The Country Cottage Pt. 06

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(Part 6)

The Wedding


I couldn’t believe what Aunt Judith was saying and doing as her fingers slid under the edge of my boxers and brushed over my balls. My dick was throbbing and ready to explode.

“Your mouth…I want to cum…in your mouth…first!” I managed to gasp while quickly glancing over to Lisa.

Her eyes were glazed over as her uncle fingered her pussy and she slowly stroked his massive cock, her tits swaying in rhythm with every stroke.

Judith pulled my shorts down over my knees and held my dick upright while she flicked the head with the tip of her tongue. As I touched the back of her head, she tenderly lowered her lips around me until her nose pressed against my belly. As she slowly pulled back, she ran her teeth ever so lightly over the already sensitive skin, sending a spasm of pleasure throughout my body. All the while she kept her eyes locked on mine.

“Oh god, that’s incredible,” I groaned feeling another drop of precum seeping put of the tip of my dick.

There was no doubt in my mind that I was about to flood Aunt Judith’s mouth and throat with my sperm. The devilish look in her eyes told me she wanted every drop and for her husband and my wife to see every detail. Just as I was about to explode, she pulled her lips off my dick and squeezed my balls, momentarily stemming the tide of my jism.

“God has nothing to do with that little trick,” she cooed coyly, licking the length of my throbbing dick before looking back at me, “but I think you would like to know how I learned that and a few other things we haven’t gotten to quite yet.”

“Do tell, Aunt Judith, how did you learn to give such a incredible blow job?” I grimaced, trying hard not to shoot my cum all over her hand and face right then.

With a glance to my side, I could see a string of precum drizzling from Richard’s dick. Lisa kept stroking him faster and faster as his fingers filled her pussy. I knew from the way her legs trembled that she was very close to her own orgasm. I smiled at her and nodded my head, giving her the last permission she might need to take her uncle’s massive cock into her cunt before he started to cum in her hand.

“My sister, Edith…you know,Lisa’s mother…taught me how to do that,” Judith moaned and squeezed my balls again. “The girls in Catholic school are always the best fucks, aren’t they Richard, being all repressed and such?”

Richard grinned and pinched my wife’s tits a little harder, his face starting to flush as his own climax built.

“Oh yes dear, all you girls from Catholic school were always so happy to do whatever we wanted and your sister was one of the best fucks of them all.”

Lisa and I looked at each other in shock at this newest revelation, one that would never have occurred to either of us. Then a smile crept across my face, followed by a low moan when Judith slid my dick deep into her throat once again before she continued.

“Come closer, dear, so you can get a better look,” she beckoned to my wife before holding my dick out and licking my balls.

I looked at Lisa again, a low moan escaping her lips as she stepped out of her panties. Uncle Richard, undid the zipper on my wife’s skirt and it joined the rest of her clothing on a heap in the floor.

Now fully naked, Lisa stepped up next to me, still holding her uncle’s large thick dick in one hand. I could clearly see his fingertips of one hand swirling around in the dripping folds of my wife’s cunt while he pinched and pulled one of her erect nipples with the other.

Lisa was panting heavily, aroused by her uncle playing with her clit, her aunt flagrantly sucking me in front of her and anticipating the details about her own mother’s perversions. I smiled and nodded, wordlessly giving her my approval to do whatever else she wanted…or needed…to do.

Her return smile gave me the same.

“Anyway, Edith meet Father John during her final year in high school…after a confession I imagine. John liked her so much he introduced her to Richard and together they taught her quite a bit.” Judith continued and swirled her finger around my asshole while licking the length of my rigid dick. “When I caught her masturbating one day, she told me all about it and then introduced me to them both. This blow job technique is one of John’s favorites and is Richard’s as well. After she met Oliver, however, everything changed and we grew apart.”

My dick was throbbing, as much from what she was saying as it was with what she was doing to me. Lisa looked shocked but the flush of her building orgasm was clearly visible on her face.

“And now, Dan, I do believe I need to get back to business,” Judith cooed and again took my cock into her mouth until her nose bumped against my stomach.

I was right on the edge of cumming when I looked toward my wife. Her uncle had stepped behind her and while my jism began filling Aunt Judith’s mouth, I heard Lisa screech the beginning of her own climax as her uncle’s bahis firmaları long thick cock plunged deep into my wife’s welcoming cunt.

