The Cheerleaders Panties – Finale

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I sat at Sally’s hospital bedside with Mother. It had been three days since the accident, Sally had been smashed up pretty badly, and it was touch or go if she’d survive.

“Come on, Sally, pull through, pull through,” was mother’s mantra. She repeated her words over and over, her head rocking trying to will a kind of life-force into her prone off-spring.

I just looked on to Sally’s bruised face momentarily cursing myself for letting her get so excited. I immediately put a stop to that, “we always blame ourselves,” was a lesson I had learnt the hard way over the last six months.

A pretty nurse came to us, and politely asked us to leave. I struck up a conversation with her as we went and observed a small smirk from Mother’s mouth.

“What?” I asked in confusion at Mother’s expression as we slowly made our way along the hospital corridor.

Mother sighed, “You’ll understand one day,” she sighed, “I just hope Sally comes through to be my witness.”

A masculine figure urgently approached, his heavy steps accented by the echo of the corridor. He got to us and gasped.

“Am I too late? I’ve only just heard, I’ve been away.”

It was father gasping for breath in his urgent dash to make it to Sally’s bedside. His forehead was sweating under his black dishevelled greasy locks.

“We’ve just been asked to leave,” Mother casually replied as father pushed out a supporting hand upon her shoulder as he bent double to deeply inhale.

“Its good to see you.”

Father looked up from under his fringe, his collar and tie untidily displaced in his dash, his creased raincoat opened wide for air.

“Is she okay?”

“She’s in a bad way, but the doctors say she’ll be fine, she just needs rest.” Stoically lied mother. I looked at her dumbfounded, wondering her motive, knowing the precarious balance Sally’s health was in.

“Thank god for that,” Father huffed slowly managing to straighten up, “Sorry, good to see you as well.”

Father didn’t come home with us that night, which left me disappointed. I got a lift home with Mother still wondering.

“Why did you lie about the state of Sally?”

“Your Father’s weak when it comes to emotional subjects, Sally will be fine, why torture your dad for a night?”

Mother’s optimism was infectious despite her prophecy being completely groundless.

“How can you be so confident?”

“Do you really think they’d only just let us in to see her if she was in a precarious position?”

There was some truth in Mother’s logic, but it wasn’t a certainty. It was good to know she cared for Sally and Father’s worried mind, and despite seeing Sally’s shattered body, I slept well that night.

The next morning Mother’s prediction was proved correct, and after college, I raced to the hospital to see Sally. I approached her bed and seeing Sally in such a beat up state made me want to hurl. One leg was suspended in plaster, as were her two arms. Her face was black and blue with a few stitches here and there.

I crept around in silence just in case she was asleep and caught her peering out from her black eyes?

“How do I look?” she immediately asked, and I pondered on how relentlessly we humans were in our vanity. Never mind surviving and to a slightly lesser degree asking “Am I critically ill” it was always about body image first.

“Sally, you’re alive, and you’re wondering about how you look?”

“Well?” she groggily murmured.

“You look just as beautiful as you always do,” I misinformed as bandages obscured most of her body.


“On Halloween!” I joked.

“Oh, don’t.” she croaked as her body moved slightly, “Tell me the truth.”

“Well, you’re out of the Cheerleaders group and keep away from people of a nervous disposition.”

“OH!” cried in pain, don’t make me laugh,” Sally winced, trying in vain to touch her wounded ribs with her incapacitated hands.

I felt slightly sick at her powerlessness in her restricted movements.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” I asked on taking in the full repulsion of her disposition.

“James, I want you to close the door to my room and then fuck me.”

I leant back in my chair, momentarily shocked, “Can’t you have grapes like everyone else?” I quipped, “Sally, this is the morphine talking.”

“I don’t want to die a virgin,” she cried, tears rolling down her cheeks. I got up and wiped them for her to stop her painful struggle.

“You’re not going to die,” I ridiculed as I wiped her cheek.

“Please fuck me, you wanted to when I posed for our photographs, why not now?”

“There are seven good reasons I can think of straight away, ” I laughed, “Two broken arms, three ribs, your pelvis and your leg!”

“Any old excuse with you.”

“If you twist your body I may be able to slip it up your ass though!” I joked.


“Oh so not that much morphine then?” I chuckled heartily slowly trailing off into silence.

“How’s Father?” Sally eventually asked.

