The Dawning of the Day

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I watched as the sun peaked it’s brilliant orange head up over the horizon. I marveled at the colors of the sky, all the reds, purples, and blues indicating the dawning of a new day.

I hadn’t been able to sleep in days, and the only thing that had kept me going was to watch the sunrise as I sat on my front porch, a cup of coffee in hand, and a notebook on my lap.

I am a writer for the local newspaper. It wasn’t as though I had had any training for the job, I had happened on it by chance when I first moved to this sleepy little town. They were in need of a writer and having dabbled in short stories and poetry I thought that I could help them out. The boss, Mr. Tate, didn’t care much that I had had no real training in journalism and as long as I could write a column everyday to keep these good old country boys happy I’d keep my job.

My job was to write about the goings on in the town of Westline Missouri, and to tell the truth there wasn’t that much going on. It was one of those towns that if you blinked while driving through it you missed the town. There was one main road that stretch the entire length of the town and the rest were small gravel roads that branched off to the small houses of the people who lived there.

About the only thing I ever wrote about was the town dinners the church would hold, or the fact that Mr. Doublin, the town drunk, had again been arrested Saturday night and was released on that next day so that he too could attend Sunday service.

I had started to doubt moving here. I had wanted to get away from the city, to go down to where there would be peace and quiet, and I could get away from the memories of an old boyfriend that I had recently broken up with. I found a beautiful old farmhouse down there and bought it without a second thought. I loved it when I first came here, and the townspeople helped out a lot to restore the house to living conditions. It was so quiet and peaceful, you never heard any sounds after nine o’clock but the songs of crickets and frogs. Everyone was in their house and most in bed by that time.

After a couple of months of “living this country life” I started to doubt if I really should have moved down here. There was absolutely nothing to do, and being restless by nature, that was very hard for me. Sure everyone in the town was willing to talk, but most of it was about the weather, or gossip about the other wives in the community.

That was another thing about living here, there were absolutely no single men. They were either older and married or still too young to care anything about. I was getting lonely for a man, and I thought that if I didn’t get one soon I might die.

I went about my routine, going to work, joking around with Mr. Tate. He was a character and probably the only one I’d miss if I left. He was a jolly man, he’d never say exactly how old he was but I’d place him in his mid 60’s maybe early 70’s. He was round, and had a very red complexion. He kind of looked like Santa Clause, and because of this, as he told me, the church had him dress up in the red suit every Christmas for the kiddies. He was always ready with a smile, and joke to start the day off.

We’d sit after hours and I’d pour my heart out to him. He was the only one that I told about the relationship that I had had. I had caught my boyfriend with another woman the day after he had proposed marriage and that was the reason why I had left. I couldn’t stand to stay there and look at the bed that my fiancée had fucked another woman in.

I also told him how I was thinking about leaving and going back to the city, I thought that I had had enough time to recuperate and I really needed some excitement. But he said that he would never loose the best columnist he ever had. I knew he was just saying that to make me feel better, and it really did.

This is where I started to have insomnia, it was turning from spring to summer, and at first I blamed it on the heat. I didn’t have central air in the farmhouse and it was way too hot to sleep. I knew that it was something more than that. I didn’t want to leave Mr. Tate behind but I didn’t think I could stay either and the guilt of leaving was what was keeping me awake at night. That and I really needed a man.

It was the morning I spoke of earlier, while I sat in my old rocking chair watching the sun come up over this one horse town that my life changed. I sat there sipping my coffee, wondering what it was I was going to do, stay or leave. As these thoughts were going through my head I heard a car coming up the road.

I illegal bahis thought it was a little odd for a car to be driving around this early. Most people never drove around here, all you had to do was walk a little ways to get where you needed to, and no one ever went into town for groceries or the sort until Saturday.

I watched in curiosity as the car came up over the hill, past the church, and then stopped next to my house. A young man got out of the car, looked around the town scratching his head in confusion. It took all I had not to laugh, I cleared my throat, and he turned around in surprise.

I kept my eye on him as he slowly walked up the drive and on to my front porch. This gave me time to study him, he was handsome, standing about six-foot tall, with dark brown hair, and as he got closer I could see the intense green color of his eyes. He had a pretty mouth for a man, his lips were full, and he held his lips in such away that it always looked as though he was about to say something very important.

I had to place him as a “city person” he didn’t have that rugged look of the country. His skin wasn’t that leathery tan color of hard working men. I also placed him around my age, mid 20’s. I smiled as he approached the steps to the porch.

“Excuse me Ma’am but I’m looking for a town called Westline. I think I’m lost. I haven’t seen a road sign in forever and I have a business meeting that I’m going to be late for if I can’t find the town.”

His voice was nice, a low tenor with just a touch of a southern accent. I couldn’t help but laugh then, I didn’t mean to but the look of confusion in his face repeated in his voice. “You’re standing in Westline.” I said after the fit of laughter subsided.

