The Broken and the Beautiful

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Eric walked slowly into the river, careful not to slip on the slippery rocks. He had been looking forward to bath all week after hunting all week. His shorts laid over some rocks, warming up for when he got out. He dived into the centre of the river, it easily being 2 meters deep. He bathed for roughly half an hour then he got out and laid on the grass, letting himself drip dry. He could feel a warm breeze, the grass under him, soft and now wet, he was perfectly comfortable and fell asleep.

He dreamed of his fiancé, Sarah, her black hair wet, clinging to her body, her eyes drawing him in, her boobs perfect, they were the biggest from his village, she wore a green dress made of leaves. She started to giggle and Eric woke up, he could still hear Sarah’s giggles, he looked where they were coming from, and across the river was his 23 year old fiancé, who was born on the same day as him, and his 21 year old sister, Rose, who was facing to the side, his fiancé facing away from him. Rose’s blonde hair reached down to the middle of her and she had blue eyes almost identical to his eyes, his blonde hair was short. They both were completely naked, his cock now hard, at 21 cm. He could see his sisters medium sized breasts, not for the first time since females in their village usually wore skirts alone. He knelt behind a large rock that was in the shallow of the water, he peaked around it, not wanting to be caught spying on his sister and fiancé.

They picked up some clothes from their house, Eric’s and Sarah’s house, but they let Rose stay because children had to move out of their parent’s home at the age of 20. They washed them while they talked, but they were too far and the river made too much noise for him to hear them. He tried to walk forward but slipped on a rock, falling back wards, slamming his whole body onto rocks and he got knocked out.

Eric awoke in the same spot, but now it was dark and he had a giant headache. He stood up and found that the girls were gone. He walked over to his clothes, putting on his brown shorts and his vambrace, armour for the fore arm, which was usually used for armour but within the village it was used to identify status. His was leather showing that he was a hunter.

He walked back to the village, his stomach growled. He knocked on his door ten minutes after he had left the river, Sarah answered the door. She had her hair was braided and over her shoulder, her skin shined lightly with a magical foundation that Eric had brought her. Her left nipple pierced with a dragon’s bone, which is the equivalent of a engagement ring to us, a dragon bone being the same as a big diamond ring, while other males may only use salamander or sea serpent bones, but Eric was one of the best hunters in the village and he knew how to hunt dragon, for if a male wanted to marry, he had hunt the animal, bring it back to the village and the village would feast on it while one of the bones would be kept for the fiancé’s nipple.

“Wow, you look beautiful,” Eric told her before he kissed her passionately. When he withdrew he found Sarah with a giant grin on her face.

“Where have you been, my sweet?” Sarah asked.

“I fell asleep at the river,” he explained. He walked into the house grabbing her hand, he took her into the kitchen and sat her onto the table, kissing her again. He let go of her and grabbed some meat from a plate that was on the bench, he thanked Sarah for leaving it out for him, she just nodded and let him eat.

He finished not long after and started kissing Sarah again, grabbing one of her right breast. She pushed him off, grabbing his hand, pulling him up their wooden stairs, past his sister’s door and into their room, closing the door behind them. He let her push him onto the bed, she crawled on to him, kissing his chest, getting higher to his mouth. He was hard soon, Sarah felt it and smiled. She got off and pulled down his pants and her skirt.

Eric tried to get up but found he couldn’t, he continued to try and get up, but found he could bahis firmaları not move any of his body, except his head. Sarah seen the shock on his face.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, panic in her voice.

“I can’t move my body,” Eric answered.

“What? Don’t joke around”

“I’m not!” he yelled.

“What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Go get my sister to help,” Eric said (His sister was the apprentice of the village healer).

She left and Eric heard her knock on her door, no answer. “Go find her, she is probably with Gina (the village healer),” he yelled.

Sarah rushed back in, put her skirt on and kissed Eric, “Don’t worry, I will be back as soon as possible” and she ran out.

He laid there, worried about what would happen if he could not be able to provide for Sarah. After five minutes of worrying, he started to get a headache, he rubbed his head with his hands, then realised he could move again. He sat up with a giant smile on his face, he put on his pants and ran out, finding the girls going through the front door.

Sarah looked up the stairs, “I knew you were joking!” she yelled at him.

“I wasn’t joking,” he replied. He ran down the stairs and hugged her.

“Well, I need to get back to Gina, Earl (town baker) is really sick. See you when I get home,” she told them.

They both nodded their goodbyes and closed the door behind her. “Want to continue?” Eric asked.

