The Butterfly Effect Pt. 02

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Edited by: Pope1944. Thanks!


So this was the week I’ve been waiting for. I was reclining in my seat next to my husband Ian as we were driving to Aria and Jonathan’s house. Although I was feigning sleep, I was actually trying to review and reconsider one last time all I had planned. Ian had no idea what was coming, nor did Aria. I’m guessing that Jonathan knew something was coming. Nothing like what I really had in mind, but I was sure he was expecting something from me. Or at least I hoped. What I wanted was simple: transform what has been a regular, years-long friendship between two couples into a sexually open foursome. Nothing more.

I grinned during my fake sleep. “Nothing more” as if it were that simple. I was actually counting on three things. One of which I was absolutely sure, the second one pretty sure and the third, not so sure at all. The first thing was that I knew that Jonathan wanted me. Badly. The way he’s been looking at me for a long time now, made it pretty easy to see, and now, during the recent months, some sexually implicit emails had made it clear. I was convinced that if I but opened the door slightly, he would slam it wide open.

The second thing about which I was pretty sure was that Ian was sexually attracted to Aria, and had been since the moment he saw her. In fact, I was absolutely convinced that he was. What I was less certain about is wether, given my blessing, he would really go for it. While he did desire her, allowing himself that openness would mean allowing me the same thing. Would he go for it? Would his desire for Aria overpower his resistance at the thought of me fucking Jonathan? I think that Ian still sees me as the shy and sexually introverted person I was when we met. If he did, having missed quite a lot of signs of changes over the last couple of years, he was in for a surprise this week.

The third thing I wasn’t so sure about was Aria’s feelings for Ian. I know that she’s been flirting with him, teasing him with her body for a long time now. But was it only a game, like she loved to play with most men in her life, or was there something else? What would she do if he made a move and she thought they could get away with it? That was a mystery. And I couldn’t think of a way of making sure. How could I, Ian’s wife, ask Aria if she’d be willing to have sex with him behind my back?

So I had something to work with, but I didn’t have all that much. Even Jonathan’s lust wasn’t a guarantee he would be open to the idea of a foursome. Having sex with the wife of a friend was one thing, but letting that friend fuck your own wife was quite another. That was why I was faking sleep now, trying to examine all the possibilities, trying to figure out the best way to approach all of them and nudge them in what I think our friendship should have grown into long ago. I was also counting on the butterfly effect. Ian has been explaining it to me and while I didn’t think it applied to our situation, I was hoping that enough things were already in place to allow the exponential effect. Here’s to hoping.

When we arrived, we were welcomed with open arms as usual. Aria and Jonathan truly were huggers, something I learned to appreciate more and more through the years. But this time, one of Jonathan’s hands slid down lower than usual and a couple of his fingers were definitely on my ass. As he pulled away, his expression was guarded, but when I smiled at him, his expression changed. A smile, but a peculiar smile, grew on his face. And so the nudging game had begun. As quickly as that. Granted, I was pretty sure than getting Jonathan in my bed would be the simplest task of them all, but still a good sign.

During our first dinner together on Monday evening, I asked Ian to explain the butterfly effect. Maybe, I thought, if they had the concept in mind it would help things along? It was wishful thinking, but I had to use anything and everything at my disposal for this to work. After an excellent dessert, Jonathan suggested that he could help me setting up our room for the week. Aria and Ian would clean the table to and the dishes. Hmmm, there you go, a first opportunity. We found ourselves alone in the room, and Jonathan closed the door behind him. At first I was a bit surprised, and pleased, but when I saw him accessing a cupboard behind it, I was disappointed. But, as I looked at him carefully, I saw that he didn’t need anything from that cupboard. Was it just an excuse for closing the door?

As he was busy doing his fake search for some unknown object, I decided to up the ante and popped not one but two buttons on my shirt. My top was already cut pretty low, everything I had brought with me was sexy, but now it was positively indecent. My black lace bra was already visible even when standing straight up. Considering that I would have to lean and bend forward quite a bit while setting up the bed, it was going to be a free show. As soon as Jonathan turned around he noticed it. Then looked away with a smile. bahis firmaları I had been responding to his subtle sexual remarks in my emails, and maybe he had been looking for a confirmation. There you go.

