The Deal Ch. 13

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The Truth Told

Diana came out of the store holding her bags looking up at the store marquees figuring where she wanted to shop next. She was in a great mood which meant the desire to spend money. Matt had kicked her out of the house for a couple hours so he could have private time with Cindy to finally explain everything and tell her how deep his feelings for her were. Diana had full faith in her son to pull it off and win the girl of his dreams. Smiling, she decided to get some coffee next when she heard a loud, shrieking “NO!”

She looked to her left to see Cindy running at her tears streaming down her face.

“Cindy? What?”

“He lied to me. That …jerk… HE LIED TO ME!” Cindy slammed her fists into Diana’s chest, startling her.

“What? I don’t understand?”

“Look at you! Look at your tan. He took you to Jamaica. He told me he went with his two boyfriends and his mother. Not you. His mother! He lied about you to keep it a secret! I never want to see either of you or your damn secrets ever again.” And with one more push on Diana’s chest that knocked her down, Cindy spun and ran down the hall crying.

Diana picked herself up looked down at the scattered, crushed packages and then at the retreating girl.

“Shit!” and she took off running after her as fast as she could leaving everything behind, her purse slapping her side as it hung from her shoulder suspended by it’s strap.

Diana slammed open the mall entrance doors and scanned across the parking lot frantically. Finally she found Cindy twenty feet from her car already fumbling for the keys in her pocket.

“Fuck” Diana took off like a shot watching as the girl rounded the car and reached for the lock. She would never make it around the car before Cindy would be in the car locking the door without listening. Without thinking about what she was doing with a final mad burst of speed Diana leapt up, her jeans encased butt sliding across the hood and windshield of the car flying off the other side to crash into Cindy knocking her back making her drop her keys.

The startled girl looked down at her keys and then at the bent over panting woman leaning against her car door. “Did you just… How did…”

“Look Cindy, I am so sorry. God, please wait and listen to me. I promise you no lies. Please.” Diana gasped between pants.

Tears were streaming down Cindy’s shocked face “Go ahead.”

“Thank you. Sweetie, Matt didn’t lie to you. He would never lie to you. He loves you so much. If you leave without talking to him it will kill him again.”

“Kill him again? Again? I don’t understand?”

“No, you couldn’t easily. You don’t know us. Look at you,” Diana reached up and wiped a tear from Cindy’s face. “You love him a lot too don’t you?”

“I thought I did…”

“Oh honey, he really is who he appears to be. He never lied to you. I don’t think he ever could as he loves you so much already it would destroy him to hurt you.”

“But what about taking his mother to Jamaica? He never said anything about you. Why would he do that? What is it about you two, what is the big secret you won’t tell me? Why lie?”

“Oh, God. Cindy. He didn’t lie. I … I am Diana Hughes, honey; …I AM Matt Hughes’ mother.”

“WHAT! But the panties on the table, the kisses, you guys are in love love.”

Diana and Cindy looked around the parking lot at all the people staring at them murmuring.

“Please, I beg you. Just come with me where we can talk in private; I will explain everything. You really are in no shape to drive, let’s go to my home. I will tell you anything you want to know, honestly. You can ask me anything,” Diana tentatively held out her shaking hand open to Cindy. “No secrets I promise. Please honey.”

It might have been that no one in years had called her honey with such passion or even any emotion, or even held out a hand to her. Maybe it was because this woman that night at the restaurant was the first person in years to give her a real hug that she still couldn’t forget about, but without truly knowing why she was doing it, Cindy burst into tears again and grabbed the offered hand letting Diana lead her through the parking lot towards her own car.

As Cindy was strapping in she looked over at the other woman. “What about your packages in the mall?”

Diana looked at her and her face lit up with honest love, “Oh honey, I could replace any of that stuff in an instant. You, we could never replace.”

This silenced the quietly sobbing Cindy who looked out the side window until the car pulled into the familiar driveway.

Diana led the sniffling girl through the living room into the kitchen. Cindy couldn’t help but peek at all she could see about their lives. This was their house. A normal home where a mother and son lived.

Diana waved a hand at the table, “Please, have a seat. Would you like coffee, soda, wine, anything?”

“Coffee, please.”

After the coffee machine was brewing Di sat next to the quiet girl.

“It’s a real long story are you ready?” bahis firmaları Di watched as Cindy nodded her head.

