The Deadline Ch. 02: A New Project

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I woke up feeling accomplished. Yesterday, William had come by and I gave him the final program from the project. It was about 2 months late, but he had continually pushed the deadline further on… even though I had been finished for a couple of weeks. William had come by weekly to get an “update”, sometimes two or three times a week.

We talked about the project then he would do as I said. Nothing as intense as the first one, I teased his ass but never penetrated it even when he asked. He would always get me off two or three times, I would let him blow his load on my chest or in my mouth. He left happy and I was too.

Yesterday though, William said it would be the last visit, so I was surprised to get a text from him shortly after waking up.

“President of the company was impressed with the program and my client presentation. He will be throwing a party for everyone involved in this contract. It will be at The Ducks Nest on Lighthouse Blvd tonight at 6. Hope to see you there!” the text read.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go but figured it would be good if any new contracts became available.

I rolled out of bed stretched and pulled on my yoga pants and a tank top. Going into the kitchen I made myself a fruit smoothie and logged into the Yoga streaming program on my smart-TV. I did an hour of yoga everyday with the same studio from across the country. It helped me keep fit and lithe but mainly the rubbing of my pants on my clit got me supper turned on; the hot instructor helped too.

I finished my routine and went back to the bedroom. I had pulled my pants up more than normal during the workout to make sure the pants rubbed my clit well, and the wetness showing through the pants indicated how horny I was. I laid back on the bed and rubbed my pussy through the pants. My breath quickened. I knew it wouldn’t be too long before I would orgasm.

I pulled the pants down and rolled over to reach into my bedside table. I grabbed my finger vibrator and slipped it on my two fingers. Turning it on, I could feel the gentle vibrations through my fingers. I lowered my hand to my pussy and spread my lips. Touching my fingers to my clit, my back arched instinctively as the pulsations traced the nerves to my spine. My legs clamped shut on my hand and unconsciously my hips started bucking.

I could feel a supper intense orgasm building. I pulled my fingers away, not wanting to climax too soon. I massaged my nipples through my tank top with the vibrations causing the nipple to rise fully erect. My breath was going faster than during the casino şirketleri yoga.

I couldn’t stand it anymore and traced my fingers down my abdomen back to my pussy pinching my nipple with my other hand. Driving the vibrating fingers deep into my wetness I bucked wildly and with a loud moan like grunt my abdomen tightened propelling a large stream of juice from my folds.

I stayed still letting the waves of pleasure emanate from my pussy through the rest of my body before I pulled my fingers from my dripping slit and licked them clean.

I stripped down and jumped in the shower before doing some long-neglected chores around the house.

The orgasm had convinced me that I needed to see William again; maybe let him cum in me at least once. I needed to stay occupied so that I didn’t get too turned on thinking about how I was going to torture him tonight!


I took a bath, making sure to shave my legs and pussy. I love the feel of a bald pussy but left a runway to help guide anyone joining me for some fun. I dried off and styled my hair. I figured that it would be more upscale so found an interesting up-do online and decided to recreate the look. It almost had a librarian feel to it so figured it may add to the impact of my outfit on William.

I opened my closet and stared at my pile of thongs on the shelf. Deciding not to wear underwear I reached for my favorite crotchless pantyhose with a ribbon design running up the legs. Pulling them on felt nice; it had been a while since I had worn them. I ran my hand up my legs to smooth them out and I could feel the wetness developing between my folds.

I selected grey knee length skirt that emphasized my curves; I didn’t want it too short since it was a work party after all. I pulled on a black bra that matched the pantyhose then a camisole top that allowed just enough cleavage to show. I selected the matching jacket to skirt to complete the look.

I stepped in front of the mirror and winked at myself. I looked respectable but with an underlying sensuality that William would find irresistible. I did my make up and stepped out of the room while ordering an Uber.

I pulled on the same red stilettos that William cleaned with his tongue during every visit; in fact, you could still see some dried saliva on one of them.

My phone binged as the car pulled out in front of the house. I locked up and jumped in, ready for a party.


I walked into the restaurant and sauntered up to the bar. casino firmaları The attractive, albeit young, bartender came straight to me ignoring the middle-aged men sitting two stools down from me.