Five minutes later, my exposed cleavage was so obvious we were both trying not to laugh. Remember that even though there has been a lot of subtext, nothing overt had ever happened. Yet I needed it to happen fast to secure him in my plan as soon as possible. Maybe then he could start working on Aria. Maybe. At one point, as we were both kneeling on the bed, stuffing the pillows in their cases, the movement of my breasts was just ridiculous. Jonathan stopped moving and just stared openly at my neckline. Well, maybe neckline was the wrong word. When I looked down, I saw that one of my breasts was completely exposed. Still inside the bra, but still. Jonathan then whispered “What I wouldn’t give to touch you…” Before finally looking up into my eyes.

“How about a full body massage tomorrow?” was my reply.

My reply to the inappropriately erotic comment to his wife’s best friend, as well as his grin at hearing my reply, made it pretty much official. There was one last detail, and he had to agree to it or else it wouldn’t work for me. Looking down at my exposed bra again and looking back at him with a smile, I asked “You know where this is going?”


“You sure about this?” I asked, already knowing that he was.

“Of course… Does it come to you as a surprise?”

“No, I can read between the lines…” I said, thinking about his emails. I was still looking at him, but my smile faded.

“Oh no, I sense a ‘but’ coming.”

No use trying to delay the inevitable. “How do you feel about letting Ian and Aria fuck each other?”

I was taken by surprise by his smile. Obviously he had not been expecting this at all, but his next comment took me by surprise in turn. “Are you sure they haven’t already?”

“What? Since we arrived?” I asked, stunned.

“No, no… but are you sure they never did?”

“Yes. Well, as sure as one can be about this. I mean, I did see the tension between them, since the moment they met. But I’m confident they never went beyond some very light flirting. You’re not?”

“I’m not sure. I don’t think so, honestly, but I wouldn’t put my hand in the fire. In fact,” Jonathan continued, “it’s that possibility that gave me the push I needed to start, er, enhancing my emails to you.”

“Hmmm… I never seriously thought about it.” I said while trying to figure out if Ian and Aria could indeed already have had sex. “Let me think about it a minute…” As fast as I could I reviewed all the times we’ve all been together in the last few years, and how he was the few times he came here alone. No. I couldn’t remember anything suspicious. “I don’ think so Jonathan. But in any case, if you’re ever going to give me that full body massage, I want to be sure you understand that this goes both ways.”

“Well, I don’t think Aria and I are as strict about this as you two are.” was his reply, a small smile on his lips.

“Seriously?” I was surprised again.

“Ya. I don’t think any of us ever went all the way with someone else, but there has been a lot of semi-illicit flirting and caresses.”

“Ok. Well, that may make thing simpler…”


“Yes. Things.” I grinned before explaining. “What I want, dear Jonathan, is not just to fuck you behind their backs and have them fuck each other behind ours…”

“You want a real foursome?”

“No. Well, yes, but more than just that. I want all of us to be more open, sexually, with each other. Do you see the difference?”

“I think so.” He paused, taking a deep breath. “Does Ian have any idea you’re planning this?”

“None whatsoever!” We both laughed. “But he and I will be talking about it tonight, and hopefully his lust for your sexy wife will be motivation enough.”

“Well, he touched her ass earlier!”


“In his defence, I admit to pushing him into her. I timed it just right and his hand touched her ass. It all looked like an accident.” He was giggling, remembering the incident.

“Why?” I asked, puzzled.

“I’m actually not sure. Maybe I was excited to see you and had sex on my mind. I don’t know…” I looked at him, smiling with him, and thought that things were already further along than I had hoped. Before getting up and leaving the room, he said “See you tomorrow… I’ll bring the oil.”

Jonathan left the room and I followed soon after. I had no idea how he planned to give a full body massage with our spouses in the house, but I would leave that to him. The rest of the evening went by uneventfully, except for a few shared looks between me and Jonathan. Later then we usually went to bed at home, I was a bit nervous when I asked Ian if he was ready to turn in. I knew we were going to have our first discussion, and that it was not going to be easy. Or natural, at least for him.

