The Christmas Party

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June Olsen looked at the pile of credit applications on her desk and smiled. Her fellow employees usually grumbled about the amount of paperwork that went with their jobs, but for her it was a welcome sight. Maybe, she would one day have the same attitude, but for now the 22 year old saw the work as a sign that she could handle the job for which she had been hired. Just out of college, the voluptuous redhead had landed a job in the credit department of the Bank of Los Angeles, and was still excited over her sense of pride. It made four years of marriage to a husband she adored, and a two year old son worth all the effort.

Her office was small, but it was a private office shared only with her supervisor, Kyle Richards. It was just 10 o’clock as she sorted the papers on her desk and started lining them up to be notarized. About five minutes later she heard the familiar sound of her boss’ voice as he came down the hall.

“Morning Jane…, morning Dave…, morning Jim…, morning Sarah…, morning June,” he called out as he passed each of the open doors. “Morning, Kyle,” she responded as he entered the office.

He was a handsome man in his mid forties, graying at the temples, with a thick dark mustache. She’d been told he was gay. She didn’t think he acted like it at all. To the contrary, he made her feel girlish without any sexual innuendoes, or by talking to her breasts like so many men did. When he complimented her dress or her hair, he did it without making it sound like a come on. And, he didn’t play favorites. She’d even heard him compliment men on their attire.

In the two months she’d been at the company, she’d spent most of the time in training, learning what her job was and the peculiarities of the loan department. Some of the training was done in the office, but most of it was computer based. She wasn’t surprised when she received an e-mail from Kyle around 9 o’clock that congratulated her on completing all her training. He had attached a file and asked her to look it over with him, as her final evaluation.

She thought nothing of it when he sat beside her and put his arm across the back of her chair as they read her file. He made a point to complement her on each item. She also pretended not to notice when he sniffed her hair several times as she read her file.

Five feet eight inches tall, June Olson had an almost perfect body, with 36B tits and a ski chute ass. She walked smoothly, with an erect graceful posture, thanks to three years as a varsity tennis player in high school. Her bright blue eyes, and a sparkling smile were the center of a very pretty, if not beautiful face. Her dark red hair was short, almost like a boy’s. She was head over heels in love with Kevin, her husband of nearly four years, and she could hardly wait to be with him and her two year old son after work. Kevin had not been her first lover, she lost her virginity near the end of her sophomore year in high school. She met Brad Smith, a senior football player near the beginning of the year. During the spring semester, while she was baby-sitting, bahis firmaları he penetrated her for the first time on the couch in the Johansen’s living room. Although she didn’t have an orgasm, it wasn’t painful, and she didn’t bleed. Brad had been probing her with his well-lubed fingers for some time. They screwed often and regularly for the rest of her sophomore year. She never had an orgasm, but it felt good enough to keep coming back for more. After Brad graduated, he left for college, and she never saw or heard from him again. Brokenhearted, she never had another date until late in her senior year. She began dating a wrestler named Phil, they went out almost every Friday. Even though they often managed to steam up his car windows, nothing happened, until their prom night. She got drunk for the first time, passed out, and woke up in a motel room. She was lying naked in bed between Phil and two other boys she recognized as wrestlers; they were all passed out, naked. She couldn’t help noticing that one of them had a huge cock! She tried, but the last thing she could recall, was dancing with Phil, then nothing. She touched herself down “there” –– she was wet, and very sore. She felt dirty at the thought of what had undoubtedly happened. She dressed, took Phil’s keys, and drove home in his car. She sneaked into her house, went to bed, and even though Phil called several times a day for weeks; she never spoke to him again. She very rarely ever drank alcohol after that.

On her very first day at college she met Kevin Olsen, they hit it off, and six months later they were married. Four years older than she was, and more experienced, it didn’t take him long to get into her pants. He was gentle with her, and when they did it, she came for the first time in her life. She told Kevin about Brad, but never mentioned the prom, even though, by now she had recalled every embarrassing detail.

Over time she and Kyle became close friends, however they maintained a very strict formality outside their office, or whenever the door was open. They ate lunch together often, and were able to talk about anything, and usually did; she talked about losing her virginity. She even described her prom night in detail, something she had never dared whisper to anyone, not even Kevin. She looked forward to their lunches together. In fact, before long she found herself having deep feelings for Kyle. She told herself that this was foolishness; he was married, she loved her husband, and she had a child whom she also loved dearly. She dismissed her feelings as mere infatuation.

Because Christmas fell on a Monday, the annual Christmas party was held after work on the Friday before. Under the bright decorations, people drifted between the buffet and the bar, or sat in groups. The men as usual, were drab, in their suits. The women however, had stepped things up a notch, skirts were shorter, necklines lower, as if to hint at what temptations lay beneath the surface, if one cared to look.

Kyle spent the time with the other bosses, and June chatted with a group of women. He kaçak iddaa noticed how her skirt parted, exposing her thighs and stocking tops whenever she shifted her long legs. He also observed that although he’d never seen her drink, she put away several glasses of wine, while keeping an eye on him. For the thousandth time he wondered what it would feel like to be inside her. He wanted to fuck her so bad, he could taste it. As the party ended there were hugs and kisses all around, and it seemed perfectly natural when Kyle held her tightly, and said:

“The last few months have really been great, Junie. God, I’m glad I met you.”