“Oh well, aren’t I lucky.” He looked around again, “this is a very small town! I’m glad I ran into you, or I would have just past it.”

“Tell me about it. May I ask your business here in Westline? Need something to print for the paper this morning.”

“Well that’s confidential, but I’ll give you a hint. It has something to do with that paper you write for.”

“Hmmm…I see. So, would you like a cup of coffee or something? You got here a little early. Mr. Tate won’t be in the office for a least another hour or so.”

“I know and I would love some coffee.”

I went in and poured it for him, wondering what it was he wanted with the paper. Mr. Tate hadn’t said anything about a meeting, and I was usually the first one he told if anything was going to change. I figured that I would find out soon enough and went back out on the front porch with my new guest.

We struck up a light conversation and I found out that his name was Chris; he was a 26-year-old business major, fresh out of college.

We fell into silence after the regular formalities. I hoped that he would be staying for a while. I could tell that I would like him if I got to know him better, and my mind was racing with thoughts of passion that could happen if he stayed. I broke the silence when I saw Mr. Tate walking down the road. He stood up, shook my hand, and left my porch. I watched him meet up with Mr. Tate and then walked in the house to get my things and be off to work too.

Later that day Mr. Tate came out of the office, with Chris. “Lana, Chris here is going to take over the paper. I’m getting too old and want to spend the rest of my days fishing, and with the wife. He has some good plans to make it bigger and spread it out more over the neighboring towns.”

I didn’t say anything but the look on Mr. Tate’s face said that he wasn’t finished yet. “Oh one other thing. Do you think that you can put Chris up in your home? I know it’s a big thing to ask but you know Mrs. Tate and me only have the one room and I’d hate to have to put him on the couch. You’re place is big and since there’s only you living there I thought maybe you could spare a room.”

I looked at both the men standing in front of me. Mr. Tate was right I did have a lot of room, and it would be rude to tell him no. I told Mr. Tate that it would be just fine if Chris stayed with me. I watched as a smile came over Chris’s face, there was something in his look that I couldn’t place my finger on but I shrugged it off and left work. I had to get the room ready that he would be staying in.

Chris had stayed with me for two months, and had been a gentleman the whole time. Sometimes I wished he hadn’t been, I would fantasize that he would come into my room and take me, making love to me over and over again until we both collapsed into each others’ illegal bahis siteleri arms but it never happened. He kept his distance, showing me respect as he worked on the paper.

One night he came into the kitchen while I was getting dinner done. He didn’t say anything, just kept staring at me as I chopped up the onions to put in the tomato sauce I was making.

I looked at him a couple of times but still he said nothing. It was really staring to freak me out, the way he just stared but I said nothing.

Finally, he moved. He came up behind me and snatched one of the cookies I had baked earlier. “You’re going to spoil your dinner, eating cookies.”

“No, I won’t. I’ll only eat one promise.”

I nodded my head but took note that he hadn’t moved from behind me and had actually gotten closer. He put the half-eaten cookie back on the counter and lifted his hands to my shoulders. He began to massage them and I couldn’t help but lean back against him. It had been so long since I had felt the touch of a man on any part of my body.

I felt as he brought his head down into my hair, and began to kiss it as his touched got lighter, and his hands moved from my shoulders to my upper arms. His fingers lightly brushed up against my breasts as he kept up his massaging.

I moaned lightly as I felt his fingers graze the sides of my breasts, and leaned back further into him. I could feel his manhood growing against my bottom and that heightened my senses of what was going to happen. But to my surprise he backed away from me.

I turned around and looked at him, the shock clearly painted on my face. He smiled at me; “you better get dinner done.” Is all he said before leaving the kitchen. I looked after him, my expression of shock changing into one of anger and frustration. I finished dinner but didn’t eat much of it. He helped himself to seconds, and to me it seemed as though he had forgotten about the whole ordeal that had happened in the kitchen.

I went to bed that night but couldn’t sleep again. I was frustrated sexually and mentally. I didn’t want to have to play games with Chris and I wouldn’t stand for him to play games with me. He either wanted it or he didn’t and if he didn’t want it he needed to keep his hands off of me. I had every intention to tell him that in the morning.

I heard my alarm go off and rolled out of bed. I always got up at least an hour before Chris to shower before he got up to use the bathroom but I was in for a surprise this morning. As I walked out of my bedroom, not throwing on a robe over my little nightgown, I saw him in the hall. He was still wet from the shower he had taken and completely naked.

I stood there staring at his body. He wasn’t very muscular but the muscle he did have fit his body nicely. I didn’t focus too much on all of his body, mainly his cock. He must have been thinking some very pleasant thoughts in the bathroom for it stood out proud from his body. I flushed as I began to have thoughts of my own, thinking about how I’d like to have that cock inside of me. I cleared my throat and hurried into the bathroom.

I began to shower, trying not to think of the way Chris had looked in the hall but it wasn’t working. The more I tried not to think about it the more I did. I decided that when I went back to my room I’d have to do something about my frustration.

