The Computer Class

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As soon as I said yes, I regretted it. John had asked me to do him a favour, and being the helpful type I had said yes. Now I was having second thoughts. He had asked me to teach his “Computers for Adult Beginners” course for one night. What do I know about teaching? It was only for an hour, and he had sent me the lesson plan. It seemed straight forward enough, but now I was nervous. My hand was on the door of the classroom, palms sweating, my heart beating fast. I just had to get through the first five minutes and I would be fine.

This was the last class of the night, and the owner of the building had asked me to lock up after I had finished. Another burden that I didn’t want, but I had promised to help out John, so I had to do this.

As I stepped into the classroom, fifteen curious eyes looked at me. I am not very good at meeting new people, so this was giving me palpitations. I put my bag on the desk, and turned and faced the class. I introduced myself, and started to run through what we were going to be going through tonight. I asked if they were ready, and they nodded.

The lesson became easier as it went on, and I got into the swing. The more comfortable I got, the more I noticed her. She was sitting at the back, seemed to be staring at me. Every time I looked her way, she would shyly lower her eyes. She was the only one who did this, and I told myself it was because she was an attentive student. Something about her had me intrigued, and her smile was infectious.

As the class were doing their final exercise of the night, some copy and paste activities, I wandered down the back of the class, and watched her from behind. Her hair was Auburn and long – down to the middle of her back – and she had it tied in a ponytail. I watched as she completed the tasks.

“That’s very good Marie,” I said.

“Thanks,” she replied.

There was something in her voice that did something to me. I told myself that I was being stupid, that it was because of the situation, and my own crazy fantasies that I was feeling this.

The class finally ended. I told them we were done for the night and said that if anyone had any questions, I would hang around for a few minutes. Everyone left except Marie, sitting down the back. As the last person walked out, I strolled down towards her, watching her eyes follow me, looking me up and down. I was unsure what this was about, but I could now notice her nipples pressing against her top.

I stood beside her, and asked her how I could help her. She turned her head, and instead of looking at my face, looked directly at my crouch.

“I think I have wrecked this computer,” She said.

“It’s pretty hard to wreck a computer just by using it,” I replied.

“Well,” she said, and there was no mistaking the huskiness in her voice now, “I am pretty good at doing hard things.”

I was turned on and shocked at the same time, my mind racing through the ideas I had only dreamed about. I could feel the stirrings in my groin, feel the blood surging, making me excited, and I hoped it wasn’t that visible.

I leaned over to look at the screen to see what the problem was, and could see right down her breasts. They were lovely, and I imagined holding them, but I had to stop myself and focus on what she had done. I glanced at the screen, and there was porn picture, a man standing at a desk, with a girl kneeling in front of him. Both were naked. Despite myself, I gasped a little, telling my self to stay in control, and do the responsible thing.

I said, “That Marie, shouldn’t be what you doing in this class, looking at images like that!”

“Sorry Sir,” she said breathlessly, “I just couldn’t help myself. I’m a naughty girl.”

My penis sprang to life at that, and I decided right then that I owed John big time.

“Well you realise that naughty girls need to get punished don’t you?”

“Yes sir.”

I stood beside her, my cock pressing hard against my slacks, very obvious, but I didn’t hide it. It had always been a fantasy of mine, teacher student. Usually in a situation as lovers, but having a submissive woman do my bidding was even hotter that I imagined.

“I’ll have to think up an appropriate punishment for you Marie, for being such a bad girl.”

“Yes sir, I’m sure you will sir, I am very good at being a bad girl sir.”

She was staring at the bulge in my pants, smiling, and then looked up at me, eyes full of lust and desire.

“You just sit there and contemplate for a moment while I decide what to do to you.”

“Yes sir, I’ll do whatever you want me to sir.”

I looked around the room, the lights were bright, but the blinds had been drawn earlier, and the only window into the room was in the entry door. Besides, I knew that there was no one else here as I was locking up. I walked canlı bahis over to the door, and locked it, looking outside to make sure that all the others had gone. I walked back to the desk and lent against it, my arms folded in front of me.