Sarah looked at him with a frown but eventually agreed. They went back upstairs, taking their clothes off at the stairs, kissing the rest of the way to the room. He went back to the same position, laying on the bed. She kissed him, rubbing her breast against him. His boner came back, standing between Sarah’s legs. Once again, he realised he could not move, “Sarah, I can’t move again!” he said with shock.

“Oh what ever,” she responded as she put the dick’s head to her pussy. He forgot what he was saying as she lowered herself onto him. He loved the feel of her around his cock, as she bounced up and down, her boobs jiggling. She started to play with her nipples, closing her eyes, pleasure flowing through the both of them. She had an orgasm, tensing around his cock. She continued to bounce, the bed squeaking with each bounce. Eric tensed and cumed inside his fiancé. She smiled, laying down on him. She kissed him, his cock softened, he wrapped his arms around her. Then he realised, “I think it’s only when my cock gets hard that I become paralyzed”, he explained to Sarah.

“This again?” she started.

“I am being serious!” he said.

She could hear in his voice that he was, “Well, do you want to see if it still happens tomorrow and if it does, we will tell Gina?” Sarah asked.

He nodded. They hugged for a couple of minutes then went to sleep.

The next morning they woke up together and went got their breakfast. They ate breakfast in silence then Eric collect the dishes and went to put them on the bench. He heard Sarah gasp, he turned quick, “What?” he asked.

“Your back, it’s covered with bruises”

He remembered slipping on the rocks the day before. “Oh, I slipped yesterday, I fell on my back, getting knocked out, that’s why I was late,” he explained.

Sarah wore worry on her face, she got up and hugged him, “Why didn’t you tell me?” she asked.

“Well, I did not think it important and… never mind,” he started.

“What?” she pleaded.

“Well I slipped behind a rock, which I was behind because I was spying on you yesterday as you cleaned the clothes.”

Sarah thought about is and then smiled.

“You hid because you saw your sister’s pussy?”

“Yes,” he said embarrassed.

Sarah grinned, then laughed. “When did you slip?”

“The last thing I remember was you starting to wash the clothes.”

Sarah noticed that his dick was twitching. “You were spying on us because you wanted to see her pussy?”

“No! I just wanted to hear you and I always love seeing my sister and fiancé.” kaçak iddaa

“So there is no way you were looking at these,” she said, pulling off her skirt, throwing it onto the the table.

Eric stood there, staring at it, then looked at Sarah, she jumped forward, kissing and hugging him. “Your so silly but I love you for it. Do you want to know what we were saying?” she asked between kisses.

They stopped kissing, Eric answered, “Yeah”.

“She was saying she has never seen a cock yet and then I asked her if she would want to see your’s. She said yes and I told her I would try and arrange it, even if I made it look like an accident” she explained. Eric kissed her then fell to the ground, “Told you that it happened when I got hard.”

Sarah gasped, bending down to help him. After a view minutes of talking, he could move again. “You stay here, I will go get Gina,” she told him. She put on her skirt and ran off.

Eric got up and walked over to a chair. He waited there, for five minutes before Sarah got back, telling him, “They will be here in about an hour, I did not tell them what was wrong, just that you needed to see her”

“Okay,” he said, smiling at the one he loved.

They sat in the kitchen, talking and having tea. An hour later Gina knocked on the door. Eric opened the door for Gina and his sister. They walked into the reading room, with a wall with shelves from one side of the room to the other, books almost over flowing from the shelves. They sat and Sarah offered Gina and Rose tea, only Gina accepted.

“Um, well…” Eric started then stopping.

“You can tell me whatever you want Eric, it will just stay between us four, I promise.” she insured him.

“Well can I show you something instead of telling you?” he said, now really embarrassed.

Gina nodded, Eric looked towards his sister first then to Sarah. He let himself get hard, then he fell to his side, unable to move. Gina got up, kneeling at Eric’s side, Rose behind her. “What just happened?” she asked.

“When ever my, um, cock gets hard, I can’t move my body.”

“What? What happened to cause this?” she asked.

“I was at the river yesterday, I was walking out of the river and slipped on my back,” he explained.

Gina looked over him at his back, finding his bruises. “Wow, well I have never heard of this happening but sometimes when a male breaks his spine his cock will get hard unintentionally, but this, this is the complete opposite. I think I might be able to fix it, hopefully it is the same as healing a broken spine. But I have none of the magical plant that is used to heal spines at the moment but I have some on order, it should be here in a week or two. You are going to have to wait until then.” she explained.

He was able to move again and he sat up. “Can people with broken spines feel with their bodies, because I can still feel with my body while paralysed.”

