The Convict Ch. 02

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Chapter 2: Reunion

The clustered voices of people walking by greeted Sarah as she moved through the movie theater with her two girls friends.

“You want to get popcorn?” Nina asked.

“No, we’re already late” Sarah replied.

After putting in an 8hr shift on work at precinct, the last thing Sarah had wanted was to go see some stupid movie with her friends but lately she’s been canceling on them all the time for work. Walking quickly passed the ticket taker; Sarah made her way through the crowds. Why did we have to see Love and Miracles, maybe I can sleep through most of it, perfect way to start my vacation, Sarah thought with a small smile. Feeling eyes on her Sarah looked over her should only to be struck still by the sight of him. She hadn’t thought of him in during the day since a month ago when he’d been cleared of the murder charges against his wife. At night while the lights were down Sarah couldn’t help herself from replaying every single detail of the feeling of his cock throbbing in her soaking pussy. God, what is he doing here? Sarah whaled to herself, feeling her pussy cream just from looking at him. He looked good, muscles toned, dressed in black, his black hair pulled back in a ponytail. Sapphire eyes meet hers with a knowing smile etched on his sexy lips. Snapping to attention Sarah quickly made her way to her movie.

Cameron knew he would see her at the theater because he fallowed her from work. After a month of waiting for the perfect time to continue what he started, Cameron couldn’t wait another day to put his plans into action. She looked fuckable in the short black skirt and pink blouse that cupped her soft breasts. She made his cock hard from just looking at her. Fallowing her into the movie, Cameron spotted her easily sitting with her two friends. They were pretty but he wanted her, now. Taking the seat right next to her Cameron waited for the movie to start.

“What are you doing?” Sarah gasped, noticing him.

Shrugging Cameron kept his eyes on the screen, bearing glancing her way, while her friends looked at her inquiringly.

“Who’s he?” Jena asked in throaty sexy voice.

“No-no one,” Sarah stammered.

“But you talked illegal bahis to him,” Nina said.

“The movies starting.” Sarah said unnecessarily.

Why is he here? Sarah thought to her apprehensively, shooting Cameron a anxious glance. Forget him, Sarah admonished herself after sitting for 10minutes, without him doing anything. Rough fingertips slowing started rubbing on the inside of her right thigh. Sarah drew in a shaking breath, and looked at Cameron. His eyes were on the movie screen as his hand moved closer to her throbbing pussy. Fingertips brushed her panties; a rub on her clit then the hand was removed. Jesus, Sarah thought, trying to keep from screaming.

“Bathroom,” Cameron said softly then leaves.

“I’ll be back,” Sarah says rising quickly and exiting.

Walking into the women’s bathroom Sarah looks left and right but Cameron is nowhere insight. Hands grab her quickly, and turn her around. His hard mouth plastered against hers. His tongue moving in and out of her mouth, fucking it rough, hard and firm.

“God,” she gasps as her shoves his hands into her panties, cupping her pussy.

“Spread them,” Cameron says harshly.

Sarah quickly complies, needing him, wanting him. His middle finger teases her clit moving back and fourth over the sift flesh. She moans as he shoves his finger in her soaking pussy.

“Do you like that,” Cameron asks.

“Ye-s-s,” Sarah gasps through her pleasure.

He circles her opening, with his finger pushes back in. Removing his finger, he replaces one with two, jack hammering them in her vagina and making her scream.

“Do you want my cock,” he asks

“Please, more,” she asks, wanting to cum.

Removing his hand he steps away, smiling over his should at her sexy face; he licks his fingertips, tasting her pussy on his fingers. Cupping his hand on his bulge he looks at her and grins.

“Fallow me,” he says walking out.

Without thinking Sarah fallowed him, all thought on his big bulge and cumming. She fallowed him to the empty parking lot; no cars were parked but a few. Cameron leaned back on a red Chevrolet 4 by 4. He crooks his finger at her and she walks directly in front of him.

“Take illegal bahis siteleri out my cock,” Cameron growls.