“While I’m thinking about this, you had better shut that computer down.”

“Yes sir.”

As I heard the closing down sound of the computer, I had decided what to do.

“Stand up and walk over here.”

Her figure was great, curves in all the right places, breasts perfect, and her nipples pressing against her top. I realised she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had a skirt on that stopped halfway down her thighs. As she approached me, her movements were sensual, hips swaying slightly, breast bouncing provocatively. Her eyes were looking at the floor.

I said to her, “From now on Marie, you are to either be looking at my eyes, or looking an my cock.”

She smiled, “Yes sir!” and stared at my bulge. I was so turned on by this that I wasn’t sure how long I would last if I fucked her, but I had a plan to get her ready before I did that.

“Stop there,” I commanded, as she was a few feet away from me.

“You are going to do whatever I say you are to do, with out delay, or there will be consequences.”

“Consequences sir?” she asked.

“Yes,” I said. “Each time you refuse or disobey me, that is another hour you are going to be mine to toy with as I please. At the moment you are in for an hour of punishment.”

She gasped as I said that, and her cheeks flushed red.

“Yes sir,” she said huskily.

I walked around the desk and grabbed the chair, cleared the desk of the few items that were on the top, then sat in front of the students chairs.

“Sit on the desk facing me, knees together.”

She did so, and was looking into my eyes now, a mixture of fear and excitement.

“You, Marie, are a bad girl, you have purposely turned me on, and now my throbbing cock wants to pound you into submission. But first, you are going to perform for me, so that I can enjoy lusting after you. You are not to cum at anytime without permission. You may get as close to orgasm as you like, but if you cum without permission, then you will remain my slave till I am finished with you.”

“Yes sir.” – she struggled to say this, the voice quiet and even huskier.

I stood up and walked over to her, almost touching her. She looked into my eyes, and I knew that she would do whatever I asked.

“Are you wet Marie, is your pussy tingling with anticipation?”

“Yes sir, very much so sir.”

“You want me to fuck you don’t you Marie?”

“Yes please sir, fuck me hard sir.”

My cock was throbbing with the though of that, and I knew she wanted it bad.

“Well Marie, you may feel my hard cock, feel what you are going to get – eventually.”

She squeezed my cock through the slacks, and let out a small moan, as did I.

I let her feel me for a couple of seconds, then said, “Hands off now, because I know you want that so much, you are going to have wait till I am good and ready. I’ll fuck you when I want to, not when you want me to.”

“Yes sir,” There was disappointment in her voice, but desire at the same time.

“Spread your legs Marie, and show me how wet you are, feel your pussy through your pants and let me taste your juices from your fingers.”

“Yes sir,” she replied breathlessly, and did as she was instructed. She put her wet fingers to my lips and I savoured her juice, enjoying the organic taste of her arousal.

“Your nipples are very hard Marie, I want you to squeeze them, and tell me what you would like me to do to them.”

“Yes sir.” A small moan escaped her lips as she squeezed her nipples, and her chest thrust forward as she did so.

“Sir, I’d like you to pinch my nipples, bite them, caress them, rub your hard cock against them.”

“Good girl,” I said.

“Now turn around and bend over the desk.”

She did so, and I placed my hand on her back, touching her for the first time.

“You of course realise, that naughty girls need to be spanked?”

Her only reply was to gasp, as I started lightly smacking her bottom. Her ass was gorgeous, and I was tempted to once again, take her there and then, but I loved the anticipation, and the noises she was making with each smack.

“Are you sorry for being a naughty girl?” I asked

“No sir, I’m not sorry sir, I intend to be a very naughty girl all the time.”

“Really?” I said, and I slapped a little harder.

“Yes sir,” she said.

“If you don’t promise to be good, I’ll have to smack your bare ass.”

“I’m am sorry sir, I can’t make that promise.”

Given the state of her arousal, it was impressive that she managed to get the sentence out. The tone of her words was erotic, bahis siteleri and again I was having trouble resisting the urge to take her.

I lifted her skirt to reveal skimpy briefs, and started slapping again. After each slap, I would rub down the back of her thighs, getting teasingly close to her vagina, but not touching. She was gasping with every slap, every caress, and I was enjoying the responses.

