The Case of the ‘Flexible’ Schedule

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Big Tits

Part 1 — A chance ‘Meet’ing scores a perfect 10

One of the perks of being at the top of your field is the ability to set your own schedule. Companies clamber for me to come and work on their contracts because they know that there is no one better at doing what I do — either designing contracts that are absolutely iron-clad or at hiding some ambiguous language that will allow a company to remove itself from a contract whenever they see fit.

Hey, I didn’t say I agreed with how they conduct their business only that I get paid (and paid well) to give them the options they ask for.

The fringe benefits that go with a profession like mine are numerous — the ability to work when I want, the ability to travel on someone else’s dime, the ability to practically name my price. Occasionally, it leads to a fringe benefit of a different nature entirely.

Not all companies I work with are in the heart of some booming metropolis like New York or Los Angeles. I spend just as much time with companies that are miles from anything that resembles those cultural centers. And while the work is always interesting, sometimes the evenings get a bit… stale. That is, unless I can find something to ‘occupy my time’ so to speak.

One such company was a large shipping conglomerate located on the eastern sea board, and while the company was large and the town was easily located on a map, there really wasn’t much going on to keep me occupied.

My preferred work schedule is to arrive on a Thursday night, meet with the principals on Friday, spend the weekend working out the language of the contract, making my paralegal’s life miserable on Monday morning getting the forms done and faxed to me by noon for signing after lunch so I can catch a red eye home that evening.

This situation wasn’t going to fit into my ‘ideal work schedule’ from the get go and I knew it the first time I traveled to their facilities. I went through my normal routine, arriving on a Thursday, meeting with them on Friday but when we weren’t able to accomplish much due to a sudden snag in the negotiations I was stuck there the entire weekend with nothing to do but watch HBO and empty the mini-bar.

On a lark, as I was heading through the lobby of my hotel I hailed the concierge. “Hey, so just what is there to do on a Friday night in this town?”

He escorted me over to a kiosk near the front desk and pulled a pamphlet from one of the plastic pockets. Without a word he handed it to me. On the front was a splattering of color and a logo depicting an angry looking bull with large curved horns and steam spewing out of its nostrils. ‘Gymnastics’ was splashed across the middle of the page just under the logo and four very muscular looking girls in skimpy leotards held various poses that made me unconsciously press my knees together in an effort to protect my ‘family jewels.’

“So uh, what’s with this?” I asked him a little confused.

“On Friday nights the local university draws quite a crowd for their gymnastic meets.”

I looked at him a little disbelieving. “Any other sports venues around here?”

“None sir,” he said unflinchingly.

“Well, that explains it,” I muttered to myself, low enough he could not make out what I said.

“Excuse me, sir?”

“Oh nothing. So how do I get to this gymnastics meet?”

He held up his hand and motioned for a younger man in a similar hotel uniform to join us. “Jonathan here can take you in the hotels car.”

What the hell, I thought as I followed the aforementioned Jonathan to the black Crown Victoria that the hotel used for its VIP’s. I looked at the pamphlet one more time before tossing it in a garbage bin outside the big sliding doors of the hotel. At least, I thought, their outfits would be interesting.


Whatever my expectations were for this event, I was totally blown away. I am a big sports fan and consider myself somewhat of an athlete myself but I had never witnessed anything even remotely close to the spectacle I saw that evening.

These women, none of them over five and a half feet tall, where running and jumping and flipping and swinging and leaping and ‘throwing’ moves that no athlete I had ever seen could hope to accomplish. The next time I got involved in an argument over who were better athletes, football players or basketball players, I now knew the answer; Neither. Without a doubt these girls would clean their clocks.

I was lucky enough to be sitting among a group of dedicated fans who helped me to grasp the basics of what was going on out on the ‘events.’ The arena was surprisingly full and the folks around me confirmed that it was always like this, that most of the other sports at the university weren’t very good but that this team was always a contender for a national title and they had a lot of support within the community. I have to admit, I was impressed.

And one girl in particularly impressed me in the most carnal way.

Maybe it was the skimpy outfit. Or the positions she put herself in. Or the way she was muscular in bahis firmaları a still feminine kind of way. But whatever it was it had me thinking of giving her a score that was a lot higher than a ’10’ if you know what I mean.

