The Countess Ch. 15

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Sara and I were in new surroundings. Because of the impending construction on the Master bedroom wing of our house, we moved to the suite on the third floor of the main tower. I remembered the trouble William and I had moving the bed frame from my old house to the third floor. We bought one of those mattresses in a box so that part was easy. I brought over furniture from my old house so we would not need to buy anything new. This room would be a visitor suite after the renovation and would need extensive decoration, after the other wing was finished. I was beginning to think that after the house was finished Sara and I would be divorced or thinking about moving.

The wedding was two months ago, and Sara did not have any emergency travel. No trips to London, no trips to the ranch or winery. Just she and I learning to live together. We also decided to delay an official honeymoon. My chance to take her back to the island would be delayed.

I was spooning her, and it felt great being next to the woman I loved. From time to time I snuck a tweak of her nipples and kissed the back of her neck. Not enough to waken her but enough to keep me satisfied. We had a late night attending a gala to support one of her causes. At times I felt like a handbag, but it was OK. The reason I was awake because of worry about construction scheduled to begin soon and I was also scheduled to direct another episode of the Code Women series.

Two hours later I woke up with Sara handling my equipment. I kissed her but she kept at it.

“That will not satisfy Mr. Rogers,” she said after we broke the kiss.

She got the results that she wanted, and I mounted her and began to make love to her. It was like my cock was a heat seeking missile and knew where to go.

“Umm, I love the feeling of your cock in my pussy, Paul.”

I had to admit that I love the feeling of being in her pussy. I plunged my cock into her and moved it in and out. We kissed and I played with her breasts. My mouth latched on to hers and I pulled her tongue into my mouth. My hand found her mound and massaged her clit while I moved my cock in and out. Her mouth came close to my ear.

“Give it to me hard, darling” she whispered.

One forceful thrust and I let go. I continued to fuck my wife but eventually my cock withdrew, and we kissed. Sara got out of bed and headed to the bathroom attached to the suite. She stood by the bed when she came back.

“Do you think that William or Mrs. Kelly will serve us breakfast up here?” she asked as she slipped beside me.

“I would think that that is up to us, but logistically it would be better if we went down to the first floor,” I said.

“Your right, darling, and that is unfortunate. I don’t want to get out of bed,” said Sara.

I got between her legs and my tongue started to probe her mound, I found her slit and started to explore.

“Your tongue is marvelous, I am really loving it when you suck my cunt, darling. You could do that all morning.”

I continued to work on Sara’s cunt, and I was able to get her to climax. I moved to her breasts and started to suck on one of her globes. Sara’s tits were still full and stood out against her chest. My hand moved down to her pussy and massaged that area.

“Darling, I am up here, please.”

That was my cue that Sara wanted a kiss. I delayed moving to her mouth but the pleasure that she and I get from kissing was irresistible. I moved up to Sara’s mouth and our lips met. Sara wrapped her arms around me. There were smells of breakfast coming up from the kitchen.

“I don’t know where you think you are going but you’re not going anywhere, Mr. Rogers”

“Yes, Your Grace,” I said before I kissed her again.

My cock found her cunt again and I began to fuck my wife for the second time. Her pussy was iron forge hot, stimulating me to give her a hard fuck. I climaxed sooner than I or Sara would have liked but I needed to use the bathroom. I untangled myself from Sara and got off the bed.

“Sir you do not have permission to leave my side,” said Sara in the mock commanding tone that she has mastered.

I came out and dropped her bathrobe on the bed, “Come on darling let’s get the day started we have an early meeting with the contractor.”

“I could sue you for divorce right now,” said Sara.

“Would you get serious; I smell breakfast, so Mrs. Kelly is here.”

I heard the elevator move meaning Mrs. Kelly or William were on the way to wake us up. Sara got up, kissed me and whispered that she loved me. She found her pajama bottoms and put the pants on and draped the robe over her body.

“We could tell them to go away and stay in bed, darling,” said Sara as there was a knock on the door.

“Ms. Solsbery, Mr. Rogers, breakfast is ready,” said Mrs. Kelly.

We were both presentable and walked to the door. We opened the split door and met Mrs. Kelly in the hallway and walked to the Elevator. We sat at the table in the eat in kitchen and waited for Mrs. Kelly to serve us.

