The Cabin Ch. 11

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I decide to shower alone quickly because I know what would happen if my sister and cousin joined me; Dad will be waiting forever in the garage or end up bringing all the totes full of Christmas decorations in alone and chew me out for not helping him. After I finally get dressed once again, Angel and Chelsea giggle their way into the bathroom and get into the shower as I head for the garage to meet Dad.

“Hey Dad,” I say when I find him dragging out a stack of green totes with gray lids.

“Hey!” he says brightly and then I swear both of our faces flush for a moment; he’d already said his peace about what we all know happened last night earlier, but obviously there is some sort of tension.

“Are we okay?” I ask him.

He lets out a long sigh, his hands on his hips and then he nods a few times. “Son, I almost lost your mother,” he says. “Now, I seem to have found her again. The events that happened to make that possible were extremely inappropriate, not to mention illegal in almost all fifty states, but…” he thinks long and hard about how he wants to finish his statement, “…all families have their secrets and this will just have to be ours. As long as it doesn’t happen again.”

I chuckle nervously. “I promise never to sleep with Mom again,” I tell him.

“That goes for your sister and cousin, too,” he adds and I’m taken aback and he sees the shocked look on my face. “Son, you know it’s wrong,” he adds. “And it can’t continue,” his voice is almost pleading this time.

“I guess I just thought that after what happened and everything being out in the open…” I trail off; there’s really no good argument. It really is wrong; it shouldn’t continue. “No, you’re right, it’s wrong,” I say, though I know deep down I don’t want to end things with either of them.

“Good, now, let’s get these totes inside so we can get that tree decorated,” he says and without another word, I do as he says and begin taking tote after tote inside. There are a dozen in all. However, two of them went back out when we realized that they only contained the sections of the artificial tree.

In no time Mom, Angel and Chelsea have the totes open and are quickly decorating the entire living room, the hallway, kitchen, entry way and even the doorways to the bedrooms. Christmas music is blaring through Dad’s amazing sound system he informed me he had installed three years ago.

“Hello?” Dad answers his phone and then steps outside for a minute.

Chelsea gallops up to me and kisses me briefly, holding mistletoe over my head. I grin at her and then suddenly my dad’s words come back to me and she sees the change in my eyes.

“What’s wrong?” she asks lowering her hand back down slowly.

“We probably shouldn’t,” I say quietly.

“Why not?”

“My dad made a big deal about it in the garage,” I start to tell her and then Dad interrupts me as he opens the door and gestures for me to follow. “We’ll talk later, okay?” I say and she watches me go with the saddest and most confused look on her face, but there’s nothing I can do at the moment.

When I meet my dad in the driveway, it’s to greet the window repair guy. Looks like the girls will be going back to Angel’s room tonight. I sigh to myself, disappointed that any excuse to have to share a room is now gone. Of course, Dad would have made me sleep on the couch again while the girls shared my room. But, now it looks more like I’ll be on the couch while the girls get either room. But, fuck, none of us are kids anymore! He doesn’t have any say over where we sleep! Okay, calm down, David; anything can happen still, it’s Christmas Eve.

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Dad asks the contractor after introductions are made.

“Nah, I think I can handle it,” he says. “Been doin’ this for twenty some odd years,” he chuckles.

“I appreciate you making it up here, especially on Christmas Eve. It really could have waited,” Dad tells the guy.

He shrugs. “I don’t really celebrate the holidays much since the wife passed away three years ago,” he says. “So, I don’t mind doing what I can to help others out. I’d hate for y’all’s Christmas to be ruined if another blizzard runs through here.”

“Is there supposed to be more snow?” I ask.

“It’s December in Colorado, son,” he says. “Snow happens up in these mountains year round sometimes,” he says with his jolly chuckle again; the laugh reminds me a lot of Santa Claus, and it’s just too fitting that he’d be up here fixing a window on Christmas Eve.

I grin at him as he begins to carry his tools to the back of the house.

“Was there something else you wanted my help with, Dad?” I ask, hoping to get back to the girls and the warmth of the house.

“I actually wanted to talk about what’s happened on this trip some more,” he says and then nods for the wooded area behind the house I’d escaped to the other day. Is he really going to make us stop? Can he?

“Okay,” I say nervously, following him away from the house. He doesn’t have his shotgun or a shovel, so that’s a good sign.