“Drink Miss?” he asked kindly.

“Double Gin and Tonic, please,” I responded, “with a slice of lemon.”

He walked off to make the drink and I turned to look at the restaurant. I hed never been there before. It was higher class than “endless bread sticks” but not high enough to require men to wear ties. I noticed the door to the back room and figured that the party was in there.

“Here you go,” the bartender said placing the drink and receipt in front of me with a smile.

I grabbed the drink and glanced at the receipt. The total indicated was zero but a name and phone number was written on the margins. I turned the receipt over and pulled out my pen.

“Maybe I’ll swallow your seed during the break… if I’m tipsy enough!” I wrote, figuring I might get more free drinks. I handed the receipt back and winked. He stared and fought to keep his jaw from falling.

I turned and headed into the party room. Half of the company was there already. I mingled with some of the girls avoiding the table of boys that tended to be over-flirty and known to try to sleep with all the ladies in the office.

Growing tired of the small talk I found a seat at an empty table and people watched. After 5 minutes William walked in … with another woman on his arm. He spotted me and came straight to my table.

“Julie, so glad you could make it. We couldn’t have finished the project without your hard work and dedication! Let me introduce you to my wife Ashley,” he said with a cautious look.

I was shocked. I had no idea he was married; he never wore a ring.

“Nice to meet you Ashley, I love your outfit!” I said truthfully. She was gorgeous, why he would cheat on her with me was blowing my mind. She was slim yet curvy, with a rack to die for. She wore a blue wrap type dress and highlighted her hips and legs.

William pulled out a seat for her and she sat down as he went to the bar.

“So Julie, William tells me you were the backbone of the project and whipped the final product together perfectly,” she said with a sweet southern accent, “he says that he project wouldn’t have been a success without you.”

“Thanks, but really he was the manager. I just followed his lead,” I remarked back noticing how she would glance down from time to time.

She sat quietly for a moment and I could swear that she was staring at my güvenilir casino cleavage.

“William never told me that you are so good looking. Maybe I should be jealous of him working with you everyday.” She said. I suddenly realised that she had no idea that I worked from home and that he came over to check on the project regularly.

William came back with the drinks, a beer for him and a tequila sunrise for her. We made small talk until the formal part of the party started and listened to the president’s speech thanking everyone and congratulating William on the success of the project.

Ashley was already on her fourth drink and me on my third by the time the buffet was ready; I got up to go get my food and noticed William staring at my shoes as I walked away from the table. He followed me to the buffet line after telling Ashley he would get her a plate.

“I can’t believe you are wearing those shoes, are you trying to get me horny here? I am fitting my body wanting to pumped the blood to my cock.” He whispered in my ear.

“That’s not my problem,” I responded, “either way, with the amount of tequila your wife is consuming I am sure you will be getting off at the end of the evening.”

We got our food and sat down. The three of us made small talk while eating and finished our meals joking about experiences in college.

“I need to go to the girls room,” I remarked rising from my chair.

“I’ll come too, if you don’t mind,” Ashley responded standing and following me to the restroom.

I finished my business and was touching up my makeup when Ashley walked up beside me.

“We should go shopping sometime, I don’t know many ladies in town, and you seem cool,” she remarked touching up her makeup.

Suddenly, a thought popped into my head.

“I’m planning on going shopping tomorrow! I could use another woman’s discerning eye when I pick out some outfits,” I replied feigning a shocked look.

“Awesome!” She said turning for the door, “I need some new hot outfits to make heads turn too!”

We sat back down, and William joined us.

“We are going shopping together tomorrow,” Ashley told William. He looked a bit nervous as he listened.

We continued to chat for a bit, and I was growing tired… and a bit horny. I bid my farewells and my number so Ashley could call me in the morning.

I gave William a kiss on the cheek and left the party stopping at the bar. The bartender looked at me with a slightly shocked look.

“Is it your break yet?” I asked with a wink.


I got home an hour later, my pussy dripping the bartenders seed.

I showered and sat on my bed. I had decided that I would torture William more than ever… by seducing his wife.

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