“Ah, there you are,” Carol said with a chuckle as she opened the door to the room we were in. “The wedding ceremony will begin shortly, Richard, so we really do need you to come along.”

Carol stood in the doorway grinning broadly, completely naked except for a white rose in her hair. Richard looked up at her from where he sat with Lisa on his lap. His cock had deflated and slipped out of Lisa’s pussy along with a growing puddle of his semen.

“Yes, of course,” Richard muttered, helping Lisa to her feet as he stood up.

He gave her a gentle pat on the ass before passing by Carol as he walked from the room without bothering to get dressed. Droplets of his cum dribbled down the inside of my wife’s thighs as she stood next to me smiling shyly.

“Will this be the usual ceremony?” Judith asked, looking up from between my legs where she was licking the last of my cum from my flaccid dick, a crusty smear on her cheek.

“Just like always, my dear,” Carol said with a twinkle in her eye. “Since her father couldn’t be here, Bob will accompany her down the aisle in The Playpen. I am really pleased to see you all have apparently worked out your differences. Anyway, the ceremony begins in about thirty minutes so you have time to clean up.”

She smiled again impishly, turned and walked from the room. My cock twitched a little watching her tits and ass sway with every step. Judith stood and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

“Come along, we have enough time for a quick shower,” she said, extending a hand to both Lisa and me and led us to her bedroom.

“What about our clothes for the ceremony?” Lisa asked as we dried each other.

“You are already wearing all you need already,” Judith laughed tweaking one of Lisa’s erect nipples, “except for one of the flowers Carol left on the dresser.”

“You mean everyone will be naked for the ceremony?” I asked incredulously.

“Most certainly,” Judith responded and fussed with the placement of the flower in Lisa’s hair, “after all, we are all family here. And, Dan, please make a point of fucking one or both of the bridesmaids. They are both ovulating and we can always use a little genetic diversity in the family.”

Lisa and I just stared at her with our mouths agape at that comment. We didn’t have any children of our own, although I always tested as normal.

“But…but…,” Lisa sputtered.

“Standard procedure, my dear,” Judith murmured. “One of them is already married and the other will be soon, so that is not a problem. If Dan happens to get one or both of them pregnant, it actually is a great service to the family. So let’s go.”

With that, Judith pinched the head of my dick with one hand and one of Lisa’s nipples with the other before turning and leading us out the door and to the ceremony.

The Playpen was really crowded when we walked in, with a wide mix of ages and sizes and sexes arrayed around the room. There was a single bed off to the side on a low platform at one end of the room. The rest of the platforms from the night before were pushed off to the sides of the room. A table against one wall was filled to overflowing with food and drink.

Richard nodded at Judith as we walked in and raised his voice to address the crowd.

“If I can have your attention, please, it is time to begin,” he intoned.

The crowd grew quiet as two young men and two young women stepped up on the platform with Richard. Lisa gripped my hand tightly looking at them, toned and totally naked. Both guys were fairly well endowed and the girls, one blonde, the other with black hair, were stunning. They each had a yellow rose in their hair.

“My, my, it looks like you have to really sacrifice yourself for the good of the family,” Lisa whispered to me with a giggle and gave my ass a playful slap.

“You wouldn’t want me to disappoint your aunt, now would you?” I responded with a chuckle as my cock stiffened admiring the girls’ perky tits, taut asses and neatly trimmed cunt hair.

“Men!” Lisa replied with another somewhat less playful slap. “Maybe I’ll fuck the best man and groomsman then too.”

I just smiled to myself at that, actually kind of liking the idea of seeing some young dicks penetrating my wife’s mouth and pussy. Just then, Harry, the groom, stepped on to the platform and looked toward the door. The crowd grew silent and turned to watch the bride approach.

Nora looked stunning as well. She had a red rose in her hair and a lacy white garter belt half way up her right thigh. Unlike the night before, her pussy was shaved completely bare. She approached the raised platform slowly, arm in arm with Bob.

The ceremony itself was rather traditional, not surprising since it was conducted by a Lutheran bishop, with one notable exception. After all the vows, Richard smiled and addressed the newlyweds.

“You may now fuck the bride!” he said kaçak iddaa with a bright smile as the crowd murmured their approval.

