The Chair

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How simple can it be? Just a chair in a room absent other furnishings. The windows plentiful but closed to most light save for that which passes through the drawn linen draperies. No other furnishings. What light that exists comes from the windows (dim, hard cast moonlight from the fullness of the orb) and from – what? Candles scattered into the corners of the room. The chair sits in the center of the room on its platform of soft, woven wool from an ancient Asian rug. No arms to the chair but an ample seat and rigid, relatively high back.

Your thoughts wander to what this can be. “Why does he want me here?” you ponder. Only briefly though, for you understand the nature of what will occur. You’ve prepared. The bodice of your dress covering everything that is underneath – just your skin and being. The loose fit of it occasionally touching you and grazing your permanently erect nipples. Some form of tantalization from fabric. But only a prelude.

You stand near the chair and take it all in – not that there is much – just that simple setting and single piece of furniture. You look over toward the doorway as you have sensed more than heard me enter. Stripped from the waist up but wearing cotton like your own as loose pants. Nothing more.

Our gazes meet and entwine just as we both wish our bodies would. We know they shall but the moment of encounter is savored. Smiling as I cross over to where you are and come near but not with extended arms – only extended senses gazing and feeling you as though your aura were palpable.

We face each other now and look longingly into each other’s eyes. I raise one hand to cup and caress one of your breasts through the fabric just covering them. The flat of my palm glides just at the nipple while my fingers reach beneath. Almost no touch at all but just enough to stir those already felt passions. Then the other hand reaches for you and symmetrically performs the same tactile facilitation to your opposite breast. Our eyes continue to be locked though your lids now hood them just a bit at the sensation.

Your neck cranes to make the eye match possible as my fingers now move around and one by one the tips of them roll across the very tips of your nipples. You feel your wetness beginning and easing out from inside you. Just the first drops of passion.

My hands glide up to your shoulders and loose the straps holding that cotton gown over the object of my desire. It falls fully to the floor. My hands now glide over your shoulders seeking to take in your skin and listen with my fingers to the alerts, the electricity that is just starting to flow. I reach around behind you and bend my knees just slightly to allow my hands to run down your back to your ass where a firmer grip ensures messages conveyed.

Taking time and stepping just one-half step closer to you one hand slides around your hip and down the front of your thigh. The other remains at that rounded mound of your ass to support and insure your placement. My fingers now wander to the inside of your thigh as they illegal bahis move upward. Just the tips of them exploring that thigh to its full height. Across the front of your crotch and then down the inside of the opposite thigh.

A gentle pressure from my hands guides you closer to the chair. Then one hand urges your foot onto the seat of if. Spreading your legs I move closer still and run one hand along the length of the now elevated thigh. Back upward goes my hand reaching now for you and your building wetness. My other hand on your ass holding you in place.

Quickly now my fingers arrange themselves at the seat of your passion. Palm atop your pussy, ring finger and index finger spreading your lips, thumb lifting the hood above our clit and exposing it fully. Then with the finest of touches the tip of my middle finger grazes your clit. Now alongside it – then the other side. I slide my finger over the length of it. I feel it swelling even with just this touch. Across again and again driving you higher up the sensation scale. Long strokes across it then reaching just inside you to draw you wetness up onto it. My mouth has descended onto one nipple where it is held between my lips and you feel my tongue dancing across it. I emit a slight chuckle at the knowledge of what you are feeling.

My cock is stiffening inside the pants now as you feel vibrations roaming through your body while my fingers continue their dance on your lips, your clit and then slipping inside you. I am reaching now for that special spot inside. Feeling my way along the upper wall and then finding that difference in texture that tells me I have found it. Pressure increases from the palm of my hand and my inserted finger runs over and over that spot inside you. The base of that same finger in full contact with your clit. Your wetness oozing out now.

Your breath quickens as your passion builds. Then – I withdraw my finger and pull away just a bit. I guide you to sit on the chair. You place yourself toward the edge. Spreading your legs wide as I kneel before you. My head lowers, as I taste first your inner thighs. Then the creases at the top of your thighs. Closing in on your wet pussy.

My mouth fully encloses your wet lips and with suction draws your clit inside. Exposed so that I can glide my tongue over it time and again. You lift one leg over my shoulder, your heel resting now on my broad and muscled back. The suction and the tongue lashing yielding intended results. You reach over your head at first and grip the top of the back of the chair for purchase. Then one hand comes off and rests on my head as your want more of this oral excavation of your pleasure point.

I taste all of you. My tongue now darts inside you then is drawn over your lips, your clit and back inside you once more. You feel passion’s pressure building inside you. I am sensing it too and slow the pace of consumption. There’s more to do.

As I lift my head from you and rise before you your breath is quick and your desires written over your face. Standing illegal bahis siteleri before you now, your mouth level with my rock hard member straining against its own cotton binds. Your hands reach up and pull the pants down as my cock is now unleashed before you. You sit upright and grip my cock as my hands caress the sides of your face and gently urge your mouth forward.