“He’s okay, Mother lied bahis firmaları to him about your injuries to keep him calm.”

“They’ve met?” She quipped hopefully a small smile coming to her face.

“Yes, father was racing to see you but arrived too late, they had a brief chat in the corridor.”

“Do you think he’ll come back?” Sally asked with mournful optimism.

“It’s too early to say. Some time ago you hinted that it wasn’t all Mother’s fault even though she had just angered you. You talked as if you had something to hide.

“I did, didn’t I?” mused Sally precariously picking her words.

“Does it have to do with the reason Dad left?” I inquired.

“Partly, but they’re both to blame.”


“But the real reason was that dad was caught wearing my panties.”

I lent back shocked with a dropped jaw.

“It was awful, I barged into my bedroom from the shower full of joy after being selected for the cheerleader team. In front of me was this monstrosity in my outfit admiring its panties in my mirror.”

The image of my father cross-dressed depressed me no end. It was okay for me to debase myself in such a way but not my father. He was my role model, my superhero.

“I didn’t recognise him, You should have seen him, James, he had My new cheerleader outfit on with the pom-poms and make-up with the lipstick smeared over his face. I screamed, it just wasn’t him, he panicked and grabbed hold of me, and my towel dropped.”

Poor Sally I thought, her description was horrifying enough but to actually be there?

Sally began to cry, “My towel dropped as he grabbed me, so I was naked and could feel his erection against me. I struggled and screamed and in came Mother.”

“Oh, god!” I depressingly sighed as it was hard to take that your own Father was just as perverted as yourself. The interrogations and accusations about my sexual preferences from Mother suddenly fell into place.

I sat in silence for an age until eventually, I heard Sally sigh.

“What’s the matter?”

“I have an itch,” she moaned as I took in her predicament, as both her arms were unable to move. I smiled.

“Do you want me to scratch your nose?”

Sally looked at me and smiled, “It’s not my nose.”

“What then?”

Sally then parted her one good leg away from her suspended broken one, grimacing all the way.

“Please,” she whispered, closing her eyes.

“Sally, this is the morphine talking, give it some time, or you’ll regret it,” I urged not want to take advantage of my helpless sister.”

“Please,” was all she could come back with, Sally had been more than kind to me in my sexual and personal desperation. She had fixed me up with Gemma, supplied me with many of the Cheerleaders panties and stood up for me in the tyrannical backlash by Mother.

“Please,” she soulfully muttered again, and I just had to please her. My hand crept under the sheets and crawled over her thigh down in between her legs. I pushed her nightdress up and stroked her pubic hair. Not being able to see what to work with brought my inexperience to the fore.

I worked my finger into her causing Sally to gasp in relief, “Fuck, I’ve needed this.” She sighed. Sally was sopping wet, and I easily introduced a second finger running my thumb up her moistened gash as I slid into her.

I worked her pussy satisfyingly, giving her all the moves. Twisting my fingers, moving from side to side, opening her up for a third finger, which had her gasping, all the time with my thumb ploughing her furrow and teasing her clit. Her eyes went trance-like, something I put down to her enjoyment until I eventually heard the words.

“What’s going on here?”

I looked around to see the pretty nurse from yesterday, and I quickly withdrew my hand. “Nothing, nothing,” I denied.

Causing Sally to laugh interspersed with slight twinges to her injuries.

I looked at the nurse. Thankfully She was smiling, her sparkling pearly whites, beaming from her mouth. Her eyes were big and blue, positively shinning from her healthy tanned complexion bringing out her natural beauty.

“Nothing?” she grinned as she shuffled from one foot to another. She was all curves and plunging cleavage with shiny jet-black hair pulled back off her forehead.

“Yes, nothing,” I resolutely declared, causing Sally to laugh once more. I looked at Sally nervously for an instant before looking back at the nurse.

“And I suppose ‘nothing’ means not copping a feel of your helpless sister,” the nurse sarcastically accused. Her authority beguiled me as she crossed her arms, dominatingly across her ample breast.

“I don’t know what you’re on about.” I defended rapidly looking for a way out. Sally and the nurse laughed again as I stared at my sister anxiously wondering in confusion at her betrayal.

“James,” squeaked Sally awkwardly, the nurse has been watching you for the last five minutes.

“That I have!” luridly scoffed the nurse with a thick Irish accent, “Can you come this way please?”

