The Christmas Gift

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I was sitting in the kitchen of my parent’s home, sipping my morning coffee. I could hear my mother talking to her friend, Miranda, on the phone as she went about her housekeeping chores.

“Oh, I don’t know what to do about it, Miranda; I haven’t had sex in so long…I may have forgotten how.” Mom spoke as if she didn’t know I was there.

I slid quietly out of the kitchen and down the hall towards my bedroom, wondering what Mom meant about ‘not having sex’.

Later that day Dad came in and I decided to prod him for an answer to mom’s problem. “Dad how are you and mom getting along?”

“Just fine, baby doll.” Dad replied, then asked, “How’s the dormitory life at school?”

“Oh, you know, small and noisy.” I responded.

Dad asked me to help put up the Christmas lights; he attached them to the eaves of the roof as I untangled the strands of lights.

I couldn’t figure out what was worse, mom not getting any or Dad not seeming to care.

I decided to take the direct approach. “Dad, do you and mom ever…you know…make love?”

“Just what kind of question is that to ask your father young lady?”

“I was just wondering if you and mom were still in love.”

“Making love and being in love are two different things baby doll.” Dad explained, “There comes a time when a married couple put away such things and just enjoy one another’s company.”

I began to understand mom’s plight; mom was still sexual while Dad was just comfortable. I decided to drop the subject, for the moment.

I was sitting on my bed wrapping presents when a commercial for Viagra came on the TV. And just like that I knew what to do for mom and Dad for Christmas. I called friends and acquaintances trying to find some Viagra. I was about to give up when our next door neighbor, Bobby said his Dad used Cialis. I begged him for a couple of pills, but he said that I was going to owe him big-time for the favor. “Done.” I exclaimed as he went to swipe the pills.

That evening I mixed a Cialis pill with Dad’s desert, and sat back to wait for the fire works to begin.

I stayed up until midnight listening closely to determine if mom and Dad were getting it on. No such luck, I could hear Dad snoring down the hall and finally went to bed.

I decided that he needed a larger dose so I slipped another pill into his breakfast, before he went to work.

I bahis firmaları was impatient to see if it would work this time, and at about five in the afternoon I asked mom why Dad wasn’t home yet?

She said he had an office Christmas party and would be home later.

At about ten o’clock mom went to bed, and I curled up on the couch and watched TV, waiting for Dad to come home; I was determined not to miss out on the results of my subterfuge.

I had dozed off waiting but awoke when I heard Dad singing jingle bells as he fumbled with the keys in the door. I didn’t have time to run to my room so I decided to feign sleep. Dad stumbled in and closed the door. Turning he went to the hall bathroom and I heard him peeing. He must have consumed a great deal as he seemed to pee for a long time.

It was dark in the living room, but as Dad came out of the bathroom he spied me curled up on the couch. He staggered toward me, mumbling to himself. As he came closer I noticed he didn’t have his pants on and he was holding something in his hand.

Dad stopped as he neared me, and mumbled “There you are momma.”

He thought I was mom. I began to say something when he lurched forward, and landed squarely on top of me. With the wind knocked out of me by his weight, I was unable to vocalize my complaint.

With one hand he mauled my breasts through my nightgown, the other fumbled with my panties. I began to panic, fear of being raped and the lack of oxygen made my head spin and I began to pass out.

The next thing I remember was a piercing pain in my vagina. I struggled under my father’s weight as his penis forced its way into my gentle folds. I felt him pull back and I almost sighed a plea for mercy, then he thrust forward and the world changed. His massive penis rammed its full length into my tender core. Every star in the sky exploded in my mind, so over powering it was to my senses that I froze from the persistent onslaught of my father’s smothering presence.

Dad began to stroke in and out with an urgent pace. His rapid penetrations had me undulating under him in order to lessen the impact of his frantic motion. As Dad’s pelvic bone contacted mine a sharp spark of white light began to radiate from the contact, soon I was anticipating the contact and manipulated my clitoris to match his impact. Then the most sordid thing occurred, I began an orgasm. The tingling kaçak iddaa waves of warmth enveloped me in a wonderful cocoon of sensual passion. I began to buck up to meet my father’s thrusts. More frantically now, the heat between us was intense and I needed to feel the full measure of his lust.