“Ms. Solsbery, do you have canlı bahis a plan of the day?” Mrs. Kelly asked Sara.

“As of right now we have a meeting with a contractor, and that will be by the pool. Oh, we are eating in this evening, Mrs. Kelly.”

Mrs. Kelly turned out to be a very good cook and that was cutting down on expenses because we weren’t eating out as often. Also, Sara and I slowed down on our drinking and we were feeling better. I had to work on my next episode so I would be in my office other than the meeting with the contractor.

Two weeks ago, Sara and I had the house to ourselves and we discussed our finances. We both brought all of our financial data and I learned that Sara got five-thousand Pounds a month from her family as part of a trust. Most of that went to support her flat in London. Her other income was the fees she collected in her law practice. While I was the junior partner, my assets weren’t too shabby. I have assets of three million dollars that I drew from when I was between jobs. The majority came from farmland that my family owned. I still owned the land, but I leased it to a neighbor. It threw off decent income as long as the price of corn and soybeans were stable. I also decided to keep my house and had a renter paying two thousand a month. I realized that there would be expenses, but I liked the income. I also had about a million dollars in stocks and bonds that I acquired since I was in high school. My folks always encouraged me to save money and invest. I took their advice to heart. Unfortunately, they passed three years after I graduated College. They did see that I was successful in the weird business as they called it.

It was clear that Sara and I could afford the house and pay the help. William’s salary came from her family and he could be called to help wherever he was needed. But Sara’s father thought that Sara needed the security. Mrs. Kelly’s salary came from both of us. It took a very short time for Sara to realize what a godsend she is. Sara didn’t complain about the cost or make cracks about my wanting or needing staff. We also got a weekly visit from a maid crew that Mrs. Kelly supervised.

We informally put together a “Pre/Post Nup” agreement if our marriage went sideways. With that behind us our relationship relaxed and our love making improved. I looked at Sara across the table and remembered how lucky I was when she sat down in the bar at the dreary resort as she calls it and said hello.

“Paul remember that we are meeting Mr. Darling at 10 by the pool to go over the project schedule.”

I was jolted from my thoughts and back to reality. “Yes, Sara I have it on my calendar.”

In the financial discussion we had, I found out how Sara has an America Passport.

“Father was born in the states and kept his citizenship and registered my birth in both Britain and the states, so I have duel citizenship. That is why I whipped out my US Passport at the Mexican border to get us through quicker,” was the story she told me.

“Father moved to Britain early in his career and made a pile. Daddy brought the money and Mother brought the title and gave it to me and my sister. Sort of a reverse of the 19th and early 20th century American heiresses marrying for a title and bringing the money,” Sara said during our financial discussions.

Mrs. Kelly picked up the plate in front of me again bringing me back to reality. I rose announcing that I was going to dress and walked to the elevator. The suite we were in was great other that the fact that it did not have separate bathing and dressing rooms like in our bedroom in the other wing of the house. Until the renovation was finished it would do. Plus, the view out the window was fabulous. I dressed and walked down to the next floor and huddled in my office. Looking out the window I saw that Sara had changed to the metallic swimsuit and cover up and was sunning herself by the pool. I was afraid that I was going to be a buzz kill. I was going to suggest to Sara that she needed to change to some other outfit for our meeting with the contractor. At the same time one of the production assistants called asking me to come into the office this morning. I said that I would be in around noon.

I looked up an hour and half later and Sara was gone. There was a knock on my door, and Sara walked in. This time dressed in a polo shirt, and black slacks.

“I bet you thought that I was going to meet Mr. Darling in my swimsuit?”

“Well it crossed my mind.” I stood and followed Sara out to the pool, and we sat at the table with an umbrella. I looked at Sara noticing that not a hair was out of place. We discussed the activities at last night’s Gala and how the Hollywood big wigs in the group avoided our table. I looked up and saw a man dressed in jeans and a Polo shirt approaching. Next to him was a younger woman dressed in serious business casual from the right designers.

We greeted Mr. Darling and invited him and the person he was with to sit. Mrs. Kelly followed them with a pitcher of bahis siteleri iced Tea and glasses. I silently laughed as Sara thinks Iced Tea is an abomination. She would have preferred a pitcher of martinis. Mrs. Kelly stood and offered tea to the group. Mr. Darling and his associate asked for a glass and Sara and I declined.