I kaçak iddaa looked at Sally, terrified who smiled back, “Do as you’re told!” she teased in her best schoolmarm caricature.

I followed the nurse worrying but still marvelled at the peachy ass rolling in her tight dress. I listened to the electric static of her stocking clad thighs rubbing together and was strangely scared and turned on.

I nervously wondered what sort of dressing down I was going to get, as I was sure this sort of thing regularly happens at hospitals. I was transfixed by the orders of an authority figure, unquestioning and obedient.

She opened a door off the corridor and invited me to go in. I obediently entered to find I was in an examination room. The nurse followed me and quickly turned and locked the door.

She marched up to me and grabbed the waistband of my trousers and expertly had them undone and pulling them down around my ankles. I jumped in shock and immediately tried to regain ownership of my discarded clothing.

She easily pushed my hands away, disarming me with her beautiful smile. Her big blue eyes beamed up at me, and I realised I was not to be reprimanded but pleasured.

She gently took my balls in her hand and teased the end of my cock with her moist tongue. She circled it around the eye quickly causing my cock to swell and push out of its foreskin. I looked down mesmerised by her big beguiling eyes as my penis hardened. She took hold of my inflamed cock and rose off her knees. She held it to her deep cleavage and rubbed my cock there, smiling up at me all the time.

My legs began to tremble at the sight of her rubbing my cock between her tits. She brought her tongue out teased the end, causing me to grab her head as a flush of sexual excitement flooded my head.

The nurse stood up and smiled at me and then kissed me hard on the mouth. Our tongues danced, and I took the opportunity to hold and knead her buxom ass.

She pushed me away slightly, and both her hands went up her dress. I watched mesmerised as her hands pushed up her skirt, revealing her black patterned stocking tops and black satin panties for an instant before she whipped them down.

She stared at my cock now fully erect.

“My, she wasn’t exaggerating about the size of your penis,” she gasped in admiration. She sighed, licking her lips for what she was about to receive, “I’m going to enjoy having that in me.”

The nurse stepped out of her panties and then gripped my cock. She looked around and then pulled me to the other side of the room by my cock. I had to hop as my trousers stopped me from walking and she took great delight of having me on my cock lead.

“I just love walking dogs,” she joked and started to walk me in a circle leading me by my cock.

“Good doggie!” she laughed as I bounced around behind her.

She stopped in the middle of the room and looked me in the face.

She moved up and kissed me while keeping her hand on my cock.

“That’s a mighty fine bone you’ve got there.” She joked her Irish lilt coming to the fore.

“Woof!” I exclaimed, smiling and playing along.

“Let’s see how well trained you are?” The nurse grinned,

“Now ‘stay’ she commanded and went to the side of the room and sat on top of a sideboard.

“Stay!” she renewed as my eyes homed in on the cave between her legs.

“Stay, good doggie,” She teased as she opened her legs wide, making her skirt ride up and expose her black patterned stocking tops and her moist vagina.

The nurse took her index finger and slowly sucked it while staring at me with her sexy big blue eyes.

She tantalised me by slowly finger fucking her ruby red lips while keeping her legs well parted.

My erect cock strained and dribbled pre-cum along with my wide opened mouth, slavering in lust.

She unbuttoned her dress and let her big tits out in their bra all the time watching my cock.

She took her finger from her mouth, spread her pussy lips with one hand and penetrated herself with her lubricated finger. She slowly finger fucked herself, and the smell her sex wafted over me. We both groaned in anticipation my dribbling mouth agape with anticipation.

She laughed to herself and chuckled, “Usually the master gives the dog a bone, but it looks like it’s the dog that’s going to be giving me one.” Her Irish accent was becoming sexier by the minute.

I started to move towards her driven mad by desire.

“Stay!” She demanded pulling me up in my tracks, “Bad doggie!’

I howled like a dog at the moon. She laughed and then declared,

“Just for that, you’re going to have to beg for your supper.”

I looked around in bewilderment before she commanded, “On your knees.”

I fell to my knees in an instant. When a goddess sits before you with her legs splayed, her alter of flesh gushing, begging to be fucked you do as your told.

The nurse withdrew her finger and held her pussy wide open, her moist folds evident in the light.


I shuffled on my knees kaçak bahis with my unblinking eyes transfixed on her pussy, my tongue out ready to dock! The nurse laughed.

“Come on, good boy!” She urged slapping the top of her stocking covered thighs.