“Are you going to behave in the future?” I asked again.

“I’ll be good sir, but I won’t behave.”

I smiled. I loved this. I put my hands under her briefs, and pulled them up between her butt cheeks, and started slapping her bare ass, still stroking her thighs with each slap. Her breathing was short, and I could feel some of her juices on her thighs.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” I asked as her cheeks were starting to turn pink.

“Yes sir, I’ll be your good girl, but I will still be naughty.”

I stopped then and walked back to the chair, and sat there for a minute and admired the view. Her pink butt cheeks, the wetness of her pants, and her legs spread expectantly.

“Stand up and face me.”

She was a little shaky on her feet as she stood, and I could see the redness around her cheeks, her neck and her chest. She stood with her hands by her side, staring at my bulging penis. There was a small dark patch on my trousers from the pre-cum that she was inducing from me.

“Take your top off,” I commanded.

As she did so, and I admired her breasts, swaying slightly from the movement.

I spread my legs, and watched her smile.

“Come here girl, and kneel between my legs – no touching though.”

She walked over and kneeled before me, staring intently at my bulge, at the pre-cum patch.

“See what you are doing to me you naughty girl? You are making my cock hard, and I’m leaking pre-cum. Lick the pre-cum girl.”

She smiled up at me as she did, saying, “Thank you sir, for letting me taste your desire.”

“Go back to the desk girl, and face me again.”

I admired her ass as she moved, swaying side to side, begging to be grabbed.

“Take your skirt and pants off girl.”

She did that a little too fast, but I didn’t mind, the sight was gorgeous, not shaved, but trimmed, and glistening with moisture.

“Start playing with your pussy lips girl, but don’t touch your clit, and don’t insert your fingers into your vagina – and remember, you are not allowed to come.”

I watched in rapture and she caressed her lips, rubbing her hands up and down them. I was keeping a minute or so between each instruction, enjoying the sight and sounds.

“Use the juice from your pussy to tease your nipples with one hand.”

She brought her wet fingers to her nipples, and started caressing them, moaning out loud as she did so.

“Start fingering your self girl, two fingers, slowly, but remember, stay away from your clit.”

She again complied, rocking against her own hand. Her legs were quivering a little, and I new she was very close.

“Do you want to cum girl?”

“Yes sir, very much so sir!” she panted

“Would you bring your self to orgasm with your own fingers for me?”

“Yes sir, I would sir.”

“Well you can’t, now start using your thumb on your clitoris as you finger your self.”

She was moaning out loud now, and the sound and sight of her pleasing herself for me was just about the most erotic thing I had ever seen, and I was having trouble stopping my self from touching my cock.

She started to shake even more, and her moans got louder.

“Are you close girl, do you want to cum?”

“Yes sir, please sir, please take me and make me cum.”

I smiled, and continued to watch.

“Girl you have 10 seconds more before you have to stop that. If you cum in that time there will be no penalty.”

She moaned deeply, but the 10 seconds passed and she hadn’t cum.

“STOP!” I yelled.

The look in her eyes was priceless, hatred, frustration, desire and obedience, all wrapped into one. It almost made me blow in my pants. Marie was panting sweating, but she had complied.

“Come over here girl,” I said as I stood up.

She staggered a little as she walked. She stopped in front of me, looking into my eyes. Hers eyes were burning with fire and lust.

I took the hand she had been fingering herself with and licked her juices off the fingers, moaning as I did so, and at the same time I pinched both her nipples.

“Please sir, fuck me now sir,” she moaned.

I reached down and felt her pussy, slick with moisture, and she gasped as I inserted three fingers into her vagina. She pressed against my fingers, and I used my thumb to tease her clit.

“You want to feel my cock doing this to you girl? Sliding in and out of your tingling vagina?”

“Oh bahis şirketleri yes sir, desperately sir.”

I stopped as her legs started to shake again, and stepped back.