I bought a program and found out from my new friends that her name was Audrey, that she was five foot two, a senior on the team, an environmental science major (whatever the hell that is) and from some town that I had never heard of and was not only some sort of gymnastics champion in high school but had been a beauty queen as well. I looked at her pictures in the program and looked out at her on the floor and didn’t doubt it one bit.

Short, yes but she was perfectly proportioned. Except for maybe her breasts, which in her tight outfit looked like they belonged on someone a bit taller — like that’s a real drawback. Her eyes were large and a deep chestnut in color and her hair was just about as dark a shade of brown you could have before having to call it black.

“That Audrey is something else,” I remarked to my adopted fan family.

“Oh yeah, she’s been a favorite since she came here. Sad that she only has a couple of more meets before she graduates.”

“Yeah,” another one echoed, “We’re going to miss her.”

“And such a nice girl,” one of the ladies added.

“Oh isn’t she just a sweet heart?” the oldest lady amung them piped in. “Last year at the meet and greet we had our grand daughter and she gave her a shirt and signed a poster and then took her out on the floor when the meet was over and let her play around on the mats. She didn’t have to do any of it, but my grand daughter still talks about it to this day.”

I almost felt guilty for the dirty thoughts I was having about such a nice girl. Almost.


When the meet was over and we were all getting ready to leave the people I had been talking to all evening asked me if I wanted to go with them to a local restaurant. I almost said no until someone remarked that it was where the team would end up as well. The chance to maybe get to meet Audrey and spice up an otherwise boring weekend was too much to pass up. And besides it wasn’t like I had anything else to do.

The place was a typical sports bar/restaurant theme found all over college towns in America. You know the ones where you can guess the entire menu when you pull into the parking lot. But the company was interesting and the beer on tap brought back memories of my college days and the big screen TV was showing highlights of some spring training games so I figured it wouldn’t be a total loss.

After sitting there for an hour my attention alternating between the highlights and the conversation of my new found friends a bit of a disturbance arose at the front of the restaurant. Before I could wonder what was causing the uproar one of the party said “Guess that would be the girls.”

I looked up and sure enough almost a dozen of them were filing into the restaurant to loud applause and much fanfare. At first I couldn’t spot my quarry but then, sure enough, was Audrey with beaming a huge smile around the dining room.

I watched as she waved to some people, stopped for a word of greeting with others. I was transfixed by her beauty and found myself staring at her. As she continued past our table to a section reserved for her and her teammates our eyes met and locked and a jolt of electricity passed down my spine and right into my balls. She gave me a slight wink and then was gone.

She looked just as amazing dressed as she did half-naked in her uniform. Her dark hair was pulled back in a tight pony tail and she was wearing a sleeveless black dress that was long enough to be appropriate but short enough for me to get a great look at her legs. I hadn’t imagined how muscular these girls were from my perch high in the stands at the arena but up close I felt a bit intimidated — I started counting the days since I had last been to the gym!

I lost sight of her in the back of the restaurant and went back to watching baseball highlights while my mind set about trying to figure out a way to get to meet this girl without seeming ‘creepy.’ As it turned out all my scheming was for naught as my prey presented itself to me instead.

“Audrey,” the grandmother from our group exclaimed and my attention was snapped away from the TV monitors.

“Hey all,” she said taking an empty seat at the end of the table. She had a slight southerness to her sweet voice. “Thanks so much for coming tonight, it’s great to see you all.”

Everyone had a comment for her, a couple of people asked her some questions she undoubtedly would have to answer over and over from every group she visited with but she didn’t seem phased at all. Just the opposite, she was sweet and gracious and I sat there hanging on her every word.

“And who’s this?” I heard her ask and it took a moment to realize she was talking to me.

“Oh, this is Mike,” the grandmother said doing the honors of introducing me. “He’s in town on business and we adopted him for the evening.”

“How kaçak iddaa nice! Nice to meet you Mike.”

“Very nice to meet you as well. You were amazing out there tonight.”

“How sweet of you to say so,” she said and beamed that million-watt smile at me. “What type of business brings you here?”