As soon as I turned off the water I heard the bathroom door open. There stood Chris, still naked. I jumped back, trying for a minute to cover my body with the towel. He said nothing as he came closer, taking the towel from my hand and starting to dry me off.

He went slow trailing the towel gently over my body. I stood there quivering hoping that he wouldn’t back up this time. He brought his mouth close to mine, and barely touched my lips with his as he dropped the towel and his hands began to explore my body.

He cupped my full breasts in his hands, as his lips pressed harder on mine and our tongues began to intertwine. I moaned as I felt his fingers begin to gently pull and twist my nipples. My juices had all ready began to flow down my legs, and I thought to myself that if he stopped now I’d have to attack him.

His hands moved from my breasts, gently gliding down my sides and around to my butt. He gave my cheeks a tight squeeze before lifting me out of the shower and bringing me to him.

I wrapped my legs around him as he held me. I felt his cock run across my slit and my body shook at the contact. He carried me into his room and laid me on the bed, our position never canlı bahis siteleri changing. I wouldn’t let my legs down, fearful that he was going to back away again.

Slowly he pushed is cock into my aching pussy, and I cried out as I felt every inch gently slide deep into my womanhood.

He began his kisses again, delicately touching my lips before moving to my cheeks, and eyes. He kept up his slow rhythm in our lovemaking. Never thrusting in very deep or hard but letting me feel ever inch of his cock slip in and out of me.

I was swooning, my head swimming in my passion. I felt like I was flying as he pumped his cock so gently into me. I began to orgasm, my moans growing louder, my back arching up to meet him as my pussy tightening around him.

I looked at him and saw a smile come across his face as my pussy tightened around his dick. He began to push deeper but kept the slow movements. His smile turned to a look of bliss as he too began to cum. I felt him release inside of me and tightened my grip around his dick even more. He let out a long low sigh as he gave me his seed.

When he was finished he pulled out and kissed me softly once more before getting up to get ready for work. I lay there for a while, remembering everything again before getting up myself. I was happy that he hadn’t turned from me again, and decided the reason for last night was that he wasn’t sure if I had really wanted him or not.

At work we acted towards each other as we always had, not wanting the other people that worked there to know that I was “banging the boss.” That would be too much for this small town to handle. But later that day Chris called me into his office for what I thought would be a regular meeting.

I came in and he shut and looked the door. He came up behind me and turned me around kissing me roughly as he did so. He ran his hand up my skirt and quickly pulled down my panties.

“Chris! Not here, what if someone needs to talk to you? I don’t want anyone to find out yet!”

“Fuck them Lana. I want you and I’ll have you whenever I want to. This town needs some excitement anyway.”

My will was not strong and I said nothing more as he began to run his finger along my clit. With one hand he undid his pants and pushed me back onto the desk. He came to me, and rammed his cock deep inside my cunt. He began to fuck me harder than I had ever been in my life. It took all I had to not scream out as he drove his cock in deep.

“I love your cunt Lana. It’s so tight and feels so good wrapped around my cock.” He whispered in my ear.

I was a little taken back at the forceful way he took me now opposed to the gentleness of that morning but I had to admit it was great. I had never before talked during sex so it surprised me even more to hear what came out of my mouth next.

“I love the way you fuck me Chris. I could have your cock in me all day long!”

He said nothing to that but the look that came across his face showed his approval of what had just escaped me.

I bite down on my lower lip as I began to cum. I could feel the screams of passion wanting to come from me but I couldn’t let loose in the office. My body thrashed against his as my juices began to flow from me, bathing his cock in my cream.

“Are you cumming for me Lana?”

“Oh God yes! Yes I’m cumming for you Chris! It feels so good.” I said through clinched teeth.

“Good Baby, I’m glad I make you feel good. It won’t be long before I cum. I want you to swallow it. I want to feel your mouth around my cock as I cum.”

I moaned louder, it had been a long time since I had tasted cum and I had to admit I missed the taste.

“Now Lana, I’m going to cum now!”

I hurried off the desk and dropped to my knees, taking the head of his cock into my mouth and sucking hard on it. He grabbed hold of my head as he began to cum. I felt the first squirts of his cum hit my tongue and moaned at the taste. I sucked him deeper into my throat; I didn’t want one single drop of his cum to escape my mouth. I drank it all down greedily, savoring the salty thick taste.

He pulled me to my feet after he was spent and kissed me before sending me back to work. As I left he gave me a spank on the bottom and smile. I smiled back and shook my finger at him for the swat.

It has been five years since that first day we made love and we are still as happy as anyone could be. We made it known after a year that we were going to be married and the town had it’s biggest party of the year four months later when we took our vows.

I still sometimes watch the sun come up over the horizon but now it’s because the baby needs to eat and I sit in that old rocking chair remembering the events that brought her father and I together as the sun welcomes the new day with it’s light.

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