I speared into her cunt tongue first and pushed right up inside her!

“Oh, good boy!” she applauded, “eat your supper, lap it right up!” she purred.

I pulled back a brought my hands up to push her legs open by the stocking tops and lashed furiously at her gash. There was no finesse just lash after lash after lash, licking her cunt like the hungry dog I was.

“Oh good doggie,” she squealed stroking the hair on my bobbing head. I started to circle her hood, but before I could get to her clit she grabbed me by the ears and pulled me up.

“No time for that!” She declared before kissing me hard while reaching for my cock! She pushed her ass to the edge of the cupboard, “Now give this dog your bone!”

I ploughed into her gaping gash, and she writhed and moaned as I worked my way in. Her face gnarled in her struggled to take me, biting her lip, trying to push me back by my shoulder. It was not enough to stop my phallic advance as I took her to the hilt. The nurse cried out in pleasure and pain, wrapping her arms and legs around me.

I urgently smashed into her going straight to the fast strokes pounding the depths of her cunt.

“Oh! Bad doggie!” she cried as my balls swung manically in my resolute fucking, my face plunged deep into her cleavage.

Bottles of tablets began to fall from the shelves around as we thrashed about, the cupboard rocking with every thrust.

“Fuck, that’s a hell of a cock!” she barely managed to squeal as I went into the short strokes, causing more bottle to fall.

“Oh, god!” She yelled.

“Oh God,” I replied as we held onto each other as the room seemed to fall apart around us.

“Fuck, I’m going to cum,” I cried in dismay, “sorry!”

“It’s okay don’t hold back, don’t hold…” She garbled and then cried out in ecstasy.

I shot deep into her, pumping her hard again and again to make sure she got the full benefit of my cock.

I was coming to the end of my ejaculations and put on a small sprint of extracurricular fucking at buzz saw pace, causing her to shriek.

I became exhausted but still fucked on, tiredly slamming into her on autopilot, giving her every last drop of my seed.

My knees gave out, and I fell on her exhausted.

“Sister O Hara!” Came a female voice from outside, “You’re wanted on the ward.”

The nurse pushed my leaden body up and fuelled by the nervousness of being caught, we quickly dressed.

As the nurse got to her panties, she threw them at me.

“Here’s another pair for your collection,” she giggled.

I grabbed them in confusion; there was only one way the Nurse knew, Sally.

We both hurried back to the ward, straightening our dress en route. We burst into Sally’s room out of breath with our dishevelled clothes hopelessly giving us away. Sally burst out laughing as soon as she saw us. I felt like we looked. A couple that had just had a quickie. In my embarrassment, I hadn’t identified the two overshadowing figures in my periphery.

“Mum, Dad, this is my friend Julia, it looks like she’s made a new friend in James,” She giggled. Mother stepped forward and offered her hand.

“Nice to meet you, Julia, I hope our children have been treating you well,” She teased. Julia coughed and brought her hands out from behind her body, trying in vain to smooth down her creased dress. She shook hands with mother blushing profusely, finding it hard to keep eye contact.

“Nice to meet you,” she quietly said almost going into a curtsy as if she were meeting royalty. She awkwardly shook Mothers’s hand, and I could see father winking and smirking at me in approval.

I had been caught with my pants down, but I didn’t care. Mother and Father were together again, united for their care for Sally.

After a time, Sally recovered enough to come home. Her leg was still in a critical way and had to make do with living downstairs for a while. The nurse Julia often visited her, and it was apparent they were more than just good friends. On more than one occasion, the sounds of them lost in the throes of orgasm would be broadcast while Mother Father and myself were at the kitchen table.

I still expected Mother to be outraged by such behaviour, but instead, she cried with laughter. The orgasmic audio transmission from Sally’s downstairs bedroom would often turn my parents on, and they would make their excuses and leave the kitchen for their bedroom.

Often I was left listening to the sounds of Sally and Julia munching the carpet downstairs, and Mother and Father fucking upstairs. It was always too much for a young buck to bear, and I’d always find myself following my erection to Gemma’s house.

Hopefully, she’d be alone, and I’d be spared the attentions of the amorous Mrs Leighton.

In time Sally had healed enough to make an attempt on the stairs aided by her crutches. I stood behind her to make sure I’d catch her if she fell.

“It’ll be good to sleep in my own bed,” she grimaced as she slowly took each stair one by one.

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