“I’m a lawyer… a contract lawyer and I’m in town over the weekend working on a deal for a local company.”

“Oooo, how exciting.”

“Not really. It’s usually rather boring, but then again, I don’t usually get to converse with such fine people and take in a new sporting event.”

“Was that your first gymnastics event?”

“Yep, sure was. I’ve caught some stuff during the Olympics before but never understood it. Thanks to your fans here that has changed. Instead of knowing nothing, I now know next to nothing.”

That got everyone laughing.

“Well,” Audrey said, “I’m glad that you could come out and see us. It was nice to meet you, I hope your business goes well.”

“Nice to meet you as well. Maybe before I go I can get some workout tips, you girls are amazing.”

“Sure,” she said laughing, “if all these tables weren’t in the way I’d teach you to do a back flip right here.”

“Then I’d need a different type of lawyer cuz I’m sure I would hurt myself.”

Everyone laughed at that and then Audrey excused herself. “I think my food is here, but I’m so glad to see you all — and to have met you Mike.” A twinkle showed in her eye as she said it.

“Likewise,” I said because I didn’t know what else to say and felt like a total dork doing so.

Again as she walked away I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. Just before she disappeared around the wall to her section she paused for a brief moment and looked back at me. There was no mistaking it this time, she for sure winked at me.

I sat for the next half-hour nursing my beer and answering mundane questions about being a lawyer from the group around the table. When I couldn’t handle another question the last sip of beer passed my lips and saved me. “Looks like my bottle’s dry,” I said standing up, “I’m going to make a run to the bar. Anyone need anything?”

No one did and I excused myself. On the way to the bar I spotted the bathrooms and went in to relieve myself and splash some water on my face. When I left the bathroom and headed to the bar I noticed a familiar figure standing waiting to be served.

“So how about those workout tips,” I said moving into an empty space beside Audrey at the bar.

She turned and smile at me. “Well I could show you some but I don’t think lifting twelve ounces at a time is going to do much for you.”

“Nonsense, its all about technique not about weight.”

“And how is your ‘technique’ Mike?” she said with a sly smile on her red lips.

“Oh, my ‘technique’ is fine but it could always use some practice,” I said returning her flirtation.

“Practice does make perfect,” she said and winked.

“I’ve heard that. But seeing as how I’m in a strange town in a strange hotel my prospects for any ‘practicing’ are pretty slim.”

“Well you never know. You could meet some sweet southern girl who could give you some pointers.”

“That would be great. Know any?”

She laughed. “Could be you already met one.”


“I can’t speak for all southern girls but I’ve known some of them to be attracted to out of town lawyers with a great smile and a nice personality.”

“If you meet one send her to my table. I can’t take much more talk about grandkids and summer vacation plans.”

“I know what you mean,” she said rolling her eyes. “If I hear one more time about how someone hopes their grandchild grows up to be ‘just like you’ I’m going to puke.”

“Oh now, that’s such a compliment. What grandparent wouldn’t want her grandkid to grow up and be as nice and talented and beautiful as you?”

“Sure, it’s nice but sometimes I get tired of being labeled the ‘good girl’ all the time. Once in a while I’d like to let my hair down and…”

“Work on your technique?”

“I was going to say go wild. And who says my technique needs any work?”

I shrugged. “Well if practice makes perfect and you aren’t practicing then it would lead me to believe you need some work.”

“Who says I don’t get any practice?”

“Well, I… uh… just thought… ok, I’m out of my depth here. I’m not sure what to say to that.”

“How about Marriot room 600?”

“What’s in room 600 at the Marriot?”

“Apparently not you,” she said laughing.

“Well I’m at the Marriot, but I’m a few floors up from 6. I got a suite on 12.”

“I should have figured a big rich lawyer like you would be in a suite.”

“It’s not my dime, it’s part of my fee.”

“You’re fee, huh? You must be good at what you do.”

“I guess.”

“Oh my, cute and modest. I didn’t think they let lawyers out of college without teaching them to be self-centered pricks.”

“I skipped class that day.”

“I see,” she said and paused. “So what room are you in?”


“And kaçak bahis is it a nice room?”