“I am going have to study this, I want you at my house once a day until I heal you,” she told him.

“Okay,” he said with a nod.

“Be careful, you don’t want to stop working while going down some stairs and hurt your self more. Come see me tomorrow, mid-day” she told him.

With that she got up and left, Rose walked behind her, Eric realised she was blushing.

Eric got up and sat back on the chair, Rose came back in, “She said I can have the rest of the day off to watch you and make sure your okay,” Rose explained.

“Okay. Well, I might go lay in my bed,” he told them.

They helped him up the stairs to make sure he did not fall, which he thought crazy, what would he get hard over while walking to his bed. They left him in his room, the two of them went back downstairs to make lunch. He picked up the book he was reading from his bed side table.

Half an hour later he heard footsteps coming up the stairs, he put down his book, his fiancé carried a tray with 3 plates of food on it, his sister carried a jug of juice and 3 cups. They sat on either side of kaçak bahis him, with easily enough room, and Sarah gave a plate to each of them and they had a little picnic in the bed. When they finished the food and drinks, Sarah put the plates, cups, tray and jug to the side of the room, Rose didn’t move. Sarah walked to the end of the bed, Rose held her hand out and Sarah helped her up, they were both now standing at the end of the bed.

Sarah bent down and pulled off Rose’s dress, Rose did the same for Sarah.

“What are you two doing?” Eric asked.

“Well we figured, if you can’t move, we could do anything we want to you,” Sarah explained while crawling up the bed, she continued, “and I told her about what you were doing at the river and we thought it fair that she seen you dick as well, maybe even try your dick out a little.”

It was too late, he was all ready hard and unable to move. “I didn’t want to have sex with her, just to see her, she can see me I don’t mind, but not sex” he begged.

“Too late,” Sarah said.

Rose crawled between his legs and pulled off his pants, revealing to her the first dick she had seen. She bent down and started kissing it and sucking his balls. Sarah kissed Eric, pressing her breasts against his chest. “Remember, don’t let him cum until we are both done, or he will get soft and be able to move,” Sarah told Rose. Rose nodded and continued to suck his balls. Sarah sat on the top of Eric’s chest, “Lick me” she commanded Eric. Eric convinced himself that if he was going to be forced to do this, he might as well go with the flow, so he started to lick up her juices. He felt Rose stop, but a few seconds later he felt her slide herself onto him, putting his dick all the way in, with only a little resistance. Rose pulled Sarah back so that Sarah was leaning on her but her pussy was still at Eric’s mouth. Rose grabbed Sarah’s breasts and they started kissing, Eric could see their tongues wrestle.

He continued to lick his fiancé, more and more juice collecting on him.

Sarah got off him, Eric now no longer having to lick, he rested his head on the bed, enjoying the feel of his sister’s pussy. Sarah sat back down on Eric, now facing Rose, sitting much closer to her. Sarah played with one of Rose’s breast, using her other hand to masturbate herself. Rose used both hands to play with Sarah’s breasts, they both continued kissing, every so often Rose would slide up and down Eric’s cock.

After five minutes of this Sarah got up and sat on the floor leaning on the wall, “Your turn to have him to yourself, but let him cum in me” she said as she started to masturbate and play with a breast.

Rose laid down onto her brother, kissing him, he kissed back. She started to go faster, moving up and down his dick, she enjoyed the warmth and the pleasure from his dick. Eric loved the feel of her pussy, not as much as Sarah’s, but it was new and tight. She started to move faster, she sat up on his cock, leaning on his chest with one hand, her other hand playing with her nipples. She had an orgasm, not her first, but it was so much better than any that she had given herself. She continued to move up and down on his rod, slowly going faster. Juices covered Eric, he could taste the juices of Sarah.

He was almost ready to cum, Rose stopped and slid off his dick and up to his mouth to go into the same position Sarah was in a view minutes earlier. Eric started licking, more juices added to his mouth, he felt Sarah sit on him, sliding onto his dick. She pulled Rose back, kissing her and playing with her breasts as she slid up and down Eric’s dick. She started moving fast, she tensed from an orgasm making Eric cum into her pussy. Sarah sat on his dick, letting it go soft inside her. Eric continued to lick Rose and started to play with her breasts. She continued to kiss Rose, now playing with her own breasts while Eric played with Rose’s. Eric realised that Rose was having an orgasm and then he got squirted on by Rose, juices now covering his face.

Rose and Sarah got off him and laid next to him like they were before. Eric took turns kissing each of them. They stopped after a while and went down to start getting their dinner, all three of them naked.

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