Nora and Harry grinned at each other before she turned and bent over the single bed with her legs spread wide. Her smooth pussy already glistened with her juices as Harry stroked himself hard. The crowd cheered as he plunged his dick into Nora’s cunt, humping her wildly until his back arched and he shot his cum into her for the first time as her husband.

When Harry was done, Richard stepped up behind Nora and quickly added his sperm to the semen already filling her pussy. Bob was next, followed by the best man and the other groomsman and two other young men that I didn’t recognize. When the last of them stepped away, Nora stood grinning brightly, a veritable flood of cum seeping from here pussy and down the inside of her thighs.

“Quite the family tradition isn’t it?” Alice said from behind me as she softly ran her hand over my ass. “We are always naked at a family wedding and the bride fucks her husband, the official conducting the ceremony, her father, the groomsmen and any brothers to seal the union. We do the same for renewal of vows. Of course, there will be others during the reception that follows.”

“That’s quite the tradition,” I groaned, my dick already more than half hard from watching.

Lisa and Alice led me to one of the tables for something to drink. As we stood there, the bridesmaids approached me grinning devilishly.

“You’re Dan, aren’t you?” the blonde asked stepping close enough to me her erect nipples almost touched my chest. “I’m Sophie and this is Liz. Aunt Judith told us to come ‘get acquainted’ with you.”

I felt Lisa tense next to me before Alice took her arm and lead her away to another group of people I didn’t recognize. The two girls moved to either side of me and hooked their arms in mine.

“Yeah, we want to get to know you a lot better,” Liz cooed pressing her tits against my side as the two of them led me out of The Playpen to another room down the hall with a queen sized bed. By the time we entered, my dick was rock hard.

“So,” Sophie giggled as they pushed me down on my back, “how long do you think it will take for you to get hard and cum inside Liz after you fuck me?”

It turned out to be about twenty five minutes.

I started to cum inside Sophie almost immediately when she climbed on top of me and lowered herself down on to my dick. Her cunt was wet and warm. As Sophie rode me up and down faster and faster, Liz fingered her clit until she shrieked an orgasm. Her pussy tightened around my cock, sucking even more of my cum into her. When her climax ended, she rolled on her side and put her legs up over her head, It took me a moment to realize she did that so my cum didn’t leak out of her right away.

Almost immediately, Liz went to work on my dick and balls with her mouth, licking up the remains of my cum and Sophie’s juices. I quivered when she gently touched my asshole.

“Do you like that…getting your ass played with?” she asked swirling a fingertip around the tight sphincter.

“Oh yeah…a lot,” I managed to moan.

Liz spit on her finger and gently pushed it inside my ass. I relaxed and enjoyed the feeling as she found my prostate.

“My brother doesn’t like do do this,” she murmured sliding a second finger inside me, “but my dad showed me how to make a guy really feel good. Just tell me when you’re ready to cum so you can shoot inside my pussy.”

It didn’t take very long at all. She slid my dick into her mouth and a third finger into my ass. Within a few minutes, I was ready to cum again.

“Now…I’m very close…now!” I gasped.

Liz climbed on me, slipped my cock into her dripping wet pussy and rolled to her side so I was on top of her.

“Fuck me…hard…fuck…me…deep…OH YES…FUCK ME!” she screamed and wrapped her legs around my waist and locked her ankles as my cum shot into her cunt.

Next to us, Sophie was furiously rubbing her clit, her hips thrashing as another orgasm racked her body. My cum flooded into Liz’s cunt.

The three of us walked back into The Playpen arm in arm. A full scale orgy was in progress. Sophie and Liz looked around with impish grins, kissed me on the cheek and wandered off to join in with others.

I stood by the refreshment table drinking a beer trying to locate Lisa when Judith walked up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. I turned and was surprised to see her fully clothed.

“I’m so glad I caught you, Dan,” she cooed and rubbed her hand over my chest. “We need to get going since Richard needs to conduct services in the morning but I did chat with Lisa and hope we can get together real soon after you get back.”

I mumbled something abut that being a great idea as she leaned in closer and flicked her tongue into my ear.

“Besides, I can’t wait for you to cum in my cunt next!”

With that, she turned and walked out of the room with Richard trailing behind her. I just watched her go with kaçak bahis a beer in my hand and my dick throbbing and hard again.

A few minutes later, I finally spotted Lisa. She was on her back with her legs in the air. A woman with dark hair had her face buried between Lisa’s legs while at the same time the woman was being fucked from behind by Harry.