“A lot of güvenilir bahis crazy shit has happened,” he says, speaking to me like a friend more than my father; in fact, I can’t remember him ever talking this candidly with me before.

“Yeah, and I’m sorry-“

“Stop,” he says and I shut my mouth. “I don’t mean that to be sharp with you,” he continues. “I meant what I said this morning that what happened last night happened and there’s nothing we can do about it. I do have concerns, though. Despite the amazing morning your mother and I have had, I’m afraid I still won’t be enough for her; I’m not the young man I once was,” he adds with a chuckle.

“Yeah, but you’re in great shape still and don’t look your age. Neither of you do, really,” I say to compliment him. “You guys barely look old enough to be our parents,” I chuckle like he had.

Dad grins at me. “Thanks,” he says. “That actually means a lot. But, that doesn’t change the fact that I don’t think I can compete with you for your mother’s attention. I’m not exactly…well endowed, if you know what I mean.”

“Well, from a comment Angela made, what you lack in one area you make up for in another,” I say cryptically since it’s so weird to be talking to my dad about the size of his cock. “Plus, she taught you some other things, right?”

Dad nods. “More like gave me a refresher course, but, anyway, that’s not why I brought this up. It’s about your Christmas present,” he says and I look at him confused. “There’s a reason I didn’t pay for your college,” he continues. “I rounded up your tuition for each year you were in school and put that into a savings account for you to use to get your life started wherever you want. I know you have an interview with CU Fort Collins when we get back from our trip; is that somewhere you’d like to go?”

I nod, unsure of how else to respond. My father just told me he’s been setting aside my tuition costs for the past five years. The tuition for someone out of state was almost twenty grand! And if I know my father, he put it into an account with a high interest rate to grow it faster. I could find a decent starter home or a modular for whatever that amount is I’m sure.

“You okay, Son?” he asks.

I nod again. “I-I don’t know what to say,” I tell him.

He grins. “Well, I figured you’d be a bit shocked,” he says with a chuckle. “I wanted you to learn what it took to work hard for something, which is why I was so proud of you and I understood why it took you five years to accomplish your goal. Of course, I didn’t realize just how much schooling you were really diving into while working where you could to make it happen. That’s why I put as much as I did into the account,” he says handing me a printout of the account balance.

My jaw drops when I look at the number. “Dad, this is double what school cost me, though.”

Dad nods. “I did get a high-earning savings account, plus, I kept track of all you were doing in school and added bonuses in there.”

“You gave me hundred percent bonuses?” I question him.

Dad laughs. “I guess in a way. Business has been great, we’re expanding to California. What this gift also shows you on top of learning what it takes to work your ass off for something is…family will always be there for you. My dad did as much as he could for me, and even though it wasn’t as much as this, it was still more than he had and I want you to carry on that tradition. I know you’re not going into business like me, and you may not see the same financial success, but you will find your own success and pass that on to your children one day.”

I fold the printout back up and put it into my coat pocket and then stand up to hug my father. “Thanks, Dad,” I say, feeling all the emotions swell up in my chest.

“So,” he says stepping back from our embrace. “I’m assuming your cousin is likely going with you,” he adds.

My face flushes. “We were planning on it; I’m sure you’d rather not have to take her in if she has a place to go.”

Dad shakes his head. “Nonsense, she’s family and has gone through a shitty situation. However, after learning all that’s happened the past couple nights…I don’t really see how I can stop you two.”

I’m unsure of how to respond again. Do I thank him or should I feel ashamed for what he’s implying.

“Look,” he says, “she’s your cousin; you two have always been close. I think it’s wrong what’s happened here, and the fact that your sister is involved as well; this has been a completely fucked up situation. I just hope we can all come to our senses and go back to acting how a family should act.”

I nod, understanding how true his words are while at the same time wishing Christmas would hurry up and end so I can go get me and Chelsea a house in Fort Collins where no one knows us and will never know that we’re cousins.

“I also realize that you’re adults and if you’re going to be living together unsupervised… well, there’s just nothing I can really do about it, right?”

I stammer and he holds up his hand. “Just…be careful, and if possible, keep your sister türkçe bahis out of it from now on. I want her to finish school and learn to take over the business one day; it’s what she says she wants to do.”

I wasn’t aware of this; honestly, Angel hadn’t talked much about what she was studying in school.