Shaking hands unbuttoned his pants, and reached in to pull out his pulsing dick. His cock was 9 inches of pink hard flesh, with a tiny drop on semen on the mushroom tip.

Running her fingers over his dick, Sarah squeezes his balls, and drops to her knees knowing what he wanted. Her tongue raps around the tip, creating a vacuum with her mouth she swallows him. Tongue licked down his shaft to balls, tasting the underside and drawing each testicle in deep into her mouth. Sarah moves back up to his cock, swallowing him in her mouth, up, down, fucking him as he thrust his hips to meet her mouth.

Cameron couldn’t remember the last time he had such a great blowjob. He looks down at her, mouth filled with his penis, he grabs her hair and slams his cock all the way in her mouth, making her gag at first, then accepting his dick in her tight throat. “God, I need pussy,” he thought to himself.

Pulling her onto her feet, he rips off shirt, lips clamp onto raspberry nipples and sucks. His teeth fastened on her nipple and the pleasure almost made her climax. And when his teeth moved to the other nipple and bit down hard, she felt little ripples of pleasure flow through her pussy. Pushing her panties off down her legs, Cameron lifts spreads her legs, plunging his fingers into her pussy.

“Bend over,” he says roughly.

Sarah hurries to comply needing to feel his cock in her pussy so bad. Leaning face down on the hood of his car, she leaves her throbbing hole open for his exposure. He buries his face into her hot, wet pussy and licked. Flicking his tongue in pussy and fucks her.

“Oh yes. Lick my pussy, bury you tongue in me,” she screams.

She felt the mushroom head of his cock rubbing against her opening, moving slowly back and fourth, teasing her.

“We have company,” Cameron says.

“Wha-t what?” Sarah stammers, wanting him in her.

“There is a guy jacking off in his car, watching us,” he replies. His hard cock touched her pussy lips and slowly slipped into her soaked wet channel.

“Oh my, God,” Sarah screams, pass canlı bahis siteleri caring.

Holding his cock in his hand, the man about 30 sat their, eyes glued on Sarah’s pussy. Loving her pink fleshing, pumping his fist up and down, wanting to be in her pussy.

“Do you still want me to fuck you, know he’s watching,” Cameron asks, sawing his cock inside his slowly, gently.

“Yes, Fuck me,” Sarah yells.

Without a word he slammed into her, pulled out and slammed again. The passion, the heat, the frantic movements. He pounded her pussy with his cock, until her pussy started to clench on his dick.

“I’m cu-m-ming,” Sarah yells, as a rupture of pleasure overtook her body.

Cameron held still during that wave of her climax, and then when she quieted down he resumed his plunging. He spread her legs wider for him as she writhed in pleasure.

Sarah whole body was concentrated on his cock, feeling only that one, strong hard part of him that had enslaved her. Wanting it. Pumping for it. Knowing she would beg for it. Making those little sounds of pleasure at the back of her throat in rhythm with his thrusts.

He pounded himself into her. “Whenever we’re alone I want you naked for Me..”

“Oh yes..”

“When you’re dressed I want you naked under your clothes for me”


“Whenever you sit I want your legs spread for me”


“Whenever I’m hard for you..”


“I want to know my naked slut wants it from me….”


Cameron couldn’t hold back anymore, her cunt tightened around him and his cock quivered in response. He drew back and drove in, his motions frantic. He rotated his hips, fucking her swollen cunt. He rode her harder, thrusting deep, and the friction was almost unbearable. Sarah arched up wildly against him, bucking her hips to meet his fucking with her own hips, while cumming. Legs wide, he pinned her harder against the car with his weight, slamming, plunging and bucked, and spurting hot semen in her cum coated pussy.

They stayed together like that until Cameron lifted her up and put her in the car. Waving to guy across them, who was cleaning himself off, Cameron drove out of the parking lot.

“Where are we going?” Sarah said drowsy.

“We’re not finished yet,” Cameron replied. “I have plans for you….”

To be continued……

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