I was right. He kaçak iddaa was shocked by my words and ideas. I think he had learned his lessons the hard way concerning girls and jealousy. With me during our first years, and with his other girlfriends before that. As we talked and I realized the intensity of those lessons, the depth of the conditioning, I felt sorry for him, and depressed about the general effects of jealousy. Maybe it was because we entered in serious relationships too young, not mature enough, maybe it was Hollywood and romance novels… In any case, it was obvious to me that the strict monogamous fidelity we were imposed and imposed on our lovers was a broken system. If I had to force Aria’s breasts into his mouth to break it, I would!

After a first and second round of attempts on my part to make him open up to the idea, I was about to give up for the night. And even perhaps abandon the idea altogether. But as I felt his cock hardening after talking about Aria’s breasts, I had an idea. First I would quiet his terrified rational mind with a blowjob boobjob combo. And then, in the darkness, with his mind and brain filled with sex and hormones, I sprung my trap. My plan! Not my trap! I murmured something I knew he would understand.

“Hmmm?” he mumbled under his breath.

And then I went for broke “When I do this to you, do you sometimes imagine, in the darkness, that I’m Aria?”

I felt him freeze, then take a deep breath, before he whispered a very weak “No…”

“Liar!” I told him, trying to make my voice as light as possible. As insurance, I squeed my breasts harder around his cock.

“Pease stop talking about her, just… just keep going.” Damn him and his strong rational mind! Even now he was able to deflect my attempts!

Well it was not going to work tonight! He would have to choose! “Nah, tonight it’s a two for one. Don’t worry love, I wouldn’t mind. I mean, how can you not fantasize about her? Look. Let’s make a deal. You don’t have to tell me if you’ve already done it in the past, but do it tonight. Do it now, even if it’s just to please me… I wanna hear you call me Aria as I fuck your cock with my tits.”

I had no idea if that would work… I slowed down to make him see that if he didn’t play along, I really would stop. Suddenly I heard him take a deep breath and then he whispered “Oh Gods Aria… Fuck my cock.”

I was grinning like a fool in the darkness when I felt him grab a fistful of my hair to guide my mouth upon his cock. In my own imagination, I was now Aria, seeing myself sucking Ian’s long cock. The thrill I felt from this roleplay was more intense than I would have predicted. I pictured myself, as her, upon my husband, long hair and colourful braids she had put on all over his body. If I had any of my bras on hand I would have placed them on his face, telling them that they were Aria’s. I knew Ian had a fascination with bras and had almost certainly played with Aria’s during our visits. Next time I would be ready for that. Bu for now, I focused on giving him the absolute boobjob and blowjob combo I could. Wanting him to say it out loud instead of leaving it in his imagination, I asked him to go on, like we do in our roleplays. I was not disappointed. Once in the game, he went all the way.

“I’ve been dreaming about this for so long Aria… Wrap your amazing breasts around my cock harder… Make me cum. Take me in your mouth… I’ve been fantasizing about fucking your mouth for years… Take me, suck me hard.”

And so I did. As deep as I could. I considered trying to deepthroat him; excited as I was I could even succeed. But I didn’t want to risk breaking the magic.

After a while, Ian talked again. “Fuck me with your breasts again… Oh how I longed to rip your top off earlier and all dinner long. You’re such a damned tease, using firms bras that hold your large breasts up, and only sexy lace, no boring fabric… Just fuck me until I come all over your breasts. That’s just what they deserve, my cum all over them.”

As I sheathed him easily between my massive breasts I was giggling like a school girl. Seconds later, I felt him shuddering and I knew he was about to cum. He then stood up on the bed, asking “Aria” to kneel in front of him. As I held my breasts for him again, he pushed his cock between them and came. Hard. I could feel him shaking on the bed. And he came copiously. I was just on the verge of laughing as I felt rope after rope of his sperm hitting my breasts. One final comment before Ian collapsed. “Fuck Aria! This is so good!”

After that we cleaned ourselves up and I used this very vulnerable moment to try again to open him up and to show him how I had changed. I explained pretty much the same thing, but with different words and with his mind now opened up. I reminded him of quite a few examples that showed that I had changed since those first prude years. I think it worked, but I knew it was only a first round. Tomorrow night, I would try to go even deeper.