“Well, I think she wants to transfer up to Fort Collins, knowing that’s where Chelsea and I are going,” I tell him.

“I was afraid of that,” he says with a sigh. “Is there anything you can do to change her mind?” he asks.

Short of breaking her heart and making her hate me for the rest of my life…I can think of nothing.

“I don’t know, Dad. You know Angel, she’s pretty stubborn. When she knows what she wants, there’s nothing that can stop her,” I tell him.

He nods and then begins to head back towards the house as the sun is beginning to set and the temperature is rapidly dropping.

“I know,” he says with a heavy sigh. “I guess I was just hoping,” he chuckles. “Just promise me you won’t get her pregnant,” he says.

“I’ll talk to her about that,” I promise. “I’m sure she’s on birth control.”

We walk into the house to Christmas music still playing through Dad’s sound system; the decorating is pretty much done; the smell of hot apple cider blasts us in the face as we come in from the cold; and all three ladies look lovely in their Christmas sweaters and leggings. Chelsea and Angel both beam at me, though I can see a hint of mischief in Angel’s eyes. She’s always planning something.

“What’s going on?” Dad asks suspiciously.

“Nothing,” Mom says and then steps up and takes Dad’s hand to lead him to the couch; I join my sister and cousin as well.

Once we’re settled in, Mom lifts the remote and starts National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. I laugh to myself as I realize they went through my movies to find that. I venture a look in Dad’s direction but both Angel and Mom block my view of him, so I know he can’t see me snuggled up between both girls. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t know what could happen down here if either of them decides to get a little frisky.

“What did Dad want?” Angel asks a few minutes into the movie.

“He gave me my Christmas present,” I tell her.

“What was it?” she asks.

I free my arm from Chelsea’s grip briefly to take out the printout of the savings account he’d been growing for me and realize it’s in my coat pocket, so I get up, retrieve it from my coat and hand it to her. With her head nestled back into my shoulder, she unfolds the piece of paper while Chelsea hugs my arm again, lacing our fingers together. She curls her legs in behind her so her knees are pressed against my thigh and then entraps our interlocked hands between her knees. I turn my head towards her and she looks up at me at the same time, the lights from the tree sparkling in her amber eyes; she’s never looked more beautiful to me than in this moment. I wish I had a ring; I’d propose right now. Instead, I lean in and give her a light kiss on the lips.

“Holy shit,” Angel gasps quietly, trying not to draw our parents’ attention.

Chelsea and I turn to her to find her gawking at the page with her hand over her mouth. My cousin reaches over and takes the sheet from Angel and reads it over, her brow furrows in the cutest way until she realizes what she’s looking at and then her eyes grow wide as she looks up at me. She’s speechless but her eyes get watery and I’m not entirely sure why.

“We can get a house with this,” she says and my parents burst out in laughter as Chevy Chase shoots down a snowy hill on his son’s sled.

“I know,” I whisper to her. “I’ve been looking at the housing market since before I left California; with this we can get a decent starter home,” I tell her. “And with not having a mortgage, I won’t need a full time job and can focus on finishing school faster.”

“Don’t they have schools offering jobs while you get your credential?” she asks.

I shrug. “I haven’t looked into that as much, at least, not in Fort Collins. I have a cousin who did that in Washington, though.”

“With the desperate need for teachers throughout the country right now, it’s become pretty common. Besides, you’ve already gotten the education, you just need to take the Colorado credential courses; you can do that online for the most part and teach full time,” she says.

“If I can make that happen, I will. Then you won’t have to worry about working full time,” I tell her.

“What if I want to?” she challenges me and I recoil. “I’m teasing. I’ve never been able to pursue photography like I’ve always wanted, so a part time job that will allow me to do that would be perfect,” she says.

Suddenly I feel Angel’s hand massaging my crotch. I look at her and shake my head because of the conversation I’d just had with our father. She has the most enticing smile on her face, though, how can I resist her advances? She must sense the collapse of my resolve because she smiles brighter and begins to unfasten my belt. I look past her at Mom and Dad who seem to be completely güvenilir bahis siteleri wrapped up in the movie.

Chelsea leans away to grab a blanket and then throws it over the three of us, giving Angel a wink when she does.

“You’re gonna get me killed,” I whisper to Chelsea.

