The Cute Neighbour

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My neighbour sat down at her desk as I lay on my bed on the dark. I didn’t expect to see her clench her legs and close her eyes briefly. I put my phone face down on the bed because I wasn’t about to let her know that she was being watched through our facing windows. Just being a part of this moment got my heart going a bit.

Things did get interesting. She typed the following words into her search bar:


That’s a vanilla thing to watch, but considering how reserved she’s been as a neighbour every time I’d bumped into her outside, I felt like I had stumbled on a secret just for me. She raised her fingers to her keyboard again, and my eyes widened.


I haven’t looked at videos like that since I was younger, but it was kind of cute watching a sweet girl get off on that. She opened up one link and evidently lost interest as she clicked another one. Glancing back and forth between the the videos, she seemed frustrated. I wondered if she’d trespassed into new grounds that made her uncomfortable, but no.


Things canlı bahis were getting interesting. She looked past the extreme porn that featured actors who weren’t really into it, the videos that take the fun out of hot chicks sucking and fucking. She landed on a video that I had downloaded onto my computer a while back. I pulled out my dick. We had the same taste, which piqued my interest in her. If we fucked, I wouldn’t mind asking her to try a few things out that I’d seen in porn.

After a few minutes, she undid her pants. Sliding her finger up and down the fold that formed in her white panties, it became see-through from her arousal. I imagined putting my lips up to it as I slipped her clothes off. I stroked my dick when I couldn’t help myself. I was holding back to see her unfold before my eyes.

She sighed but I couldn’t tell if she was enticed or bored. Reaching for the mouse, she closed the window. Hoping to continue the fun, I watched her unblinkingly. I wanted to reach out and tell her, “do it for me.” It seemed like she was responding to my request and she smiled to herself while bahis siteleri playing another clip. She maximized the screen as two beautiful brunettes showed up on screen. I was so distracted that I stopped watching my lovely girl. They were all mine, all 3.

Not wanting to neglect her, I turned my attention. She was mesmerized and I could relate. I wanted to hold her hands out of gratitude for this moment, and then guide them to my erection.

The brunettes kissed each other. And then sucked, passing the dick, my dick, back and forth. Giggling, one whispered into the other’s ear. They paused and looked at me mischievously. One girl stands up unexpectedly and straddles my bare cock. “Slut,” I thought with approval. I wanted to reward her with my cum. She pulled my hips close.

Her friend looked on, mad. In a gesture to make-up, they kissed again. One girl got off of me while the other lowered her wet lips. 1, 2, 3 bobs up and down, and it was evident she liked the taste of her friend as she went to the source. The other girl took over. I was being sucked off while she was being licked. bahis şirketleri Her closed mouth moans send vibrations up and down my cock, and I lied in ecstasy. Her breast was pressed up against the bed making it look so full and round. Her juice and spit made my dick glisten every time she pulled her head upwards. Then she paused as she finished an upwards suck. She looked at me and smiled warmly. I almost came from how pretty she was. And then she rolled eyes back as her friend surprised her with tongue.

I missed having both of them, and without skipping a beat the friend came up for air. They embraced. One said to the other, “let’s kiss with dick in our mouths.” The next few moments happened in slow-motion. They started by gently holding each others lips, pursing. Then they opened their mouths as a tongue glided back and forth, teasing my cock. I wanted to show them who was in charge by smacking them in the face with my penis. Their lips drew close to my head and their mouths enveloped the tip. When their faces parted as they slid their lips up and down my dick, I could feel my climax. I uttered a groan in relief and smiled at my 2 girls.

I turned to the tissue box on the other side of my bed as I cleaned myself. As I returned to my spot I saw my neighbours face, staring straight at me. Oops.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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