The Co-worker

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That Wednesday, Lori wore her fuchsia blouse, knowing it was Perry’s favorite. Under it, she wore her Freya bra, a sexy little number that she knew drove Perry crazy. Perry smiled and winked at her when he saw her that morning.

That afternoon, they were scheduled to go for an inspection together, something they did every Wednesday afternoon. Both were part of the safety inspection committee and were required to go for a tour in the plant one half day a week. Other members of the committee also toured but on different days.

After lunch, Perry joined Lori in her office and they discussed where they wanted to go and what they wanted to focus on. Lori prepared her clipboard, the camera and her personal protective equipment. Within minutes, they were making their way into the plant. They headed for shipping and once there, took the elevator to the top of the silos. Once up there, they headed for the far end of the area at the top of the silos and started taking notes and taking pictures of things that needed to be improved on. Making their way back to the elevator, they also ensured nobody else was at the top of the silos. Once their inspection was done, they entered the small motor control centre room and ensured nobody was there either. Once in there, they put the camera, the clipboard and their hard hats on the table and kissed.

“When can I come over and do more than kiss you?” Perry asked.

“How about tonight?”

“Are you serious?”

Lori smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips and said “Absolutely. My ex is working night shift so there’s no way he can come over unannounced. What time can you come over?”

“Oh baby, I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Come on, give me a peek at the twins.”

That is how Perry referred to Lori’s breasts. Slowly, she undid the top button and opened up the top of her blouse to show him her 34G breast. He leaned down and deposited a light kiss on her left breast. She then put her hand under his chin and pulled him up to kiss him. Then, she buttoned up her blouse and asked “Do I get a peek?”

Perry undid his zipper and pulled out his semi hard cock to show her. She reached for it but he quickly put it back into his briefs and said “not yet… I can’t walk around with a hard on. You’ve been teasing me for weeks now so you get to wait until tonight.”

“Fair enough. You never answered my question. At what time can I expect you?”

“How about right after I’m done work? That would get me there around 6 bahis firmaları pm.”

Lori agreed and they kissed some more. Then, figuring they’d been up there long enough, they straightened up and went back down. They finished their inspection in the shipping area, leaving no corner unchecked. Several times when they couldn’t be seen, Perry’s hand would lightly caress Lori’s rear end, making her hotter for him every time.

When she got home, Lori had a quick snack and then washed up. She wanted to be clean and fresh for Perry. However, knowing how he liked that bra and blouse combination, she put them back on. By 6 pm, she was ready and waiting.

Perry rang the doorbell and when Lori opened the door, he walked in without a word. As soon as Lori had closed the door and locked it, Perry pushed her against the door and kissed her deeply. After a few minutes of kissing, Perry pulled back and gently undid the buttons of her blouse. As he finished undoing the last two buttons, he bent down and started kissing the tops of her breasts, one after the other. When he was done with the buttons, both his hands went to her sides and rose up to her breasts. He gently cupped them, still kissing the exposed part. Then, he gently started rubbing her nipples through the fabric, back and forth with his thumbs. Lori’s knees felt week as she let herself enjoy the attention.

Perry then gently let his fingers go inside the bra and tease the nipples while his lips went back to hers, taking possession of her mouth. Finally, Lori reached down and started rubbing his cock through his jeans. When he broke the kiss, he hoarsely whispered to her “Take me to your room.”

She didn’t argue. She grabbed his hand and led him to her bedroom. Once there, they kissed again. Perry pushed her blouse off her shoulders and down to the floor and then unhooked her bra. “I don’t want to wait any longer, I want to see the twins.” Lori helped him remove the bra and let him play with her breasts. “Oh baby, they’re beautiful. Will you let me wrap them around my cock?”

“Mmmmmm. Maybe….” Lori teased. “How about you start taking some clothes off?” Perry didn’t waste a second and took all his clothes off while Lori took her pants and panties off too. She had already prepared the bed, having pulled the covers back so that they could lay down on the sheets whenever they were ready.