“Matt was born into an incredibly loving family. His father and I were madly in love. It showed in everything about us and what we did. We were honestly consumed by love. For six years that was all Matt knew and he grew into that. But then when Matt was six, my husband was diagnosed with Leukemia. It took two agonizing years of horrible pain before that incredible man died in my arms in the hospital. The day that heart monitor went still my whole heart died as well. I was so dead to this world I never noticed that it killed Matt’s heart as well.”

Diana stopped, got two mugs from a cabinet and filled them with coffee. “Cream? Sugar?”

Diana prepared the coffee and gave Cindy hers before sitting back down.

“We were both like zombies going through the motions and living a dead life. There was no spark in either of us. How long have you been at Tony’s?”

“About a year.”

“Then you must have seen us. Before that night with the delivery and later dinner did you ever notice us before?”

Cindy shook her head in a negative and watched as Diana got up left the room.

Diana came back with an album. “Here, take a look. About a month ago I saw these and realized what I think you will notice right away.”

Cindy looked at the photos. She could tell it was the same two, but it wasn’t them at all. Their eyes were dead black pools. They were pale. They barely smiled. No energy.

No love.

“What happened? You are so alive now.” Cindy’s voice was full of wonder.

“About five, six months ago, Matt shocked me by telling me he planned to finish school with lousy grades, keep a loser job and just live at home until Mrs. Right found him. Look at the pictures Cindy; think about how you never noticed us. He would have died a lonely man living with his mother.”

Diana looked at Cindy carefully, “That day I realized just how dead we both had become. I knew I had to do something to, if not me, at least save my son.”

Cindy nodded.

“We had a fight. Or at least as much of a disagreement that two emotionless people can have. More as a joke or a way to shut me up, Matt told me when I asked him what would motivate him that only a naked girl would do that.”

First Cindy then Diana smiled at that, “Yeah, even the dead still have teenage hormones.”

Diana reached over and clasped Cindy’s hands cupped around her mug. Cindy could feel that her hands were as warm as the mug, it felt good. “Cindy, believe me when I tell you that what I did next was totally out of love and a mother’s desire to save her son from a long lingering death of a life. I watched helplessly while my husband died slowly; I didn’t want to watch my son die as well.”

Diana stared deep into Cindy’s eyes took a breath and said “Cindy, I became that naked girl.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I made a deal with Matt, that if he quit the Pizza Shack and left that jerk boss Jim, got much better grades and agreed to go to college I would stop wearing any clothes around the house. He did it and then I stopped wearing clothes here.”

Cindy looked stunned.

Diana chuckled sadly, “Yeah I know, really fucked up. But Cindy, it worked. Look at both of us. It was never intended as a sex thing or anything like that. It was two love lost people desperate to relearn what it was like to feel love again. To actually live again. We have come so far from that first morning when he found me standing by that counter naked. Matt became the person you now know and have come to love and is deserving of that love”

“Are you lovers now?”

“Well, we have done things that would disgust others and is meant for lovers only so, I am afraid yes, we kind of are. But we have never had intercourse. I swear. At first I set up a no touching rule which lasted until about three weeks ago.”

“What happened?”

“I went out drinking with some friends and one of them drugged me. I left before the drug took hold and she could manipulate me into having sex with someone. I came home and, well, attacked Matt. I was on the high of the drug by then. I didn’t know what I was doing. Believe me.”

“I do, I really do. But what about Matt.”

“Cindy. He could have had me that night. God, I desperately wanted him, I begged him to take me. I…threw myself at him. He wouldn’t do it. He knew something was wrong. He tricked me into thinking about David, my husband. Matt held me while I cried myself to sleep.”

Cindy shook her head smiling knowing Matt.

“When I got up the next morning well I knew that I could trust Matt with anything. The deal ended I told him he could have me any time if he wanted. I loved him and trusted him that much.”

“Why didn’t he do it then?”

Diana beamed for the first time since seeing Cindy coming at her in the mall, “Well it seems he had met a certain girl and talked to her all night on the phone while I was out being drugged. He can have me but he doesn’t kaçak iddaa want me.”

“Oh” Cindy said quietly.

Diana again looked at the now blushing girl “He wants you sweetheart. In Jamaica, we had our last fun but he didn’t want to go further than we already had. He asked that we stop while we were down there as he is feeling guilty about you. Other than me still not wearing any clothes here, we haven’t done a thing since we returned from Jamaica. Honest. All I just told you he was going to tell you tonight with absolutely no lies. That’s why he invited you here to our home, to show you and tell you the truth.”

