swallowing my cock again and again, swirling her tongue around it, bathing it in her mouth. I thrust my tongue deep into her pussy and teased her clit with it, opening my mouth as wide as I could, desperate to cram in as much of her vulva as possible. Her taste was as strong and as sweet as her smell. We were both trying to go slowly, to prolong the fierce arousal, but no matter how slowly we sucked one another, the intensity was mounting out of control, and soon we were erupting into one another’s mouths — she came first, drenching my face and sending me over the edge, and then she continued to come more and more as I shot spurt after spurt into her throat.

And yet she seemed to continue to cum, and I sucked her greedily. Her seemingly inexhaustible orgasm thrilled me and brought me to another erection, which she began to suck with renewed hunger, until she broke it off. “Sit up,” she said.

Audry kneeled, straddling my lap with her cunt just out of reach of my straining cock, and offered her nipples to my lips. They were big and rough and exciting. I sucked the right one for a moment, until she tore it away and offered me the other. My eyes were closed, savoring the sensation, but then I heard her say “Look!” I opened my eyes to see her holding her right breast to her mouth, sucking her own nipple, as I furiously sucked her left. She held my gaze with some difficulty, as her eyes were tending to roll upwards from arousal. Somehow, she continued to do this as she lowered her pussy onto my cock.

I slid deep inside her as she cried out in passion. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I grasped her ass with my hands and began moving her up and down. Her cunt was so hot and inviting. She gasped, “Suck my nipple some more,” guiding it to my mouth, and I began to feel her pussy convulse around my cock as she gave a long, sustain cry of pleasure. This went on for at least a minute, until she broke way, pushed me on to my back, and sat on my face, letting me taste and feel her copious orgasm, which then began again from my voracious sucking of her clit.

She heard my muffled cries of excitement, almost smothered by her cunt against my face, and spun around to take my cock deep into her mouth. I came almost instantly, with tremendous force. It was then that I realized that my wife would be gone for a week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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