You gaze at the tumescence and the fullness of my rigid cock. Gripping my shaft you stroke the length of it. Tantalizing the head of it with your thumb. You stroke down the length of it again and then grasp it with both hands. Your mouth moves closer and you taste just the end of it. First with your tongue then just past your lips.

I feel your lips wrap around the head of my cock as you suck on it drawing out the precum and tasting what is to follow. I push forward into your mouth. You take more in and I feel your lips wrapped around it sucking as you withdraw along the length still grasping it. One hand now reaches beneath my balls and holds them as your mouth begins to work on my cock.

Your eyes roll upward looking for feedback and my lascivious smile says it all so well. I feel those hot lips of yours along the shaft and over the head. Slipping over the rim of it then plunging back down trying to take as much of it in your mouth and throat as you can. I am compelled to hold your head firmer and begin to thrust into your mouth. Fucking it now as you hold onto the base of my cock and work your mouth over it. The sensations are roiling inside me. I am getting harder still as the suction from your lips works the length of my member.

We both wish for more and to feel one another’s bodies mutually consumed. I pull my cock from your mouth and urge you to rise. Moving you around behind the chair. Standing behind you, my arms wrap around and my hands roam freely over your body. Caressing, squeezing, rolling your nipples between my fingertips. Then bending you forward toward the back of the chair.

You legs are spread and your back slightly arched to lift you ass and expose your love box with its swollen entrance. You are braced on the back of the chair with one arm while the other reaches behind to grasp my cock once more and pull me forward. I comply and ease your hand off to the brace position with the other hand.

I take the head of my cock and press it against your pussy lips then just inside you. Withdrawing again and then gliding the length of it over those lips. Teasing time. Another hesitant mini-penetration and withdrawal. Now probing the entrance to your body that we will not use. Teasing more. I take one hand and reach around the front of your thigh to allow my fingers to play again with that swollen button of yours. Simultaneously sliding the whole head of my cock inside that incredibly wet opening of yours. It feels so tight.

One last tease to make you believe it possible to push this swollen appendage into the incorrect hole. Another brief chuckle as I spread your lips with my fingers and slip more canlı bahis siteleri of my cock now inside you. A slight withdrawal, not fully but near the end of the head of it. I can feel your tightness gripping back. Then pushing forward again. Inch by inch withdrawing less fully with each stroke and then pushing deeper inside you. I feel the muscles inside you, rolling the length of the shaft inside you with each withdrawal. Now plunging slowly but deeply into you. Long, slow strokes filling you. Each stroke seeming to take on an eternity of time. Gliding in and out of you. Your juices flowing fully now. Wetting both of us. I reach with my hands to your breasts and hold them while fingertips play over your rigid nipples. Stroking into you again and again in a slow tango.

Stroking my fully swollen member into your repeatedly now – a rhythm that entices while exciting. Your feel the underside of my cock running over your spot as though it, of its own mind, knew precisely where to find it. While squeezing and playing with one nipple my other hand reaches the front of your pussy again and deftly spreads you open and exposed. Fingertips dancing over your clit while stroking you.

I listen for your passion buildup and allow for just the right level to be reached. The strokes matching the rhythm of my fingers exploration and delight. I feel myself building to an explosion as well and decide it is time for our full embrace. I slip my dripping and completely swollen cock out of you and urge you up again. I hold you close as we dance around to the front of the chair in an embrace.

I sit with my hips slightly forward on the seat. Gazing at your luscious body and wanting it all. My hands at the small of your back pulling you closer. You straddle me while standing as my hands now move to beneath your ass. You reach down and position my fully hardened, now angry red appendage just so. With my hands beneath your ass as support you slowly lower yourself onto me. Just a little at a time. Sliding deeper into you. As it slips just past you discover what function the curve of my cock has – enabling the head of it to glide over your inner spot as it slides deeper into you.

Now you find yourself being lifted and lowered along the length of my shaft. Recognizing the climactic points to occur soon you assist in the pacing and the effort. Strong arms and firm hands lifting you and lowering you onto my cock. The pace only slightly quicker than before but an urgency building inside of both of us. I can feel myself building toward release. The walls of your pussy gripping as your own erotic spasms begin to occur. Now thrusting deeper into you. Letting you down onto me harder. Then pulling you upward again. I feel your contractions as you find your own release. Just as I explode inside you. The motion continues as both your juices and mine mingle deep inside you. Drawing out every last bit. My head is thrown back at the peak of passion and an involuntary utterance punctuates the stillness of the room.

As you collapse onto me – pressing your wet and warm skin against mine. We remain entwined and seated. Late pulsations still running through us. Enhancing memories of this encounter. Creating images that will not allow us to look at a chair again in quite the same way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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