Cindy was silent for a while and Diana just sat quietly sipping her coffee letting the girl think.

“Okay. Honestly now. I want the truth.”

“Everything I have told is true. You are so important to Matt, I would never lie to you honey.”

“Knowing what I mean, what is the worse thing you and Matt have done together?”

Diana looked at her carefully, “Dead people are starving when they come alive please remember.”

“Mrs. Hughes, I understand, I just want the truth and the worst. Now.”

Diana thought for a moment.

“Lots of masturbation, video taping it and some oral sex from both of us.” Diana hung her head afraid of what Cindy would say. Quietly she added, “I think that pretty much covers it.”

Cindy’s quiet “Thank you” surprised her.

Cindy looked down at the photo album open before her. She thought about the Matt Hughes she had gotten to know over the last month. She thought about her own crappy life up to then. She looked at the obviously dead people in the photos staring lifelessly up at her. For years she had been every bit as dead, losing both of her parents, one to death, the other by choice. She realized that it could just as well have been her in those pictures until she met Matt. She looked over at the woman with her head down before her. She felt a warmth growing inside of her for this woman. She could see the pure anguish in Diana’s every fiber, the scared love. She knew that love was for both Matt and surprisingly, for her as well.

“Outside of you; am I the first girl he has ever loved?”

“I’m pretty sure that yes you are” quietly came from the head.

Startled, both looked up as they heard the door open and Matt call out, “Mom, what the Hell are you doing here? Cindy will be here any minute.”

Matt stormed in the kitchen, “Mom…CINDY?”

Matt looked at the tear streaked face of the woman he loved and at the panic-stricken face of the other woman he loved.

He knew.

“Oh shit…Cindy?”

Cindy looked at the photos and then at Diana. The two women locked eyes staring deeply into each other’s eyes.

Without breaking eye contact Cindy spoke, “So, Matt, do you want to know what I learned just now?”

“Yes. Yes, I do.” There was so much fear in his voice. Cindy watched Diana flinch at every word, never breaking eye contact with her.

One set of eyes was unreadable while the other implored.

The silence seemed louder and more deafening than even the worst of nature’s fury.

Cindy rushed out “I just learned what an amazing woman my boyfriend has for a mother.”

And with that Cindy pushed her chair back and jumped up into Matt’s arms as Diana digested what she just heard then burst into tears sobbing uncontrollably while smiling the biggest smile Matt had ever seen on her face.

“Mom? Cindy?” Matt wrapped his arms around Cindy.

Cindy looked at the dumbfounded boy she knew she loved, “Oh it’s alright, I was crying like that an hour ago. It’s been an emotional day. She’ll be fine. Shut up and kiss your girlfriend like you’ve been kissing your mother, not the ‘on the cheek’ crap you’ve been giving me.”

But she didn’t wait for him as she slammed her lips into his. Matt was too stunned to move at first but then came to his senses and grabbed her head crushing their lips together.

Diana watching from her chair, her sobs quieting to warm tears, smiled knowing that Cindy was getting exactly what she asked for.

Quietly, Diana got up and turned to leave the kitchen and let the new love birds have some privacy when Cindy noticed the motion out of the corner of her eye.

She pulled off of Matt’s face with a loud smacking sound, “And where do you think you are going, Matt’s mom?”

Diana stopped and looked at Cindy with questioning eyes.

Matt grinned,” Wow, I believe this is the first time I have ever seen you look confused.”

Cindy smiled at Matt and then looked back at Diana, “After what we have just been through together, I want a hug from you too, please.” Cindy took her right arm off of Matt and opened it up to Diana. Matt looked down and grinning held out his left arm, looking up at his mother.

Diana smiled and walked into the arms of both of the kids. All three hugged tightly and didn’t let go for a while, heads nestled together, no words spoken. They weren’t needed.

Finally, the three pulled apart, and Diana sat back kaçak bahis down.

Cindy smiled at her, “Don’t you go any place.” Then she looked at Matthew again, “I want another of those amazing kisses please.”

Matt was happy to oblige.

Finally they pulled apart and Matt sat down as Cindy climbed into his lap dangling her legs off his right side and wrapped her arms around his neck. She looked at Diana, “You don’t mind do you?”