Mr. Darling introduced his associate as Philippa Jenkins. He then talked about his discussions with the architect. Sara and I went over the plans by Ms. Georgina Bell the architect and approved the design. She would supervise the project. He handed out his estimate and proposed schedule of work. We looked it over and generally agreed. The work looked like it would take four months to complete. My question was how Ms. Jenkins fitted in the picture.

“Philippa is with Build It Productions and wants to pitch the idea of documenting our build for her TV show Hand Made Homes.”

So, we were looking at construction chaos and now there would be a TV crew in the mix.

“Darling another chance for you to direct,” said Sara.

“I thought I recognized your name. You work with Bret Peterson,” said Jenkins.

Mr. Darling was sidelined while I traded thumbnail resumes with Philippa Jenkins. Each of us were sizing up each other. Thankfully Sara got us back on track. “I think that Paul and I will need to discuss the TV show and get back to you.”

I could have hugged my wife. I was very wary about a TV Crew invading our privacy. Mr. Darling took control of the meeting and laid out the steps we would need to take, like ordering bathroom fixtures and tile color. At his suggestion we got on the phone to make an appointment with his bathroom designer to go over those choices. We got through the meeting and agreed to meet with Ms. Jenkins later in the week to discuss whether we would agree to have her company involved. Mr. Darling said that the exterior changes to the building would need to go to the neighborhood Architectural Control Board for permission to make the changes. Another wrench in the project, I thought. Cards were exchanged and a tentative appointment made. I watched them leave and leaned over and kissed Sara.

“What was that for?” she asked.

“For keeping the meeting moving and I am not ready to decide on the TV part of the project.”

Mrs. Kelly walked up and picked up the tray with the tea pitcher and glasses.

“Thank you, Mrs. Kelly even though it was barely touched it was appreciated,” said Sara.

Sara announced that William was taking her to her downtown office, the firm has a meeting with a client later today. I followed with an announcement that I would be going into the production company offices but should be back at 4:00. We planned on a seven o’clock dinner.

Before I left, Mrs. Kelly pulled a slip of paper from her pocket. “Here are the groceries we need Mr. Rogers.”

“Darling we need to get you a driver,” said Sara.

Just what we needed another expense I thought. I kissed Sara went upstairs and gathered my computer. I waited for William, and Sara to back out so I could leave. I got to the production company office and was surprised by the number of people in the building. Interviews with actors for other productions were going on in another part of the building. and there was a stack of headshots on my desk. These would allow me to suggest actors to be interviewed for the episode I was going to direct.

There was a stickie on my desk phone asking me to see Bret. I walked down the hallway and there was a gaggle of women in her office admiring Mary Megan who was putting in an appearance at the office.

“I think that there is a part for a baby in one of the episodes,” I said.

“She already has an agent, but she might be too big by the time we get to film that part she is growing like a weed,” said Bret.

The women left and Bret asked me to come back in twenty minutes.

“Her highness needs to be fed I need to talk to you but let me take care of this first,” said Bret.

“I just got here we met with a contractor and a TV producer this morning. The producer was looking to cast our project in Hand Made Homes. The woman says that she knows you Georgia Jenkins? She made the connection of me through you,” I said as I left the room and closed the door.

I had a good idea what Bret wanted, and I went back to my office and started to sort the headshots. I scribbled the character’s name on the photo with a felt tip pen. There were two actors for each roll. My desk phone rang, and it was Bret inviting me back to her office. I got up and reflecting that the woman that I gave a job to years ago was now my boss. I walked in and sat on the chair. I notice that Mary Megan was in a carrier sleeping.

“Mary Megan needs to come over and get introduced to the pool, Mrs. Kelly would go wild with her,” I said as I sat down.

“That lady is a real find, her personality fits you both,” Said Bret.

“She keeps us inline that is what I like about her.”

I handed the stack that I processed to Bret, and bahis şirketleri she started to look through my choices.

“I will go through the rest of the headshots and give you a list before I leave,” I said

“I need it by two,” said Bret in the authoritative tone that she takes with me, when she wants something done.