“Very nice.” I paused, weighing what I would say next then thought ‘what the heck’ and went for it. “Would you like to see it?”

“I thought you’d never ask.”


While Audrey went to tell her friends she was leaving I said my goodbyes to my adopted gymnastics family with promises to come to a meet with them if I was ever back in town. I made a call to the hotel and had them dispense Jeffery with the car. By the time Audrey and I were outside of the restaurant the black Town Car was waiting for us.

The ride to the hotel was quiet as was the trip up the elevator, but both were mercifully short. The longer I was in the presence of this girl the more I wanted to get her horizontal and work on my ‘technique.’

Once we were inside my room Audrey took a moment to look around. “You weren’t kidding, this is a nice room.” She went over to the window and pushed back the curtain. “And the view of the river is magnificent.”

I stood looking at her across the room. “The view was great, but it has gotten exceedingly better since you arrived.”

She let the curtains fall back in place and walked over to me. “You can stop sweet talking me, I’m already in your room.”

“In that case, would you care for some Champaign?” I asked her and held out a glass to her.

“Where did this come from?”

“I had them bring some up when I called to have them bring the car. Figured it would help us warm up before we worked on our technique.”

“Speaking of which,” she said and drained her glass in one swallow, then set it on the table.

I barely had time to set mine down before she was in my arms. Our lips met for the first time and her lips were warm and tasted sweet from the Champaign. Her tongue pushed past my lips and I opened my mouth to let it in.

As we kissed she undid the buttons of my shirt and all but tore it off me. Then her hands went to my belt, undid that, then deftly unbuttoned my pants and unzipped my fly. I broke our kiss momentarily so I could slip out of my shoes and step out of my pants.

When our lips met again it was with even more passion. My hands reached around behind her and located the zipper on her dress. She pulled her arms out of the sleeves and it fell easily to the floor, leaving her in nothing but her bra and panties.

I ran my hands over her amazing body. It was smooth and warm and taunt with feminine muscularity. I could feel the muscles of her back just beneath the skin and her ass was so tight it felt as if it had been carved out of marble.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this girl wasn’t ‘girlish’ or that she was over-muscled like those psycho chicks you see on ESPN 400 doing the fitness stuff. She was just put together like no other woman I’d had the pleasure of putting my hands on.

My hands went the clasp of her bra and I leaned forward into her. Her mouth found my neck and she gently sucked on the sensitive skin, sending shivers up my spine and making it more difficult for me to unhook the clasp on the lacey garment — like men don’t have enough trouble in that area to begin with.

Once I finally got the clasp undone I stood back from her and watched as she slid out of her top and tossed it on the floor. Her breasts had strained at her gymnastics uniform making me think they were a size bigger than her frame needed (for a short girl, I’ve found that a B cup is more than adequate) when I saw her perform. Now as she stood before me with them exposed I decided they were easily a D cup and they were exquisite.

I cupped them in my hands and felt the weight of them before leaning my head down and taking each of her erect nipples in my mouth and alternately giving them a hard suck. Audrey wrapped her arms around my head and pulled me into her mountains of flesh and I spent a long while just enjoying the feeling of soft flesh and rubbery nipples in my hands and mouth.

Audrey’s arms unlocked and she gently pushed me away from her. I stepped back and looked at her in the soft light of the table lamp, taking in the soft curves of her amazing body.

She sat down on the bed and hooked her index fingers in the band of my underwear and careful to clear my raging hard-on she pulled them down and off. My cock stood erect, its solitary eye staring back at her dark pair. She let out a little coo of appreciation as she examined its size and took the shaft of it in her hand.

I looked down at her and her eyes looked back up at me as she opened her mouth and I felt the soft warmth of her lips on the head of my prick. She worked slowly, pushing my cock down to the back of her throat, her eyes never leaving mine. When she retreated she flicked her tongue over the head a few times and then repeated her slow descention.

For a long time she continued slowly, pushing more and more of my substantial cock into her throat each time until she about had it all. Not satisfied to come up just short she broke eye contact with me for the first time since placing me in her mouth, reached her hands around me, grabbed my butt and pulled me to her. She gagged once, twice and then she had it — all nine and a half inches of my cock in her mouth.

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