“It’s mutual,” she whispered in his ear. But when he kissed her full on the mouth, and tongued her, she responded briefly, then turned her head sideways, and said softly. “No.” Before letting her go, he said:

“It’s pouring outside, stick around a while, I’ve got an umbrella.” She smiled, but when he was ready to leave she was gone. Dammit, she took off, he thought as he went to get his umbrella. Kyle gulped. In the semi darkness of the office, June Olsen was sitting on his desk. Her palms were flat on the desktop, and her legs were slightly apart, so that the open slit in her skirt exposed her thighs.

With a single movement, Kyle pushed her backwards across the desk and pushed her skirt above her waist. She gasped loudly, as his tongue found her wet crotch. She moaned when he pulled her panties aside and plunged his tongue deep inside her vagina, licking the walls and savoring her juices, before moving his lips over her clit. For the briefest moment she bucked her hips wildly and ground her pussy into his face. Suddenly she he kicked her legs wildly, and sat up. “No!! please!” she sobbed quietly. “Please don’t…, I can’t…, I’m married!” it came out somewhere between sob and a whimper. Kyle stood by awkwardly, his mouth half open. “I thought you were my friend,” she bawled, “I really love my husband, I’d never cheat on him.”

Charges of sexual harassment, and attempted rape, flashed before his eyes. “Please Junie, I’m really sorry. I thought…,”

“How could you,” she said, smoothing her skirt as she slid off the desk. “I thought you were really a nice guy. I really liked you…, you son of a bitch!”

“You’re so God dam’ beautiful, I couldn’t help myself, please forgive me.” He couldn’t take his eyes off her lovely ass as she stormed off through the door, out into the rain, her heels clicking loudly.

“Man, I really fucked up,” he said out loud, as he opened the umbrella, and stepped out into the heavy downpour. “If she reports me, I’m fucked. I could lose my job over this.” He mumbled. “Not to mention what my fuckin’ wife would do.” Lost in a sea of dire possibilities, he walked slowly across the dark, deserted parking lot. There was only one other car in the lot. He opened the door, flopped into the front seat, and threw the folded umbrella into the back. He had just put the key in the ignition, when he heard two urgent taps on on the passenger window. He pulled the door handle,and pushed kaçak bahis the door open. A soaking wet June Olsen, rivulets of water running down her face, jumped on to the passenger seat, and slammed the door. She was soaking wet, her makeup streaked down her face. They stared into each others eyes in the moment before the dome light faded. She reached out for him and said softly, before she kissed him: “Who the hell’s kidding who.”

Their mouths met roughly, and this time she sucked at his tongue hungrily. He threw his leg over the console and the gearshift, and flicked the switch that laid the back of the seats flat. He slid his left hand up along her thigh, under her skirt, reached her smooth buttocks, and pulled her toward him. No panties…, nobody was kidding anybody.

Kyle took charge, he broke the kiss and slid down until he was kneeling on the floor.

“Now I’m going to finish what I started earlier…”

As she felt Kyle’s mouth on her pussy, June planted her feet on the dashboard and spread her legs wide. He slowly sucked one hairy lip then the other, then moved to her clit and stuck two fingers deep into her vagina. She let out a loud sigh, and pushed her cunt up against his hungry mouth. She bucked her hips wildly and her moans became louder and louder. He felt her tense up before she came. Breathing deeply, she ground her pussy into his face and climaxed violently. Kyle kept his tongue pressed on her clit, causing her to have several even more intense orgasms.

He undid his belt and unzipped his fly. He raised himself until he was on top of her, with his pants around his ankles. Completely unbuttoned, her skirt lay beneath her bare ass. Reaching downward, he slowly pushed his swollen cock into her slippery wetness. As he entered her fully, June pulled her knees upwards, forcing him to penetrate her completely. So completely that he hit bottom, causing her to grunt loudly. He pulled out slowly and began sliding his cock in and out with long deep strokes. Each time he bottomed against her cervix, she pressed back against him and contracted her muscles tightly around his swollen prick, with a loud “oooh!” After a minute or so his whole body went stiff, and with a series of loud “ahhh’s”, he felt his sperm shoot deep inside her. An instant later the walls of her pussy clamped itself around his manhood, and she convulsed with an intense orgasm. Kissing and nibbling on her neck, he collapsed on top of her as she pressed her body tightly against him. They both lay there gasping and out of breath, too tired to move. He found her mouth and kissed her deeply. She responded by wrapping her arms around him tightly, squeezing his soft dick out of her with a wet pop! They looked briefly into each other’s eyes and began laughing simultaneously. They suddenly became aware of the noisy rain again.

“Get off,” she said pushing him away. He pulled his pants up and rolled back over to the driver’s side. She quickly sat up, buttoned her skirt and fastened her belt. He began to say something. She put her hand to his face. “Don’t say a God damn’ thing! I’ve just ruined my marriage, and fucked up my life.” She began crying softly, as she put on her shoes. “And it’s all my fault!”

She opened the door quickly, and stormed off into the rainy darkness.

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