Lori reached for Perry’s cock and stroked him. He continued caressing and kissing her breasts. After a few minutes, Lori laid kaçak iddaa down on the bed and, with her finger, motioned for Perry to come up and straddle her “Come up here baby.” Perry moaned his approval as he climbed onto the bed and on top of her. Lori reached for his cock and stroked it, positioning it between her breasts. She then wrapped her breasts around his cock and Perry moaned loudly. He moved slowly back and forth between her breasts, savoring the sensation and the visual. Lori strained her neck to be able to lick the tip of his cock every time he pushed forward. Perry bent forward and pulled the second pillow under her head to make her more comfortable. Both of them enjoyed this for a while and then Perry said hoarsely “I want to get a taste of you too.”

Lori smiled and replied “well turn around then cause I’m not done enjoying this tasty treat.” Perry quickly turned around so they could be in the famous 69 position. He loved eating pussy. So he took his time, savoring Lori’s trimmed pussy. At the other end, Lori took as much of Perry’s cock in her mouth and slowly pulled back, then using her tongue to tease the sensitive spot under the plum-shaped head. Perry didn’t have the biggest cock Lori had encountered but it ranked right up there in her list of favorites. Somehow, the shape, and proportions of his cock were just perfect. She even liked the color of it. She gave it lots of attention, enjoying the giving as much as the receiving.

Meanwhile, Perry was enjoying the giving also and soon, he had Lori moaning and the sensation of her moaning around his cock nearly drove him over the edge. They kept going for several minutes, pleasuring each other. Then Perry said “Baby, I don’t think I can wait much longer here. I want to be in your pussy.”

Lori reached under the pillow and found the condom she’d put there. She opened the package and took the condom out and slowly unrolled it onto his hardness. As soon as he felt that it was on, he turned around and kissed her breasts once more, kneeling between her open legs. He hovered just outside her, driving her insane with desire. She could feel the tip of his cock at her entrance and tried to move her hips to get him to enter her but he simply pulled away a bit. “I thought you said you wanted to be inside” Lori asked. Perry smiled. “You haven’t invited me in yet.”

Lori laughed “I hope you’re not waiting for a written invitation ’cause I don’t want to delay any longer. Come on in!” As soon as she said it, Perry kaçak bahis pushed into her, slowly, enjoying the sensation of every inch of his rod disappearing into her wet pussy. He pulled out and pushed in several times with different tempos and she moved her hips to the rhythm, enjoying it.

Perry stopped kissing her for a moment, looked into her eyes and said “I want you to come first.” Lori gave him a quick kiss and said “I have to be on top for that to happen.” She wasn’t done saying it that Perry was spinning both of them around so she could be on top. Once there, Lori reached over and brought the pillows under his head. She rocked herself on his hardness.

After a few minutes, she said “Now, I need for you to not move your lower body and let me do all the work. Can you do that?”

Perry replied “Your wish is my command, mistress.”

That made Lori smile. “Then, I want you to really tease my nipples with your tongue and your fingers. No squeezing, just teasing. And don’t stop until I collapse on you.”

Perry simply moaned his understanding, reaching for Lori’s breasts. Lori rocked herself on his cock and then went still. He did as he was instructed and continued teasing her nipples, something he enjoyed anyway. Soon, he felt Lori’s pussy contract and she moaned loudly. Perry nearly forgot what he was doing. It was the first time she let herself reach orgasm with him and it was great. He felt her pussy contract rhythmically on his cock and he wanted nothing more than to pound her until he came but he waited for her signal. Lori was having wave after wave of pleasure wash over her and eventually, the pleasure ebbed away and she collapsed on top of him and raised up her knees so Perry would have room to move and told him “Your turn, fuck me until you come.”

Perry wasted no time, he held her tight around the waist and moved his cock in and out rapidly. Lori moaned her approval. Then, he slowed down and came, moaning his own pleasure. When he was done, he withdrew from her pussy and went to the washroom to clean up. Lori had laid out a washcloth and a towel for him. He came back to bed and cuddled with her. “Nice”, he said. Lori just let out a “Mmmmmm.” And hugged him close. They stayed like that for a short while. Then Perry said “I really should go.”

So they got up, Perry got dressed and Lori put on her robe. She walked him to the door and kissed him again. After Perry left, Lori went back to bed. It didn’t matter that it was barely past 7 pm, she felt the warm and fuzzy afterglow of the orgasm and wanted to enjoy it a little longer. She’d have to invite him over more often now that he’d been trained on the technique, she thought to herself before falling asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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