“Yes ma’am.”

I went back to my cube I started to sort the headshots. We would need extras but those were arranged only days before shooting. I dropped the additional stack on Bret’s desk and sat down letting her go through my choices.

She looked up; “I like your selections and we will get them in here for tests and interviews next week. Don’t take Sara anywhere where you can’t be found.”

“I’m trying to figure out if the baby favors you or George,” I said.

“Right now, she looks like a baby. Just wait until you get a little “Count or Countess” then you will be in trouble. By the way when are we coming over to help you polish off that bottle you won?”

“Sara is planning something, but it will be outdoors as the main part of the house will be under renovation.”

“Mary Megan, and I have a medical appointment. Thanks for getting this done,” said Bret.

I stood and left her office. I had my own list of things to do. I was back in my cube looking over email. That was done, and I looked over the grocery list. I would stop by what was laughingly referred to as “Whole Paycheck” and pick up the items that Mrs. Kelly requested. I would also drop by the liquor mart and pick up two bottles of Sara’s favorite gin.

The grocery shopping and the liquor buying were done, and I was heading home. I called Sara from the car to see where she was and what time she would be coming home.

“I just got out of the meeting and as soon as I make contact with William, we will be heading home. Are you sure you want to eat in tonight?” asked Sara.

“You told Mrs. Kelly This morning that we would be eating in, Darling,” I replied.

“Fuck you’re always right,” said Sara.

We disconnected and I pulled into the driveway and called Mrs. Kelly to assist me in getting the groceries into the house. There were six bags from the grocery and two from the liquor mart. Mrs. Kelly mentioned that she thought we were cutting back on drinking.

“We are, I used to buy cases,” I said with a laugh.

A Green Escalade pulled in behind me and William got out and helped Mrs. Kelly with the bags. Sara came over to where I was standing and planted a large kiss on my mouth.

Mrs. Kelly walked out of the house to remind us that Dinner would be at 7:00 “I also changed the sheets on your bed, Ms. Solsbery.”

I was wondering how many sets of linen we had as Mrs. Kelly seemed to change our bed daily.

Sara wrapped her arm around me and whispered, “Darling two cold martinis would go great right now. That meeting was tough we had to tell a client that it was either go to court or end the process.”

I took the hint and walked into the kitchen and started smelling dinner. I measured the gin and vermouth and dropped several dashes of orange bitters in a pitcher followed a several large ice cubes. I stirred the mixture and poured the liquid into two cocktail glasses. I dropped an olive in one of the glasses. I found a tray and carried them out to the pool. I put the tray on a table flanked by two lounges. Sara grabbed the glass with the olive and took a small sip.

“Perfect as always,” she said.

I relayed the story of Bret breast feeding Mary Megan in the office. Bret ask that I exit while she and the baby were feeding.

Mrs. Kelly walked out and said that dinner was ready. We both got up and walked into the eat-in kitchen. Mrs. Kelly had the table set and served and we began to eat. I was glad that we were home, there would not be any fussy waiter fawning over Sara, or Sara trying to order another bottle of wine.

“Ms. Solsbery, do you have anything else for me?” asked Mrs. Kelly.

“No, we will clean up when we are through. I think tomorrow will be like today, neither Paul nor I have any visitors scheduled.”

“Should I prepare lunch, or will you be out?”

“I think Paul and I will be out most of the day.”

I poured the last of the wine into Sara’s glass and sat back and watched my wife eat.

“You get an unusual amount of pleasure watching me sir, I’m not sure I like it,” said Sara after She finished the wine in one swallow.

Sara announced that she was going to change into her swimsuit and give me more chances to leer at her. She went upstairs leaving me with the cleanup. I finished putting the dishes in the dish washer and wiped the table and counters down. Before I left, I started the machine. Sara emerged from the elevator and brushed against me. I stopped and embraced her, our lips came together, and my hands massaged her flanks through the cloth.

“Keep doing that and I will never get the swim in, darling.”

I released Sara after kissing her again and followed her out to the pool deck. She dove into the water and swam several laps. She climbed out and I watched the water cascade off of her body. Sara pulled the straps down exposing her breasts, she draped at towel over her shoulders and sat in the lounge next to me.

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