The two groomsmen stood on either side of Lisa. She held their dicks in each of her hands and took turns sucking one then the other into her mouth. When I walked over for a closer look, she looked up at me and smiled.

Her legs began to quiver in the way I knew preceded her orgasm. She began thrashing her hips wildly against the other woman’s face and groaned. The two young men took matters into their own hands and jerked themselves off on my wife’s face and tits while she flailed and shrieked her climax.

I couldn’t believe how aroused I was watching Lisa. I was about to grab my own dick when I felt two hands snake around my waist, one engulfing my cock and the other my balls. I turned to see Alice pressing against me on one side, smiling wickedly.

“I do hope you have a moment,” she muttered into my ear, “we’ve been waiting to get a chance to be with you.”

“We?” I gasped as her hand squeezed my balls tightly.

“My brother and I…we both want to suck and fuck you.”

I turned the other way to see a smiling Ted whose hand was slowly stroking my throbbing dick. Although I had never touched or been touched by another man in such a way, it seemed perfectly normal in the moment.

Ted and Alice dropped to their knees and started licking and sucking my dick. I watched Lisa clamp her knee around the woman licking her pussy as her climax peaked.

My own orgasm built rapidly. Alice pulled back and fondled my balls as her brother swallowed my dick as deep as I could go in his throat.

“Fuck his face,” Alice groaned while fingering her clit and cunt, “cum in his mouth like it’s my warm wet pussy.”

My entire body quivered. I grabbed the back of Ted’s head and jammed my cock in and out of his mouth as fast and hard as I could manage. He gagged a bit as my cum filled his mouth but never pulled back and took in every drop of my semen.

When my dick deflated, Ted turned and shared the cum filling his mouth with his sister. I glanced over to see Lisa smiling brightly. I took her hand and we snuggled together while drinking a cold beer. All around us, other members of the family…our family now too..continued the orgy in pretty much every combination and position we could imagine and a few I thought impossible.

“Take me to bed,” Lisa moaned into my ear when she finished her beer.

Lisa threw her arms around my neck and pulled me down on top of her as soon as we got into our room. She was incredibly aroused, digging her fingernails into my back as we kissed, I slowly slipped down her body, stopping to suck and nibble each of her tits, savoring some of the jism still crusted there.

I pushed her legs up so I could lick her cunt. A few strings of some other man’s semen oozed out of her, the aroma and taste of that cum turning me on even more. Lisa writhed against my face, moaning lowly and pinching both of her nipples.

After slipping two fingers into her pussy, I sucked her clit between my teeth. Her legs trembled so I sucked harder, biting her swollen clit lightly.

“Fuck me…please…fuck me…hard…now!” she moaned.

My dick was rock hard and throbbing. I raised my head and started to crawl up to get on top of her and stopped short.

Ted stood next to the bed with Lisa holding his rigid cock in one hand.

“Don’t stop, baby,” Lisa murmured, “I want you to fuck me but I also want to see his hard dick in your mouth up close at the same time.”

I looked up at a smiling Ted and back down to his hard cock in my wife’s hand. A drop of his precum stretched toward her tits. I leaned forward and caught it on my tongue, slipped my lips around his cock and slid my own dick into my wife’s dripping pussy.

My cum exploded in Lisa’s cunt just seconds before Ted’s semen filled my mouth. I found the mixed sweet and salty taste, as well as the sticky texture, surprisingly pleasant. Ted would not be the last man to cum in my mouth.

When Ted’s dick deflated and slipped from my mouth, I leaned down and kissed Lisa passionately, sharing the spent jism with her until it was completely dissolved in our mouths.

“Bravo! Very well done and extremely hot!” I heard Alice cry out.

She stood in the bathroom door, her arms draped over Sophie’s shoulders as she twirled the young woman’s nipples between her fingers.

“Come along, brother, this sweet young thing wants to try out our strap-on.” she explained before looking directly at Lisa and me. “You are both more than welcome to join us.”

We declined the invitation as Ted walked up to Sophie and Alice, groping the younger woman’s crotch while he leaned over her and kissed his sister passionately. Then he walked around them into their bedroom.

Sophie and Alice followed him, not bothering to close the doors to the bathroom. Lisa and I feel asleep cuddling together to the sounds of Ted being repeatedly fucked by both women.

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