“Shh,” she says and then kisses me full on the mouth. I pull away because I know Dad will freak out if he catches us in this kind of act.

I look over at my parents again and Mom gives me a wink before cuddling in closer to Dad to distract him. Then Chelsea grabs my face with one hand, giggles quietly when our eyes meet and then kisses me again; I don’t stop her this time and fully embrace her passionate kiss while Angel slowly strokes my cock under the blanket. Then, as if to pretend to use my lap as a pillow, Angel stretches her legs out towards Mom and Dad.

Angel pulls the blanket away from my cock enough to put her mouth around it and slowly suck on the tip, teasing me with her tongue. I do my best to control my breathing as to not draw attention to the three of us, but when Chelsea moves down to my neck with her lips, I venture a look at Mom and Dad and see that his head is resting against the soft back of the couch, his eyes closed as his face stares up at the ceiling. Mom’s arm is moving very subtly, so she’s obviously trying to quietly jerk him off while both of the girls take care of me.

Mom then quickly slips her black leggings off her ass and then gets into Dad’s lap, leaning back against the cushioned arm rest and pulling the thick blanket off the back of the couch for them to “cuddle up” under.

“Getting cold?” Dad asks her.

“Something like that,” she says and then kisses him deeply as they throw the blanket over them.

Dad ventures a look in our direction so I tap both girls’ heads and they immediately stop what they’re doing, Angel covers up my cock with the blanket and turns her head towards the television as Uncle Eddie drives off to kidnap Clark’s boss and giftwrap him; Chelsea, at the same time, nuzzles her head into my neck. I look over at Dad who has a disapproving look but doesn’t seem to suspect the sexual activity going on; he just doesn’t like the intimacy the three of us are sharing because it’s definitely beyond typical sibling/cousin boundaries.

I shrug at him innocently and then Mom directs his attention back, planting her lips on his again, subtly grinding her lower half into his cock beneath the blanket. I return my attention to my cousin who looks up at me expectantly, so I reach down and hook my finger under her chin. She grins as I pull her face up to mine and then kiss her. Angel notices that we’re getting back to making out so she resumes sucking my cock, increasing her efforts this time. I slide my right hand down Chelsea’s back, slip it under her soft sweater and then slide it back up the hot skin of her back to find that she’s not wearing anything under her sweater. I think my cock grows even harder when I discover this and I slightly buck my hips into Angel’s mouth. My sister lets out a soft moan which makes me whip my head around towards my parents, where I find Mom now sitting on Dad’s lap, leaning against his left shoulder, successfully blocking his view of the three of us.

I’m pretty sure she’s trying to get him so turned on that he’ll be willing to compete with the three of us rather than scold us for fucking each other. But, I also know Dad and how stubborn he is; it’s where Angel gets it from.

“Take me to bed,” Mom whispers to Dad who doesn’t argue but shoves her off of his lap and towards their room.

Angel covers me up once more as they not-so-subtly pull their pants back on. “Goodnight, kids!” Mom says and pulls Dad by the hand into their room where we hear the distinct click of the lock.

“About fucking time!” Angel says throwing the blanket off of my lap before sitting up and taking off her sweater; Chelsea follows suit and I marvel at them both as I realize they both purposely didn’t wear anything beneath their Christmas sweaters. The women in this family are geniuses; they had this entire thing planned!

Angel resumes sucking on my cock, lying face down on the couch to do so while I pull Chelsea into me, rubbing my face between her full tits. I then suck a nipple into my mouth and ravage her breasts. She giggles, moans and sighs at the attention I give her. After a minute or two, though, she wants more, so she rolls away, peels her leggings off of her and then stands on the couch with a foot on either side of me, shoving her pussy into my face. I hungrily devour her, gripping onto her round, butt cheeks, one in each hand, as I pull her tighter into me, shoving my tongue deep inside her and rubbing her clit with my nose. Immediately I hear her gasp and yelp and then she starts to buck her hips into me and I allow her to. It turns me on knowing how much what I’m doing turns her on.

Angel’s mouth leaves my cock and then I feel her tugging at my knees to slide my butt out from the couch a little, so I do. Then I feel her slide her pussy down my pole and then her fingers slip around Chelsea’s waist before feeling her face against my hands that still grip Chelsea’s ass. I spread Chelsea’s cheeks apart for my sister and together we double penetrate our cousin with our tongues.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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