Diana’s face broke into a huge smile, “Oh honey, thank you for thinking of me but I don’t mind at all. In fact it makes me very happy.”

Cindy rested her head on Matt’s shoulder. “There’s a lot you don’t know about me either. This is all new to me. I have never had a boyfriend before. In fact, I haven’t had any one love me at all in a bunch of years. You keep calling me ‘honey’ really meaning it and it feels so good to hear. And you,” she looked at Matt “you are the first boy to ever steal my heart and kiss me.” She leaned up and kissed him again. She nestled her head into his chest, “When I saw you two in the restaurant that night I was so jealous; I wanted love like that. This is the first time anyone has ever really held me. I like it. I like it a lot.”

Diana saw Matt’s arm tighten on Cindy and smiled at the soft purring noise that came from the happy girl.

“You’re nineteen and gorgeous. How is this possible?” Diana couldn’t help asking.

Before she could answer Cindy’s stomach gurgled. Cindy looked startled and then blushing said, “I was going to get a bite to eat at the mall when I saw you and kind of attacked you so I haven’t eaten anything today. How about we get something to eat someplace quiet, and I will tell you my side of things, and then we can fill Matt in on what happened here. Matt, did you know your mom can slide across the hood of a car just like Jason Statham?”

“What?” Matt looked at his mother with his mouth open.

“Hey, she surprised me and knocked me down and besides she’s way younger than me. The girl had too good a hard start. I had to do something.”

“This I gotta hear.”

“Geez, who sucked the life out of this party?” Sue Lynn stood in the doorway of her son’s room looking at her son and Chip who looked for all the world like their best friend had died.

Craig looked up at his mother, “Matt is at this moment pledging his heart to some girl. You know what that means.”

“Yea, the next step on the passage of life. Geez Louise, it’s not like he is dying or something. He is living which is something you boys ought to consider, mopey gussies,” Sue laughed at the boys.

“Come on Mrs. Lynn, it’s a Tuesday afternoon. There is nothing to do, it is soooo boring,” Chip practically wailed.

“Bored are you huh?” Sue gleamed evilly which caused Craig to gasp.

“Mom? Chip? Mrs. Hamilton?” Craig stuttered.

“Oh come on Craig. You guys need some life back into you. And lucky for you boys, Cindy has a study date, and Jeff is working the late shift so it is just little old me to entertain you boys. Anyone up for a game of darts?”

“Darts? Sure, I guess so Mrs. Lynn,” Chip was baffled by his friend’s reactions to all this. Craig was actually breaking out in a sweat.

Soon the threesome was down in the basement game room. Sue went over and cranked a mix of ZZ Top and Stevie Ray Vaughn into the built in sound system so the room gave a pleasant sense of vibration.

Chip gave a couple of practice shots at the board, “So what game are we playing.”

He bounced his next shot off the board when Mrs. Lynn answered “Strip darts of course.”

He turned to stare at the grinning woman.


“Oh come on it’s not like you haven’t seen one of us mothers completely nude already. Didn’t think I knew about Diana down in Jamaica?”

Chip turned to Craig, “Craig? What were you thinking? We said ‘what happened in Jamaica was supposed to stay in Jamaica.”

“Oh please,” Sue said. “Craig didn’t tell me. Diana did.”

“What?” Chip asked.

“Uh mom, are you sure about this,” Craig looked from his gaping friend to his mother.

“Oh, I’ll deal with Mrs. “Last to Join the Bandwagon” later, don’t worry. I remember just how crazy she could be just like the rest of us. I know very well what your father is packing intimately, so Chip, ready to show me what you are made of?” Sue was smirking broadly.

“What?…Uh… sure, I guess. Err, how do you play?” Chip was still shaking his head.

“Well since I really don’t know when Cindy is coming home, and she is too young to be joining the party, we’ll keep this simple and play the short game. Each player throws three darts, after all have gone the high dart keeps clothes on while the losers have to take a piece off. If two tie high score both keep clothes and single loser strips. All three tie then we all win and strip a piece off as that is the whole point anyways.” Sue said all this as she walked to the board grabbing the two darts from the hand of the still stunned Chip and picked the other dart off the floor before going back to the line.

Sue eyed the board carefully and threw her first dart hitting the one close to the twenty. Her next shot went wider and hit the eighteen and she ended with a five close to the twenty again.

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