I kaçak bahis was awakened by Jonathan and was rather surprised. Ian was already up, and Aria was probably up as well. What the fuck was Jonathan doing on my bed, wearing nothing but a pair of boxers and a t-shirt? And, looking at the opened window, why had he come in that way? A few moments later, with my head fully awakened, I listened as he explained that Ian and Aria were gone for a walk. Probably a long one as they waited for us both to wake up. I was still under my blankets and didn’t think that Jonathan knew that I was naked. My smile was growing as he kept talking, and a part of me was tempted to just throw the blankets off. That part was right between my legs, getting warmer by the second. Alone in the house with him? As he held a bottle of oil in his hand?

But he kept talking, explaining that he had overheard our spouses talking before they left. Apparently, Ian had accidentally touched Aria’s ass twice last night, and this morning she had pushed her ass against him willfully. I laughed at the thought, and was pleased to see that Aria already seemed somewhat onboard. Jonathan explained that he had caressed and stimulated Aria all night long as she slept, and had paused when her body reacted, waking her up. During those episodes of half-sleep, he had caressed her pussy and clit very slowly, very gently. He had been careful not to wake her up. So this morning, she must have been brimming with desire. I told Jonathan about the talk with Ian last night. Considering the ideas that must be jostling in his head right now, their walk could turn ver interesting indeed…

Jonathan stopped me from going on by saying “So… There was talk about a full body massage yesterday.”

“Indeed…” I said, then finally pushed the blankets off me. I grinned when I saw his face light up in surprise, then appreciation, then lust.

“Oh my… And here I was fantasizing about undressing you slowly.” Jonathan said.

“Well, don’t you think we’ve teased and waited long enough? I want your lubed hands on me right now…”

And so it began. Kneeling right next to me, Jonathan drew a long line from my neck to my pussy, making sure the oil covered my bush and lips. Putting the bottle down, he rubbed his hands together and looked at me. With a smile, maybe a hint of nervousness, he placed both his hands on me: one on my belly and the other right between my breasts. Despite the fact that I objectively knew that I had great breasts, I was still feeling a bit self conscious despite having confidently thrown the blankets off. Here was a man who was used to some of the most amazing breasts in the world. In the back of my mind I knew he had often leered at my cleavage, but still.

When I saw and heard his reaction the first time he moved his lubed hands over my breasts, I relaxed. He half closed his eyes, and I felt his hands trembling slightly when his fingers closed around my flesh. “So many years…” I was grinning at that point, revelling in his hands, in his lust. Involuntarily, I even slipped one of my hands over my pussy, squeezing it slightly, feeling how hot and wet I already was. This was infidelity, Jonathan was a friend, the husband of my best friend, and I was just about to explode even though he had only touched my breasts.

I would have enjoyed a real massage, but it was clear that this was sexual and nothing else. And that we didn’t know ho long we had. When Jonathan closed both his hands around one of my breasts and gently squeezed it upwards, staring at my nipple, I saw him leaning down and heard him whisper “Gods…” And then I remembered something I had already considered years ago. Aria’s breasts looked as big as mine on her lithe body, but I knew that mine were bigger. And Jonathan was discovering that right now. After doing the same two handed caress on the other breasts, he grabbed one, squeezed it upwards and leaned in to kiss it. Then nibble on it with his lips. Then tickle it with his tongue. And then he finally took it entirely in him mouth and sucked my flesh hard.

Both his hands were around my breasts and he began sucking me like a madman. Or, rather, like a man married with a woman with small breasts. But that was not the case! Jonathan made me feel like my breasts were a long unfulfilled fantasy. His fingers were tracing the lines and curves of my body, above, around and under, tweaking my nipples, pulling it and the aureola around it upwards before releasing it. At one point I just closed my eyes and let him feast. Time flew by and I honestly have no idea how long he enjoyed me.

My eyes opened wide when I felt one of his hands on my pussy. I knew it was impossible, but I truly felt like his hand teleported there. Jonathan was bold, wasn’t trying to tease me. When his fingers curved downwards around my pussy, I felt them press hard against my flesh, and his middle finger curved lower and straight into my pussy. Ian would have taken a lot more time, knowing what I liked. But this morning, I felt my body arch in pleasure at this quick entrance as my eyes closed again. It was a forbidden pleasure, and I was so wet and ready that it was exactly what I wanted. I wanted to be taken.

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