Just as I peaked Dad began to lurch and ram in discordant spasms, his ejaculate was splashing around his meaty member as it did its dreadful work. He lurched again and then held himself tightly into me. He relaxed slowly, then rolled over and passed out beside me on the floor.

I rose slowly, and walked gingerly to the bathroom, I was sore and full of Dad’s semen. Sitting on the toilet I wiped as best as I could. I rose and went back to the living room. What was I going to do with Dad? He was still lying on the floor, passed out, half naked. Looking closely, I saw that Dad was still hard, I looked away, I didn’t dare look at him this way.

As I was pondering what I was going to do with him, Dad started moaning again. He reached out and fondled my ankle. “Come on momma, gimmie some lovin.”

I looked at him laying there and a wicked thought crept into my mind. I reached down and patted Dad on the arm and walked to Mom’s door. I could hear her softly snoring. I returned and dropped my nightgown on the floor, knelt beside my father, and slowly reached for his throbbing manhood.

I bent from the waist and hovered over him for just a moment while I steeled my nerve. As I lowered my face toward him my mouth opened in anticipation of the act to follow. In one plunge I enveloped him with my mouth. My tongue tasted the complex mixture of his semen and my vaginal juices. I lapped it up, from the base to the bulbous head. Dad was squirming now, humping up against my mouth as I continued to suck him off.

I began to jack on the shaft of his prick as my mouth attended to the sensitive head. Without warning Dad began to ejaculate into my mouth. I held my self over him as he continued shooting his spunk. I had a mouthful of Dad’s cum and thought about spitting it out. I remembered that my friends at school had raved about swallowing cum. I closed my lips tightly and rose up into a sitting position — and swallowed.

I went to the bathroom to get his pants, brought them back and tried to get them on him. Dad was not cooperating. And he was still hard. This was not going kaçak bahis to work with him in this drunken condition. I decided to just cover him up and let him explain it to Mom in the morning. I placed a quilt over him and went to my bedroom.

As I lay in bed I couldn’t get the image of my father pounding into me out of my mind. I tossed and turned, and couldn’t sleep. I could still smell him, taste him. His closeness called to me. I rose and walked to the living room. Dad was still there. I pulled the quilt off of him slowly, promising myself that if he wasn’t hard I wouldn’t go any further. Then I caught myself hoping he was still hard.

There it was, just as I had left it, full and rigid. I straddled him and knelt, placing a knee on either side of his torso. I bit my lower lip as I reached between my legs and grasped his penis. Dad reacted and pushed into my grip. I guided him to my pussy lips and rubbed him up and down the slit to moisten his head. Then I pushed back and he entered me. Dad was pressing up into me. I allowed him to push until he was half way inside. I then just plunged the rest of the way down and held myself there, impaled on my father’s penis.

I felt so good and safe there; I reveled in the purity of a father and daughter coupling in a tender, loving embrace.

Dad began pressing again, more urgently now. I rocked my pelvis and stayed tight against him. I was holding him tight and enjoying the fullness of his penetration when he began to talk, “Mmm, this is so good baby, so good.”

I worried now that he might be sobering up. That wouldn’t do. I sped up my pelvic gyrations, he pressed harder against me. I concentrated on my orgasm as we humped against one another. It built slowly and just as I was nearing the precipice, Dad started his ejaculation. I quickened the pace even more. I was frantic now and thrashing above my father’s prostrate form.

I began my orgasm and with my face pressed closely to my father’s, I moaned “Oh Daddy.” I shuddered to a perfectly complete climax.

I jumped up, Dad’s penis plopping wetly against his belly, finally softening. I ran to my bed and cried myself to sleep.

I awoke late Christmas morning, stumbled into the kitchen and made coffee. Remembering that I had left Dad laying in the living room, I decided to check on him. Peering around the corner I saw he was gone. Good. That means he woke up and went to bed. Then I heard a muffled moan from down the hall, “Oh, momma.” Then another moan, “Yes, yes.”

A smile spread across my face. “Merry Christmas Mom!” I cried, knowing exactly how she felt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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