I kneeled down in front of her, and stared at her glistening pussy, probably just as desperate as her to fuck her as she was for me to do it. I told her to put her leg on the chair, and attacked her pussy and clit with my tongue. She pressed down against me, gasping and moaning with delight. I stopped again as she was close, and slowly worked up her body with my tongue.

“Oh god sir, please let me cum sit, I’d desperate to feel you inside me sir.”

I said nothing in reply, as I had reached her breasts, so I bit hard on her nipple, holding it with my teeth as I circled it with my tongue. She started to moan again, and I switched to the other nipple. Then I moved to her neck, and nibbled, then kissed her. That was electric, and we both were gasping.

I stood back from her again, and she moaned in frustration.

“Undress me girl, but do not touch my cock. When you are finished, stay on your knees.”

As I stood naked before her, my cock throbbing with my hear beat, her eyes fixes on it as it swayed slightly. I moved my hips from side to side as she stared. I took hold of my cock at the base, and looked down at her.

“You want to feel this deep inside you?”

“Yes sir.”

“You want to feel me cum deep inside your vagina?”

“Please sir, I’m on my knees begging you sir.”

“Close your mouth girl.”

As she did, I rubbed the head of my cock across her lips, the pre-cum was flowing, and I painted her lips with it.

I stepped back, and said, “Lick that off your lips girl.”

As She did her tongue came out, I rubbed my cock against it. I moaned, she moaned.

I wasn’t sure how much more of this I could take.

“Get on your hands and knees and crawl over to the desk, stop when you get there.”

The view as she crawled was hot. I walked up behind her, and rubbed my foot against her ass, against her thighs.

“Stand up and bend over the desk.” I told her.

I knew that the time had come to fuck her, as I was as desperate as she was. I rubbed her back, letting my cock slide between her ass cheeks, pressing her into the desk.

“Are you a good girl Marie?”

“Yes sir, I’m your good girl.”

“I’m going to fuck you girl.”

“Oh yes sir, fuck me, take me I’m yours.”

I started rubbing my cock against her pussy lips, then her clitoris. She gasped, and started shaking again. I slid up and down between her pussy lips, from her vagina to her clitoris, each move making her louder and louder.

I then placed the head of my cock against the entrance to her vagina. She was practically dripping with juice, and the slipperiness was intoxicating.

“If you want this cock inside you girl, you better start pushing back.”

She slid back across the desk, and finally, what I had wanted all night, to fuck her, was happening. She shuddered as I entered her, and I reached around her and used my fingers on her clitoris as I started slowly thrusting in and out of her.

“You are going to cum for me girl, I want to feel your vagina gripping my cock as you cum.”

She started cumming then, and even thought I was highly aroused, I didn’t. I felt the tightening of her vaginal muscles, and she was moaning very loud. I kept thrusting as she orgasmed, watching her entire body shaking with pleasure. I’m not sure how long it lasted, and I was surprised I didn’t cum too, but finally she gasped.

“Please stop sir, please it’s too much,” she whispered.

As I felt the contractions diminishing, I pulled out of her, lifted her up, and sat her on the edge of the desk.

“You are indeed a good girl Marie, but were not done yet.”

She moaned when I said that, but her eyes were still filled with lust.

I rubbed the shaft of my cock against her lips, and she moaned again. I gave her about 20 seconds recovery, then I said

“I not finished fucking you yet girl.”

Without waiting for a reply, I entered her again, and she groaned with delight. I started to fuck her, slowly, but with force, and she was moaning with each stroke, as was I.

“Yes sir, fuck me again sir, and take what is yours sir.”

The words and the sounds were all I could take, and I lost the control I had displayed for so long.

I pumped her harder and faster, feeling the orgasm start in my balls, her legs were wrapped around me, holding me tight, her hands on my ass. I was leaning on the desk, pumping hard, panting, moaning, and sweating.

To my surprise, she gasped, “Please sir, I am going to cum again sir.”

“Cum for me girl,” I panted in her ear.

As I said that she threw her head back. I bit her neck, and she started screaming and another orgasm shook her entire body.

I exploded as that happened, grunting as loud as she screamed, both of us in complete ecstasy, till finally I collapsed on top of her, spent, exhausted.

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